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 Chapter 34 - Your Poisonous Nano Bug Is Worthless“This guy is…”

Yuuji calmly looked at the person in front of him.

Although Aburame’s clan liked to have a gloomy appearance and liked to think of ways to stuff themselves into the shadows.

However, it was rare to see someone wearing a skintight suit.

“I’ve never seen Senior before.

I wonder…”

“I, Aburame Torune.”

The other party spoke, sizing up Yuuji expressionlessly.

‘It’s this person, the descendant of Shiranui’s family, the super genius who defeated Kakashi… No wonder Lord Danzo took a fancy to him.’

Torune was a little regretful.

He should have made his move earlier.

It would have been best if he could pull Yuuji into Root’s organization before Yuuji could defeat Kakashi and make a name for himself.

He had miscalculated.

However, there was nothing he could do.

No one had expected Yuuji to be so outstanding.

“Ah, Senior Torune, I am here to pay my respects to Shibi-sensei.

We have an appointment before.”

“When did you make an appointment”

“A week ago.

He said that he would come to visit when he was free.

I just remembered it today and came.”

“… So that’s how it is.”

Torune nodded and led Yuuji all the way into the Aburame clan’s encampment.

As a medium clan, although it was not as dazzling as Uchiha and Hyuga, Aburame had their own confidence.

When he looked up, he could often see strange insects crawling around.

“These insects are all insects raised by the clansmen.

Some insects like to bask in the sun.” Torune said lightly.

The two of them walked for a while before they left the residential area and arrived at the sparsely populated forest.

“Speaking of which, hasn’t Shibi-sensei’s home arrived yet I remember that he doesn’t live in this direction.” Yuuji said with a smile.

Torune stopped.

“So, why did Senior Torune bring me to this place Is there anything you need I am a relatively easy person to talk to, and I can talk about anything…”

Torune turned around and said lightly, “Your talent is very amazing, and you should not continue to waste it.

You should go to a place that is more suitable for you.”

“So, that place is…”

“Root, another secret force in Konoha.

The leader is Shimura Danzo, one of the candidates for Sandaime Hokage in the past.”

“Root… I have never heard of it.

But I have heard of his name… He seems to be a very great man, but I refuse.”

Yuuji slowly raised his head, “He brought me here for no reason, and then said some strange words… Senior Torune, is this how Aburame treats his guests It is too rude.”

Torune said indifferently, “You can’t understand the greatness of Root now.

Only when you join it will you naturally understand.

You, who like the will of fire the most, now have a place to bring greater value to the village.

Are you not interested at all”

“I am not interested.

I can think of ways to apply to join Anbu.

I respect Lord Danzo, but I am not interested in joining Root.

Before confirming the internal situation of Root organization, I will not join, but if I do not join, I can not determine the situation of Root organization.

It is really a headache.”

Yuuji tilted his head.

“Also, Senior Torune, don’t casually put some strange insects on my body.

You… be careful of being killed by me.”


Torune’s expression changed slightly.

He suppressed the shock in his heart and no longer concealed it.

He quickly closed his hands.

“Shiranui Yuuji, I underestimated you.

You can actually detect my nanometer poisonous insects…”

Torune controlled the tens of millions of insects to charge at Yuuji.

Moreover, these nano bug insects were not visible to the naked eye.

‘I thought your blood ability could only interfere with the cellular level.’

‘You can even sense my insects, but it is too late to find out now.’

Torune looked at Yuuji, who was being climbed and wrapped by countless nano bugs, and his face was cold.

“Since you refuse, I can only use some other means.”

The diameter of the cells was roughly a few micrometers to a few hundred micrometers, and the nano bug he carefully cultivated was a nanometer bug —1 micrometer was equivalent to 1000 nanometers.

This nano bug was simply a cheat weapon.

Countless bugs were densely attached to Yuuji’s body at this time and began to try to drill into Yuuji’s body, soaking all the internal organs.

The smile on Yuuji’s face slowly faded.

“Since that’s the case, there shouldn’t be any problems if I secretly kill Senior Torune.”

“Arrogant little brat.”

Torune sneered.

He was truly naive.

He thought that just because he defeated Kakashi and possessed Gennin’s strength, he would be able to fight against a nano grade poisonous insect…


In the next moment, Torune’s expression changed drastically!

An astonishing wave of energy surged out from Yuuji’s body, bringing with it a high temperature and an indescribable destructive power.

Wave after wave of power spread out, and the numerous nanometer poisonous insects died at an exaggerated speed!

The strongest weapon that Torune was so proud of was actually destroyed instantly!

“You can actually do this with your strength A life that can interfere with the nanometer level.”

Torune was both shocked and furious.

He took a step forward and was about to use the Insect Controlling Secret Technique to defeat Yuuji in a short period of time completely.

However, Yuuji only looked at him calmly.

“Senior Torune, your lifetime of proud work is worthless in my eyes.”


At this moment, Yuuji directly released an unprecedented nuclear radiation cloud.

It was also invisible to the naked eye, directly controlling it to rush towards Aburame Torune.

The people of Root’s organization were indeed troublesome.

This time, Yuuji attacked with the mentality of killing.


Raging waves.

The crazily breeding Nano Bug Swarm had yet to truly cause any harm to Yuuji, but they all died in this unprecedented terrifying radiation.

This was simply a dimensional attack.

Using nuclear radiation to attack bugs, no matter how strong the insect was, it would still die!

Mutated It doesn’t exist.

When the basic structure of all proteins was destroyed by an endless stream of radiation that exceeded one’s imagination, life itself would lose the possibility of survival.

Countless microscopic particles attacked wildly.

As Torune suddenly let out a miserable cry, they were like a surging torrent, crushing countless nano bugs and swarming into Torune’s body.

At this moment, Torune’s body turned into an astonishing radiation storage device.

Large amounts of radiation particles poured into his body, slaughtering all the cells in his body in an astonishing manner.

“You are finished, Senior Torune…”

Yuuji looked at Torune, who was lying on the ground and screaming, and his body was producing large amounts of swelling and pus.

All the body tissues in Torune’s body had suffered an all-around attack.

It was even more impossible for them to have children because the health cells and the DNA chain related to this area had already suffered irreversible, permanent damage.


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