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 Chapter 26 - MediocreIn the end, Yuuji still did not agree.

Helping her cultivate was not the right time.

Compared to cultivating, Yuuji finally had a chance to study Kazue’s body.


In the basement of Kazue’s home.

“It’s really a good place.

It’s perfect for doing experiments and things like that here.”

A faint smile appeared on Yuuji’s face as he pressed Kazue onto the experimental platform.

He drew blood and observed everything in one go.

“Yuuji-san’s expression has become very serious… Did my body mutate too, just like those parasites”

Kazue still had a fake smile on her face as she spoke calmly.

Dressed in a white coat, Yuuji nodded slightly.

“It seems that you are already mentally prepared.

If you want to rely on this method to obtain power, you have to pay the price.

Right now, I still don’t know how far your body has mutated, but I guess… it is very bad.”

A ten-year-old kid, who was not even eleven years old, had already surpassed the average Gennin in terms of strength.

With such a radical increase, Kazue’s body might have already begun to develop cancer.

After a careful examination.

“Sure enough, your cells have problems.

There are fewer cells than ordinary people, and the speed of reproduction is faster, but there is a shorter lifespan… There are also scattered cells that are extremely active and are constantly splitting themselves.

This is… cancer.”

After taking more than ten tubes of blood, Yuuji found some clues and said lightly.

Cancer cells.

—In this case, the current Kazue could almost be said to be an early-stage cancer patient.

Moreover, it was all cancer, organs, muscles, fiber, bone marrow, and brain.

“Cancer… a disease that I have never heard of before.

How long can I live”

Kazue was very calm.

Perhaps, she had already had this kind of realization.

In order to break the mediocre fate, she was willing to pay the price.

However, Yuuji did not immediately respond.

He directly transmitted some chakra.

After the cancer cells were stimulated by the chakra, they immediately underwent a strange change, and their activity was even more astonishing.

The power of chakra…

“If you stop accepting my power now, with your physique, you might be able to alleviate the degree of deterioration.

It is not a problem for you to live for ten to twenty years.”

“However, you will no longer be able to improve at this rate.

It will be very difficult for you to even maintain your current strength.”

Yuuji looked at Kazue, who was quietly lying on the experimental platform.

Kazue was silent for a moment before finally speaking.

“… Yuuji-san, please help me cultivate.”

“Have you decided Your body has been constantly receiving my power, and a large number of healthy cells have been killed, causing your body to weaken to a certain extent.

The ability to carry my power will also decline, causing your body to be worse… This is a vicious cycle.

If it continues, you will only live for three years at most.

If it is worse, you only have one or two years of life….”

Yuuji looked at the person in front of him with a deep gaze.

“In order to continue to maintain the character of a genius, to do this step… was it really worth it”

“However, Kazue, do you really understand what cancer means Even if there is a chakra, this oil-like energy, which runs through the connection between the mind and matter, temporarily suppressing some things that should have happened, but… cancer has never been just cancer….”

A faint smile appeared on Kazue’s face.

She smiled as usual and said, “Yuuji-san, a genius like you won’t understand… You are a genius to begin with.

In the past few years, it was only because you were awakening a completely new bloodline…

“But I am different.

From the moment I was born, I was a mediocre person.

This is the definition that the clan has given me.

My mediocre talent and mediocre comprehension ability….”

“Even the possibility of me awakening Sharingan in my life is minuscule.”

“Can you understand that feeling In Uchiha, a wealthy family that pursues strength, everyone has their own position.

They can display their lifetime worth to their heart’s content.

As a mediocre person, I don’t have much value.”

“When I accidentally discovered that place, the place that Yuuji-san created, the intense stimulation that brought to my body made me realize that the turning point of fate has come.”

“In a year, I ate all the plants there and then began to eat soil.

I tried my best to absorb the power that could stimulate my body.

I could feel that I was becoming stronger.

The moment I awakened Sharingan, in the dead of night, I knelt on the ground and cried…”

“A year… If I could have this year’s time and blossom a brilliant light that I have never seen in my life, I would be very willing, even if the price is to sacrifice my life to the devil.”

Kazue directly sat up, put on her clothes, and calmly combed her long black hair.

Silently, a large amount of black hair fell down…

Kazue did not stop at all, as if she had never seen it.

Truly remarkable.

Everyone had their own obsession.

It would not allow him to stay in the chicken nest after tasting the taste of a flying bird.

“Kazue, maybe I can find a way to save you before you die,” “Although I have some clues, you should not have too much hope,” Yuuji said lightly.

However, Kazue smiled.

“No, I remember when you killed Kurobachi, you once said that… all the infected individuals are incurable….”

“Yes, I did say that, but if you can do this, you can naturally do something crazier.

This way, you might be able to find another way.” Yuuji said calmly.


This was the combination of spirit and body, from matter to energy, from the modern world to the Pure Land of the Yellow Springs.

This power was everywhere.

Chakra needed to be combined with the vitality of an individual and the vitality of the 13 trillion cells in the body to be refined.

Ordinary cells will die after splitting a certain number of times, but the cancer cells are recognized as schizophrenic, and they have the ability to divide themselves endlessly.

If you can control all the cancer cells, as a reserve of body strength for refining chakra… Maybe you can extend some life.

In the Naruto world, ninjas seem to have no cancer.

Is it when they extract the life energy of the cancer cells to achieve the effect of suppression or even killing Or, is it really, as I guessed, the almost absurd possibility…

Yuuji looked at the back of Kazue, who slowly left.

There are too few samples, especially considering that the ninja profession is a game of life, and there are very few who can live to fifty.

Some guesses, whether they can succeed or not, will have to go through more careful calculations and screening and carry out the final experiment.

This kind of thing’s so-called life force is infinitely divided, reaching a certain sense of “immortal” cancer cells, and between Chakra, exactly…

“Kazue, if you can really survive this, maybe you can really become a roc that soars above the nine heavens… Ten years without singing, shocking the world with a single brilliant feat!”


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