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The terrifying fluctuations that erupted were also noticed by some people in the distance.

Kakashi and the others, who were traveling at high speed, suddenly turned their heads and looked over.

Even though they were very far away, they could vaguely feel traces of heat spreading over.

Along with the momentary emergence of light that was comparable to a small sun, it disappeared in a flash.

Everything returned to peace.

“What happened just now”

“Is that Yuuji’s technique Guy, how much do you know about this technique” Kakashi clenched the short saber in his hand.

Guy also looked in that direction with a stunned expression.

“No, actually, I don’t understand… only father knows a little about Yuuji-san’s secret technique…”

“Is that so Such a terrifying power… As expected of Yuuji-san…”

A decisive look appeared in Kazue’s eyes.

“Continue to move forward and look for reinforcements.

I believe that the change just now has already been noticed by the patrols in the borders of the Kingdom of Fire.”

“What about you”

“I want to go back and support Yuuji-san.

That technique… even if he killed the enemy, he must have paid a terrible price.

If he dies, I won’t be able to live.”

After saying that, Kazue turned around and left.

“Kakashi! Then I want to…”

“No, no one else is allowed to turn back.

Continue to move forward and find Konoha’s patrol team as soon as possible! This is a mission given to me by Yuuji.

I will definitely carry it out to the end.”

“But their safety…”

“Even if they are all dead, I will prioritize the completion of the mission!”

In Kakashi’s eyes, there was a hint of coldness.

He did not understand what the relationship between Kazue and Yuuji was.

But he remembered what Yuuji had said to him after he had knocked him down.

“You want me to transfer my hatred to you… It’s so boring.

If this is what you want me to do, I will firmly carry out your will, even if you die.”

Kakashi’s eyes became more and more indifferent.

This year, under Yuuji’s vague guidance, he cooperated with his companions closely.

It seemed that he had walked out of some kind of shadow, but in fact, he buried the coldness deep in the bottom of his heart.

The priority of the task was to sacrifice his own stubborn ideology in order to complete the task.

It had been deeply planted in the depths of his heart by Yuuji’s hints day after day, and could not be shaken.

The seeds that had been planted in the past, after this year of growth, had already sprouted and sprouted.


Kakashi increased his speed.

Guy looked hesitant.

He had been following Yuuji’s instinct all year round and had a fierce conflict with the feeling of turning back to help.

Fortunately, they encountered Konoha’s patrol team in a hurry.

The captain of the team was really Yuhi Shinku.

“You are Ninjas of Konoha… Kakashi, how come there are only the three of you Where are the others” Shinku stopped.

“Lord Hiruko brought Shiranui Yuuji and Uchiha Obito to stop Iwa ninja’s ambush team! Captain Iwa ninja is a guy called Gari.” Kakashi quickly reported.

“Gari This is bad! Kakashi, take your team back to the village to recuperate and carry out the order! The others, come with me and support our companions!”

Shinku’s heart skipped a beat and his face changed.

The other side was the elite superior Ninja of Iwa ninja Village!

They didn’t dare to delay any longer and rushed to the direction where the astonishing temperature and chakra fluctuations had exploded.


When Yuhi Shinku and the others landed on the ground, the scene in front of them completely shocked them.

It was a mess and desolate place.

There were also scattered flames burning.

The huge gully was extremely long.

Some of the liquefied substances in the deep ditch had solidified, silently telling the horror.

It should have been a dense forest with towering trees, but now…

“What kind of technique is this that can cause such an outcome… Is it an explosion”

‘No, it doesn’t seem like it…’

Shinku was shocked.

Even though he was a Konoha Jonin, he still felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

The other members of the patrol were also stunned.

“This should be an attack ninjutsu that can create high temperature.

As far as I know, the Kekkei Genkai can do this.

Could it be that the enemy has a Kekkei Genkai that has sneaked into the Fire Country”

“Not only that… I remember that Yuuji’s Nuclear Release Kekkei Genkai also has the ability to improve temperature!”

“Could this be Yuuji’s secret Kekkei Genkai But is this kind of terrifying power really something a little brat like him can do”

“No matter how incredible it is, I hope that he is.

At least it proves that he might be alive!”

The entire patrol team fell into a state of agitation, and their faces were filled with horror and uneasiness.

The scene in front of them was beyond their understanding.

“Find Hiruko, Yuuji, and Obito immediately! They are Ninjas of Konoha, and we can’t give up on them!”

Shinku suppressed the restlessness in his heart and immediately issued an order.

His last gaze fell on the deep ravine, which was so smooth that it made one’s heart palpitate.

It was destined to be forgotten.

“If it really is Yuuji, even if it is a Kinjutsu, it is too terrible.

In order to use this kinjutsu, I’m afraid that he… But with the calm and steady Hiruko, the result might not be so bad…”

Shinku comforted herself as he recalled Yuuji’s face.

—Since his daughter, Kurenai, was also the strongest student, he naturally paid attention to the students of Konoha Ninja Academy.

“I hope that Hiruko can protect Konoha’s super genius… This technique doesn’t just mean his current strength, it also proves that his bloodline has unimaginable potential!”


Somewhere in the forest, in a cave.

Obito looked at Yuuji worriedly.

“How are you feeling now”

“Not very good, but it is not bad.

It is much better than what I expected.”

Yuuji felt the dry and dry feeling coming from his body and smiled faintly.

He seized the time to refine chakra.

This white-hot light directly wiped out his thick chakra.

This intense feeling of weakness was truly unprecedented.

Fortunately, his recovery ability was very strong.

After extracting a bit of chakra, Yuuji once again made a seal.

Super Regeneration!

The prototype of this technique was the technique developed by the animals and plants that were born after Old-Void Godzilla reconstructed the Earth’s ecosystem.

Those special plants and animals all had powerful self-healing abilities, and each individual had super regeneration abilities.

Yuuji already had an astonishing self-healing ability, and with this super regeneration medical ninjutsu, the damage on his body was rapidly healing under the combined efforts of the two.

Layer after layer of charred skin fell off.

After ten minutes, Yuuji had barely recovered from his injuries.

When he raised his head again, he met Obito’s complicated gaze.

“What’s wrong”

“I thought you were going to die.

After all, you used a forbidden technique of that level.

Logically speaking, you would have paid a terrible price, but now it seems like… you are fine”

“Of course, I’m fine, idiot!”

Yuuji scolded with a smile.

Obito’s expression became more and more complicated, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

‘Yuuji used such a terrible technique and suffered such a serious injury.

It was difficult to walk more than ten minutes ago, but he was almost healed so quickly! Was this guy a monster Was he transformed from some kind of demon!’

But Yuuji was very calm.

He knew that his body was very powerful in the eyes of Obito, but there was still a greater space for development.

The truly awesome thing was Tsunade.

When she fought against Madara, she had been repeatedly stabbed by Susanoo countless times.

Even most of her internal organs had been stabbed by a knife.

If it were for any other Kage level, they would have been killed by this attack, but Tsunade could recover in a few seconds…

And according to Madara, the healing effect of Tsunade through the seal of Yin and medical ninjutsu was the regular operation of Senju Hashirama… Hashirama didn’t need any medical ninjutsu.

He was very showy, and he could do it with the self-healing ability of his body…

The immortal body or something, it was simply unreasonable.

“Now that I think about it, I still have a long way to go —” Yuuji suddenly sighed and said something that made Obito confused and crazy.

But at this time, a heavy breathing sound suddenly came from the hidden hole, full of exhaustion, accompanied by a cold voice…

“You have no way to go! Little brat, I have done so much for you, now is the time for you to repay me!!”


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