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Chapter 4 - Really CruelChapter 3 - Unknown GodzillaChapter 2 - Gene MutationChapter 1 - The Mummy in The Corner


Soon, his consciousness sank.

Yuuji directly arrived at an incomparably dark space.

This was the small time-and-space within his body.

It was Godzilla’s residence.

“I tried so many times in the past, but I failed.

This time, I finally did it… As expected, I am continuously approaching this Godzilla from all directions.”

Yuuji looked around.

As far as the eye could see, there was only endless darkness.

The only source of light was himself.

His skin emitted a faint light that barely illuminated his surroundings.

He raised his foot and slowly arrived in front of a huge monster.

Looking up, even though Yuuji was mentally prepared, he was still shocked by this big guy in front of him.

Although it was extremely dark, he could only barely make out a rough and vague outline.

However, he could still clearly feel the might of this terrifying fellow in front of him.

The heavy breathing was carried out at a specific rhythm.

Every breath seemed to be the rhythm of the entire world.

It was impossible to accurately describe this huge existence in front of him with words.

Standing in front of this fellow, it was as if he was facing the convergence of countless lives.

“This kind of exaggerated size… is not ordinary Godzilla!”

Yuuji’s face was shocked.

Godzilla in the ordinary form, such as the first and second generations, was about 50 meters tall.

The strength of this type of Godzilla was actually not strong.

Earth humans used technology methods.

As long as they did not foolishly use nuclear bombs to explode but arranged cold condensate and so on, they could basically win.

And the height of nine tailed-beasts was between 50 to 70 meters.

It could be said that an ordinary adult Godzilla was no less than a Kyuubi in size.

Of course, if they really fought, ordinary Godzilla would be torn into pieces by the Kyuubi in no time.

However, this one in front of him… even though it had fallen into a deep slumber, it was still able to emit a terrifying pressure that shook the soul.

In this endless darkness, it was brewing an unfathomable and oppressive feeling, as if it were for facing a complete world.

“This Godzilla in my body is definitely over 50 meters in size.

Although it is dark and can’t be seen clearly, but….”

Yuuji clenched his fists tightly, his face full of excitement.

He had originally thought that the big guy in his body would at least be a second-generation Godzilla with a certain level of combat strength.

It could be used as a super psychic beast, just like Hanzo and his pepper fish.

It was like a human walking on poisonous gas, dying wherever he went.

However, in reality, the scene he saw gave Yuuji a huge surprise or shock.

“Such a huge body… I’m afraid it’s those big shots with names…”

Yuuji’s eyes were deep.

He had already locked his guess on the top few Godzilla.

Space Godzilla, Hell Godzilla, Ice Godzilla, and Old Void Godzilla —these four Godzilla.

Space Godzilla was an existence known as the God of Destruction.

Its range of action had already left Earth, and it was like playing with ordinary Godzilla.

On the other hand, Hell Godzilla came from a comic that had been officially recognized by the government.

This guy directly killed through heaven and hell and was extremely fierce.

Ice and snow Godzilla was covered in ice and snow, possessing the ability to pierce through space.

Old Void Godzilla was more powerful and could also be said to be the most powerful of all Godzilla.

In this version, the purpose of the birth and development of human beings was to give birth to Old Void Godzilla.

Humanity was just a cross and catalyst for Old Void Godzilla to be born!

After driving the earthlings and the other two civilizations out of Earth, Old Void Godzilla had dominated the Earth for twenty thousand years.

He could even take out a 50-meter-tall sub-Godzilla from his body.

The strongest atomic breath that this guy spat out, it could crush a star the size of a moon in one blow!

“If it really is one of these four Godzilla… then there really is an amazing thing in my body.

I am a solid human pillar level, but how to excavate this power is a big problem.

If I am not careful, I will kill myself.”

Yuuji took a deep breath.

He walked a little closer and observed the guy in front of him.

However, when he was a hundred meters away, the huge resistance made Yuuji give up the idea of touching this big guy.

Right now, he was only building the balance mechanism with this Godzilla.

It was still far from the level where he could communicate freely.

Even now, he could not determine what kind of attitude this big guy in front of him had towards him.

This was also a huge hidden danger.

“I have to think of a way to establish a suitable relationship before this fellow officially awakens.

Whether it is through various forms of relationship, life sharing, sealing techniques, or other methods…”

Yuuji silently pondered.

In the next moment, he sat down cross-legged in this distance of a hundred meters and continuously felt this shocking resistance.

At the same time, he did his best to try and adapt to everything that Godzilla brought.

It was not only this resistance but also the explosive power of radiation that subtly transformed and sublimated his body.

–All of this, Yuuji was carefully comprehending.

His thoughts and consciousness were under too much pressure, and he observed and observed the huge Godzilla in front of him.

At the same time, he also tried to monitor every change in his body.

Soon, Yuuji’s consciousness fell into great exhaustion.



Yuuji slowly opened his eyes.

It was as if a lifetime had passed, and his entire body was already drenched in sweat.

Even the sheets were drenched.

His face was filled with exhaustion, but it couldn’t hide the trace of light in his eyes.

“My spirit is exhausted from enduring the pressure and undergoing high-intensity thinking.

However, my body has become more active, as if I have endless strength….”

“I also felt some different changes… The nuclear radiation in my body can almost be perfectly controlled by me, saving me half a year of time.

“More importantly, the Blood Succession Boundary that I envisioned, which I tried once but almost killed myself, seems to be usable with my current mental and physical conditions.”

Yuuji suddenly clapped his hands.

He began to mobilize the chakra in his body.

In an instant…

A large amount of chakra gathered together.

Then, with a loud bang, the terrifying nuclear reaction that involved atoms and molecules exploded with astonishing fluctuations with the magical power of the chakra as the medium.

As long as Yuuji wanted to, he could use the technique he imagined at a lower price, instead of nearly killing himself like before.

This unprecedented new Kekkei Genaki*, Yuuji called it…

Nuclear Release!

[*TL Note: A Kekkei Genkai (literally meaning: Bloodline Limit) is an anomaly of the DNA that allows the wielder to use unique techniques.

A Kekkei genkai’s name describes both the anomaly and the resulting technique.

Most Kekkei Genkai are passed down between generations of a clan, an exception being Hashirama Senju’s Wood Release.]


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