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Chapter 43 - Something Even More Terrible Than Death!Ha!

A large number of puppets began to move rapidly, and even the chakra threads controlling these puppets were pulled far away.

All of this was to prevent oneself from being affected by the radiation too early.

“This little brat is too dangerous.

He is not even twelve years old, and the chakra poison he created can already affect so many people…”

At this moment, Chiyo thought of Hanzo, that troublesome guy, who easily killed countless Ninjas with the poison of pepper fish, and the experts of the five villages were extremely afraid.

“I will never allow a Hanzo to appear in Konoha!”

Chiyo’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and she directly opened the scroll, summoning Chikamatsu Collection and the others!

Accompanied by a series of strange sounds, Chiyo created a large amount of Chakra to cover himself, and held her breath, wanting to control the ten people to tear open the defense line and kill Yuuji.

But at this time…

Latent Shadow Multi-Snake Hands!

A large number of poisonous snakes suddenly rushed over and wrapped around the ten puppets.

“We finally made a move.

Old woman Chiyo, I will not let you succeed.”

Orochimaru stuck out his long tongue.

In his sleeve, a large number of poisonous snakes kept gushing out, and a pair of vicious eyes directly fell on Chiyo.

‘I can’t let you get so close to Yuuji so easily.

I am also very interested in this kid.

This is not an attack cell.

His blood can directly attack the DNA in the deepest part of his life…’

The more he thought about it, the more excited Orochimaru became, and he licked his lips.

If not for the two guys, Minato and Shibi, he would have already attacked.

Not to mention putting Yuuji on the operating table to dissect, taking a tube of blood every now and then, cutting off a bit of flesh to cultivate, and so on, it was normal.

“Orochimaru… Where is Tsunade Ask her to come out and see me.” Chiyo’s eyes were cold.

However, Orochimaru sneered and no longer talked nonsense.

He brazenly confronted Chiyo.

He used powerful S-level ninjutsu in succession, and the power was astonishing.


On the other side, Kitsuchi also encountered a troublesome enemy.

“Namikaze Minato and Aburame Shibi… are both very difficult opponents.

Roshi, you need to use your strength.”

Kitsuchi’s face was ugly.

His commander Iwa ninja was instantly killed by Minato who was flying around, and he was also bitten by bugs that appeared out of nowhere from time to time.

He directly turned his head and gave an order to a person who was emitting a dangerous aura.

“War is really disgusting.”

Roshi stood up expressionlessly, jumped forward, and landed on the ground with a loud crash.

Lava Escape – Scorching River – Molten Rock Technique!

Several lava balls shot out from Roshi’s mouth, emitting a terrifyingly high temperature as they slammed into the ranks of Konoha’s Ninjas.

“What technique is this”

“What a high temperature, damn it, this guy’s technique is very similar to Yuuji’s, he can even create high temperature.”

Some Konoha Ninjas used water to block, but they were instantly pierced by the magma ball.

“Hey, hey, hey, are all Konoha’s guys so uncultured Even if they are, it should be Konoha’s kid’s technique that is more similar to mine…”

Roshi’s face was indifferent, and he spat out magma balls one after another, containing a terrifying impact.

But in the next moment, a large amount of Kunai threw out, and the moment it touched the magma ball, it disappeared with the entire magma ball.

“Iwa ninja even sent Jinchiruki Strength to the battlefield However, I can still resist it.”

Namikaze Minato held Ruujin in his hand and instantly appeared, blocking Roshi with a solemn expression.

He had fought with Kumogakure’s Eight-tailed Jinchiruki at the early stage of the Three Battles, and he knew how terrifying Jinchirkui Strength was.

Not to mention that his girlfriend was a nine-tailed jinchiruki…

“Don’t look down on people.

If you accidentally get killed by me, you won’t be able to save them.” Roshi sneered.

The two Kage-level began a fierce confrontation.

This was not a battlefield that ordinary Ninjas could participate in.

Aburame Shibi, without saying a word, single-handedly rushed to Kitsuchi and his guards.

“Bastards of Konoha, we must defeat you this time!”

Kitsuchi was furious.

At this moment, Kage level and the elite Jonins who could fight all fell.

All kinds of powerful ninjutsu with a large range often burst out.

If they were careless, their power would spread out.

Just the aftermath alone could take away a large number of ninjas.

The battle of tens of thousands of people easily shook the earth, and various teams who mastered various tactics cooperated to create more powerful damage.

“Wind Escape – Great Breakthrough!”

“Wind Escape – Cut!”

A large number of escape techniques came, flying sand and stones flying…

“It’s effective.

The destructive extent of that power seems to have weakened!”

“Hurry up and attack! We can restrain that kid, Nuclear Release! Kill him immediately!”

Suna ninja’s ninja rushed over with red eyes and many puppets attacked without regard for their losses.


At this time, Yuuji stood in the protective circle of dozens of ninjas, calmly looking at these crazy guys.

‘Using wind to blow away my radiation.

Considering the existence of radioactive dust, it is indeed a smart idea to weaken it, but this is under the premise that I do not control the radiation.’

Yuuji tilted his head and looked at the puppets and the ferocious faces behind them.

War was indeed a blind and crazy thing.

“Protect the descendants of Shiranui.

If it really doesn’t work… cover him to retreat to the camp.”

Some of Konoha’s Jonins were gloomy.

—Losing Yuuji’s strength was equivalent to losing a great advantage.

However, as long as they experienced fighting against a strong enemy, the strength of the enemy became weaker and weaker.

After screaming in pain, they were killed by themselves.

Zetsu could not refuse Yuuji’s ability to control the field.

In their knowledge, Yuuji’s ability was equivalent to combining perception Ninjutsu with a large area of poison.

It was equivalent to that, as long as they could sense the enemy, they would be attacked!

The role that Yuuji displayed in a large-scale war was terrifying.

It was like a life harvester, and Yuuji was still so young.

As long as he was given a few more years…

“Yuuji, Tsunade Daren ordered you to retreat with your team!”

A Ninja appeared in front of Yuuji, kneeling on one knee.

“No need, I am standing here, the best support for this war,” Yuuji said lightly.

“But this is Tsunade sama…”

“My skills will not be restrained by wind escape.

Trust me.”

In the next moment, Yuuji increased the output of the radiation…

Soon, a large number of Suna ninja and Iwa ninja were once again greatly affected, and they fell into a difficult situation.

Some of the fellows quickly screamed and gave up fighting.

They lay on the ground and wailed, crazily grabbing their bodies.

Their skin quickly festered, and their flesh swelled and tore.

However, they would not die immediately.

In the painful wailing, they personally felt the screams of every cell in their body and the shattering of every organ.

They watched helplessly as they grabbed themselves, the high temperature from the inside out, and at the same time, stimulated their bodies into deformities and collapse.

Such a horrible scene made people feel as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

The impact on morale and willpower was even more unimaginable.

The war continued like this… Thousands of Ninjas fought on the border of Konoha, and every moment passed, someone died on the spot.

Such a high-intensity war lasted for a whole day, and the fierce battle went on until the sunset.


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