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The terrifying high temperature began to increase at an exaggerated speed, and every cell in his body let out a roar at this time.

A huge amount of chakra was surging and roaring at this moment, and it was gathering in an exaggerated manner, shooting out a fluctuation that made people tremble.

The huge pressure rose sharply, and the surge of pressure shook the soul.

The earth trembled, and cracks appeared, and they spread crazily.

“What… what is this”

Obito was stunned.

This kind of terrifying power made him completely dumbfounded.

‘Was this really a ninjutsu used by Yuuji’

And what was even more shocked than Obito was the Iwa ninja on the opposite side.

“This is also Nuclear Release’s ninjutsu His bloodline actually still has this kind of power hidden within it!”

“This degree of oppression actually appeared on this little brat… damn it, this kind of guy Root is a monster!”

Many of Iwa ninja fell into a state of restlessness.

The terrifying heatwave that rushed towards them made them feel as if they were in the mouth of a volcano, about to be burned into balls of flames at any time.

The intense increase in nuclear radiation even began to break through the few layers of their Chakra and began to enter their bodies, constantly destroying their bodies.

Even Gari was moved at this time.

He personally felt the rapidly rising high temperature around him.

A strong sense of crisis welled up in his heart, and his sixth sense was screaming crazily.

“What a monster-like kid… However, if you only use this technique at this moment, I think this technique will make you pay a terrible price.

Is it a forbidden technique ”

Gari tried his best to keep calm, and his face showed a thick hostility.

After saying this in a low voice, he used the ability of the Steel Escape Blood to the maximum and moved quickly, intending to kill Yuuji first.

Iwa ninja and the others were fighting with their lives on the line.

Their eyes were blood red, and there was only Yuuji in their eyes.

“If I use this technique now, I will also have to pay a great price.

You should feel honored.”

Yuuji slowly opened his mouth.

The terrifying rays that were violently converging finally exploded at this moment.

Nuclear Release – White Heat Light!!

A terrifying pillar of smoke suddenly burst out from Yuuji’s mouth.

The extremely high temperature that was gathered together was unimaginably condensed together.

Amid the explosion, it accurately hit Gari.

Wherever the pillar of light touched, everything began to dissolve… The entire ground in front of Yuuji began to melt exaggeratedly, and a long gully appeared!

The surged temperature turned this near area into a real furnace.

Even if a ninja stayed here, he would feel pain and uneasiness.

The water in his body instantly evaporated, and then the blood began to soak his skin.

After losing all the water, it turned into blood clots that stuck to the dry and broken skin.

Facing this terrifying attack, the expressions of Iwa ninja and the others changed drastically.

They almost burned on the spot and instinctively revealed deep fear.

The premonition of death surged like an explosion, and despair suppressed all distracting thoughts.

What filled their vision was precisely the pillar of light that was like smoke surging over.

Facing this powerful attack, they even lost the possibility of escaping.

“My body…”

“Damn it! How did this kid learn such a forbidden technique”

“It’s over…”


A long white beam of light swept through the barrier in front of them.

No form of defense was able to defend against it.

In an instant, it began to melt and evaporate…

“My Steel Style is the strongest defense in the whole world.

It can’t be destroyed by a little brat like you!!”

Gari’s eyes were about to split open.

He screamed, and mobilized all the chakra in his body, and piled it up on the Steel Style Blood Stick.

He had never been forced to this extent in his life,

In the face of the white light, he even had a feeling that he was facing Sandaime’s Earth Shadow.


The tempered skin was instantly swallowed up by the white light.

In the billions of attacks from the countless rays, where the white light pierced through, a blurry black shadow was shrouded and dissipated bit by bit.

The moment the white light disappeared, Gari also disappeared.

There was only that long and terrifying ravine, and countless melted matter slowly flowed in the gorge, covering everything.

The surrounding environment was also turned upside down…

Everything nearby disappeared, turning into a desolate scene.

The trees and flowers in the distance, even if they had not been evaporated or burned, had already died.

‘I finally killed this guy…’

‘Fortunately, I met a fool.

If he had turned around and fled without hesitation just now, instead of relying on the steel escape and walking position, it would have been really difficult.’

Yuuji sat down on the ground.

In order to release this white light, he had also paid a great price.

Half of his body was burned by the terrifying heat.

The blood in his body had dried up a little, and his lips had withered.

However, he could endure all of this.


Obito was scared silly.

He trembled and stood in place.

In his limited thinking, there was only the white heat that radiated everything.

It repeatedly played out in his mind.

“Don’t be in a daze.

Take me out of here quickly.

Let’s find a place to recuperate and wait for rescue.” Yuuji said with a tired face.

Obito’s entire body shook, and he immediately carried Yuuji and quickly left the place.


When he jumped, he couldn’t help but look back.

Those few Iwa ninja had long been evaporated by the white-hot light, and not even their bones remained.

Only the environment that was beyond recognition silently told this unspeakable tragedy.

After a while.

Iwa ninja, who had been hiding in the distance in charge of sensing and communication, appeared on the spot, his entire body trembling as he looked at the scene before him.


“Lord Gari’s team was actually taken in one breath… No, I must report this to the village.

Nuclear Release’s blood inheritance is countless times more terrifying than they imagined!”

Iwa ninja swallowed his saliva, wanting to flee at all costs.

But just as he jumped to a dead tree in the distance, a thing in the shape of a pig cage suddenly appeared from the withered tree and swallowed him in one gulp.

Along with the scream that quickly disappeared, there was a series of chewing sounds.


‘Fortunately, I didn’t jump out to save Obito in a hurry just now.

I was just watching from afar.

I didn’t expect that Nuclear Release’s bloodline would actually have such a terrifying forbidden technique…’

‘But is this bloodline of Hagoromo, or is it from Hamura Why have I never heard Black-Zetsu mention it before’

White Zetsu looked at the figure of Obito and Yuuji who had left, and felt a burst of fear.

Even though he had entered this withered tree, later on, he could still vaguely guess how terrifying that attack just now was.

The high-temperature beam condensed by Yuuji was unreasonable, to begin with.

Even if he was White Zetsu, he would be instantly vaporized if he rashly approached it.

“This matter needs to be reported to Madara as soon as possible.”

White Zetsu once again drilled into the withered tree and shuttled through the ground, deliberately bypassing the long gully.


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