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Chapter 42 - The Nuclear Kid!!


The existence of Nuclear Release’s blood inheritance was no longer a secret.

Especially in the past year, Yuuji had killed too many people with this kind of blood inheritance that was impossible to guard against.

Regarding this, Iwa ninja and Suna ninja had already had relevant information.

Moreover, the priority of killing Yuuji was placed at an extremely high position.

But now, they once again discovered that they had seriously underestimated Yuuji Blood Succession Boundary.

—This guy’s strength could actually be used to the greatest extent in a large-scale war!


On the battlefield, roars of disbelief rang out.

“Why is this guy’s attack range so large”

“In such a chaotic battlefield, he can actually do this…”

“The village still underestimated him.

No matter what, we must kill the kid from Shiranui’s family.

He is many times more terrifying than Kakashi!”

At this time, many enemies felt the terrible changes in their bodies, and their faces changed drastically.

The weaker ones had already clearly felt the influence of radiation on their bodies.

Their physical strength was weakening, and the speed of production of chakra was also constantly decreasing, which directly caused their combat strength to plummet.

Shua, shua, shua!

In this period of time, many of Iwa ninja and Suna ninja, who were at the front, were also people who ate radiation and died the fastest.

A few minutes ago, they were still alive and kicking, but now, their fighting strength was continuously reduced.

They were all killed by Konoha’s Ninjas.

Their eyes widened, and they died unwillingly.

The Jonin could still rely on the powerful Chakra to forcibly hold on, but the Genin was killed one after another…

The Ninjas on Konoha’s side noticed that the fight was getting weaker and weaker, and their morale was greatly boosted.

They shouted and increased the speed of their attacks.

“Go to hell, damn guys!”

“This is the price you have to pay for starting a war against Konoha!”

Many of the ninjas who were struggling to support Konoha were suddenly full of energy, and their eyes were shining with a fierce light.

After killing the enemy, some of the ninjas naturally leaned towards Yuuji, blocking all the enemies that were rushing at them, and protecting Yuuji in this way.

As for Yuuji’s team of six, they were strong, had perfect configurations, and had a tacit understanding.

As time went by, enemies died in their hands one after another…

“Those who have fought with the enemy, do your best to stall them.

The others first kill Gennin, don’t let them go.”

Yuuji looked indifferent, maintaining the seal with one hand, and immediately gave the order, “In the shortest time possible, cause the maximum damage to the enemy….

The superior and stronger enemies, let Konoha’s superior and Kage level deal with them.”



Kakashi and the others immediately nodded.

“Yes, Yuuji-sama!!”

Those ninjas who came over to protect Yuuji also heard it.

Without any hesitation, they immediately shouted and spread the orders of Yuuji.


Yuuji was full of question marks.

‘Was this group of people who spread the orders serious I am just an ordinary Genin.’

‘However, forget it, it was not a bad thing.’

Yuuji once again increased the radiation output.

His entire body burst out with a terrifyingly high temperature, turning into a terrifying heat wave that made people feel their hair stand on end.

It exploded with a loud bang.

An immeasurable amount of radiation particles were shot out, and under Yuuji’s control, they rushed into the enemy ninja’s body…

The terrifying radiation area was the core area with a radius of 200 meters.

The radiation intensity here was the most terrifying, and the further it radiated outwards, the weaker it became.

“Oh, I really feel tired.

I only managed to maintain it for less than five minutes, but my chakra was actually reduced by more than 10%…” Yuuji frowned slightly.

his was 10% of the total amount of chakra he could refine.

He looked at the layer after layer that wrapped around him, showing a seemingly loose but actually very orderly and firm line of defense —-Konoha Ninjas.

Some of Iwa ninja and Suna ninja rushed to Yuuji with red eyes, but they were all stopped by these people.

“Don’t be pressured, focus on using your secret technique! As long as you are safe, it will be the greatest help to us.

If the enemy wants to touch you, they have to cross over our bodies!!”

Umino Ikkaku stood not far from Yuuji.

After turning his head, he roared and pulled out Kunai to block a rapidly moving puppet.


In the next moment, a small-scale vibration wave was released and shattered the puppet on the spot.

“Uncle Umino, don’t look down on me.

Don’t get killed.

I’ll treat you to a drink when we return to the village.

Remember to bring Iruka with you when the time comes.” Yuuji said with a smile.

“Tsk… a little brat that makes people completely unable to like him.”

Umino Ikkaku snorted twice, but with such a little brat standing behind him, he inexplicably felt at ease.


In front of him, Kakashi had already gone crazy from killing.

He was driving a lightning bolt.

In the midst of the lightning and thunder, he only needed to charge forward.

Flesh and blood splattered and covered most of his body.

Anyway, with the radiation cloud covering Yuuji, the nuclear radiation in the direction of Kakashi’s sprint would rise sharply.

Many ninjas were seriously disturbed and then killed by Kakashi.

But at the same time, Kakashi was also scarred.

His own vision could not keep up with the speed of the lightning.

After all, Kakashi lacked a pair of good eyes.

“Kakashi is still unable to perfectly control his own technique.” Kazue stood by Yuuji’s side, frowning slightly.

It’s an old problem.

Once Kakashi opens his lightning, his speed will be extremely fast.

He can only attack in a straight line.

He can’t even turn around.

“It will recover slowly…” Yuuji said indifferently.


The top existences of both camps finally could not hold it in any longer.

“All puppet troops, move out.

First, use the puppets to eliminate that damned brat! We must kill him!”

“Exploding troops, use as many rock clones as possible to tear apart the defense line around that brat to avoid being affected by the power of that brat.”

Iwa ninja and Suna ninja finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

What was this

It was clearly the two of them who had the biggest advantage in strength.

Together, they had more than six thousand people, surpassing more than four thousand people in Konoha.

However, when they fought in front of them, they couldn’t open up the situation.

Not to mention, there were more casualties than Konoha.

As time went on, the losses couldn’t help but worsen!

This was f*cking ridiculous.

Shiranui Yuuji’s ability caused the commanders of both sides to be unable to restrain themselves any longer.

“That little brat is Shiranui Yuuji, possessing Nuclear Release’s blood limit” Suna ninja, Chiyo’s face was ice-cold, directly closing her eyes to feel the air that was blowing towards her for a while.

‘Sure enough, this is not a normal biological poison, nor is it air poison, but a kind of directly attacking cell chakra poison!’

‘I have not figured out the principle behind it for the time being, but it doesn’t matter, if the problem can’t be solved, then the person who created the problem will be solved!’

Chiyo was restless.


On Iwa ninja’s side, Kitsuchi was also observing.

The more he looked, the more frightened he became.

This kind of range attack, they still lacked effective defensive methods.

Only powerful ninjas could rely on their own strong chakra reserves to create a protective layer on the surface of their skin.

They could hold their breath and stop breathing.

In a short period of time, they could block this kind of Nuclear Release attack.

Using this method to protect himself, the consumption speed of chakra reached an exaggerated degree, and Root could not last long.

“I can’t wait any longer, I will personally go! This battle, not only to destroy the west line of Konoha, but also to kill this evil little brat Nuclear Release!”


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