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Chapter 29 - Cancer CloneFor the next three days, Yuuji spent all his time in the laboratory.

He even began to extract his own cells and compare them with White Zetsu’s cells to make some kind of experiment.

“This experiment equipment is too rough.

I still need to find a way to get more sophisticated instruments…”

Yuuji frowned and began to study White Zetsu.

This was also the first time he began to systematically study this thing.

‘If I want to have Godzilla’s outer clothes, I must first feed Godzilla a large amount of chakra to awaken this big guy.

Then I need a stable chakra maker.’

‘White Zetsu cells can also be understood as God Tree cells, possessing a strong vitality.

If I can pry into the secrets of this thing…’

Yuuji calmly cut off a part of White Zetsu’s body.

In the past two months or so, Yuuji had shone on the western battlefield.

The Nuclear Releases clone had also made a great contribution.

Using White Zetsu’s flesh as the core of the Chakra, using my own body as the skeleton, the principle of creating a group photo and clone, Nuclear Releases clone… To a certain extent, it was no worse than Mokuton’s clone.

Only in terms of endurance and stability.

Looking at all the clones of the Hokage, Mokuton’s clones were simply the most useless clones.

If they were to be split separately, they could be used as individuals.

There were no shortcomings in terms of combat strength, endurance, resistance, and self-healing abilities.

When Madara was fighting against the five shadows, he simply used a bunch of Mokuton clones to activate the Susanoo and beat up the five shadows.

‘But the problem is that my Nuclear Release clones are incomplete.

Even the White Zetsu can’t withstand the nuclear radiation for a long time… All the White Zetsu cells were killed by the radiation, causing the entire Nuclear Release clones to distort and collapse.’

Under the microscope, Yuuji observed White Zetsu’s cells.

Even though White Zetsu had been dead for so long, a large number of cells were still maintaining activity.

This kind of life force could be said to be terrifying.

Yuuji did not have this kind of life force brought by Kaguya’s bloodline, but he had another thing with great life force in his hands.

Cancer cells.

However, the biggest problem with cancer cells was that they were unordered and aggressive.

They crazily reproduced and reproduced themselves, but they were seriously lacking control methods.

Once the cancer cells formed a scale, it would turn into a terrifying cancer.

‘My Nuclear Release clone can rely on White Zetsu to enter the sect, but I can’t rely on White Zetsu to match Mokuton’s clone…’

Even White Zetsu couldn’t withstand the long-term nuclear radiation.

According to his estimation, a Nuclear Release clone could only maintain a health condition of 15 minutes at most.

The longer the time, the faster the collapse speed would be.

‘This was still under the condition that there was no battle.

If there was a high-intensity battle, the lifespan would be drastically shortened.’

‘Then, we need to find a core that can replace White Zetsu cells and support the radiation corrosion at the same time…’

Yuuji had already come up with an idea, especially considering that White Zetsu had no internal organs, no brain, and was only a single cell.

It should connect all the cells with the mind, so that it could think and talk.

‘And considering the experience sharing characteristics of Shadow Clone…’

Yuuji pondered for a moment, took out a test tube, and carefully observed Kazue’s cancer cells.

It directly attacked himself, cut off a small piece of flesh, and began to cultivate his own core.

After the numerous cells left his body again, they lost the stable life-force system built by Yuuji and Godzilla.

Under the devastation of nuclear radiation, a mutation quickly occurred.

After countless attempts, Yuuji finally produced his own cancer cells.

Then, carefully extracted the cancer cells and carried out crazy cultivation.

“Directly inject this universal power of chakra as energy.”

It can stimulate the growth of cells…

Yuuji transmitted his chakra.

The next moment, an astonishing change occurred….

These sporadic cancer cells burst out with an exaggerated amplification, crazily replicating itself with index speed.

Under the support of Yuuji’s huge amount of chakra, a wriggling lump of meat began to swell crazily from nothing to nothing at an astonishing speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The glassware exploded on the spot.

“This thing…”

Yuuji stood there and observed.

Then, he spat out a fireball to burn the flesh.

However, the impact and burning of the fireball did not destroy the flesh.

Instead, it caused the flesh to become even crazier after being injured.

Vaguely, the piece of meat squirmed rapidly, and under the guidance of the power of chakra, it was equivalent to carrying Yuuji’s spiritual energy to a certain extent.

What really made Yuuji’s heart jump was the more this piece of meat swallowed more chakra, the more its shape changed to the human form.

Its appearance… was like Yuuji!

‘Interestingly, cancer cells plus chakra and Godzilla radiation actually produced this kind of change.

Unfortunately, it is still uncontrollable.

I still lack a key that is important…’

Yuuji quietly observed this thing, but he did not cut off the supply of chakra.

‘What else was missing’

‘Kaguya’s bloodline, Yin Yang Release, or something else’

‘However, it was not impossible to make up for this deficiency with other means.’

The next moment…

The piece of meat wriggled into a human form with great difficulty, and its facial features began to appear bit by bit.

It was clearly the second Yuuji.


The mouth formed and let out an unconscious low roar.

As it twisted crazily, it instinctively crawled towards the source of his life and energy —Yuuji.

Yuuji took two steps back and directly cut off the supply of chakra.

After this thing lost the energy supply, the radical proliferation was restrained, and a large number of cancer cells starved to death and began the shrinking process.

‘It’s getting more and more interesting… The cancer cells are not all-round cells.

It is reasonable to say that they do not have the characteristics of constructing the body, creating the mouth and vocal cords…’

‘Did my mind interfere with the direction of his evolution’

‘Things like chakra…’

Chakra, as expected of the power that can penetrate the spirit and matter, and connect the world to the Pure Land of the Dead*.

[*TL Note: Pure Land is the place where the souls of earthly beings generally reside in death.

Souls that have been sealed, such as by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, cannot enter the Pure Land until the seal has been released.]

This thing in front of him was clearly just a single cancer cell, but it walked on a path similar to White Zetsu cells, pursuing the source of life, and began to transform in all directions to the form of the source of life.

In the end, it became something similar to White Zetsu.

In fact, Yuuji’s goal had already been achieved.

It was unrealistic for him to become a big fat man in one bite*.

[*TL Note: It’s an idiom that means things need to be taken slowly and couldn’t be achieved at once.]

‘I only need the most crucial key… Since spiritual force combined with cell energy can produce chakra, then…’

‘And this damn thing is made up of countless cancer cells.

As long as it feeds the cancer cells food outside of Chakra, these cancer cells can be said to have infinite vitality…’

‘Unlimited Cell energy….’

‘As long as I think of a way to connect it to my spiritual energy, such an existence is simply perfect…’

To a certain extent, a clone that could refine and refine his own chakra and possess unlimited life force was born just like that.

This was…

A clone of cancer!!


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