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Chapter 18 - Nuclear Escape And White ZetsuSix o’clock.

For the first time, Shibi began to fight with the team he led.

To be honest, the comprehensive level of these three new students was beyond his expectations, and they were more outstanding than he had expected.

“Although they are a little immature in experience, they only need to be cultivated little by little through continuous battles.”

Shibi looked at the three exhausted people in front of him with satisfaction.

Each of these three people brought him a pleasant surprise.

Might Guy, who graduated at eight years old, Uchiha Kazue, who opened her Sharingan at ten years old and opened her second-stage in such a short time.

These two could be called geniuses.

However, the last one left made Shibi completely unable to understand.

‘Is it my illusion’

‘Why do I feel that this guy is getting stronger and stronger’

‘This amount of chakra is a bit too much for his age… Doesn’t he feel tired’

Shibi had a face full of question marks.

Fighting requires chakra consumption, and chakra is also the energy refined by the spirit and body.

The more chakra is lost, the spirit and body will be weakened.

‘But Yuuji, this…’

Shibi stretched out a finger.

There was a scouting bug standing on it.

The message that came back made him fall into deep thought.

The entire training ground was full of potholes at this time.

It was obvious that a fierce battle had happened.

“Yuuji-san, Shibi-sensei are too strong.

If this goes on, we can’t…”

Guy clenched his fist.

“Why don’t you let me activate that technique Maybe I can fight for an opportunity.”

“It doesn’t mean much.

He plays with insects.

He can’t be defeated by your current level of physical skills.”

Yuuji looked at Aburame Shibi with a serious expression.

‘Very strong, and I can’t find any flaws in his attack.

He is worthy of being the most comprehensive elite superior Ninja.’

“My chakra is almost exhausted, and I can’t hold on for long… Yuuji-san, you also sent out a shadow clone to take care of Grandma Obito.

How much chakra do you have left” Kazue gritted her teeth and even felt strenuous to maintain Sharingan.

Yuuji said with a solemn face, “Well, I also consumed a lot of energy, and I probably lost 30%.”

“So that’s how it is, there’s still seven… what” Kazue widened his eyes.

“I split a shadow clone and took away fifty percent of my chakra.

Even if I took the time to refine more chakra to deal with this high-intensity battle, I could only recover to this extent… Oh, now it has recovered to eighty percent.”

Yuuji looked at Shibi, who was standing silently, and felt that it was a bit tricky.

‘What kind of rubbish is this Are you serious’ Kazue crazily ridiculed in her heart.

‘After fighting for so long, there was still so much left,’

Kazue stared with Sharingan, seeing that there was still chakra flowing in Yuuji’s body without any sign of interruption.

“… Then what should we do” Kazue gritted her teeth.

“I have an idea… Listen to me…”


“At this time, are you still planning a new strategy…” Shibi pushed his sunglasses.

Fire Release – Great Fireball Technique!

A huge flame suddenly came and covered most of the training ground.

Shibi quickly retreated.

At the same time, he raised his hands, and a large number of insects flew out of his sleeves.

In front of his insects, nothing could escape his eyes.

A large number of insects flew around the fireball and rushed towards the three people.


The fireball was kicked away.

Guy opened the second door, and his muscles swelled.

At the same time, he kicked toward Shibi with a big Konoha Tornado Kick, but he was sent flying by a piece of insect jade thrown by Shibi.

In this gap….

Yuuji moved.

“Two Yuuji Did they create a shadow clone while the fireball was covering them” Shibi quickly observed.

A large number of insects flew towards the two Yuuji.

Soon, one of them exploded on the spot.

‘Then the remaining one would be the main body!’


A huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground.

Countless insects rushed out and rushed toward the three-man team!

Endless buzzing sounds resounded through everything.

No matter how one looked at it, the three-man team was unable to breakthrough.

However, Yuuji, who was about to be drowned by the swarm of insects, revealed a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.

“You were too careless.



Shibi pushed his sunglasses, and a rare trace of surprise appeared on his indifferent face.

The information given to him by the bugs was also bizarre, such as “what a disgusting Chakra”, “how uncomfortable it is to bite”, “I feel very scared,” and so on.

“Fear… What is going on Why would my parasite convey this emotion…”

But the next moment, the scene in front of him shocked him.

Yuuji and Kazue, who were wrapped and bitten by the swarm of bugs, began to melt strangely.

In an instant, the high temperature and the explosive nuclear radiation slaughtered his bugs.

Countless insects died in an instant.

This was an extremely shocking scene…

Black rain fell from the sky, and layers of black curtains covered the ground.

“Is this Yuuji’s Kekkei Genkai But he is actually a clone Kazue is also… what kind of clone technique is this”

Shibi was shocked.

At the same time, he felt a sense of crisis and instantly turned his head.

Kazue and Yuuji had already attacked.

The blood-red second magatama Sharingan aimed at Shibi’s eyes and cast an illusion.

This pair of eyes were more focused on illusion… At this time, she used the last of her chakra to cast an illusion.

As for Yuuji, he took this opportunity to make a series of hand seals.

“Nuclear Release… Oscillating Wave!”

An extremely powerful chakra gathered in Yuuji’s mouth, and immediately after, an astonishing shock wave suddenly shot out, directly hitting Shibi and immediately defeating him on the spot!

Shibi’s body turned into countless insects and scattered on the spot.

These insects were somewhat panicked, stumbling and flying around, not knowing what was going on.

“Very good, you can actually defeat my insect avatar.

Your level makes me very satisfied.”

In the distance, Shibi, who had been watching the entire time, walked over with his hands in his pockets, and his whole body emitted a dense gloomy aura as he praised.

“Eh Could it be that Shibi-sensei has been standing there all along to watch the battle When did this happen I didn’t notice at all.” Guy slumped to the ground and scratched his head.


He had been offended.

However, Shibi was really surprised.

These guys in front of him had brought him too much surprise.

“The poison that killed the insects in a large area was the Kekkei Genkai ability that you used to defeat Anko.

It turned out that you didn’t use blood to activate it.

It was more terrifying than I thought…”

Shibi pushed his sunglasses, his face moved.

He had never seen such a strange unknown poison before.

Moreover, it actually caused his insects to have a “fear” instinct.

‘Was it because of the poison itself, or was it some other reason’

‘More importantly…’

‘Using two unique clones to replace his and Kazue’s true bodies and then find an opportunity to launch a surprise attack’

‘This kind of special physical clone technique….’

The only unlucky one was Guy.

This guy was really surrounded by a swarm of insects and had bitten him.

At this time, he was powerlessly lying on the ground.

“Gather here at six o’clock tomorrow morning.

We will begin the mission of the village.”

Shibi took a deep look at the two clones and left after saying this.

“Aiya, Shibi-sensei is really a good Sensei.

He didn’t stay here to watch me recover my clones.”

Yuuji smiled and walked over.

He stretched out his hand and pressed down on the inhuman ‘Yuuji’ and ‘Kazue’ one after another.


These two clones began to melt and quickly fuse back into Yuuji’s body.

What no one knew was that… Yuuji, rather than saying that he is recovering these two special physical clones, it is more accurate to say that his goal is to retrieve the one inside the body of the clone…

Two extremely tiny white spheres.

White Zetsu’s body tissues.

Although it was a trick, the first attempt of Nuclear Release’s clone was a great success.


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