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 Chapter 5 - Weird Eyes


Kazue’s eyes revealed killing intent.

This time, her attack was even more ruthless.

The moment she threw Kunai, her figure moved quickly and rushed out.

When she saw Yuuji, her expression was slightly startled.

“How can you be so ruthless to your classmate Kazue, this is not like the usual you.” Yuuji used a finger to flick the Kunai.

Kazue suddenly fell down, one hand supporting the ground, and then kicked sideways.

The powerful force made Kazue groan on the spot.

With a backflip, Kazue opened up a distance and looked at him with fear and surprise.

“Why are you here And your strength…”

Kazue’s expression changed slightly.

She took out a new Kunai and clenched it slightly.

This place was the reason why she could become stronger in the past year.

It was the reason why she broke the fate of mediocrity and was valued by the clan.

She was absolutely not allowed to be discovered by outsiders!

“You really worked hard.

You were able to advance by leaps and bounds this year, and you actually relied on this method… In this year, you have already eaten a whole layer of land, right If not for the fact that I came an hour earlier today, I really wouldn’t have been able to find you…”

Yuuji sized up Kazue.

This was also his first time solemnly observing this Uchiha.

‘Well, for the time being, I haven’t found any place with a genetic mutation, such as some extra organs or something like that….’

“To be able to direct this dangerous power from a large level, Kazue, they all misjudged you.

You are a genius, a true genius.” Yuuji spoke with a serious expression.

Kazue’s face filled with killing intent was instantly stunned, and she revealed a bewildered and horrified expression.

“How did you know.”

“The reason is very simple…”

Yuuji formed a seal with both hands.

Then, in front of Kazue’s vigilant and furious gaze, he squatted down slightly and fiercely slapped the ground!


Yuuji instantly absorbed the radiation that was buried deep underground.

–Even if someone found out that something was wrong in the future, they would not be able to find any clues.

“I admire your courage and awareness to become stronger.

If you want to continue to become stronger, then come find me… At the very least, I won’t let you eat dirt anymore.” Yuuji smiled and turned around.

He revealed his back to the shocked Kazue and left unhurriedly.


Kazue’s heart was in turmoil.

She repeatedly confirmed that the strange power that could stimulate her body and make her stronger disappeared…

“Who the hell are you…”

Ninja Academy.

Those who had just entered the gate could see that Might Guy was running around the playground like a fool.

His father, Might Duy, stood outside the fence and loudly encouraged him.

When Yuuji arrived at the school.

“Guy, you bastard!”

Duy fiercely punched through the fence and sent his son, Guy, flying.

“Wuwuuu~ I’m sorry, father.

I let you down again! I’m almost eleven years old, but I still can’t run a thousand laps around the playground.

I’m really a waste!”

Might Guy knelt on the ground and cried, “Guy, my son! You shouldn’t have given up so easily.

Your physical skills are to witness the medal of your youth.

Youth will not lie!”

“Wu, I understand, father.

I will do eight hundred push-ups immediately.

If I can’t do eight hundred push-ups, I will jump the rope one thousand five hundred times.”



The father and son hugged their heads and cried bitterly.


Yuuji felt that his eyes were about to go blind.

He finally understood why he had not seen Duy and Guy this morning.

“Oh! Yuuji, it’s rare for you to come so early today!”

Duy waved at Yuuji, his face full of respect.

“Still working hard as always, Mr.


But Guy has already graduated early, right Why are you back here again”

Yuuji walked over and said with a smile, ignoring the people around him, pointing fingers, and looking at him with disdain.

Among this batch of people, Kakashi graduated at the age of five.

Might Guy graduated at the age of eight.

Duy straightened the forehead guard on his forehead.

“That’s right.

Guy and I received a mission from the village.

We especially returned to the Ninja School to maintain order.

There is still some time before the start of the competition.

We must not waste it! Fighting is youth!”

“Yuuji-san, thank you very much.

After the war ends, I will definitely work hard to make money to make up for your loss!”

Duy and Guy bowed at the same time, grateful to the point their eyes started tearing…

“The will of fire in your bodies is so strong that I can clearly feel it.

However, if you say that again, I will be angry.

We are all Ninjas of Konoha, so it is only right for us to contribute to the village.

Moreover, I agree with your point of view.”

Yuuji nodded and praised.

Guy clenched his fists and encouraged, “Yuuji-san, with your strength, if you work hard, you might be able to graduate early!”

At this time, the surrounding crowd that came and went suddenly roared with laughter.

“A guy like Yuuji wants to graduate early.”

“No matter how strong the theory class is, it is useless!”

“Damn it.

I don’t know what the village is thinking.

They actually let Guy graduate early…”

The students of various grades walked past one after another.

Some of them were extremely jealous.

‘Kakashi was very powerful.

It was fine if he could graduate early, but what’s with Might Guy The theory class was poor, and the ninjutsu and illusion skills were not very strong.

He relied on powerful physical skills to sweep through the same class.’

‘In the end, he became the second person to graduate early!’

“You only know physical skills.

What kind of ninja are you You, father and son, are the joke of the village!”

“Oh, thank you for your support!”

Duy gave a thumbs up to all the people who laughed at them.

Yuuji shook his head and encouraged him.

Then, he walked directly to the classroom.


Might Guy looked at Yuuji’s back.

“Yuuji is really a great man.

He raised my father and me and never discriminated against us.

From beginning to end, he has been encouraging us… He is not good at fighting, so I must protect him with all my might!”

Guy clenched his fists tightly in the dark, and two flames burned in his eyes.


Yuuji, who was walking in the front, noticed something and nodded secretly.

What a good look.

He was deeply looking forward to the day when Guy would burn all his youth for him.

Soon, Yuuji returned to his class.

Many people were whispering about the content of today’s Actual Combat Lesson, and their faces were full of anxiety and expectation.

Graduating early!

This was an honor that only geniuses had the right to obtain.

Apart from a very small number of people who received some vague news from their fathers and felt slightly worried, most people were ignorant and longed to become the second Kakashi instead of the second Might Guy.

The village had achieved the goal of setting Kakashi as the new generation benchmark.

Yuuji sat back in his seat, waiting for a new round of combat lessons to start.

Regarding this combat lesson, Yuuji had an indifferent attitude.

Now, he only claimed that he would select outstanding people to graduate early, but in fact, soon, all of Yuuji’s peers would graduate forcefully and be sent to the battlefield to shine and heat up the village.

Moreover, Yuuji had already grasped Nuclear Release’s strength in the preliminary stage and could be considered to have the strength to protect himself.

“You are really relaxed.

Aren’t you worried about your future at all”

Beside him, a guy with pale skin asked casually.

It was Gekkou Hayate.

He didn’t know much about Gekkou Hayate, but he was sick when he was in school.

“There is no way to worry.

I just need to go all out.” Yuuji said with a smile.

Hayate shook his head.

He couldn’t understand Yuuji’s mentality.

The Gekkou family and The Shiranui family were both small families in Konoha, and even the Gekkou Family had a sword technique as a family inheritance.

However, they didn’t know that the Shiranui Family was even worse.

If it had to be said… perhaps it was the Senbon Throwing Techniques

The future of the Shiranui family had fallen directly onto Shiranui Genma of the next class.

As for Yuuji, the theoretical master, All-Mouthy King, he could become Genma’s assistant in the future.

––After all, it was impossible for him to be the pillar of support.


At this time, Uchiha Kazue walked into the classroom.

She looked straight ahead and didn’t even look at Yuuji as if nothing had happened.

Soon, Yoshino sensei walked into the classroom and directly led everyone to the playground.

The people of the other classes were also in place one after another.

For a time, it was very noisy.

“It is actually a cross-match between each class…”

Yuuji touched his chin.

‘This is probably to observe the strength of their current batch of students, assessing the possibility of all this batch of students graduating in advance and sending them to the battlefield.’

The six-year system was about to be changed to the four-year system, and the most tragic time of the three battles was about to come.

A ninja appeared in the blink of an eye and officially announced the start of this Actual Combat Lesson.

“First match, Uchiha Kazue against Hyuga Iroha!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Hey! It is the first match between Uchiha and Hyuga! The two big families”

“These two people are very powerful in the same period.

Although they can’t compare to Kakashi, they are still one of the best.”

Kazue raised his head with a cold face and stepped into the arena, forming an opposing seal with Hyuga Iroha…

“In the next class, Hyuga Iroha…”


Yuuji thought for a moment and looked at it with interest.

In the original work, Hyuga Iroha only “officially” appeared in the fourth world war.

And, now, it was the same period between Kakashi and Yuuji.



“I have heard of you.

I will not lose to you, the most outstanding genius of the Uchiha clan in recent years.” Hyuga Iroha had a face full of confidence and directly rolled his eyes.

“White-eyes It is a pair of good eyes.

But in front of my eyes, your pride is worthless.” Kazue shook her head and slowly closed her eyes.


When she opened her eyes again.

A pair of beautiful eyes, which also had a bit of pressure, was opened.

If one looked carefully, one would find that this pair of eyes were much more blurred than normal Sharingan, except for a large area of blood red.

“This Kazue actually awakened Sharingan When did this happen”

Yoshino was stunned.

He had taught Kazue for four years, but he actually didn’t know about this at all!

To awaken Sharingan at this age, was this a genius

Author Note: (About Genma, this person’s age is a mystery.

From the ninja number, the number is very close to Kakashi.

In other words, the two of them almost became Genin at the same time.

Considering that Kakashi graduated at five years old, Genma should be at least three or five years older than Kakashi.

But in the original work, when Might Duy fought against the seven people of Mist Village, Genma was in a team with Guy.

From the content, the two of them were about the same height and size, and they should be the same age… This should be a bug in the original story.

The book chose to list Genma as the same year.



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