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 Chapter 20 - This...

Is A Genius..

Wait...That Is Also A Genius!!The battlefield was the place that tested people the most.

Combat strength, nerve reflex, muscle instinct, the combination of techniques, and the most important thing, the cruel interrogation of the mind.

It was unknown how many of the new generation that should have been blooming with youthful colors died in despair in their minds because their minds were not good enough.

Nuclear Release!

A large amount of nuclear radiation spread out, quickly spreading, covering it in a way that ordinary people could not perceive.

“One, four, six… There are a total of ten, but it does not rule out the possibility of others lurking further away.” Yuuji opened his eyes and said in a low voice.

“There are ten enemies”

Immediately, some impatient people recovered their composure.

“Hey, kid, do you still have the ability to sense” Umino Ikkaku was pleasantly surprised.

“Ah, it can be regarded as the ability of perception…”

With the coverage of nuclear radiation, the cells of the native lifeforms would be violently stimulated wherever they passed.

They only needed to feel where the nuclear radiation was absorbed to know where there was a life.

According to the outline chakra absorbed, it was determined whether it was a human, an animal, or a plant.

However, this perception ninjutsu of his… caused cancer.

At this time, the enemy had launched an attack….

“Hmph, is it a team from Konoha”

“Our luck is good.

These guys have a lot of scrolls on them.

They must be a supply team…”

“Then kill them quickly and weaken Konoha’s strength.”

A voice came, accompanied by an unknown number of figures, exuding a strong malice.

Earth – Earth – Spear!

The ten figures immediately used Ninjutsu, intending to heavily injure this team in one fell swoop.

A large number of stones came crashing down.

“Iwagakure Ninja, huh…”

Yuuji quickly glanced around and found that Aburame Shibi had disappeared at some point in time, perhaps he had gone to attack the enemy superior Ninja.

“Scatter!” Umino Ikkaku, who was at the front, roared and immediately formed a seal, about to use the Earth Flow Wall to block.

At this time…

Nuclear Release – Oscillation Wave!


An astonishing shock wave suddenly erupted.

With an unstoppable momentum, it almost lifted the entire ground.

The large amount of stones that had attacked had already shattered before they could even hit.

“Guy, charge into the enemy’s team.”

“Kazue, you and I will be responsible for cleaning up the excess trash.”

Yuuji immediately issued an order.

Guy immediately opened the Gate of Healing, howling as he charged towards the Iwagakure ninjas.

Kazue also opened the second magatama, Sharingan.

Yuuji continued to form hand seals, quietly erupting with an even greater amount of radiation, continuously invading the enemy.

However, the enemy was temporarily unable to detect it…

“Tsk, was it blocked What kind of technique is this… Moreover, we caught a big fish.

This little brat actually opened the second stage – Sharingan…”

The leader of the Iwagakure Ninjas was first shocked, and then his face revealed a greedy expression.

If he could kill the little brat from Uchiha’s family, he would have done a great deed.

‘Even if such a kid should have a powerful superior Ninja to protect him when I thought about the merit of killing a genius in Konoha…’


“Gather your strength and kill that kid Uchiha!”

Many Iwagakure Ninjas immediately rushed over and collided with the Ninjas of Konoha.

“Uncle, look after yourself.

Don’t be accidentally killed.”

Yuuji casually said to Umino Ikakku, and then immediately rushed out.

Kazue also rushed out with excitement.

The two sides began to fight.

Konohagakure and Iwagakure were old rivals.

The two sides had fought many times in Rain Country.

Might Guy opened the second Gate of Healing, and with a powerful speed, he broke through all obstacles and sent an Iwagakure Ninja flying on the spot.

Considering the strength index of Guy, this Rock Ninja was basically disabled.

“What’s wrong with this kid Is this a Ninjutsu or a physical skill”

“He is also a genius of Konoha, kill him!”

The other Iwagakure Ninjas were also shocked.

Two of them hurriedly turned around and began to block Might Guy.

Even more Iwagakure Ninjas rushed towards Kazue.

As long as they could kill this genius of Uchiha’s family, then it was worth it to kill as many people as possible!

The death of four Iwagakure Ninjas involved Umino Ikkaku and the others, and they even disregarded the consumption of their Chakra and used multiple earth walls to continuously split up the battlefield to create opportunities to kill Kazue.

“It’s a good thing to have a goal, but if the reason is drowned by the target, then, in the end, it’s just that I’m moved by myself… This will kill me.” Yuuji laughed softly.

Kazue formed a seal, Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!

A large ball of flames surged out, and theIwagakure Ninja who was rushing over recklessly used the Petrification Technique to forcefully endure.

The fireball broke through, and the three Iwagakure Ninjas looked at Kazue’s face with a cruel expression.

“Be careful!!” Umino Ikkaku shouted.

In the next moment, Yuuji released another vibration wave, sending the three Iwagakure Ninjas flying.

After being hit by this super-strong shockwave in a short distance, the other party was sent flying more than fifty meters away.

“Damn it, damn bastard, what kind of technique is this…”

The last guy who had survived coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Feeling that the internal organs in his chest were seriously damaged, he roared in despair.

This was the last voice this Iwagakure Ninja left for this world.

“You actually didn’t die at such a distance.

Is it because your Petrification Technique covered the front of your body What a good Gennin.

Unfortunately, he is going to die soon.” Yuuji shook his head.

Kazue had already pulled out Kunai and cut off his neck with a knife.


The remaining Iwagakure Ninjas ‘faces also changed, they didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

“How could this happen Aihara team was finished in an instant…”

“What’s wrong with that guy’s Chakra He continuously used this powerful Wind Escape Jutsu!”

“I made a mistake, this kid is also a genius in Konoha… Is he finished”

One by one, the Iwagakure Ninjas began to vomit blood as they fought – not because they were angry, but because they suddenly vomited blood.

The Iwagakure Ninjas were shocked, their mouths were bitter, and their eyes were red.

They could not figure out the reason and immediately chose to retreat.

The Konoha Ninjas were not dead, and they had lost more than half of their troops, and the Iwagakure Ninjas had not appeared until now, which made the remaining Ninjas even more uneasy.

But of course, the Konoha Ninjas would not allow them to escape.

Kazue became even more active.

He activated the second magatama, Sharingan, and cast an illusion technique to control three Rock Ninjas in succession.

Under the concentrated fire of Umino Ikkaku and the others, these three unlucky fellows also died.

The Rock Ninjas who blocked Guy also failed to escape and were killed one after another.

“One escaped… Great, this is a great victory!!” Umino Ikkaku was extremely excited.

One of them did not die and killed nine of the other side.

The performance of the three newcomers who had just joined the team had simply shocked Umino and the others.

They were very satisfied with this result.

But Yuuji was still forming seals at this time.

“We won’t let him escape.

Otherwise, our information will be leaked…”

Yuuji was about to activate all the radiation and destroy that guy’s body.

Theoretically, there should be enough time.

But his movements suddenly stopped….

“Ah, it seems that there is no need.

Shibi-sensei finally doesn’t want to watch the fun anymore.”

In Yuuji’s perception, there were a large number of insects that suddenly broke through the ground and devoured the fleeing Iwagakure ninja.


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