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“The black wings are formed from large amounts of minerals” Kakashi looked up at the sky and frowned.

‘Ninjutsu that controls minerals Isn’t this…’

“Magnet Release Kakashi-senpai, could it be Sunagakure’s Magnet Release” Shisui suddenly said.

Kakashi shook his head, “The magnet release is a Bloodline Limit that can be mastered by Kazekage through the power of Ichibi.

I heard that the newly appointed Fifth Kazekage Rasa uses magnet release, but why did the magnet release appear here…”

The ominous premonition in Kakashi’s heart was constantly enlarging, ‘Something terrible must have happened.’

‘Could it be that Sasori has mastered magnet release But this is too absurd.

How can a rebel possibly grasp a Bloodline Limit who is related to Ichibi…’

Hoheto said, “The fellow with black wings is very strange.

It should be a puppet master.

He is controlling a puppet that can control minerals, but…”

“Captain, I think we should still be concerned about another matter… That woman with white wings seems to have the ability to create and control paper.

This woman is waving countless pieces of paper and mixing a large number of explosive tags in these pieces of paper…” Hoheto looked on in horror.


“Explosive Tags”

“This is also a tough guy.

If the enemy secretly stuffed a few explosive tags into so many pieces of paper, it would be impossible to guard against!” Morino Ibiki felt anxious.

Hoheto shook his head, swallowed his saliva, and said, “No, there is no need to secretly stuff a few pieces because these pieces of paper are mixed with countless explosive tags… If a rough estimate, there are probably hundreds of thousands of them!”


The whole team was shocked and looked at Hoheto in disbelief.

“Hundreds of thousands of explosive tags What a joke; the entire Konoha reserve is only about a hundred to ten thousand.

The other party is only one person; how can she control hundreds of thousands of explosive tags!” Kosuke suspected that he had heard wrong.

This was too ridiculous.

The explosive tags were important strategic materials and were expensive.

For ordinary ninjas, the explosive tags were extremely precious props.

Even in the battle between Kage, they were already very happy to carry a few explosive tags with them, which can work wonders.

But now… this little Country of Sound, two ninjas who were fighting; one actually took out hundreds of thousands of explosive tags!

“If the one controlling the puppet is Sasori, then who is the other side Moreover, the puppet that Sasori controls actually has a magnet release ability… Can he indirectly grasp Magnet Release Bloodline Limit”

Kakashi’s heart was heavy.

The matter in front of him was beyond his expectations.

“Be careful; we have been discovered.

A portion of the paper has flown over!” Hoheto reminded loudly.

Large amounts of white paper flew over the sky, forming a white rainbow.

The scene was extremely gorgeous.


A large amount of paper was gathered to form a paper clone.

“Konoha ninjas actually appeared in the Country of Sound… Are you all here to die” Konan coldly glanced at the foreheads of Kakashi and the others.

Kakashi cautiously said, “We have no ill intentions.

We only heard that the Country of Sound had a sudden change, so we investigated the information.

Who are you Why are you here in the Country of Sound How can such a small coastal country attract the interest of experts like you”

Konan looked down at the people in front of her, as cold as an iceberg.

“I don’t need to tell Konoha villains anything.

Leave this country now or die here.” Konan declared expressionlessly.

“That won’t do.

We haven’t completed the Hokage’s mission unless you let us figure out the situation.”

Kakashi looked up at this beautiful woman with a calm expression.

He moved his brain like crazy, trying to find useful information from the clues.

“Then you can die here.

Anyway, you are Konoha ninjas.

It is only right that they die.” Konan said coldly.

Kakashi’s heart skipped a beat, ‘She held a grudge against Konoha… This is a very important piece of information.’

Konan began to make her move.

“To deal with you bunch of trash, you can kill them with just a casual move.

I think a hundred thousand explosive tags should be enough… Kami no Shisha no Jutsu(Paper Person of God Technique)!”

Konan’s paper clone immediately began to collapse, and countless pieces of paper automatically folded into flying paper butterflies that pounced toward Kakashi and his group.

There was no way to dodge.

The sky was filled with paper butterflies that swarmed toward them.

“Not good; many of these paper butterflies are made from explosive tags!” Hoheto shouted in horror, and his eyes were bloodshot.

He trembled all over and wanted to escape.

He could not die yet.

He had not found the secret of Byakugan, obtained the source of Caged Bird Cursed Seal, and had not opened Tenseigan!

How could he die in such a place!!


Shisui placed his palm on Hoheto’s shoulder.

Even though he was surrounded by a large number of explosive tags, he still smiled and said, “Hoheto-senpai, don’t worry.

Our team… is very strong.”

Kosuke took a big pot off his back, and those who didn’t know thought he was going to cook.

The old man quickly said, “I will think of a way to trigger as many explosive tags as possible.

You youngsters can’t die here.

You can take the opportunity to escape.

As long as you are fast enough…”

“Don’t worry; it’s only 100,000 explosive tags.

Although it is dangerous, it is not impossible to deal with it…”

Kakashi glanced at Shisui.

Both of them were people with great power.

After their line of sight crossed, they instantly came to a consensus.

At the moment when a large number of explosive tags made a sizzling sound.

“Bijuu Coat… Three-Tails!”

Kakashi’s heart moved, and in an instant, a portion of the seal on his stomach was removed, and a large amount of Kyuubi’s chakra gushed out, transforming into a red and translucent chakra coat.

Three chakra tails quickly grew out from behind Kakashi.

At this moment, Kakashi had already mobilized all of Kyuubi’s chakra within his body, and this chakra began to spread, giving the other four a layer of Bijuu Coat.

Before Hoheto and the others could react.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosive tags began to explode one after another.

It was like a chain reaction.

The destructive power surged and was about to bury the five of them here completely.

Kakashi, who was the first to bear the brunt, had already been attached and exploded by a large number of explosive tags, but they were all blocked by his Bijuu Coat.

“Shisui!!” Kakashi roared.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Susanoo!!

Shisui suddenly opened his eyes; four strange curved blades appeared within these bloodshot eyes, and powerful eye power instantly erupted.

A green half-body skeleton giant appeared on the spot and quickly entered the second stage, growing strong muscles and armor.

The Susanoo directly covered all five people, blocking a large number of explosions outside.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A dense explosion continuously exploded on Susanoo, causing Shisui’s eye power to be exhausted at an astonishing speed.

“Let me help you, Susanoo combined with Bijuu’s chakra…” Kakashi move.

Kyuubi’s chakra began to combine with Susanoo, and the appearance of both began to change.

But soon, the terrifying explosion swept everything, completely swallowing their bodies.

Looking from afar, the five-man team was covered by endless explosions.

And an even more terrifying explosion was coming from the distance where Sasori was.

That was the result of nine hundred thousand explosive tags exploding in one breath!

Since the creation of the ninja world, there had never been anyone who could be so extravagant as to burn money, so extravagant that they could use countless explosive tags to kill their opponents.

One big and one small, the two places exploded violently, as if they were going to blast the Country of Sound into several pieces, triggering a real earthquake.

The cloud in the sky was torn apart; the blue sky was shrouded and swallowed by the horrible smoke.

The earth trembled even more, dust flew, sand and stones flew, and the big pit was expanding deeper at an exaggerated speed.

This was the result of the terrible explosion.

Dozens of seconds later.

It was as if countless years had passed.

The millions of explosive tags were all exploded.

They left a terrible depression in two places.

After the dust and smoke dissipated a little.

A large amount of paper flew over and gathered into Konan.

“This way, it will be settled.

Nine hundred thousand explosive tags, I hope they didn’t kill Sasori.”

Konan stared down and frowned.

She was very worried that she had accidentally killed Sasori.

Konan was very optimistic about this guy’s ability.

He could transform corpses, and he could also grasp the bloodline limit of the corpse as if they were alive.

As long as he found an opportunity to find a few powerful Bloodline Limit ninjas, he would definitely be of great use.

“That guy Hiruko mastered Chimera Technique and could devour Bloodline Limit.

Kakuzu could dig out the hearts of others to master their chakra attributes.

Now, there is another guy who can transform Bloodline Limit ninjas into puppets…”

Konan stared at the bottom and kept watching, not wanting Sasori to die.

After a while, the smoke completely dissipated.


Below, the huge iron sand was riddled with holes from the explosion.

At this time, it was completely scattered, revealing Sasori’s figure.

“Damn woman, you actually turned me into this state…”

Sasori staggered to his feet.

In front of him, more than half of the Third Kazekage’s body had been blown up, and his entire body was emitting terrifying green smoke.

His own puppet body was also full of potholes and cracks.

If not for the iron sand and the Third Kazekage blocking a few waves, Sasori really felt that he would be killed.

Konan breathed a sigh of relief and said coldly, “You don’t think that this is my full strength, do you I have already shown mercy.

If I had added a few hundred thousand more explosive tags just now, you would have been blown to pieces.”

“… Woman, you have successfully attracted my interest.

This is the first time I have been forced to this step.”

Sasori growled in a low voice.

He raised his head and looked at the noble and calm Konan.

A trace of fear and fear flashed in his eyes.

Sasori swore that he had never heard of such vicious ninjutsu in his entire life!

‘What was this Using one million explosive tags to blow up people Until they exploded to death’

In the face of such a technique, even though Sasori boasted that he was knowledgeable, he was still confused by this extravagant technique.

This was still one million; if it were two million, five million, ten million, it would blow up for one or two minutes in one go…

“You woman, you can control paper…” Sasori was extremely angry.

‘As long as there were enough explosive tags, even gods could be blown to death, right Was there such outrageous ninjutsu in this world’

He snorted coldly, immediately took out another scroll, and used his Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique.

He displayed his highest puppet art using the power of a hundred human puppets!


Suddenly, several white figures emerged from the ground that had been blasted beyond recognition.

They hugged Sasori and began to squirm madly, entangling him.

“Aiyaya, have you forgotten about me I am still alive.

Although I almost exploded to death… you have already been controlled by me.”

Several White Zetsu entangled him and screamed, firmly binding his hands, not giving him the opportunity to launch his Performance of a Hundred Puppets Technique.

“Sasori, join Akatsuki.” Konan urged, “Join us, you will have a chance to get better puppets, or you will die here!”

Sasori could not move, he instinctively wanted to control the broken Third Kazekage to kill these White Zetsu, but he was shocked to find that his chakra was being absorbed by these White Zetsu at an exaggerated speed…

“It seems that I have no choice.

I am willing to join your organization.”

Sasori suppressed his anger, “But let me say this first.

You are an organization that pursues peace.

You can’t stop me from collecting materials.

I will kill whoever I want!”

Konan nodded, “Of course, there will inevitably be sacrifices on the road to peace.

As long as it is beneficial to achieve this goal, your actions will be allowed by God.”

“Hmph, at least it is not a pedantic and hypocritical organization.

There is also God and so on…”

Sasori was stunned.

‘Is there anyone stronger than Konan in Akatsuki, a God’

“I would like to see a guy who can be called a God by a crazy woman like you.”

Sasori snorted coldly and looked at his body with a bleak expression.

Then he looked at the Third Kazekage.

Heavy losses.

“It seems that we have reached a consensus…”

Zetsu drilled out from the ground not far away.

He controls the White Zetsu to release Sasori.

Suddenly, Sasori brazenly attacked, cutting off these White Zetsu at the waist.

“I will accept these strange white creatures.

Consider them compensation for my loss.”

Sasori sneered and collected White Zetsu’s body.

He was very curious about White Zetsu.

They had no blood, internal organs, and bones, but they maintained their human form and attacked…

Then, Sasori stared at Black Zetsu and White Zetsu with a dangerous gaze.

“The people in the organization are forbidden from killing each other,” Konan said.

Sasori retracted his gaze and nodded impatiently.

Zetsu breathed a sigh of relief, “I feel like I almost died… We’ll be companions from now on.

Please advise me.”

“Who would want to be companions with this pitcher plant ” Sasori scolded.

“He said we are pitcher plant again… He is too rude.

Black Zetsu, can you bear it” White Zetsu shouted.

Black Zetsu berated, “Shut your mouth.

This matter isn’t over yet.

Those rats aren’t dead either! Konan, you’re in trouble.

The person with Kyuubi Chakra seems to have appeared.”

“I know, 100,000 explosive tags were actually unable to kill those guys…”

Konan also sensed it.

After being astonished, she said, “Is the other party Kyuubi Jinchuriki”

“It shouldn’t be a complete Jinchuriki.

In the Kyuubi Rampage, those two guys invaded Konoha, and it seemed to cause Kyuubi to be split up,” Black Zetsu said.

“Since that’s the case, then there’s even less to worry about.

Let’s first take back this Kyuubi Jinchuriki in front of us… Although it’s only a part of Kyuubi, Pain will be very happy to know about it.”

Konan pondered for a moment and turned to look in a certain direction.

“Sasori, we will follow.

As a newcomer, you should contribute your strength to the organization.” As Zetsu spoke, he burrowed into the ground.

In the end, Sasori still followed Konan.

“You want to capture Kyuubi Give me the body of Kyuubi Jinchuriki.”


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