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 Chapter 4 - Really Cruel Chapter 3 - Unknown Godzilla Chapter 2 - Gene Mutation Chapter 1 - The Mummy in The Corner 


That afternoon, Yoshino organized an internal combat class for Class C.

Every student stepped onto the stage and shouted to show their talents.


A young girl kicked Morino Ibiki away, her movements decisive.

“Well done.

The one in our class that makes me feel the most at ease is Uchiha Kazue.

You all have seen her performance.

In recent years, she has made rapid progress.

Her grades in various subjects have advanced by leaps and bounds.

If you all work as hard as Kazue, I will feel more at ease.”

Yoshino praised loudly, and his face was full of admiration.

Uchiha Kazue was grateful.

In the past few years, her performance has been mediocre.

In recent years, she did not know what had happened.

Her strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, and she had not graduated yet.

She almost had the strength of a Gennin Ninja.

Yuuji naturally went on stage as well.

His opponent was Hayate Gekkou.

The two of them drank and pecked each other.

Yuuji’s performance was even more mediocre.

In this competition, Uchiha Kazue won first place in one go.

Everyone was surprised by her sudden burst of talent.


After class, when most people had left, Yuuji got up and left, returning to his own residence.

As the orphan of the war, the village would not mistreat Yuuji.

In addition to the inheritance, the wealth was not bad.

The most expensive consumption in daily life was to make silver fiber bandages, spending a lot of his wealth, but this kind of spending was necessary.

“In at most half a year, I will definitely be able to control the nuclear radiation in my body perfectly.

Does this count as a balance between Godzilla and me…”

Yuuji was cooking while thinking.

There was no need to mention how powerful and mighty a creature like Godzilla was.

He could be said to be an existence like the ‘Son of the Earth’.

In various versions, Godzilla was often an important dimensional user and supplement to the ecological environment of the Earth.

He was also a rare titan beast that had no absolute malice towards humans.

But the problem was that this kind of terrifying monster, even if it were for just a trivial move, could cause extremely terrible consequences.

For example, the nuclear radiation that had troubled Yuuji for many years.

Nuclear radiation was also the fundamental reason why Yuuji was so lazy to move.

The less it moved, the lower the total amount of nuclear leakage.

Moreover, Yuuji had absolute reason to believe that his physique was also being subtly modified by Godzilla – perhaps it was also influenced by the power of chakra.

Otherwise, he would have been unable to withstand the increasing nuclear radiation.

At the same time, the process of refining his chakra, along with his own will, also affected the sleeping Godzilla to a certain extent.

This was a two-way process and also the process of adapting to each other’s existence.

“Because of various reasons, I don’t dare to refine the chakra recklessly, but according to the information gathered in the past, it can be calculated… The total amount of cells in my body is definitely far more than that of ordinary people!!”

This was the conclusion that Yuuji came to after learning the three-body techniques in school and combining it with the number of times he used ninjutsu with others.

At that time, many of his peers used the three-body techniques a few times and were already gasping for breath.

Yuuji felt that he had not warmed up yet and did not feel anything…

This was the result of him deliberately not refining a large amount of chakra.

The total amount of cells in a normal human body was around 13 trillion.

To refine chakra, one had to use these 13 trillion cells to combine their spiritual energy to refine it.

Because he was a transmigrator, Yuuji was confident that his spiritual energy was higher than that of ordinary people.

Still, pure spiritual energy was not enough for him to have such a terrifying chakra talent.

It could only be because of his physique.

His body definitely contained a terrifying amount of cells.

“I have a powerful self-healing ability and astonishing energy.

Logically speaking, this is a physique that only the Thousand Hand race and the Vortex race possess… It looks like I have to find a way to obtain some precision instruments and study my body.”

Yuuji took a deep breath.

It wouldn’t be long before he went to the battlefield.

Even if he were just doing logistics work, he would have to participate in the war sooner or later.

Some things had to be done.

“It’s time for us to meet officially, big guy…”

Yuuji murmured in a low voice.


After dinner, Yuuji directly went to bed and sat cross-legged as if he was refining chakra.

No matter who saw it, they would not feel anything wrong.

After the Ninja World War, Anbu and other organizations monitored everything closely to prevent spies from the enemy from sneaking in.

At this time, he absolutely could not show any form of specification.

This time, he wanted to see the behemoth in his body with his own eyes!

Moreover, he had to first confirm which Godzilla was the big guy in his body!


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