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 Chapter 25 - I Want You To Help Me Practice!After repeatedly confirming it, Tsunade was really shocked.

‘Three young brats actually joined hands and killed two of Iwa’s special ninjas’

Of course, Tsunade did not care about the trash title of “Iwa ninja’s Dark Ninja”, but considering the age of Yuuji and the others… even if they used some tricks, it was still quite shocking.

“Other than Hatake Kakashi, I have never seen a junior who can grow so fast.

In this generation of freshmen, there are many amazing children…”

Tsunade sighed and suddenly asked, “That kid called Yuuji, I heard that his Kekkei Genkai, can create a very good poison”

Shibi pushed up his sunglasses and said, “That’s right, it’s a very powerful poison.

It’s a weapon that Yuuji used to restrain the enemy.”

“I see, this guy likes to use poison.

I think Orochimaru is very interested in him.

He can casually take out a few poisons, and it’s enough to study this kid…” Tsunade held her chin and kept tapping the table.

Tsunade knew poison very well.

The main purpose of her guarding the west line was to stabilize the morale of the army and intimidate the enemy.

The second was to analyze the poison of that old woman Chiyo.

However, Tsunade didn’t like to make poison.

The one who was more interested in poison was Orochimaru.

“However, if such a little kid follows you, he must be very helpless.

His poison will easily be broken when it goes against your parasite.

The parasite is really powerful.”

Tsunade smiled.

This time, Shibi did not speak, but Tsunade took it that he had accepted it.

Soon, Tsunade began to officially block the information of Yuuji and the other two…

Although doing this could only delay the speed of Yuuji and the other two being completely exposed, because there was already information about Yuuji and the other two on Iwa ninja and Suna ninja’s side.

Moreover, vaguely, it began to spread in the opposite direction of the battlefield to Konoha Ninjas.


When Shibi took his three subordinates and left the camp of the west line again, they set off on their journey back to Konoha.

Some of the Ninjas who had fought against the enemy began to pay attention to Shibi’s team.

The new team led by the elite Jonin Shibi had completed a total of nine B-level missions in just two months and one A-level mission.

This was quite a shocking number.

The names of the three new generation geniuses began to spread.

Although, apart from a few people who had worked with Yuuji and the others, most people had no idea what kind of genius these three new generation were.

They only knew that they were very strong and had high potential.

“With the new people led by Shibi, they must be very talented.”

“I am really looking forward to their future… I heard that the leader is a descendant of the Shiranui clan.”

Many Konoha Ninjas watched Yuuji and the others walk out of the camp, and their faces revealed a look of gratification and joy.

The more talented juniors in their village, the better.

“Hmph, a bunch of idiots.

If you want to ask about Yuuji and the others, just ask me.

I am the first person to cooperate with them.”

“Eh Big Brother Ikkaku is very familiar with them”

“Of course, they are very amazing little ghosts.

It seems that they are going back to the village I hope everything goes smoothly.”

In the crowd, Umino Ikkaku sincerely wished.


On the way back.


“Ah, why did the big bug suddenly become restless Shibi-sensei, you have to control them well.”

“The big bug It’s a very suitable name, but these insects are too crazy.

I can only cut off the supply of Chakra to stop them from growing.”

The four people in Shibi’s team looked helplessly at the few big black insects crawling all over the ground.

For some reason, these mutated parasites were now called the new breed of the big bug.

They suddenly became crazy and rampaged in Shibi’s body.

Fortunately, Shibi threw these things out in time.

“I need to spend some time to filter out the tens of thousands of insects in my body, take out the mutated insects, and re-nurture them…” Shibi took out a scroll and summoned a large number of bottles and jars, sealing these insects into a deep sleep state, and then took these bottles away.

“Spirit Summoning Technique, what a convenient summoning technique.”

“Yuuji is very interested in this technique I can teach you.”

After solving the little episode of the insect’s rampage, the four of them returned to Konohagakure.


After a strict inspection by the guards, they confirmed that the four of them were not disguised by the enemy and directly let them pass.

Shibi went to the Hokage building first to report, and Yuuji and the other two welcomed a short period of freedom.

“Every time I return to Konoha, I feel that this is the true meaning of peace.

War is simply the worst thing to do.”

Yuuji stood on the street and looked at the villagers who were coming and going.

He narrowed his eyes and sighed with emotion.

“In order to protect this precious peace and fulfill Yuuji-san’s dream, I have to cultivate with all my might and protect all of this.” Guy clenched his fists, his eyes burning with fighting spirit.

“Oh Guy, it seems that you understand Yuuji-san’s will very well, so your dream is to fulfill his dream”

“That’s right.

This is youth! Yuuji-san, Kazue, all the blood in my body is boiling.

I have decided to run upside down and run three laps around the village! Do you want to go together”


“… No, thank you for your hard work, Guy.”

Guy ran away with a face full of regret, raising a cloud of long dust on the street.

“Yuuji-san, there are only the two of us left now… What plans do you have recently” Kazue put her hands behind her back and said with a smile.

At first glance, she looked like a young girl full of expectations, waiting for her lover to respond in a romantic way.

But in fact…

“Kazue, it seems that you have a more specific plan.

If I refuse, will you choose to sneak attack me when the night wind is high and then achieve your goal”

“Hehe, I don’t dare to do that.

No one knows how many trump cards Yuuji-san has hidden and what kind of agreement he made with Shibi-sensei… The big bug, that strange bug, seems to have something to do with that, right”

A hint of danger flashed across Kazue’s smiling face.

The power of radiation was the first that Kazue had tasted.

She had eaten soil for a year and did not hesitate to consume her body seriously.

She had to rely on this kind of intense stimulation to become stronger.

It could be considered that she had temporarily broken away from her mediocrity, and she had to rush sprouts to help her grow.

Therefore, the moment she saw the bug, she immediately thought of the reason.

Moreover, she had a serious sense of crisis in her heart.

It was a feeling that something that belonged exclusively to him had suddenly been snatched away.

“Yuuji-san, I thought about it and made a decision…”


“Yuuji-san, I want you to help me practice!”


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