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 Chapter 22 - Chakra Can do anythingTwo months later.

“There’s something a hundred meters ahead.

From its appearance, it looks like a psychic beast.

His summoner is twenty meters to the left.”


“Burn your youth!”

Accompanied by shrill screams, Yuuji and the other two, who had just experienced a fierce battle, immediately found a place to stop and rest.

In two months, Yuuji and the other two were growing at an astonishing speed.

In this team, each of them was a genius with astonishing potential.

Guy could already steadily open the fourth door with eight escape armors.

If he really wanted to fight, he could try to open the fifth door, but the price was that he would be injured.

Kazue was still the second magatama Sharingan.

He became more and more skilled in using this pair of illusion eyes.

It was as if the two slightly dim magatamas did not really affect the power of these eyes.

As for Yuuji…

His growth speed was the most astonishing.

“Ah, with a large amount of chakra reserves, he really does whatever he wants…” Yuuji swallowed the extremely unpalatable military grain pills, replenished his physical strength, and revealed a faint smile.

In these two months, he took the time to refine the chakra and finally used most of the cells in his body.

Just like this, he had already stepped into the superior Ninja level of chakra.

“Did Shibi-sensei go out to attack the enemy superior Ninja again He really likes to act alone…”

Guy ate the military grain pills in large mouthfuls.

For him, who was a rough guy, he did not have the energy to think about how bad it was.

As long as Yuuji-san didn’t say that it was disgusting, then this thing was delicious.

“This is the first time I have seen a superior Ninja who likes to act alone… Having more insects means doing whatever you want.” Kazue also smiled.

Who knows how many insects Shibi secretly spread

As long as Aburame Shibi wanted to, these insects could transform into clones and participate in the battle at any time.

The vision of superior Shibi spread all around.

This was where his confidence lay.

“Oh Someone barged in again… Be careful.

This guy should be very strong.”

Yuuji gave a look.

In front of them, there was a guy who absorbed the radiation very quickly, looking very strong and confident.

Soon, the enemy had arrived, heading straight for Yuuji and the other two.

“Hey, I found you, the genius team of Konoha…”

“It’s Iwa ninja again Most of the guys we killed during this time are from your village…” Kazue sneered.

In this period of time, apart from returning to the village to rest, it was also convenient for Yuuji to create a new shadow clone to take care of ‘grandmother’ Madara.

Most of the time, they would travel outside, personally experiencing and participating in the low intensity but extremely frequent Western Front war.

They had already crossed swords with Iwa ninja and Suna ninja many times.

“The three of you, the genius team of Konoha, killed many of our companions… I, Jibachi, will kill you with my own hands.”

Jibachi’s face was cold, and he made a move.

Earth – Earth – Splitting Palm!

Jibachi slapped the ground, and the entire ground began to crack.

Shocking cracks spread in an instant, pointing at Yuuji and the others.

“This guy is much stronger than the average Gennin.

At least he is a special superior Ninja… Hurry up and kill him.

I’m afraid there will be a fierce battle later.”

Yuuji immediately took action.

The three of them turned into three shadows and rushed over, surrounding Jibachi.

Earth – Earth – Splitting Needle!

Jibachi slapped out his palm.

Countless earth needles suddenly attacked.

They were very dense.

If he did not have any means to deal with them, he would be killed if he was not careful.

Yuuji directly sent out a vibration wave to clear the area, shattering all the earth needles.

“Is this your special Wind Escape Technique It is indeed the same as the information…” Long Shi sneered, turned around, and ran.

Then, Yuuji made a gesture.

The three of them also turned around and ran.

This time, Jibachi was a little disappointed.

“… Damn, brat, you’re actually so cautious… There’s no other way.”

Jibachi’s expression changed slightly.

He braced himself and turned his head to continue chasing.

As soon as he finished speaking….

On a rock, a figure immediately silently merged into it.

With Kunai in his hand, he ruthlessly slashed at Yuuji’s neck.

However, Guy, who had outstanding physical skills, had destroyed the third Gate of Life on the spot and forced Kurobachi to retreat with a punch.

“You finally came out… I remember that you are a dark Ninja from Iwagakure.

It’s really hard for you to show up until now.” Yuuji sneered and directly fell into the distance.

“Oh You actually know my name Have you found me long ago Your perception Ninjutsu is more powerful than intelligence.

Little brat from Konoha, I want to kill you more and more…”

Kurobachi looked at him with a gloomy face.

The sneak attack he had prepared just now was not successful, which made him feel terrible.

‘Jibachi and Kurobachi, it turned out to be these two guys,’

Yuuji had already remembered who they were.

In the original work, the two unlucky people who were knocked down by Jiraya using a spiral pill.

“There are many people who want to kill us.

It will not include you guys… all go to hell.” Yuuji said.

He immediately began to form seals, and a huge radiation layer spread out.

With a howl, it rushed into Kurobachi.

The fierce battle erupted.

“Brat, don’t think about using your poison to knock me down.

In order to complete the task of killing you, I ate dozens of antidotes in one go!”

Kurobachi’s eyes were red.

He roared and rushed over.

He took out a short knife and fiercely collided with Kunai in Yuuji’s hand.

Sure enough, in two months, Iwa ninja had officially made a plan to hunt Shibi’s team.

The talent that Yuuji and the other two had displayed, as well as astonishing killing efficiency, and strange abilities, had successfully attracted the attention of Iwa ninja and Suna ninja.

There had always been an extremely high priority level for killing the geniuses of the hostile village.

“Has Shibi-sensei been held back by your experts However, we alone are enough to kill the two of you.”

Kazue activated Sharingan’s powerful insight and illusion ability.

She began to interfere with Jibachi, and together with Guy, they attacked Jibachi, who was weaker.

As for Yuuji, he was facing the dark Ninja, Kurobachi, alone.

This was the first time he was facing a strong enemy of the superior Ninja level.

Yuuji did not panic at all.

He just kept forming seals.

Nuclear Release – Oscillation Wave!

“Heh, although this technique is powerful, how many times can a little brat like you use it with your chakra” Kurobachi hurriedly raised his hand to split open the ground and directly jumped into the crack.

Silently, he shuttled through the crack and attacked like a ghost, his speed astonishing.

‘Shiranui Yuuji, this genius on the list of hunting geniuses, second only to Hatake Kakashi….’

Kurobachi’s face revealed a deep sense of greed and pleasure as he directly slashed towards Yuuji’s head.

But in the next moment, Yuuji’s hand speed suddenly accelerated, faster and faster!

Oscillating wave! Oscillating wave! Oscillating wave!…


Kurobachi was dumbfounded.


The entire earth was lifted up layer by layer.

The terrifying sand and dust surged, and the trees were uprooted.

Under the continuous attacks of this powerful shock wave, the ground was cut down more than a meter!

The rock iron himself was smashed into pieces on the spot by the continuous attacks of the unreasonable.


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