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 Chapter 27 - Huh OrochimaruIn the territory of Uchiha.

On the training ground, there were two figures fighting fiercely, and their strength was far beyond the level that ordinary Gennin could reach.


Kazue suddenly took out a large amount of sword in his hand and threw it.

At the same time, his figure quickly retreated, and a considerable amount of eye power quickly gathered in his left eye.

Demonic Illusion!

This technique was Sharingan’s eye technique illusion, and it could let people see the scene of fear in their hearts.

“It’s useless.

I also have Sharingan, and this kind of illusion can’t cause me…”

In the next moment, this Uchiha Gennin was stunned.

In his vision, there were only the corpses of countless clansmen and blood…

‘Not good! I was actually…’

This Gennin tried to react, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

He was seriously injured on the spot by Kazue’s fireball technique.

“Alright, well done.”

On the side, Uchiha Setsuna leaned on his cane with one hand and nodded in satisfaction.

“I’m really sorry.

Kazue-sama is really too strong.

Those eyes can actually make me, who was prepared, fall into an illusion…”

That Gennin forced himself to get up.

Although his entire body was burned, he still knelt on one knee respectfully, and then staggered away to heal his injuries.

“… It’s been hard on you.”

Kazue smiled as she looked at the other person’s back.

Setsuna said, “Kazue, the speed of your improvement has exceeded my expectations.

In this past year or so, you have already become the top genius in the clan.

I am very satisfied.”

“Thank you, Elder, for working for the clan and showing off my talents.

This is my value.” Kazue said with a smile.


Setsuna looked at Kazue who was about to turn around and leave.

He suddenly said, “You are not in a high mood.

Even if you try your best to disguise yourself, you still reveal some clues.

You can’t hide this from my eyes.”

A pair of three tomoe..

“Kazue, it seems that you are in trouble.

Did you quarrel with your companions But you are clearly getting along very well, or… are you confused about your own future”

Setsuna’s eyes were extremely vicious.

He was the guy who had been working for the second generation of the Hokage, and he had been lying low all the way until now.

More importantly, he, Setsuna, had inherited Uchiha Madara’s will, and was the most radical person in the entire Uchiha.

“No, elder, I just think that it is great to be able to blossom your own light in this era.” Kazue gently stroked her hair.

“I see, but the light of fire can’t compare to the sun in the end.

Kazue, you seem to have become thinner than before, and your skin is pale… If my guess is correct, it is probably because of the blood disease, right”

Setsuna calmly stood in place, looking at the genius who had a slight pause in his figure, his gaze deep.

On his aged face, there was only endless calm.

“Elder, you -”

“As I said, you can’t hide from my eyes.

This is the only possibility that confuses your vision after all the choices.”

Setsuna sighed with emotion.

It was indeed the blood disease.

This was something that was almost like a curse.

In the past thousand years, it had always wandered among the ranks of geniuses like ghosts.

It wasn’t just Uchiha’s clan, but other ancient clans would also occasionally have this kind of example.

The more monstrous a young man was, the closer he was to this unsolvable curse.

“The more one digs the power of their bloodline, the more the curse in their bloodline will be detonated.

The principle behind this is…”

The doubt in Setsuna’s eyes flashed.

He couldn’t figure out the reason behind this, but he had to let Kazue live.

The blood disease that broke out at the age of ten was really terrifying.

According to normal logic, Kazue’s talent was the best in the Uchiha family.

Even Madara, at this age, might not be able to catch up with Kazue.


‘Kazue, is your blood disease really caused by yourself, without any external influences’

Setsuna stared at Kazue’s stubborn gaze.

At this moment, Setsuna had more or less figured it out.

‘Shiranui Yuuji, a completely new Blood Succession Boundary.

To be able to allow a person in the clan who was judged to be mediocre to quickly grow to this stage…’

‘Moreover, this pair of strange two tomoe Sharingan…’

‘Really, amazing.’

‘But from the looks of it, the price was equally heavy.’

“Can this disease of yours be cured”

“Yes, it should be…”

Setsuna nodded slightly and said slowly, “Although I am old, my experience is still there.

In the future, if you encounter any difficulties, you can come to me.

Maybe I can help you.

Kazue, the entire Uchiha clan will always be your backing.

Remember this.”

After saying that, Elder Setsuna turned and left.

Kazue looked at Setsuna’s almost defenseless back and paused.

Then, she continued to cultivate as if nothing had happened.

Even if her life was about to come to an end, there were still some things that she had to do.

Yuuji left Kazue’s home, pondering about finding time to build a secret laboratory that belonged to him.

“Hey, isn’t this Kazue’s companion Do you want to try my fork”

“No, Uncle Uruchi, I will do it next time.”

Yuuji responded with a smile.

In this era, the biological technology of the Naruto world had only advanced to the cellular level.

In order to carry out a deeper level of research, they needed real sophisticated high-end instruments.

While thinking, Yuuji planned to leave Uchiha’s territory at the same time.

Then, he slapped his head.

“I almost forgot about the Shadow Clone Technique!”


Two Shadow Clones appeared and ran towards Obito’s house.


“Obito’s grandmother, we’re here to change shifts again.

We definitely won’t let anything happen to you!”


Vaguely, there seemed to be an angry curse from an adult.

Yuuji pretended not to hear it.

After all, everyone was so familiar with each other.

There was no need to be polite.

It was not a problem for him to occasionally speak his mind.

After leaving the Uchiha clan, Yuuji directly stepped into the food street.

It was rare for him to spend some time relaxing.

“It’s really good to be noisy, but how many of these people will die in the next 20 years Peace… is really a luxurious dream.”

Yuuji shook his head slightly.

In the entire Naruto series, no one had found a real and feasible road of peace.

Even after four battles and sealing Otsutsuki and Kaguya, the so-called peace that was created was just the death of a large number of people in the world, causing the remaining people to be able to enjoy enough resources.

For things like eternal peace, Yuuji had already come to a realization and had a vague plan to find his own path.




They looked at each other.

“Damn it, bastard Yuuji! Why are you here”

Anko, who had just eaten a bunch of meatballs, was instantly furious.

However, Yuuji’s attention had already moved away from Anko, who was wearing a kimono, and landed on the figure next to her.

It was Orochimaru, who was also wearing a kimono.

“Are you Yuuji What a good junior… We finally met.” Orochimaru stuck out his long tongue and curled up all the meatballs into his mouth.

He spoke in a hoarse voice.


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