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Chapter 24 - The Female Race Is About To Rise!Radiation would lead to unpredictable consequences for life genes, and 99% of the consequences would be extremely bad.

However, if the power of the radiation were spread to the bodies of the insects that had strong vitality, large numbers but simple structures, then it would be impossible for the insects to survive.

Then it would become very interesting.

Most of the insects would die, and then a few individuals would undergo genetic mutation and survive.

Right now, Shibi was facing this kind of situation, but this strange situation made Shibi, who was completely unprepared, feel at a loss.

“… Insects that can expand rapidly”

“Yes, in general form, they are no different from ordinary insects, but as long as I feed them Chakra, they will go crazy, endlessly devouring, and their size will expand hundreds of times.”

In the camp.

Shibi pushed his sunglasses and sighed.

As the only insect-controlling clan in the Ninja World, he had seen and cultivated countless insects.

However, the parasite he had raised for many years suddenly became like this.

It was too strange.

Shibi looked at Yuuji’s frowning face.

‘So, it was because they had been exposed to the poison of his subordinate too much and then had an unknown mutation’

‘Yuuji, the poison that you have mastered… is it really just poison’

Shibi’s intelligence was extremely high.

In the past two months of interaction, he had already guessed that this might not be a normal poison.

“Sensei, I want to see this kind of interesting bug,” Yuuji said.

Shibi directly stretched out his index finger, and a rice-sized parasite, which looked ordinary, was slowly crawling.

Yuuji directly fed its chakra.

In the next moment, this insect immediately began to go berserk and crazily pounced on Yuuji’s palm.

It chewed the chakra in large mouthfuls, and while eating, its body also expanded at an astonishing speed, becoming the size of a fist.

“So that’s how it is.

As expected, it was influenced by me and then mutated insects… Shibi-sensei was sure that he had never heard of this kind of insect before”

“I am sure that there are at least a hundred types of insects that I have cultivated.

I have never seen such a strange insect before.”

Yuuji nodded slightly and thought about it.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this insect seemed somewhat familiar…

‘Wasn’t this thing just a big insect’

The big insect was the trump card that Aburame took out in the four battles.

He directly punched the ten-tailed split body, and then a few insects drilled into the ten-tailed split body.

In a short period of time, their bodies expanded rapidly and easily crushed the ten-tailed split body from inside out.

‘Imagine the scene of a huge ten-tailed split body being eaten by several terrifyingly large black bugs and then falling down while howling….’

‘This kind of bug that could deal with tailed-beasts… was actually still not born at this time’

“If it is cultivated well, it can be used to deal with the enemy’s large psychic.

Shibi-sensei… this can be considered to have strengthened one of your shortcomings.”

Yuuji’s two hands tightly grabbed this big violent bug.


The big black bug let out a violent hissing sound.

It opened and closed its mouth, fiercely wanting to bite off Yuuji’s head.

The eyes under Shibi’s sunglasses flashed with a trace of light.

“Is that so So it can still be like this.

If this bug can expand its size further and increase its number a bit more, then find a way to control it… Maybe…”

‘Perhaps, perhaps, my Aburame clan might also have the means to fight against tailed-beasts!!’

‘That was a tailed beast, the incarnation of calamity, the terrifying fusion of countless chakra!!’

Just that kind of huge body made humans fear it.

Even some Kage-level felt restrained when dealing with tailed-beasts and lacked direct and effective means of suppression.

“A large-scale psychic beast”

Even though Shibi had a superior temperament, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and his breathing became rapid.

He looked at Yuuji’s meaningful face.

“I understand, Yuuji.

You really are a junior who can bring me surprises frequently.

When we return to the village, you are welcome to come to my house.

We need to have a good chat.”

“It’s my pleasure, Shibi-sensei.”

Yuuji smiled and nodded.

He returned the big bug to Shibi and then walked out of the tent.

He raised his head and looked at the gray sky.

“Although I had prepared this for a long time, this result is not bad.

The big bug… Using this kind of bug, or even more mutated bugs that might appear in the future as a bargaining chip, it is not bad to tie up the powerful Aburame clan to my side.”

Yuuji chuckled.

Bugs are indeed a species with extremely fast mutation speed.

They are much faster than humans.


“Yuuji-san, what are you talking about Do you have to talk behind our backs” Kazue stood outside, gently pulling her hair and smiling.

‘Ah, this human in front of us seems to have a very good mutation speed.

She has grown to this extent in more than a year….’

“No, we are just discussing a new mission.

Now, it depends on Shibi-sensei’s decision.” Yuuji smiled faintly.

He was not worried that someone like Shibi would betray him.

This was a matter that affected the fate of the clan.

It involved the ability to revive the clan and continue passing down the power.

Even if the Hokage sensed that something was wrong, he would not be able to lay his hands on the secret technique of the Aburame clan.

Otherwise, the secret technique clan of Ina-Shika-Cho would not let this matter go.

“Quietly, the road has widened again…”

“Huh What is Yuuji-san saying I don’t understand at all…” Guy looked at him in confusion.

Western Front’s base camp.

The Western Front’s nominal highest commander, Tsunade, had just finished dealing with a pile of documents and issued a new task arrangement.

She stretched and was about to take a break.

But when she looked up, she was shocked and instinctively made a fighting posture.

“Oh What It’s Shibi, little brat.

When did you come Why didn’t you tell me…” Tsunade breathed a sigh of relief.


It was too much.

They have been waiting for almost five minutes, but you haven’t noticed at all

Shibi pushed his sunglasses and handed over a scroll.

“I am here to hand over the task.

These are the heads of Iwa ninja’s two special superior Ninja and one superior Ninja.”

“Oh As expected of Shibi.

With you here, I have a lot of pressure to share.” Tsunade nodded with satisfaction and sat down on her seat, causing a violent shaking.


Shibi lowered his head and said in a deep voice, “Tsunade sama, you are mistaken.

As long as I killed the superior, the two special superior Ninja have nothing to do with me…”

“What Are you kidding me Although they are excellent, they are too young.

How can they kill two special superior Ninja at this age Shibi, you are so funny!” Tsunade laughed.

“Tsunade-sama, you know me.

I never joke around.

My three subordinates… are very good, very good.

They are true geniuses!”


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