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Chapter 46 - Explosive EscapeFor now, Hiruko was a guy who did not hide his emotions.

His impatience for this mission was completely displayed on his face.

Even if he brought Yuuji and the others back and forth, he was extremely impatient.

His face was gloomy, and he clearly asked these people to repay him.

The group of people shuttled through the jungle.

“I have already left the western line camp and entered the hinterland of the Fire Country…”

Along the way, Yuuji silently followed behind Hiruko, constantly estimating the distance.

Logically speaking, it could be said that they were basically safe here.

Even if there were occasional squads that would encounter secret infiltration, it would be enough to easily eliminate them.

However, Yuuji remained vigilant and chased after Hiruko, not saying anything.

“Hiruko-san, I heard from Minato sensei that you and Sannin ninjas are close friends Did you play with them since childhood”

Yuuji asked with a smile.

“Get lost, little brat.

I am not interested in paying attention to you.” Hiruko’s face stiffened and became even uglier.

It seemed that this question directly poked at the dark part of his heart.

In fact, this question alone had already made Yuuji understand.

Hiruko, to a certain extent, is similar to Orochimaru.

They are very good at research, especially in the field of human experiments…

While Yuuji was thinking, Hiruko turned around to look at him.

They looked at each other and quickly crossed paths again.


Time passed.

Vaguely, there were figures that were shuttling quickly.

“They really came… Is it Iwa ninja or Suna ninja”

Yuuji formed a seal, and a dozen figures quickly rushed over from where the radiation spread.


“Be careful, we’ve met an enemy, and it’s a strong enemy!”

“Hiruko-san, do we need to stop and meet the enemy” Yuuji asked calmly.

“No, keep moving forward.”

Hiruko frowned and looked back.

His face was a little ugly.


Shua! Shua! Shua!

A large number of figures moved quickly.

“We have locked onto the target.

He is 500 meters ahead.”

“Very good, speed up.

We have to kill that kid no matter what.

This is a great opportunity!”

Iwa ninja’s team increased their speed and charged forward despite the radiation left behind by Yuuji.

As long as they could kill those people in front of them… everything was worth it!

“Shiranui Yuuji, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Kazue… They only have an ordinary leader, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

The eyes of the leader of Iwa ninja were red.

As long as they could succeed in this battle, they would be able to interrupt the rising top of Konoha in the next five to ten years!


The distance between them was getting closer and closer.

Hiruko frowned more and more tightly.

After cursing in his heart, he turned around and said coldly, “The speed of you brats is really too slow!”

“We have no choice.

We are just a group of Genin.

I’m really sorry for dragging Lord Hiruko down.

The situation is so dangerous now, and we don’t have any reinforcements.

Considering that you are the fastest, why don’t…”

Yuuji said with a smile, his tone a little hesitant.

Speaking up to this point.

Kakashi and the others silently prepared for battle.

Their eyes revealed determination.

‘That’s right, Yuuji was right.

Under such circumstances, if Lord Hiruko were to go find reinforcements first…’

Even Hiruko revealed a deep hesitation and reluctance.

He was about to speak, “I think…”

“… Why don’t you stay behind and fight the enemy to the death, Lord Hiruko, to create an opportunity for us to escape.

When we return to the village, we will definitely bring reinforcements back to help you!”

Yuuji had a determined expression.



‘Are you serious’

‘Are these terrible words… really coming from a little ghost’

‘You learned the will of fire from elementary school to adulthood’

“Little ghost, you are really clever… I want to tear you to pieces right now.” Hiruko sneered.

“You are too polite.

Lord Hiruko, you can carefully consider my suggestion.” Yuuji was very polite.

At this time, Iwa ninja’s attack team had already approached Yuuji and the others, and a fierce battle could not be avoided…

“Hmph, I’ve caught up to you all… All of you little brats must die!!”

A deep chill appeared on Gari’s face.

Moreover, he directly shifted his gaze to Hiruko.

“You are… Gari, the guy who possesses the Explosive Blood Limit I never thought that I would meet you here…”

Hiruko was pleasantly surprised.

Gari frowned and looked at Hiruko suspiciously.

“Hiruko… According to the information I have, you are just an ordinary superior Konoha.

There is no need to hesitate.

Kill him!”

A dozen elites of Iwa ninja quickly moved out and surrounded Yuuji and the others from all directions.

Earth Release: Heavy Earth Flow Wall!

Layer after layer of barriers burst out from the ground, surrounding Yuuji and the others in the middle.

“Go to hell, the geniuses of Konoha, and this mediocre Konoha Jonin,” Hunter revealed a cruel smile.


Hiruko’s expression immediately became incomparably sinister, his sharp teeth exposed, a malevolent expression on his face.

“I’m already so old, but I’m still just a mediocre superior Ninja.

I’m really sorry… You damned thing, I’ll tear you to pieces very soon!!”

Hiruko had broken through his defense!

Originally, he was still at a loss whether he should take these little ghosts and run for his life, or if he should run away on his own.

Now, there was no need to consider.

Right here, he got what he wanted!

In the next moment, the two sides collided.

Hiruko directly used a water escape technique, breaking through several layers of earth walls.

He brazenly clashed with Gari.

“Get out of my way.

My target is those brats.

If you escape now, I can spare your life!”

Gari laughed coldly and threw out a punch.

Exploding Escape – Earth Thunder Fist!

Gari unleashed his Explosive Escape Blood Limit to the extreme, and with a fierce blow, he struck towards Hiruko.

Hiruko felt his heart skip a beat.

He hurriedly used the Body Substitution Technique and used a piece of wood to block this punch.


The fist came into contact with the wood and exploded with a terrifying explosion.

“Is this power of Explosion What a terrifying power…” Hiruko had a lingering fear in his heart.

At the same time, a greater sense of greed appeared in his eyes.

It seemed that the stronger Shou was, the more excited he was.

‘But to get rid of Gari is also a big problem…’

“Hey, little brat, can you kill this guy with your Moisture Absorption Technique” Hiruko shouted.

“Not in a short period of time.

This guy created a layer of chakra to protect himself.

My power can not invade.”

Yuuji was attacked by three Iwa ninja, and he seemed to be in danger.

The others were also attacked by Iwa ninja, and they were separated by layers of soil walls, trying to divide their team.

“Tsk, then there’s no way…”

Hiruko’s face flickered.


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