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Anko felt that she had a terrible nightmare.

Orochimaru was dead, Orochimaru was alive again, and he even stuck his tongue out at her…

It was too terrifying.

Facing such a calm Yuuji, Anko was confused.

“You said that you are only a clone now, and you almost killed that man” Anko was stunned.

Yuuji nodded casually, “To put it simply, I had the chance to kill him again, but I didn’t expect him to prepare some backhand…”

Who would have thought that Orochimaru, this bastard, would actually use Impure World Reincarnation on Danzo

In the original work, after Kabuto and Obito cooperated, they summoned a lot of powerful ninjas who had left their names in history and also summoned a bunch of third-rate cannon fodder ninjas.

However, they did not summon Danzo.

Even when Obito took away Danzo’s corpse in order to retrieve Shisui’s right eye; in the end, he did not summon Danzo.

It could be imagined how badly they looked at Danzo’s strength and felt that reviving this guy was purely a waste of energy.

“But Orochimaru is different after all.

There are so many powerful guys to resurrect, but he chose the most suitable person…”

Yuuji suddenly chuckled and sighed with emotion.

Orochimaru was indeed very cunning and made the most correct choice… one of the best.

Although Danzo’s combat strength was low, he relied on the eleven Sharingan and Mokuton: Jubaku Eis(Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial) to die together.

But… to a certain extent, Danzo was the most suitable to be used to disgust others.

With Yuuji and Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts)’s strength, dealing with ordinary Impure World Reincarnated enemies, they would be shattered in a few moves.

Then, the Uzumaki mini-version could directly use a sealing technique and seal the enemy on the spot.

The only person who could deal with Impure World Reincarnation with the highest efficiency was a sealing technique.

However, the sealing technique was useless to Impure World Reincarnate Danzo.

This guy could use Izanagi to modify the result of the seal.

If Yuuji really wanted to seal Danzo, he would have to wait until all eleven of Danzo’s Sharingan were blind before he could successfully seal him.

This was equivalent to defeating and sealing Danzo who was in a full chakra state twelve times in a row before succeeding.

However, just the consumption of this process could make most of the ninjas collapse on the spot.

Don’t say anything else, just delaying time and disgusting people, throughout the whole ninja world, Danzo was the only one!

He might not be able to defeat you, but in a certain period of time, you will never be able to defeat him!

“That guy Orochimaru actually discovered Impure World Reincarnation’s new way of playing… If there are enough Sharingan, doesn’t that mean that Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas have many opportunities to avoid being sealed”

Yuuji rubbed his chin with a strange expression on his face.

‘If it were the Third Raikage and Second Mizukage, who had a few pieces of Sharingan to avoid being sealed, coupled with their immortal body and infinite chakra, this kind of combination is simply…’

‘Of course, the premise is to learn Izanagi’s forbidden technique, but with the talents of these Kage-level, it should not be difficult…’

The more Yuuji thought about it, the more strange his expression became.

As a result, his expression made Anko panic and uneasy.

He grabbed Yuuji’s arm and shook it.

“Is what you said true You really defeated Orochimaru Just relying on a clone You are already so powerful”

“No, it’s not like that.

It’s just that the newly resurrected Orochimaru is too weak… Of course, compared to the me who killed Orochimaru a few years ago, I have indeed become stronger now.”

Yuuji shook his head slightly and checked the condition of Anko’s body.

He confirmed that she was no longer in danger and was just too weak.

He planned to disintegrate himself.

“This clone of mine is severely exhausted and is on the verge of collapse.

Since you are out of danger, there is no need for me to protect you… Return to the village as soon as possible and report to Yondaime-sama.”

Yuuji removed Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts)’s summon and let the five mini-version return to the coffin and burrow into the ground.

In front of Anko, his body began to squirm and dissipate.

“I understand.

No matter what, I am very grateful to you…” Anko opened her mouth, but she really did not know how to speak beautifully.

She could only express her gratitude with a solemn face.

Yuuji waved his hand and his figure disappeared.

However, he did not disintegrate on the spot.

Instead, he went underground for a long time.

After confirming that there was no one around, he began to dissipate.

The mission of this clone had come to an end.

All the memories were transmitted back to Konohagakure and received by the main body.

“Oh, as expected, the cells I planted on Anko were activated.”

Yuuji was cutting potatoes.

The originally rhythmic sound of cutting vegetables came to an abrupt end, and an astonished expression appeared on his face.

It was a method he had left behind just in case, but he hadn’t expected it to really be activated.

“Are all the other possessors of the Curse Seal of Heaven dead, or is that guy can’t be resurrected from the Curse Seal of Earth And he specially revived Danzo…”

Yuuji pondered for a moment before continuing to cut the vegetables.

Cooking was also one of the few times he could relax.

As the leader of Root, Yuuji had to deal with a lot of things, not just the matters of Root itself, such as sending some Root ninjas to carry out secret operations.

In addition to secretly communicating with Hyuga Hizashi, sending clones to contact him was obviously not formal.

Of course, the most time-consuming thing was learning all kinds of ninjutsu.

Yuuji placed the dishes on the table and began to eat with Yamato and Kabuto.

The three of them chatted as they eat.

“Nii-san paused while cutting the vegetables.

Did something happen” Kabuto asked.

“Hmm, I guess so.

I’ve encountered something very interesting… Kabuto, in the next few years, you have to spend more time on cloning technology.

It’s best if you can perfect this technology.”

Yuuji smiled.

Kabuto was deep in thought, “A cloning technology… A technique that even Nii-san specifically mentioned must be very important.

The only one that has successfully cloned is Aburame Torune, which has been cloned using Aburame Shikuro as a prototype.

Even so, we spent a lot of effort to barely succeed after thirty-seven failures.”

Kabuto recalled the application process of cloning technology.

A few years ago, Danzo died in battle.

Not long after Yuuji took over Root, he asked for cloning Aburame Shikuro.

Root was working on this goal, and Kabuto later joined the experiment.

Kabuto had a certain understanding of the difficulty of perfecting cloning technology.

“Do your best and try your best to perfect this technology.

If it is necessary, I might come into contact with Orochimaru and exchange for better cloning technology from him.”

Yuuji said lightly.

The cloning technology at Root was originally developed by Orochimaru.

“Orochimaru Isn’t that guy…” Yamato lowered his voice and exclaimed.

“I just received news that one of my sleeping clones was activated and fought with the resurrected Orochimaru… So, that poisonous snake has been resurrected.” Yuuji said with a smile.

He acted casually as if he didn’t care about Orochimaru at all.

“Resurrection…” Kabuto’s expression changed, and he tried his best to connect the dots.

What exactly happened It actually made Nii-san want to obtain a better cloning technique.

A few hours later.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

There was a knock on the door.

“Yuuji-sama, Hokage-sama invites you over.”

Opening the door, an Anbu said respectfully.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Yuuji packed up and immediately headed for Hokage Building.

As soon as he entered, he saw the old faces of the two advisors.

“Yuuji, is what Anko said true Is Orochimaru really resurrected”

“Why did your clone appear by Anko’s side and fight with Orochimaru You better not be like your Sensei, colluding with Orochimaru behind the village!”

Koharu and Homura, these two old advisors, were the first to open their mouths.

Yuuji had a calm face, and he had already expected the questioning of these two.

These two old guys, after Tsunade came to power in the original book, were able to push Tsunade, and it was very clear what they were.

Yuuji directly ignored the two people, walked to the middle of the room, and nodded to Minato, “Yondaime-sama, it seems that Anko has already reported the relevant situation to the village.

Orochimaru has indeed escaped.

I almost killed him.”

The faces of the two advisors who were ignored were extremely ugly, but they also calmed down.

They clearly realized that Yuuji would not give them face at all, nor would he give them the possibility of taking an inch.

This was very tricky.

Minato’s expression was extremely solemn, “You were able to achieve this with just your clone.

Your strength is truly astonishing… How did Orochimaru revive Is it related to Anko How much strength does he have left”

“Curse Seal.” Yuuji replied, “Orochimaru’s soul fragment is sealed within the curse seal.

Currently, it is still impossible to determine if there are any soul fragments within the curse seal of the others.

However, as long as the ninja world has the curse seal carrier that is still alive, there is a possibility that Orochimaru will be revived.”

“As for his strength, it can only be said that it is not comparable to his peak, but with his ability, it is only a matter of time before he completely recovers.”

“Is that so…” Minato’s expression was very solemn.

Orochimaru has a Kage-level strength, wisdom, and research ability was all the best.

Such a person was too dangerous.

Moreover, now that they know of Orochimaru’s resurrection method, he actually relies on something like a curse seal…

“In other words, as long as he wants to, he can use a resurrection method in many human bodies”

“Even if we kill him many times, we still can’t be sure if we can really kill him Then what if we use a sealing method to directly seal him”

Koharu and Homura also turned pale with fright and asked.

Yuuji finally looked at them with surprise in his eyes, “Sealing Orochimaru is no different from directly killing this Orochimaru.

If this Orochimaru is dead, the rest can continue to rely on the curse seal to revive.

What’s the difference”

This uncaring gaze made the two advisors change their expressions.

“Watch your attitude! You know that’s not what we’re trying to say…”

The two people shouted loudly, very dissatisfied.

Yuuji was too lazy to pay attention to them.

Minato, who had long been tired of these two Third Hokage’s relics, could only endure and look at Yuuji.

“With your ability, is it possible to completely kill Orochimaru” Minato asked.

Yuuji thought for a moment and shook his head, “No way.

Who knows how many curse seals there are in the entire ninja world Every curse seal could be used for Orochimaru’s resurrection.

Unless we investigate all of the ninja world’s people, there is no way to kill him completely.”

This was the most difficult part of Orochimaru.

His own strength and wisdom were outstanding, and his life-saving ability was so outrageous.

At present, unless he checked all of the ninja world’s people in a very short period of time and dragged out all the people with curse seals to kill them, it was really impossible to completely kill Orochimaru.

Minato fell into a long silence.

This kind of life-saving ability… Even Minato, who was the second-best in escaping ability in the ninja world, felt helpless.

Minato could use the Flying Thunder God to run away at any time, but it was useless to kill Orochimaru on the spot.

“Yondaime-sama, I suggest that we don’t restore the wanted order for Orochimaru now.

This is clearly telling the people of other villages that Orochimaru is still alive.

Konoha’s previous move to revoke the wanted order will only make them laugh.

It is better to let Orochimaru go to the other ninja village.” Yuuji said.

“Do you know Orochimaru’s next move”

“No, I don’t understand, but I think it’s to escape to other countries and build a new base,” Yuuji replied.

“Got it.”

In the end, Minato still didn’t disclose this news.

Since it was so difficult to deal with Konoha, he would let the other villages have a headache.

However, Minato still planned to bring Orochimaru back to life and pass on the information regarding the curse seal to Jiraiya and Tsunade, who had left Konoha.

“Yondaime, to be safe, I demand to control Anko immediately! The curse seal on her neck has such an important effect.

This is Sandaime’s negligence and Yuuji’s negligence! Just Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method) is not enough!”

“Anko is Orochimaru’s student.

We should have controlled her back then and let the Yamanaka clan check her memories…”

Koharu and Homura immediately made the suggestion.

Yuuji, who had pushed open the door and was about to leave, suddenly stopped and looked at the two people in surprise.

After a long time, he nodded.

“That’s true.

Generally speaking, normal people would think of this.

Because you don’t understand the curse seal, you can’t be 100% sure if the curse seal can revive Orochimaru a second time, but…”

“Why does it make people feel especially stupid when the same words come from your old mouths”

Yuuji left after saying this.

“Impudent! Simply impudent! Publicly insulting us in this sort of situation!”

“Yondaime, did you see that This little brat doesn’t even have us in his eyes! How could Danzo teach such a student!”

The two of them exploded.

However, Minato only smiled bitterly and comforted them.

But he had no intention of calling Yuuji back.

This could be considered tacit approval.

Well, it was just swearing.

It was nothing.

It was nothing.

Yuuji was too lazy to care about the reactions of the two advisors.

He returned home and waited patiently for Anko to come to his door.

“Curse seal… I got Jugo’s blood.

It can be considered as having an entry point.

I can start now…”

Yuuji waited calmly.

Not long after, Anko came as expected, her face still carrying deep exhaustion.

“You came to find me because you want me to continue using Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method) to seal your curse seal”

“No, I hope you can help me destroy this curse seal… please!”

Anko bowed her head deeply, suppressing the pride and arrogance in her heart, and said respectfully.


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