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Chapter 36 - Leave The Blood Of Yuuji!!In Shibi’s house.

The two of them sat across the table, silent for a long time.

“I will report what happened just now to the Hokage Sama…”

“Don’t worry too much, Shibi-sensei.

This was originally an unexpected event.

I just didn’t expect that Torune would actually do this for the sake of Danzo.

He didn’t hesitate to attack his companions.”

A smile appeared on Yuuji’s face as if he really didn’t take it to heart.

Shibi felt awkward.

Originally, Torune, who had a great future and could become the pillar of Aburame’s clan, was already considered crippled.

The terrifying transformation of his swollen body had already determined that Torune’s future was dark.

Yuuji, this subordinate of his… hid a deep viciousness under his gentle appearance.

For a moment, Shibi did not know what to say.

His clansmen had done such a thing to his subordinates, and he, as the clan leader, had to respond.

Shibi pushed his sunglasses.

“It’s just that I did not expect you to grow to this extent.

Even Torune is not your match…”

“Ah, Sensei, it’s just a coincidence.

Nano bugs are indeed powerful and can easily drill into every cell in the human body to destroy it, but their vitality is also weak to the extreme.

Senior Torune’s ability is precisely the type that I can restrain…”

To be honest, even a parasite could resist nuclear radiation better than a nano bug.

With the nano bugs body size, they would all die if they used radiation particles.

“Come to think of it, I came to visit Shibi-sensei this time to see the cultivation results of the parasite.

I believe that Shibi-sensei has already gained something, right”

“That’s right, the results are very gratifying.

Come with me.”

The two of them came to the backyard.

There were many bottles and jars here.

They were strictly divided, and all kinds of special insects were crawling.

And the most peculiar thing was naturally in an area where a large number of sealing spells were applied.

“The destructive power of the parasite is beyond imagination, and its pursuit of Chakra is the craziest.

Without using some methods, it is very easy to lose control.”

Shibi pointed at the sealed area, and his calm words were filled with deep surprise.

The parasite was the future of Aburame’s clan.

After this period of research, Shibi has already confirmed that the big insect has surpassed other insects in all aspects.

Although it is also more difficult to control if it can be controlled successfully…

Aburame clan has mastered the means to deal with tailed-beasts!

Their clan is extremely powerful and has the comprehensive ability, but only when facing a large enemy, they can only rely on a short period of time to crazily reproduce the insects, creating a sea of insects to achieve the goal of the attack.

Now, a power that can resist tailed-beasts is born in the hands of Shibi.

“Although I don’t know much about insects, I also know that insects need to be screened and eliminated from generation to generation.

Maybe we can find a relatively gentle and powerful big insect.” Yuuji looked at everything in front of him and said.

“Then, Yuuji, I will have to trouble you next.

I need your strength.

In return, you will get the friendship of Aburame’s clan!”

This was the first time that Shibi made such a solemn promise to an outsider, using the clan as a chip.

“I’m very happy to serve you, Shibi-sensei…”


In the next few days, Yuuji stayed in Aburame’s territory and used the power of radiation to sweep through the big bug, hoping to get the bug he wanted.

After a long time of screening, there was some progress.


1 bug has high attack power and is even more manic.”


2 insect is relatively gentle, but its size is small, and its bite force is weak.”



A large number of experiments were being carried out.

During this period of time, Yuuji also had many conversations with the higher-ups of Aburame’s clan.


After Yuuji left, some of the elders and powerful clansmen of the Aburame Clan gathered around Shibi.

“Truly amazing.

If this happens, our Aburame Clan will rise!” A middle-aged ninja was extremely excited.

“If everything goes smoothly, we only need a few dozen of them to fight and defeat the giant psychic beast.

Even if we have to face a tailed beast, we can still fight!”

“Our clan might become a wealthy clan like Uchiha and Hyuga…”

“Shibi, as the clan leader, I am very pleased that you have made the most correct decision.”

An elder looked at Shibi with satisfaction.

“It is important for our clan to befriend a genius Ninja like Yuuji! His talent has already spread throughout Konoha.

Sooner or later, he will be accepted as a disciple by some people.

His future will be incomparably bright.

Maybe he can grow to Namikaze Minato’s level…”

Shibi nodded slightly.

“I have no doubt about his temperament and talent.”

However, when he thought of Torune’s miserable condition… Yuuji and Blood Succession Boundary were countless times more terrifying than he had imagined.

Yuuji’s temperament did not seem to be completely sunny but had a faint and decisive side.

However, Shibi firmly suppressed this point in his heart and decided not to tell anyone.

“I heard about Torune.

He is becoming more and more outrageous! Since he joined Root, he only has Danzo in his eyes.

There is no Aburame Clan! He will never say that his nano bug will die, and the physical problem will naturally be solved by Danzo.”

The elder’s face turned cold.

He had already made up his mind to give up the genius—Torune—and fully supported Shibi.

Torune joined Root.

He was no longer the present of Aburame Clan, but Yuuji had brought them a clear future.

Abandoning Torune, befriending Yuuji, who was more valuable, was the most realistic choice.

“It is still unclear whether Yuuji’s blood inheritance can be stable or not.

If he can leave his blood in Aburame’s clan, then it can not be better.”

The elder fell into deep thought.

Soon, he suddenly slapped his hand and said, “Shibi, is there any suitable girl in the clan now We need to cultivate feelings in advance.”

The surrounding people were stunned at first, but then they became restless.

“As expected of an elder, to actually think of such a method!”


“This, Yuuji may not like the girls of our Aburame family.

Our people are more or less a little gloomy… You know.”

“How will you know if you don’t try”


Shibi looked at these guys who were in an intense debate with a wooden face, not knowing what to say for a moment.

‘Yuuji-san, it seems that you are really popular…’

‘Even if you cripple Torune, you can still throw out benefits that no one can refuse, silently guiding the direction of the entire Aburame clan.’

The Hokage building.

After Sandaime Hokage received the report, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.

Root actually extended his hand towards Yuuji This was the future that he had set his eyes on.

He regarded it as the benchmark of the new generation.

How could Danzo dare to do this

“Danzo, you don’t have the right to give Root the right to attack my companions at will.” Sandaime Hokage stared at his old friend.

“It was Torune who acted on his own accord.

I intended to recruit Yuuji into Root, but I never let him attack Yuuji.” Danzo calmly said.

“Is that really the case”

“Yes, Hiruzen, you have to believe me.

Everything I did was for Konoha!”

Sandaime Hokage looked at it for a long time, and finally nodded: “I don’t want there to be a next time.”

“Of course, Torune will receive the punishment he deserves.”

“According to Shibi’s report, he said that Torune was seriously injured by Yuuji’s sudden burst of blood ability.

How is he now”

“… He’s fine.

He’s recuperating.” Danzo hesitated for a moment, but Sandaime Hokage was keenly aware of it.


Sandaime looked at Danzo in surprise.

This was not like Danzo’s style.

According to the normal routine, Danzo should first vigorously announce Torune’s tragic injuries, and then denounce Yuuji as an evil little ghost.

Finally, he proposed to cast a curse on Yuuji, sending him into Root, and nurture him into a task machine.

Danzo had three sets, and they were never out of date.

Sandaime Hokage knew Danzo too well.

But now… he was actually calming down

What was this old friend scheming again


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