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 Chapter 40 - HirukoThe few of them rested for a while.

Soon, Shibi and Minato returned one after the other.

“Sorry, sorry.

It took some time to deal with the enemy’s main force…” Minato scratched his head apologetically.

Shibi pushed his sunglasses and said, “But the main force of the enemy has been taken care of by the two of us.

In this battle, nearly fifty ninjas were killed by our two teams and won a great victory.”

“It doesn’t matter.

We are used to it…” Yuuji waved his hand.

Not to mention Minato, his type of battle was very suitable for one-on-one.

He crazily scattered Kunai and then flew back and forth.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a one-man army.

As for Shibi, he had been directly authorized by the Hokage two years ago, and he had the qualifications to fight alone.

Therefore, he also liked to kill the enemy alone.

With these two leading Jonins, Yuuji and the other six Konoha Genin, most of the time, they could only rely on themselves.

The only advantage was that Minato and Shibi would always attack first, forcibly killing powerful enemies, and leaking the remaining enemies to them, creating a difficult and yet able battle environment for the six-man team.

“In short, it’s great to see everyone so lively.

Everyone has grown a lot.” Minato smiled.

“Minato, Sensei, we agreed that when I become Gennin, you will teach me Flying Thunder God! I will beat the stinky fart Kakashi to death!”

Obito pointed at Kakashi, feeling indignant.

“Heh, do you know how to learn Flying Thunder God With your IQ…”

“What!! I’m going to beat you to death!”

The two of them started to argue again.

“Sigh, after a bloody battle, are you still so energetic However, their feelings are as close as ever…” Minato smiled bitterly.

The group of eight returned to the Western Front camp.


Now, Orochimaru had officially taken over Minato and became the chief commander of the Western Front.

This also freed Minato, the killing machine.

In the entire Western Front battlefield, Iwa ninja and Suna ninja were almost driven crazy by Minato.

As a result, Iwa ninja directly issued an order in humiliation.

If they encountered Minato, they could give up the task and turn to flee.

But what was even more embarrassing was that they couldn’t even escape…

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! They’re back, Minato and Shibi-sama’s team!”

“Look at them! They must have won again!”

“Of course, idiot, they are the strongest team in Konoha!”

After entering the camp, many Ninjas cheered loudly.

In this year, the contributions of the two teams were built on the corpses of countless enemies.

Minato and Shibi were the two most powerful Ninjas besides the Hokage, the Sannin, and the Kyubi Jinchuriki.

Among the new generation they led, there were several powerful geniuses.

The eight of them walked to the central tent to report the mission to Orochimaru.

However, when they walked to the door, a white-haired fellow walked out of the tent with a gloomy expression…

“Eh, why is Senior Hiruko here Didn’t you follow Lord Danzo to the eastern battlefield”

Minato looked at the person in front of him in surprise.

“Minato, I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

Hiruko stopped and looked at Minato with a little fear, burying his head deeply.

“Ah, I’m really sorry.

Please do as you please.”

Minato and the others moved aside and brushed past Hu Liu.

But suddenly, Hiruko stopped and stood next to Yuuji.

He slowly raised his head and revealed a dark smile.

“You, are you Shiranui Yuuji You have Nuclear Release’s blood limit, who can launch an area-of-effect attack… What an amazing newcomer.

Every time I hear that you have made achievements, I feel a burst of excitement.

With you here, the village is destined to have a bright future.”


Hiruko revealed an uneasy smile.

Then, he glanced at the pale-faced Uchiha Kazue and frowned.

Finally, he looked at Obito.

After looking at it for a moment, he revealed a deep sense of disdain.

Then he left.

Everyone felt a little confused.

“Minato-sensei, who is this guy The way he looked at me just now made me feel very uncomfortable…” Obito complained.

He didn’t know if it were an illusion, but he felt that he had been offended for a long time.

“He is a good friend of Sannin and a reliable senior in the village.

Although he is a little strange, his nature is not bad.”

Minato smiled and looked at the back of Hiruko.

He was a little hesitant.

“What It turns out to be Sannin’s good friend.

Then there is no problem!” Obito breathed a sigh of relief.

The feeling just now must be an illusion.


When they entered the base camp, Orochimaru was looking down at the scroll in his hand with an indifferent expression on his face, sneering from time to time.

After a conversation, Minato and Shibi handed over the related mission reports.

“It’s been hard on you.

The Western Front battlefield has been stabilized.

It’s all thanks to you guys.

I don’t have a new mission for you guys for the time being.

You can rest for a while.”

Orochimaru laughed deeply, “In addition, Yuuji, your recent performance has been very outstanding.

It has become more and more eye-catching.

I heard that Iwa ninja and Suna ninja have already listed you as one of the top few on the assassination list… Your ‘- treatment’ is comparable to an elite superior Ninja.”

Yuuji’s expression did not change.

“This is also something that can not be helped.

As long as I can contribute to the village, everything is worth it.

I will not refuse.”

“Is that so That’s really amazing…”

Orochimaru laughed in a low voice.


After Yuuji and the others left.

In the big tent.

Orochimaru sat in his seat, his face showing a deep cold expression.

He once again picked up the secret letter that Danzo had sent.

“That guy, Danzo, was so unwilling to be lonely during the war.

He actually left us to cooperate with each other.

How ridiculous…”

Orochimaru sneered again and again.

Hiruko is the best friend of the Sannin, but that is in the past.

As the sannin became famous, they became Sandaime Hokage’s apprentice, and they grew up to be Kage-level step by step.

The distance between Hiruko and the three of them is getting farther and farther.

Orochimaru was keenly aware that the mediocre but extremely jealous fellow, who was very jealous, had a faint sign of distortion in his heart.

“Hiruko, are you ready to be swallowed up by Danzo Or are you planning something more interesting and think that you can take the risk….”

Orochimaru smiled coldly and opened his mouth.

He stretched out a snake and swallowed the letter in one gulp, making sure that nothing would go wrong.

‘What a pity.

I originally thought very highly of this child, Yuuji.

His bloodline is the power I need…’

‘This fellow clearly has his own will.

Every time he faces my goodwill and draws me to his side, his mouth is filled with the will of fire.

He’s exactly the same as the old man, pretending to be true.’

More than half of the letter was swallowed by the snake, and on the last paragraph that was revealed, a name suddenly appeared.

Shiranui Yuuji.


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