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Anko herself thought that this was an ordinary mission.

Seeing that Kurenai, Genma, and the others were appointed by Hokage as Tokubetsu Jonin one after another.

Anko, who graduated with them, but was younger, was anxious.

“Hmph, although I am younger than them, my strength is not bad at all! Moreover, I am his student…”

As Anko shuttled through the dense forest, she suddenly thought of someone, and immediately fell silent, revealing a sad expression.

She felt an unprecedented sense of peace and affection from that person.

Although many people were afraid of that person, Anko was not afraid at all.

Because the two of them got along very well.

Most of the time, they did not look like a teacher and student.

Instead, they looked like father and daughter.


“He should not have defected…” Anko gritted her teeth and endured the pain that came from the depths of her heart.

The complex feelings of hatred and reluctance to part had been entangled with her like a nightmare for many years.

Remembering those memories.

A relaxed expression appeared on Anko’s tense mind.

The people who had been waiting for a long time keenly seized this opportunity and began to take action.


Several kunai were thrown over, and the explosive tags that were tied up on them also emitted sizzling sounds as they exploded one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


Anko was shocked and quickly dodged.

She jumped onto a tree with an ugly expression on her face.

“It’s finally you.

Anko, right Orochimaru-sama’s disciple.” One figure after another appeared and surrounded Anko.

“Six enemies… Who are you Are you Orochimaru’s enemies Which ninja village are you from” Anko’s heart sank.

‘Coming for that man It was reasonable.

After all, Sensei, no, it should be Orochimaru.

He was extremely cold-blooded toward outsiders and even did not hesitate to use a large number of people to conduct human experiments.

Many people wished to kill him a thousand times.’

If they found her to vent their anger and hatred, it was not impossible to understand.

An enemy sneered and said, “Enemies Hehehe, how can we be enemies with Orochimaru-sama On the contrary, we are here to save him.”

“Save him That guy is already dead.

He died in the hands of his former subordinates! Sen’ei Tajashu(Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)!”


Anko took advantage of the time when the other party was speaking to make the first move.

She suddenly raised an arm and opened it.

A large number of poisonous snakes swarmed out from her sleeve and pounced on these enemies from all directions.

At the same time, Anko was also observing these people, trying to analyze more information.

Moreover, the crazy talk about saving Orochimaru was clearly a statement that only a group of madmen could say.

But Anko still felt a little uneasy.

“Sen’ei Tajashu(Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands).

This is Orochimaru-sama’s technique.

You stood out because of him, so it is only natural for you to make a sacrifice for him.”

All of the enemies attacked one after another, using all kinds of methods to kill a large number of poisonous snakes.

At this time, a short figure slowly walked out from the crowd.

A hood covered his face.

“Use the power of the curse seal then immediately take down Anko and leave.

I won’t be able to maintain my rationality for long,” The man said in a tender voice.

“Yes, Jugo-sama!”

The others trembled, their faces revealing looks of horror.

They all activated the curse seals on their bodies.

A large number of strange patterns began to spread on their bodies, continuously squirming, corroding more of their body parts.

At the same time, it also brought them more powerful strength.

“What a powerful chakra…”

“I became stronger!!”

“A man who can develop this kind of power… No matter what, we must revive Orochimaru-sama!!”

Many of them had fanatical expressions on their faces.

Just by activating the curse seal, they could immediately increase their combat strength.

Everyone was obsessed with this ability.

Jugo slowly raised his head, trying to restrain the killing intent in the depths of his heart.

He looked at the people in front of him with a cold gaze.

They were just cannon fodder.

In essence, they were all experimental subjects that Orochimaru had used to develop and stabilize the curse seals.

It was already very rare for them to be able to control the power of the curse seal.

As for Level 2, which was also the second stage that Orochimaru had secretly called “Senjutsu Transformation”, these people simply did not have the qualifications to activate it.

“Orochimaru-sama…” Jugo muttered in a low voice.

Many people who had activated the first stage of the curse seal started to attack Anko with fanatical expressions.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

These people have their physical strength, energy, and the amount of chakra they had, all welcomed a wave of explosive growth.

Moreover, their bloodthirsty instinct was constantly growing, and it was also driving them to continuously enter a state of madness.

At this moment, they continuously screamed and rushed toward Anko from all directions.

“This is the curse seal.

These guys are all people who have grasped a curse seal… They are not Orochimaru’s enemies, but his subordinates!”

Anko’s face instantly changed.

She looked at these fanatics in front of her with a pale face.

When Orochimaru defected, he especially found her and invited her to defect with him, but Anko refused.

Orochimaru said “a pity” while planting a cursed seal on Anko’s neck.

An intense battle erupted.

In the face of these crazy people, Anko could only flee in a sorry state.

She constantly summoned a large number of poisonous snakes to confuse them, looking for an opportunity to escape.

However, when facing poisonous snakes, these people would only be crazier than poisonous snakes.

They would completely resist the poisonous snake biting and rely on their bodies to resist the corrosion of the snake poison, wanting to catch Anko.

Trees were smashed one after another, all of them in a mess.

“Curse seal… Back then, if not for that fellow Yuuji arriving in time and using Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method) to seal the curse seal on my body, I’m afraid I would have become like this too…”

Anko dodged in a sorry state, and soon a large number of injuries appeared on her body.

She looked at these people with a frightened face.

Just the chakra of the enemy made her realize that she could not resist.

But Anko did not intend to give in.

“Sen’ei Jashu(Hidden Shadow Snake Hands)!”

The poisonous snake drilled out and bit the neck of the person in front of it.

However, the other party relied on the natural energy brought by the curse seal to not die immediately.

He even grabbed the poisonous snake as if he did not feel any pain and pounced on Anko.


Anko used kunai to cut off the other party’s neck.

Her figure quickly retreated.

This kind of high-intensity physical skill and ninjutsu confrontation had already caused Anko’s state to drop to an extremely terrible degree.

“These guys…” Anko gritted her teeth and panted heavily.

At this time, Jugo moved.

He tore off the clothes on his body, and the surface of his body surged with extremely dense seal patterns.

A gurgling sound came from Jugo’s mouth, and his eyes were bloodshot with madness.

His entire body also began to twist and change as the seal patterns covered it.

“Not good, Jugo-sama, he…”

“Could it be that he’s going to enter the second stage We have to speed up.

If he goes crazy, we don’t know how many people we have to sacrifice to calm him down!”

The expressions of the others changed, and their eyes revealed some fear.

Although Jugo was still very young, he was an important experimental subject left behind by Orochimaru and was also the source of the curse seal.

Entering the second stage, Jugo refused to recognize his companion just like a bloodthirsty beast.

Just that burst of chakra alone would cause them to lose a few people.

Many people increased the speed of attacking Anko.

Although Anko fought desperately, she was quickly defeated.

After exhausting her chakra, she was captured by a group of people.

“Jugo-sama, we have already succeeded.

The most important thing now is to revive Orochimaru-sama!” A person shouted while sweating profusely.

“Hehehe…” Jugo covered his head and roared like a beast.

Natural energy continuously poured into his body, making Jugo suffer great pain.

His entire body was almost lost in the mighty power of nature.

Natural energy was the sum of countless years of accumulation on the entire earth.

It was the accumulation of hundreds of millions of lives from life to death.

In the final duel of F2 in Shippuden, Sasuke used Six Path – Planetary Devastation to seal nine Bijuu and poured all the chakra of nine Bijuu into his Susanoo; making it break through to an unprecedented level, and its height reached 200 meters.

At that time, Sasuke’s combat strength was no less than Sage of the Six Path.

Facing that kind of Sasuke, Naruto relied on half of Kyuubi and the other eight Bijuu’s chakra seeds and Kurama that absorbed almost all the natural energy on the surface of the planet to fight with Sasuke.

Logically speaking, Sasuke, who had Rinnegan and nine Bijuu, was definitely the strongest.

No matter how desperate Naruto was, it was impossible for him to fight against this kind of Sasuke.

However, he relied on natural energy to pull the disadvantage down.

Natural energy was a magical power that truly belonged to Earth.

It was a solid measurement of a life planet.

Jugo has the ability to absorb natural energy, which was extremely rare in the entire ninja world.

Unfortunately, he lacked the ability to control natural energy.

After a long time.

Jugo panted heavily with a tired face.

Finally, he temporarily suppressed the patterns on his body.

“Let’s go.

I sensed that a Konoha patrol team is coming.

Let’s go to Base No.

6 and find a way to revive Orochimaru-sama first.”

Jugo said in a low voice.

The group of people carefully carried him on their backs and quickly left with Anko.

Before Konoha’s ninja arrived, they were already gone.

Base No.


In the dark basement, the candles on the walls were slowly burning.

Anko was thrown to the ground with a bang.

“Anko has already been obtained, the only owner of the Cursed Seal of Heaven.”

“With the Cursed Seal of Heaven, can Orochimaru-sama be revived”

“This is really incredible…”

These people stared at Anko greedily.

The entire underground base was filled with a strong smell of blood, and a large number of dead bodies could be seen everywhere.

Obviously, there had been a terrible massacre here.

After knowing that Orochimaru was dead, the people that Orochimaru had secretly imprisoned began to riot and kill each other.

The remaining people were the victors.

“Move aside, while I can still remain calm…” Jugo said reluctantly.

He walked in front of Anko.

First, he summoned a piece of flesh.

Jugo grabbed this piece of flesh and pressed it against Anko’s neck.

“What do you want to do Get lost! And resurrection is simply a fantasy!” Anko screamed loudly, her eyes revealing anger and fear.

‘Resurrection… The curse seal that man left on her, saying that it was the last thing he left for her.

So it was used for resurrection’

‘Orochimaru-sensei, in your eyes, what is this student of yours; just a tool that can be used’


Anko was strangled by Jugo.

The flesh that stuck to the position of the curse seal.

A large amount of energy surged around the area where the flesh was.

It seemed to be resonating with the curse seal on Anko’s neck.

A sinister aura suddenly surged out.

“This feeling…”

“There is indeed a reaction!”

“Is Orochimaru-sama going to be resurrected”

The few remaining vicious experimental subject showed excitement on their faces.

But soon, their expressions froze.

Because this kind of response came to an abrupt end.

“What’s going on”

“Jugo, we only did this kind of risky thing because we believed in you.

Don’t tell me that it’s impossible to succeed.”

The other people’s faces were somewhat ugly, even revealing a dangerous expressions.

“It failed.

This sealing technique forcefully cut off the connection… You guys don’t think too highly of yourselves.

You just want to revive Orochimaru-sama out of greed for the power of the second stage.”

Jugo frowned and stared at Anko’s neck for a while.

Of course, he did not understand the sealing technique and knew nothing about Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method).

However, it did not matter.

It was impossible to succeed because the amount of energy that was inputted was not enough.

Jugo increased the transmission of natural energy, and his body began to change again, toward the out-of-control state.

Anko let out a scream.

The curse seal on her neck broke through the restraint of Fja Hin(Evil Sealing Method).

The soul fragment that Orochimaru had been sleeping in the curse seal began to revive on that piece of flesh.

As it wriggled quickly, this piece of flesh slowly turned into Orochimaru.

At this time, Jugo lost control.

He screamed and began to slaughter the taller and more eye-catching guys around him.

Because in his instinctive perception, these guys were the most energetic.

After these unlucky guys were killed, Jugo stared at Orochimaru with a bloodthirsty gaze.

“The one who resurrected me is you, Jugo.

It seems that the plan went smoothly.”

Orochimaru was wet all over.

The moment he appeared, he let out a low sneer.

“Die!” Jugo roared and rushed over, but Orochimaru pressed him down on the ground.

A sealing technique was used to suppress Jugo’s change, forcing him to barely return to normal.

“Orochimaru-sama, have you successfully revived I have done all your instructions back then.” Jugo said tiredly.

“It’s been hard on you.

After this resurrection, I have to make a good plan… As for you, has Sage’s symptoms deepened again If I weren’t here, you wouldn’t have lived for many years.” Orochimaru sneered.

Jugo was silent.

“Orochimaru, how did you revive… What is that thing on my neck!!”

Anko lay on the ground, his mind blurry.

She gritted her teeth in hatred, and there was a deep sense of grief.

“Anko, at a time like this, there is no point in thinking about this.

The truth is that I have succeeded.” Orochimaru raised his hand and knocked Anko unconscious.

He looked down at the unconscious Anko, and a trace of pity flashed in his eyes.

This student of his would probably never forgive him in this lifetime, but it did not matter.

He would not care about this.

“Let’s go, Jugo.

This base is too simple.

Let’s change to another one.

Although I suffered a great loss in that little brat, it gave me some interesting ideas, such as… the curse seal stage 3!”


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