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Chapter 23 - Inconvenient To Put Into The BodyRock clone.

“Damn it, Konoha brat, this is not the amount of chakra you should have at your age!”

Kurobachi was sweating profusely, gasping for breath, feeling incomparably tired and weak.

Just now, if he hadn’t cautiously sent out his Rock clone to probe, he would already be gone.

‘This time, this little brat should have used up all of his chakras….’

‘At this age, he already had this kind of strength… This kind of little brat could not be left alive!! To a certain extent, he was even more terrifying than that Kakashi!’

Immediately, Kurobachi clenched his teeth, fiercely struck out with his palm, and with a single strike, pierced through Yuuji’s chest with a single strike.

But unfortunately.

“This one of mine is also a clone.”

Nuclear Release’s clone grabbed onto Kurobachi’s arm.

Even though his entire body was beginning to melt, he still held onto it tightly.

Then, he opened his mouth.

A nuclear radiation cloud sprayed out.

The entire body of Yuuji’s clone was also melting, and all the nuclear radiation began to fill Kurobachi’s body.


Kurobachi broke his arm with a single strike.

Then, with reddened eyes, he turned around and charged towards Yuuji, who was in another direction.

However, just as he was halfway there, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and fell limply to the ground.

“My body.

How could this be I clearly already ate so many antidotes…!”

Kurobachi was stunned.

He fell to the ground and spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

His entire body refused to listen to him.

“Why do you think we didn’t fix it at a fast pace and then talk nonsense with the two of you”

Yuuji shook his head.

“You integrated yourself into the rock, which is enough to avoid most perception ninjutsu.

Unfortunately, in front of my technique, the effect of rock is not that great…”

Just a little bit more.

Yuuji was also almost fooled, but the rock that Kurobachi chose to merge with was not thick enough to let the radiation seep in bit by bit…

‘If this guy had attacked immediately from the beginning, instead of looking for a perfect opportunity to kill, he would not have been affected by the radiation to such an extent… It was really miserable.’

The two special ninjas attacked them who had just experienced a fierce battle.

This tactic was very suitable, but Kurobachi was courting death.

He had to stay idle and finally played his own end.

Since the fierce battle just now, Yuuji had been silently spreading nuclear radiation clouds, crazily eroding Kurobachi’s body.

Until this moment, it directly exploded…

“What kind of poison is this! Our village can even cure a part of that woman’s poison, but why is it ineffective against you.”

Kurobachi died with a grievance.

In the past two months, Yuuji’s information had been leaked.

Many people knew that this genius of Konoha, in addition to the Wind Release Ninjutsu, also had a strange ability to control poison.

After paying a lot of lives, they confirmed that this kind of poison that could not be captured should be spread through the air.

Therefore, they raised the priority of hunting Yuuji to the level that was second only to Kakashi.

The only thing that puzzled Iwa ninja and Suna ninja was that they could not get any poison samples no matter what.

It was simply inconceivable!

Every recycled corpse and the living person could not find any form of poison in the body, muscles, blood, marrow, and brain.

It was as if it did not have poison in the first place…

“My poison can not be cured.

As long as it is infected, it can not be cured except for me.

Even if it does not die, it will be poisoned for life.

Kurobachi, you have eaten dozens of antidotes in one go.

It is really hard for you to resist the drug reaction in order to kill me…”

Yuuji took out Kunai and threw him far away.

He pierced through Kurobachi’s head with one blow.

At the same time, he quickly recovered Nuclear Release’s avatar.


On the other side.

Guy also opened the fourth Gate of Pain and joined hands with Kazue to fight against Jibachi.

Demonic Illusion!

Kazue directly used Sharingan’s eye technique illusion.

She tried to control Jibachi.

“Damn, Big Brother Kurobachi was actually…”

Jibachi’s face was full of disbelief, and he was about to escape in shock and anger.

‘Shiranui Yuuji… is much more terrifying than that genius Kakashi!! I have to report this to the village, and such a monster had to be killed at all costs!’

But at this time, as he was gasping for breath, he finally found that his physical condition had accumulated more and more, and there was a problem… His heart was beating violently, and his internal organs seemed to be burned, becoming more and more intense.

“It’s the poison of that little devil!” Jibachi had a bitter smile on his face.

Then, he was taken advantage of by Kazue’s illusion technique and was finally hit in the heart by Guy.

He died on the spot.

“Huhuhuhu… I’m so tired.

Yuuji-san actually killed the enemy faster than us.

He is really amazing…”

Guy undid his eight escape armor and sat on the ground, exhausted.

Kazue also wiped the sweat on her forehead, moved her eyes, and looked at Yuuji’s body in shock.

That was still full of chakra.

It was as if it hadn’t decreased in the first place.

‘What kind of monster is this….’

Kazue was so envious that her face turned purple.

“There won’t be a problem this time.

We are very safe… Iwa ninja only has this much for our hunting plan.”

Yuuji opened his eyes and said indifferently.

The hunting goal was right.

When the three of them grew up, it was the nightmare of the other party.

Unfortunately, the method was wrong, and they had to play some kind of ambush and surprise attack.

They only needed to attack.


At this time, Aburame Shibi carried a corpse and appeared beside the three of them.

“Ya, Shibi-sensei, you finally came back.

Aren’t you afraid that we will be killed” Yuuji rubbed his neck.

“It took me a bit of time to deal with this guy.

In order to hold me back, the other side had made very meticulous tactics….I also learned the specific situation through the insects.

Your excellence was beyond my expectations.

After a fierce battle, you designed to kill two special Jonins….” Shibi nodded slightly.

To be able to make such obvious movements showed that he was not only satisfied but also pleasantly surprised.

Just now, he almost couldn’t help but launch a large number of insects lurking around to cover the escape of Yuuji and the other two people – this was very simple, just creating two insect avatars would be enough to hold back Iwa ninja’s two fellows.

However, he did not expect that Yuuji and the other two would be able to kill them directly.

Although superior Ninja was much weaker than Special superior Ninja, it was already shocking enough to be able to do this.

Even compared to Kakashi of the same age, he was not inferior.

‘Especially Yuuji, to a certain extent, the degree of danger has already far surpassed that of Kakashi….’

The group of four left.


On the way.

“Yuuji, I have something to ask you…”

Shibi hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, “Some of my insects have undergone strange changes.

They seem to be able to devour a large amount of chakra in a short period of time, and then their size will rapidly expand… These insects are too dangerous.

It is not convenient to directly put them into my body.”



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