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 Chapter 33 - Have Been Waiting For A long TimeIn the Hokage building.

Lord Sandaime Hokage had a bright smile on his face.

“What do you think, Minato”

“Excellent, Lord Sandaime.

He is the true inheritor of the will of fire.

It is really gratifying to see such an excellent junior rise.”

Sandaime nodded his head in satisfaction.

Even the speed at which he smoked became slightly faster.

“The rising new generation, full of vitality, perfect inheritor of the will of fire…”

Lord Sandaime Hokage’s heart beat faster.

This was the feeling of excitement.

‘Such an outstanding descendant, even Kakashi was defeated by him, along with the words he carried….’

“Speaking of which, I still have some answers to the questions he wrote…” Sandaime Hokage opened the drawer and shared with Minato about these well-prepared, logical, and interlocking articles.

To be honest, Sandaime Hokage used to praise it when he read it, but now Minato also praised it directly.

“Minato, are you interested in taking Yuuji as a disciple” Sandaime Hokage suddenly opened his mouth.

Minato was stunned, then immediately revealed a troubled expression, “I just accepted Kakashi, and I don’t have much research on Yuuji and Blood Succession Boundary…”

“I see, I understand.

I will think about it again.

It has been hard on you, Minato.

The matter of building a new ninja team is also entrusted to you.

I hope that you can help Kakashi get out of the shadow as soon as possible.”

Sandaime Hokage nodded and then thought about the arrangement for Yuuji.

The current Kage-level… has him, The Three Sannin, and Minato, oh, Kushina is also one of them.

Then we can only choose from the three Sannin…

“Should Orochimaru take him as a disciple Ah, no… let’s wait a little longer…”

In the office, Sandaime was deep in thought.


Konohagakure had calmed down a little after the return of Minato and the others.

But soon, a piece of explosive news spread like wildfire, spreading to Konoha at an astonishing speed.

“Shh, let me tell you a secret.

Don’t tell anyone, Hatake Kakashi, the son of White Fang, was beaten up!”

“Wh-what The super genius, Kakashi, in history was actually beaten up Is it fake”

“Idiot, of course, it’s true.

I saw him limping back home.

His face was half swollen, and his mask almost couldn’t be covered!”

“I’ll tell you a secret.

Don’t tell others! Kakashi was beaten by someone.

After the fierce battle, Kakashi was defeated in one move…”

“Let me tell you a secret.

Kakashi was killed by someone!”

“Huh Didn’t you say that Kakashi was lying down on his own before he even fought”

“Idiot, how is this possible It must be because that Yuuji is too strong.

That’s why Kakashi lost.”

“Shiranui Yuuji, a very amazing genius, has appeared…”

As time went by, more and more people knew that a super genius who could rival or even surpass Kakashi had appeared.

There were countless geniuses in Konoha, greatly increasing their morale.

The older generation had the Hokage, the middle-aged had the Sannin, and the next was Minato.

Now, even the new generation was full of talents, which made people full of hope.

The atmosphere of the entire Konohagakure changed slightly.

That kind of strong confidence suppressed everything.

Yuuji’s graduates of the same year were undoubtedly the most shocked group.

They knew better than those melon-eating villagers what kind of existence Kakashi was, but such a chief student actually lost to Yuuji…

“What crazy growth.”

“Damn it.

He only went to the battlefield for two months.

I can do it too! I also want to go to the battlefield and kill enemies for the village!”

“Yes, Yuuji and the others can do it, and we can do it too!”


Some spies also quietly moved.

“A secret signal, the super genius of Konoha, Shiranui Yuuji, defeated Hatake Kakashi.”

“He is a genius who has surpassed Kakashi and should be paid attention to.”

“Send out the assassination unit…”

The information quietly spread, and Konoha’s intelligence department and Anbu were busy taking the opportunity to catch a group of spies.


When this news reached Yuuji’s ears, Yuuji stared at the perturbed Genma and fell into deep thought.

‘How did it become like this’

“I swear, I really only told Aoba and the others.

I even specifically told them not to tell anyone, but I didn’t expect… a bunch of disloyal fellows!” Genma gritted his teeth in hatred.

‘Gen, didn’t you say that you would keep it a secret They are all liars!’

This kind of thing is inevitable.

After all, the news of Yuuji-san defeating Kakashi is too shocking.

The flame of youth has been completely ignited, and the light of blooming can not be concealed.

Duy wore an apron and operated the iron ladle in his hand skillfully.

In the beginning, he had taken many tasks from Yuuji and specially came over to cook.

The taste of the food was unexpectedly not bad.

A group of people sat on the tatami and surrounded the table, beginning the simple dinner.

“Are the injuries on your body all right” Yuuji picked up a mouthful of food and asked.

Genma was silent for a moment and said in a low voice, “Injuries are a small matter.

Thank you for what happened during the day…”

“Don’t worry about it.

If not for Kakashi’s excessive actions, I wouldn’t have made a move.” Yuuji said calmly.

“But are you sure there are no problems with the wound on Yuuji-san’s shoulder” Guy asked.


Yuuji tore off his shirt and said, “It has been completely healed.”

The few of them looked on in shock.

—Most of the wounds on his shoulder that had been pierced by White Fang’s dagger had already healed.

This terrifying self-healing ability was simply frightening.

Duy’s gaze was incomparably deep.

‘How terrifying.

The end of Yuuji’s growth is….’


After dinner, they left one after another.

“Genma, I will give you a piece of advice.

You are indeed the patriarch, but there is no need to put all your clan’s power on yourself.”

“Yuuji, in fact, you are more suitable to be…”

“No, this is your responsibility.”

Yuuji sent away Genma, who had a complicated expression on his face.

He only hoped that this guy could really understand something.

In any case, Genma was also a member of the 4th Hokage Guards in the future, and he had learned the rough and shallow Flying Thunder God.

As time went on, a few days of rest was just to prepare for a large number of new missions.

Yuuji finally remembered that he had not seen Shibi-sensei for a while, so he left to visit the Aburame family.

“Seriously, I feel like I’ve forgotten something…”

Yuuji stood outside the door of Aburame’s family.

The door opened, and a man dressed in tight clothes waited for a long time.

Aburame Torune.


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