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Chapter 19 - Close To The Rice MarketAt the Hokage building.

Sandaime Hokage was listening attentively to Shibi’s report.

“Is that so He is so outstanding that you are full of praise for such a picky person.” Sandaime Hokage revealed a gratified smile.

It was rare for a perfect ninja like Shibi to praise him.

“Might Guy has mastered the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

This is a type of body technique that can stimulate the strength of the body.

Kazue has activated the second magatama Sharingan, as well as Yuuji, the powerful Kekkei Genkai…”

Sandaime Hokage smoked his pipe as he pondered.

As expected of the team that he thought highly of and appointed Shibi as the leader of the team.

Especially Shiranui Yuuji, who brought him an unimaginable surprise!

Powerful and mysterious Kekkei Genkai, powerful area-of-effect poison attack, strange, temporarily unknown physical clone technique… Any one of them would be qualified to apply to be promoted to Gennin.

More importantly… Yuuji, suspected to have an extremely exaggerated total amount of chakra.

For the time being, he did not know where the upper limit was for the time being, but the initial judgment was that he had touched a superior level chakra.

“Shibi, Yuuji’s poison, do you have a sample in your hand” Sandaime Hokage suddenly asked.

“No, Sandaime-sama.

I checked some dead parasites after that, but I didn’t find any toxins.

It should have been retrieved by Yuuji.”

“So that’s how it is.

What a cautious child…”

Sandaime nodded, feeling a little regretful.

Such a brand new toxin could kill a large number of parasites and parasites.

He really had to pay attention to it.

It was best to get the method to configure the toxin and then develop the antidote.

There would be a chance in the future.

“Guy and Yuuji are close friends, and Kazue and Yuuji have a friendship.

Such a strong bond really makes people look forward to their future…” Sandaime sighed with emotion.

“Then, Shibi, you will have to work hard for the future.

You have an important mission, and you have to cultivate the most talented new generation after these three Kakashi.

Ten years later, Konoha will have to rely on these people to support…”

Sandaime was pleased.

Shibi nodded and left in silence.

After a moment of silence, Sandaime took out a new file.

The psychological problem of Kakashi has been solved.

With Shibi’s team as the template, they have established a strong bond for him… arch-enemy Obito, the lover of Obito, Nohara Rin… I hope it will develop as I hope.

As for their leader…

Sandaime Hokage had already made a plan.

Namikaze Minato.

At the beginning of the war, Namikaze Minato had already confronted the A-B Combo* of Kumogakure and was not at a disadvantage.

He had completely become famous and was regarded as a new Kage-level.

[*TL Note: The A–B Combo renowned as the Strongest Tag-Team is a sibling team from Kumogakure.

It consists of A — the son of the Third Raikage — and Killer B, who is recognized as A’s brother after he successfully beheaded a training dummy during a selection process.]

If Namikaze Minato were to be in charge of Kakashi’s team…

“Minato’s lover is the jinchuriki of the nine tails… With Kakashi and the other two as his disciples, he will definitely be able to deepen his bond with Konohagakure…”

Sandaime Hokage made a decision.

Shibi’s team was about to carry out a mission, but it did not attract too much attention except for Sandaime Hokage.

Although many people were surprised that a perfect superior Ninja like Shibi would return to the village to be a leader after fighting for more than two years, they were only surprised.

A lot of superior Ninjas who had fought for a long time at the front line some of them were returning to the village to recuperate.

They had lost their loved ones, companions, and subordinates, and their minds and even their cognition would inevitably have some potential changes.

The method they used to lead the new generation to quickly mature was extremely cost-effective.

It could allow these superior Ninja to have more fetters, and it could also allow the new generation to quickly become capable and contribute to the village.


The next morning.

Shibi’s team assembled.

Yuuji and the other two received the notice that their mission was to join the supply troops and escort the supplies to the front camp.

‘This was a B-rank mission….

Very good.

This was very elite.’

‘They directly skipped the trash D-rank and C-rank and entered the B-rank that would erupt in battle.’

“Because it is a war period, the supply troops will be attacked by the enemy at any time.

The battle is almost inevitable, but it is only a matter of the scale of the battle…” Kazue said in a low voice.

She was eager to try.

Her talent would blossom on the battlefield.

“Theoretically speaking, yes.” Shibi pushed his sunglasses, “If we are lucky, we can smoothly arrive at the front camp.

But if we are unlucky, we will be attacked by a large number of enemies and ninjas.

The mission level can be upgraded to [A] class at any time.”

As for [S] class It was not impossible, but it was very rare.

A large number of enemy Jonins or at least one Kage-level would come to attack a small supply team unless the enemy was crazy.

After all, they were not Namikaze Minato.

Moreover, even if an elite superior Ninja came, with a guy like Aburame Shibi who could fight and resist perception, he could also suffer the greatest obstruction.

To be honest, considering the level of Shibi, this was indeed a task to practice.

As the most perfect elite superior Ninja, Shibi-sensei is almost the number one comprehensive strength under the shadow level.

It is impossible to spend too much time nurturing rookies.

He will soon return to the frontline battlefield.

Yuuji glanced at the zombie-like face of Shibi, the superior Ninja.

Soon, the four of them set out to meet up with the supply team of more than ten people.

“The team in charge of protecting us will definitely not have any strong people.

We are just a small supply team…”

In the team, a middle-aged uncle was muttering, but when he saw Shibi, his entire person was pulled up.

“Shi, Shibi-sama This, is this new team you led to protect us ”

“That’s right, so can we set off now” Shibi spoke bluntly.

Along the way, everyone had their mouths tightly shut.

They looked at Shibi from time to time nervously, feeling a little relieved.

And Shibi, who had the highest seniority, was also a stuffy gourd, so it was naturally impossible for him to speak.

Yuuji took the initiative to communicate with the other people in the supply team and finally confirmed that the captain and vice-captain of the team, two Gennin, were actually very “familiar”…

The parents of Umino Iruka.

In the future, he would die in the chaos of the nine tails.

“What’s wrong Is there something on my face”

The middle-aged uncle, Umino Ikkaku, suspiciously looked at Yuuji, who was constantly staring at him.

“Ah, you found out…”

“You’ve already put your eyes on my face.

Unless I’m blind, I won’t be able to see you! What’s the matter”

“It’s nothing.

I just feel that uncle doesn’t look very reliable.

In a while, I might have to protect you, so I want to get familiar with him first.”

To be called uncle by a little brat who looked down on him was a ruthless stab to his heart… However, when he thought of his six-year-old son, Iruka… Being an ‘uncle’ was something that he should accept.

This joke caused the killing intent and depression in the entire team to dissipate a little.


Soon, everyone left Konoha.

They crossed several small towns in a row and quickly traveled to the border of the country of fire.

The closer they got to the border, the more cautious and vigilant they were.

Withered civilians, desolate wilderness, corpses everywhere…

This was a war, especially a war between ninjas.

The attacks of powerful ninjas easily destroyed a small town.

“In front of us is the border station, which is extremely close to the Rain Village.

It is the battlefield of the three countries, and the Ninjas of Amegakure is also full of hatred for Konoha… However, our actions along the way are very secretive, and generally, we won’t attract the attention of the enemy.”

Umino Ikkaku solemnly said, intending to remind everyone to be vigilant.

As soon as the voice fell, many enemies launched an attack on the team…


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