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Destroy the curse seal

Yuuji only nodded in understanding.

It was normal for Anko to make this request.

If anyone knew that there was a soul fragment in their body and that it was a vessel used for resurrection, they would try their best to destroy it.

“The curse seal is very complicated.

It does not only involve the power of the seal itself… I need some time.”

Yuuji said slowly.

The curse seal was created with the help of Jugo’s research.

It could be used to receive natural energy.

Using the curse seal to enter the second stage was equivalent to grasping the inferior Sage Mode.

If he could advance further on the foundation of the second stage, he might be able to reach an infinitely close level of Sage Mode.

Anko lowered her head respectfully, “Thank you.

I’ve had enough of the seal on my neck, and I don’t want to become a tool for that man to resurrect…”

“I can understand your feelings.”

Yuuji walked over and placed two fingers on the seal.

A cold feeling spread out, causing Anko’s body to slightly tremble for a moment.

Yuuji said, “Without Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method)’s restriction, this curse seal can easily lose control.

As long as you use chakra, the curse seal will be activated, forcing you to enter stage one.”

‘Stage one’

Anko was confused.

In the next moment, Yuuji had already used chakra to stimulate the curse seal.


After Anko let out a miserable scream, the three magatamas on his neck began to emit a burning sensation and began to spread strange lines at the first moment.

Natural energy was constantly being pulled by the curse seal and converted into chakra, strengthening Anko’s strength.

At the same time, it also greatly increased Anko’s physical quality.

Strength, speed, chakra, nerve reflex, and self-healing ability, were all rapidly rising.

“Converting natural energy into chakra, this kind of thing…”

Yuuji lowered his head and looked at Anko who was struggling in pain.

He did not immediately save her.

Instead, he calmly stood in place and observed Anko’s state.

He still could not sense the natural energy, so he could only observe it through Anko’s state.

It had to be said that from a poor Sage Mode’s point of view, the curse seal was indeed an amazing invention.

Although there was a high mortality rate and there were very few hosts who could enter the stage two, but it was still a great innovation.

The curse seal broke the high threshold of Sage Mode practice, allowing ordinary ninjas to have a chance to touch the natural energy.

“This is equivalent to cutting a hole in the human body specifically for natural energy.

It is very difficult to heal this wound.”

Yuuji seemed to be deep in thought.

He raised his hand and use Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method) to seal the curse seal on Anko’s neck again, relieving Anko’s pain.

“Anko, this should be the first time you used the curse seal, right How does it feel to be in the first stage Are you really willing to destroy this thing” Yuuji laughed softly.

Anko was covered in sweat.

She stood up with a tired face and felt her physical condition in bewilderment.

She recalled the feeling just now.

“Is this the usage of the curse seal Stage one And natural energy I don’t understand at all…” Anko was confused.

However, there was still a trace of nostalgia.

After opening the curse seal just now, the power that was constantly emerging seems to give her a clearer perception of the whole world.

Few people could refuse the feeling of suddenly becoming stronger.

“I still want to destroy the curse seal.

This was given to me by that man.

It is not the power that truly belongs to me!” Anko hardened her heart.

“I understand.

In this period of time, leave your body to me.”

Yuuji had a faint idea.

“We still need to use Kazue’s power for this matter…”

Yuuji brought Anko back to Root Base.

At this time, Root ninjas came forward and handed over a piece of confidential information to Yuuji.

“Oh, something happened to Country of Sound Some spies that were lying in ambush were missing”

A look of surprise appeared on Yuuji’s face.

This was interesting.

Country of Sound, the country where Orochimaru would build a base in the future, was a small country in the north of Konoha.

Ever since Yuuji took over Root, he had been wise and sent a few Root ninjas to infiltrate Country of Sound as spies to prepare for the future.

Anyway, it was just a few pieces.

Yuuji did not expect these pieces to be of great use, but he needed to ensure that there were pieces when he needed to use them.

“The time is not right.

It can’t be Orochimaru.

It’s good enough if that guy can cross the border of Country of Fire now.”

Yuuji pondered for a moment, and his face showed a puzzled look.

‘Who would make a move on Country of Sound, a small country with no sense of existence’

After thinking for a while, Yuuji went directly to find Minato and reported this news to him.

Minato also did not ask why Yuuji sent Root ninjas to lurk in such a small country.

After thinking for a while, he decided to send a small team to investigate the situation.

“The north of Country of Sound is close to the sea, the south is Country of Fire, and the east and west are small countries.

It is reasonable to say that no one will be interested in this place… But just in case, we still have to investigate it.

Maybe it is Kumogakure’s conspiracy.”

Minato made the decision.

This was also the result that Yuuji wanted.

Minato knew very well that since Yuuji had come to report, he intended to act in the name of the village.

Otherwise, he could completely suppress this news or secretly act with the power of Root.

Yuuji said, “Yes, in the current great country ninja village, only Kumogakure is still fighting with us.

There are also constant conflicts on the border.

Against this group of people, no matter how vigilant we are, it is not excessive.”

On the surface, Kumogakure was now the ninja world’s second strongest village.

If it weren’t for the fact that Konoha had Minato, Yuuji, Fugaku, Shibi, and Kazue than the original work, the current Kumogakure should be the ninja world’s first strongest ninja village.

Moreover, Kumogakure had always been a fighting village, had a fierce personality, and refused to compromise easily.

They were completely qualified to fight against Konoha.

Minato began to choose suitable people.

“Yondaime, Kazue is not suitable to be sent out right now.

She and I are about to practice a forbidden technique together, so she can’t be sent out.” Yuuji suddenly opened his mouth.

Minato was stunned and looked at him in surprise, “Really, a forbidden technique that allows you both to practice together must be very difficult… I understand, pay attention to safety.”

Minato ordered and sent out Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Shisui, Hyuga Hoheto, Morino Ibiki, and Maruboshi Kosuke to form a five-man team and rush to the Country of Sound.

“Maruboshi Kosuke…” Yuuji silently thought about this name.

The guy who was known as Konoha Strongest Genin actually had strength that surpassed most of Jonin.

Sending this person out should be the support for Kakashi and other young people.

This kind of team was perfect.

There have strong attacks and perceptions; there were no shortcomings in Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu.

“Shisui’s right eye is still a big problem…” Minato suddenly said in a low voice.

He looked at Yuuji, and the two looked at each other speechlessly.

The two of them knew why Shisui’s right eye had become like this.

Using Kotoamatsukami in front of a mirror, this kind of awesome operation was really powerful.

Soon, Hokage’s order was passed to Kakashi and the others by Anbu.

When these people received the order, no matter what they were busy with, they put down what they were doing and participated in this mission.

“Damn it, why did you find me I still have a lot of things to do…”

Hyuga Hoheto was the most dissatisfied one.

Ever since he came into contact with the Otsutsuki clansmen on the moon and learned of Tenseigan’s secret, he did not want to waste any time on other matters.

Moreover, the target of the mission was a small coastal country in the north… Couldn’t they just send someone over, but they had to choose him

“Damn it, this is Hokage’s order… I just found some signs, and I am about to be interrupted.”

On the surface, Hoheto calmly took the order scroll from Anbu, and as soon as he closed the door, he showed an impatient expression.

Regarding Byakugan’s method of advancement, Hoheto combined the current information and could think was to transplant a Byakugan in his clan.

“Those distant relatives Otsutsuki who came down from the moon did not have Byakugan.

They seemed to show an unimaginable interest in Hinata.

Considering the age of Toneri, it seemed that they want to transplant Hinata’s eyes to Toneri, which could give Toneri unimaginable benefits.”

“To be able to make them especially come to ninja world to dig out an eye…”

“The Uchiha clan is Sage of the Six Path’s direct descendant, but the eyes of Kazue and the others are Mangekyo Sharingan and not Rinnegan…”

“After Iroha transplanted the main house Byakugan and returned to the clan, he displayed extraordinary eye power…”

Hoheto carefully closed the door and used Byakugan to survey the surroundings.

After making sure that no one was watching, he immediately walked into a room and flipped through a large amount of information.

The room was filled with all kinds of books and notes, all of which were collected and organized by Hoheto.

He tried to find clues from the chaotic history before the village system was established.

Just the inspiration and speculation content that he recorded on the paper was piled up on a table.

Thinking about it, the most likely way to promote Byakugan was to transplant the eyes of his own kind and learn from Iroha.

“But the problem is, how should I transplant… dig out our original eyes, and then put the main house Byakugan”

“But there is a problem with this method.

Those Otsutsuki guys can completely dig out each other’s eyes and transplant each other.

In this way, they can obtain stronger eye power, so why did they lose their eyes”

A deep puzzled expression appeared on Hoheto’s face.

‘It shouldn’t be so simple.

Moreover, transplanting eyes naturally involves the fusion of eye power, and exchanging eyes with each other is too simple.’

‘So, there is another possibility…’

“Not just transplanting the eyes, but also fusing the eyes Although this speculation is very absurd, it is indeed reliable speculation to increase the eye power… Is this what Iroha did He fused the Byakugan from the main house and the branch house, and then obtained even stronger eye power”

Hoheto racked his brains to guess.

With his wisdom, he could only advance to this step.

Combined with the situation of those two Otsutsuki, what Hoheto could think of was transplanting and fusing more of Byakugan, and he could obtain even stronger eye power, so that he could obtain Mangekyo Byakugan, and even the legendary Tenseigan step by step.

Hoheto solemnly sealed the information and notes into a scroll and carried them with him.

This was his biggest secret and his ambition.

After checking everything, Hoheto immediately set off to meet up with Kakashi and the others at the designated location and set off for the Country of Sound.

With their team’s configuration, even if they were to face Kage-level, they could face them head-on.

The news of Orochimaru’s resurrection was suppressed by Yuuji, Minato, and a few other people who knew about it.

The entire ninja world was still in the midst of getting the exact news, and the few great countries were still in a mess.

After Konoha signed a peace agreement with Iwagakure and Sunagakure, it seemed that the ninja world’s situation was constantly on the verge of stabilizing.

The dawn of peace had already appeared.

But this was only the dawn of the great countries, the peace that belonged to the small countries was still far away.

Especially those unlucky small countries that were targeted by dangerous people, such as the Country of Sound.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying explosion sounded out, and every explosion was accompanied by a series of miserable screams.

The entire Country of Sound was in a state of devastation and chaos.

A large number of refugees were fleeing for their lives, their expressions miserable.

A large number of ruins lay across this country.

“Run! The demon is here!”

“Why did we encounter such a thing”

Many people dragged their families and ran for their lives in panic.

There were also sporadic ninjas in the crowd.

With these civilians as cover, they ran for their lives in horror.

It wouldn’t be long before they could escape into the territory of the Country of Frost.


At this time, a puppet dressed in black suddenly appeared, and in just an instant, he killed all these despairing people.

“Hmph, I can’t find any suitable materials at all.”

The black puppet carried a sickle and floated in the air.

There were many chakra lines on its body controlling it.

It was accompanied by a rhythmic sound of footsteps.

A strange puppet with a hunched back that was moving on the ground came over.

He casually glanced at the corpses on the ground, and a trace of impatience flashed through his eyes.

‘Damn, doesn’t this trash country have a few ninjas who can draw my interest!’

“In front of me is the daimyo mansion.

The only remaining strength of the entire country is concentrated there… If I kill all of them, I think I will be able to find some qualified works of art.”

The Sasori had been wandering in the Country of Sound for a period of time.

It had been almost eight years since the assassination of the Third Kazekage and the Third Ninja World War.

In the past eight years, Sasori had used everything he had to transform the Third Kazekage into his strongest work of art.

He had even pushed his puppetry technique to a higher level.

He came to the Country of Sound and started a massacre, searching for more suitable materials to create puppets.

“These trash ninjas, let’s gather a number first.

It’s a good time to experiment with my puppet’s strongest secret technique…”

Sasori looked at them with extreme disgust.

After sneering, he took out a scroll on the spot, summoned a pile of parts, and then transformed these corpses into puppets.

Twenty minutes later.

“Although these last two works of art are extremely rudimentary, let’s make do with them.

I will capture this country as the backdrop for my supreme art… Akahigi: Hyakki no Sen(Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets)!”


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