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 Chapter 41 - How Could That Be!

After fighting for a while, Yuuji successfully pushed the distance between him and Godzilla to 80 meters.

“Tsk tsk, I wonder when I can truly possess your strength…”

Yuuji raised his head and glanced at the huge monster shrouded in darkness.

After sighing with emotion, he directly retreated.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the tent.

His teammates were resting.

The energetic Yuuji directly stood up and walked out of the tent.

There was already a figure that was endlessly drawing and waving his sword.

“Hey, Kakashi, you woke up early.

After such a long battle, you still refuse to rest” Yuuji stretched and greeted.


Kakashi looked at Yuuji with a complicated expression, then turned his head and continued to repeat his actions.

He did not have any blood limit, nor did he have any secret arts.

The only thing he could rely on was the short saber in his hand.

Oh, perhaps this seemingly harmless guy next to him, the person named Yuuji, could try to trust him.

As for the others, Root was not worth mentioning in the first place.

No matter who Obito was, in the end, he was just a tool person who helped him complete the task.

“The life of a ninja is to strengthen oneself and then complete the task constantly.

When the pace of growth stops, this ninja will lose the meaning of existence.” Kakashi said coldly.

Yuuji shrugged and smiled.

“As expected, you still haven’t truly walked out… But forget it, at least this kind of transformation is still very gratifying.

If you have any difficulties, feel free to say it.

I will do my best to help you.”

However, what responded to him was only the head that Kakashi had deliberately turned away and a cold snort.

After a while, there was a trace of an imperceptible voice.


Yuuji chuckled and began his day of training.

—To put it bluntly, it was to refine chakra.

As his body grew, the cells in his body became more and more active, and he could refine more chakra.

“After I go back this time, I can apply to participate in Gennin’s exam.

In the war period, everything will be simple, and becoming Gennin is not a problem for me.”


As time went on, the others slept comfortably for the night, recovering their vitality, and began to get up to train.

But just as they were cultivating….

“Enemy attack!”

“Iwa ninja and Suna ninja’s main forces have broken through several outposts and are close to the base camp!”

“Are these guys crazy They suddenly started an all-out war.”

Many ninjas were shocked and immediately rubbed their hands together.

Ever since Minato and Shibi joined in, they directly beat Iwa ninja and Suna ninja to death on the western line.

The western line battlefield, which was already blunt and had no continuous battles, was originally a lot quieter.

But now, it was a bit sudden to suddenly have a big battle.

Soon, a large number of Konoha Ninjas mobilized, including the injured and the medical Ninjas.

There were about 4,000 people.

This was the full force of the Western Front.

Orochimaru was personally dispatched, standing in front of Konoha’s army with a cold face, giving orders from time to time to set up a front.

“You’re finally here.

I was still wondering how long you would last…” Orochimaru licked his lips.

On the side, Tsunade whispered, “Be careful, Orochimaru.

They suddenly started a war.

They must have reached some kind of agreement.

Maybe Hanzo is also involved… I can’t help you directly, so I can only take the medical ninja to guard the rear.”

Orochimaru nodded coldly.

Tsunade led the medical troops and took charge of the camp, ready to rescue the ninjas who had retreated from the frontline.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

One figure after another approached…

Some of the ninjas in charge of sensing Konoha were killed on the spot before they could escape.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

On Iwa ninja’s side, a large number of explosions sounded everywhere they passed.

On Suna ninja’s side, there were even puppets shuttling back and forth rapidly, making cracking sounds.

‘Iwa ninja’s blasting force, Suna ninja’s puppet force… These are all the elite forces of their village, yet they were sent out so directly….’

‘Could it be that they want to start an all-out war’

Minato was shocked.

This was unreasonable.

However, the war did not change by the will of the people.

The front-line ninjas had already fought with the enemy, and the war broke out.

At the same time, it could be said that this was the largest war that broke out when the front line was established.

Initially, the three villages fought in Amegakure and tacitly did not invade each other’s countries.

But now, this tacit understanding had been torn apart…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A great battle broke out…

Countless figures rapidly moved.

Countless swords in their hands, and Kunai were thrown out in large numbers.

As far as the eye could see, there were all kinds of open guns and hidden arrows that were impossible to guard against.

There was no way to count them.


All kinds of extremely lethal ninjutsu were used one after another, and everywhere they passed, the ground would shatter, and they would cry out in pain.

In this chaotic battlefield…

“You guys protect yourselves.”

“I’ll be back soon.”

Minato and Shibi each threw out a sentence.

As always, they disappeared in a flash and went straight to the enemy’s powerful ninja.

One Kage level, one perfect elite Jonin.

—In this chaotic environment, they could indeed create terrifying damage.

Yuuji and the other six people immediately gathered together, not surprised by their own team’s strategy.

“Iwa ninja and Suna ninja’s actions are very strange.

Be careful.”

Yuuji naturally took over the command of the six-man team and immediately brought the other five people to shuttle through the frontline battlefield.

He didn’t try to hide it anymore and directly opened it up.

“Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve truly participated in the battle of the army.

Finally, it isn’t the battle of the small teams from before.”

Yuuji revealed a faint smile and began to form seals.

Nuclear Release – Suction of Turbidity!

The nuclear radiation that was far stronger than before began to grow and spread rapidly, covering everything on the spot and burning everything in its path.

All the Konoha Ninjas were avoided by Yuuji as much as possible, and all the enemies were heavily taken care of.

As long as they caught one, they would desperately fill-up the nuclear radiation.

Countless radiation particles attacked wildly in an exaggerated manner, wantonly destroying the cells of all the enemies and killing their health…

In every moment, a large number of ninjas died.

What was more cruel than the deaths of these ninjas was that it could not be detected in a short period of time.

The human cells had already suffered a destructive blow.

AfterKakashi received Yuuji’s signal in this fierce battle.

He held White Fang’s dagger in one hand and lightning in the other.

He took the lead in launching an attack and led the other team members to advance.


A few minutes later…

“There is something wrong with my body.

The speed at which I create Chakra is decreasing…”

“The distribution of heat is higher than the normal index!”

“Could it be that the Nuclear Release in the intelligence report, that damned Shiranui brat! But how can his technique cover such a large area of the battlefield How is this possible.”

Some of the Iwa ninja and Suna ninja who were in the midst of fighting changed their expressions!


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