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Chapter 17 - What A Vicious Brat!!Obito was very grateful to Yuuji.

For the first time in his life, he felt that Yuuji was not so smelly.

“Obito, you have to look after your grandmother.

Don’t let her run around casually…”

Yuuji used his strong arm to support the old woman, preventing her from falling.

His smiling face was full of sincerity.

—He was indeed sincere, not allowing the old woman to succeed.

Who knew when this old woman in front of him had been swapped, and even more so, he didn’t know whether this person in front of him was White Zetsu or Madara himself.

Yuuji remembered that among Rinnegan’s many eye arts, there was a technique called the Elephant Transformation Technique, which could be transformed by living human sacrifices to carry half of the original body’s chakra.

In the original work, Itachi’s Elephant Transformation Body went to deal with Kakashi and the Chiyo team, Ghost Shark’s Elephant Transformation Body to deal with Guy’s team.

‘If it’s just White Zetsu, I can find an opportunity to attack him.

But if it’s Uchiha Madara… even if it’s the old version of Madara, in terms of strength….’

The thought flashed through Yuuji’s mind.

The risk was too great unless he disregarded the consequences and completed the integration of Godzilla.

However, since the dance king, this old bastard, had set his sights on Kazue, then Yuuji didn’t pay attention to being beaten.

He had to take revenge.

Right now, Madara was at the weakest time of his life, and this was the opportunity to make a move.

At this time, Kazue, Guy, and the others also quickly caught up, looking at the sweet looking and filial Yuuji with confusion.

“How about this, Obito As companions in the village, we have the responsibility to help each other.

Our three-man team often comes over to help take care of Grandma.”

Yuuji glared at Obito with a face full of blame.

“Yuuji, you…” Obito looked grateful.

This was the first time that someone cared so much about his family.

“No need.

This is too much trouble for you, good children.

Just now was just an accident.

I only need Obito to take care of me…”

The old granny was about to refuse.

“No, you have to listen to us.

If we can’t even protect grandma, how can we still be a ninja! Look carefully, Guy, you stay here and take care of the grandma until 5:30 in the evening.

You can’t leave at all!”

“You carry her when she gets up.

You keep an eye on her when she goes to the toilet.

You feed her, and you accompany her when she sleeps!”

Yuuji looked solemn.

‘Ah this!’

‘I understand.

Is this the true essence of youth To sacrifice myself to protect my companions, I understand! Since it is Yuuji-san’s will, I am willing to do my best to carry it out! Come on, old man, I will not make a fool of myself!’

Guy’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit, and he roared as he picked up the old granny.

He was extremely excited.

He was one step closer to Yuuji-san’s spiritual level!

Obito was dumbfounded and moved to a complete mess.

“This, this, this, how can this be I am really…”

“Don’t say anymore, Obito.

We are companions of the same village.

Isn’t it only right for companions to help each other If you say more, I will be angry!”

“I understand, Yuuji.

If you need my help in the future, just say it! I, Obito, will bet on the name of Uchiha and will definitely help you with all my might!”

Yuuji patted Obito’s shoulder with a solemn face.

Then, he pulled the confused Kazue and left with a serious expression under the admiring gazes of the Uchiha clansmen around him.

“Who is that kid He is really amazing.

As an outsider, he actually looks after our clansmen like this…”

“Kazue’s teammate, Yuuji Ha, I know.

He is the descendant of Shiranui’s family.”

“Hmph, for an outsider to be able to do this, this is the shame of our Uchiha family! Come, I also want to take care of Obito’s grandmother.

We each take two hours a day and take turns taking care of her 24 hours a day.

We can’t let her die!”

Obito’s grandmother/ Madara: “”

‘The current Uchiha clan is getting worse and worse, and they actually let Shiranui’s son wander around the clan Damn, this old man will remember you!’

In the next moment, a certain grandma who was carried on Guy’s back was drowned by countless enthusiastic clansmen.

White Zetsu, who was hiding in the dark and observing, was dumbfounded.

‘How could this be’


Yuuji and Kazue walked out of Uchiha’s territory.

“What’s the meaning behind your actions I don’t understand at all.”

Kazue was completely confused.

She thought she had “seen through” part of Yuuji’s will, but now she was baffled.

She looked at the side of Yuuji’s face.

‘Yuuji-san, what kind of person are you Are you a traitor Or are you just one on the surface Or are you a utilitarian…’

“Don’t say anymore, Kazue.

While Guy is not here, you have something to give me.”

“What, what, so you deliberately sent Guy away”

“En, that guy is by my side.

It will be bad.

Don’t talk nonsense, quickly give it to me!”

“Is, is it here Is it not very good Do you want to go back to my house first…”

“No, this place is very good.

I want to personally test that thing, so…”


Kazue’s heart was pounding.

While she was panicking, she could not help but look forward to it.

‘Could it be that Yuuji-san still had a deeper layer of will that was about to be revealed’

“So, quickly teach me the Shadow Clone Technique!”


“You know, I can’t do anything about it.

This is a very practical B -grade ninjutsu.

The Ninja School will not teach this.”

Kazue’s expression changed from expectation and excitement to anger and… disappointment.

“Yuuji-san, this is the seal and chakra circulation of Shadow Clone Technique, and…”


“I suddenly feel that Yuuji-san is really hateful… Don’t forget the time set by superior Ninja Shibi.”

Kazue swung her long hair and ran far away.

Yuuji looked at the figure of Kazue, pondered for a moment, and immediately began to use the shadow clone technique.

—-This was a real body clone technique developed by the second Hokage, and although it was a typical clone, it would explode at the touch, wasting a lot of chakras.

However, Yuuji still needed this thing.

“With a part of White Zetsu’s life tissue in hand, I can give it a try…”

Yuuji pondered and seized the time.

The time soon came to 5:30… There was only half an hour left before the six o’clock set by Aburame.

“Oh! It’s time.

My task is complete.

Grandma, you should have a good rest!”

Guy looked excited.

The old woman looked haggard and trembled.

“Finally… good child, quickly go and cultivate.

It has been hard on you.”


‘Damn it.

This excessively stubborn dog thief is finally going to leave.

As long as we find a way to avoid these little brats who come to visit us one after another, we can use words to motivate Obito in the dead of night and then die on the spot….’

But at this time, a voice that made him want to strangle the real person came…

“Obito’s grandmother, I’m here to change shifts!”

Yuuji walked in with a solemn face.

“I used half a day to barely learn the Shadow Clone Technique.

In the future, I will especially send out a clone to take care of you all day!”

“… Don’t you need to spend time cultivating”

“It doesn’t matter.

I have a lot of Chakra, and taking care of my companions is the greatest kind of spiritual cultivation! You don’t have to worry too much.

I am also trying to find some medical ninjutsu to learn, and I am ready to save you at any time.”


‘What a vicious little devil, if all of Konoha is like this, how terrible would it be….’


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