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Chapter 39 - One YearOne year later, at the border of Fire Country.

“Fire Escape – Dragon Fire Technique!”

“Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!”

The two balls of flames roared and pounced at the enemy.

As they exploded, everything around them was soaked.

The moment the enemy merged into the ground.

“Three meters underground.

The direction is 15 degrees east.

The movement speed is very fast.

Kakashi, attack!”

Yuuji opened his eyes.

The huge radiation cloud frantically penetrated into the ground, continuously interfering with the rapidly moving fellow.

Lightning Cut!

In the midst of the lightning, Kakashi’s figure quickly moved.

On his ice-cold face, there was only endless killing intent.


A powerful dash ability erupted.

Kakashi aimed at the ground and ruthlessly stabbed.

After a loud roar, the earth cracked and the soil flew up, accompanied by the spurting blood.

“Damn, damn it, I didn’t expect to meet you guys… Minato’s team and Shibi’s team’s genius ninjas…”

An Iwa ninja looked down at his chest that was pierced through in disbelief.

In the end, he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and died unwillingly.

“Alright, this is the last one.”

Yuuji glanced at the scattered corpses around him and said indifferently.

As soon as these words came out, their tense nerves began to relax…

Nohara Rin hurriedly ran out, intending to use medical Ninjutsu to heal the five people.

She first came to Yuuji’s side.

“No need, Rin.

For me, this kind of injury is nothing.”

Yuuji smiled faintly, and as he spoke, he began to form seals.

Super Regeneration!

The wounds on his body had already begun to heal rapidly.

One of the wounds that had been pierced by Kunai even emitted a faint sizzling sound.

Although she had seen it many times, every time she saw this terrifying self-healing ability with her own eyes, Rin still felt a chill run down her spine.

“Yuuji… your body is really too powerful.

This self-healing ability is simply an all-round palm strike of Senjutsu…”

Nohara Rin looked at Yuuji with a face full of envy.

This kind of body was really too strong.

Combined with the amazing chakra capacity, no matter what kind of injury Yuuji suffered, he would be able to quickly become lively and lively.

She was simply, simply… purple with envy, a body that every medical ninja longed to study.

“damn it, Rin, ignore that guy.

Didn’t he learn some shallow medical ninjutsu from you, and develop this self-healing technique!”

Obito casually ran back from a distance, dissatisfied that Rin’s attention was drawn away by the hateful Yuuji.

“Ha, idiot, not everyone is Yuuji.

Even if you study medical ninjutsu for a lifetime, you still can’t develop a suitable technique for yourself.” Kakashi sneered.

“Wh, what Smelly farts Kakashi, don’t look down on me! Rin, now you teach me medical ninjutsu, I can also do it!”

Obito broke through his defense in an instant.

He shouted, rolled up his sleeves, and rushed over.

He was going to settle the score with Kakashi.

This kind of thing had happened many times in the past year.

Even if the six of them often cooperated with each other to fight, so that the enemy had a lot of information about them and arranged them to the top few of the hunting list.

Obito and Kakashi were always quarreling.

At this time….


Yuuji suddenly pulled out Kunai and threw him out.

With a thud, he nailed the ground in front of Obito.

“Before approaching, first use the secret signal.

When attacking the enemy just now, you are the furthest away.

It is easy for the enemy to kill you secretly and then replace you.

If you are really Obito, you will definitely know our secret code.”

Before Obito could speak, Yuuji opened his mouth and said the secret code with a solemn face.

“The eyes are like copper bells, shooting out lightning-like light!”

‘Ah this.’

Obito’s rare old face turned red.

“Ah, black cat police officer…”

Speaking of which, what kind of rubbish code was this

This annoying fellow, Yuuji, would always come up with some incomprehensible things in his head!

And every time they used secret signals, for some reason, there would always be an inexplicable sense of shame, such as the black cat police officer or something…

Damn it!

Beside him, Guy nodded with a gratified expression.

“Obito, you are the weakest of the six of us.

It’s great that you are safe again.”

“Bastard! Guy, do you want to fight too”

Obito felt offended and flew into a rage.

The few of them were noisy.

This was the daily routine of the six-man team.

With Obito here, they could not calm down.

‘Really stupid Obito, cold-eyed Kakashi, and justice man Guy… I feel that the three of them are very suitable for each other.

They should form a team.’

Kazue coughed and looked at this scene.

A smile that he had not seen for a long time appeared on her pale face.

In the past year, as the war situation became more and more tense, a large number of the new generation began to officially step onto the battlefield.

Blood and corpses were the eternal themes.

Every day, there were companions who died…

Every day, they were either on the road of killing or being killed.

Only when she saw these guys quarreling would Kazue occasionally feel that she was not a body without body temperature.

Rin used medical Ninjutsu to heal Kazue while being worried.

“Kazue, your complexion is getting worse and worse.

Your skin is white.

This is the sign of the rapid decline of blood red cells.

Your coughing frequency is also getting higher and higher.

I am afraid that there is a problem with your lungs and the entire respiratory tract…”

“It doesn’t matter, Rin.

I know my physical condition very well.” Kazue said calmly, looking at Yuuji.

However, Yuuji just calmly looked at the distance.

In this year, several people became famous, following Minato and Shibi.

They created a sensation in Konoha with a 100 completion rate and were repeatedly promoted by the village.

Uchiha Kazue’s name also resounded in the sky and was regarded as one of the three strongest new generations with Yuuji and Kakashi.

Outsiders could only see Kazue lift the banner of Uchiha’s new generation and announce Uchiha’s name again, but only a few people knew that Kazue’s life had entered the countdown.

“Although I do not know what disease you have, if you continue to delay, when you can no longer control your body… you will lose the qualifications to become a ninja.”

Rin looked at Kazue who occasionally coughed.

‘Uchiha’s strongest genius was about to become the second Gekkou Hayate….’

‘If the symptoms get worse…’

“Well, Rin, you don’t have to care about this matter, and don’t tell anyone.

Even if the Hokage asks you, you absolutely can’t say it.”

Yuuji finally opened his mouth and said calmly.

Rin was startled and more confused.

If Kakashi talked to her like this, she would not take half a step back.

She had to solve this matter no matter what.

However, the one who spoke at this time was the new generation’s leader, Yuuji.

He was a person who had wisdom, awareness, courage, and was valued and praised by the Hokage.

–He was known to have carried out the will of fire to the extreme.

‘Since he said so, presumably, there was already a countermeasure between Yuuji and Kazue.’

“I understand…”

Rin sighed.


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