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Iroha caused a great shock in the Hyuga Clan.

Many people from the branch house started to visit and try to communicate with Iroha.

What kind of method could make Iroha, a branch house member, increase the eye power of the main house Byakugan

Was there anything else that attracted the attention of the branch house more than this

Even Hyuga Hizashi came to visit one evening.

“Hizashi-sama, I didn’t expect you to come.”

Iroha invited Hizashi in and said expressionlessly.

At the same time, he took off his apron and placed the dishes he had just made on the table.

Hizashi’s expression was normal, “Do you cook for yourself”

“Yes, as a Root ninja, life is also a part of the mission.

It is more beneficial to master life skills.” Iroha said coldly.

Hizashi’s eyelids jumped.

He was silent for a moment and pretended to be cheerful, “Is that so It must have been hard on you… You must have been very troubled these past two days.

There are always people looking for you.”

“Fortunately, it’s just a group of guys who work hard to suppress the greed and worries in their hearts, but are timid.”

Iroha sit at the table and began to eat as if no one else was there.

He had no intention of preparing a portion for Hizashi.

If it were any other Hyuga clansmen who dared to do this, they would have long been scolded by the entire clan, not only because they were rude to Hizashi, but also because this kind of behavior itself was not in harmony with the etiquette of the Hyuga Clan, and it insulted the demeanor of the Hyuga Clan.

Hizashi maintained his calm.

“It seems that you are already prepared, then I will directly ask… Iroha, what exactly is going on with your right eye Who was the enemy who attacked Hinata that night, and is there a connection between it and the matter of you increasing your eye power ” Hizashi said slowly.

Iroha slammed the rice bowl on the table and said indifferently, “Hizashi-sama, can I understand that you are spying on the secrets of Root This is not your style of doing things.”

“No, it has nothing to do with Root, but it has something to do with the branch house and Hyuga.

You know what I am talking about.

A branch house member transplanted Byakugan of the main house and then raised the eye power, which is the significance of the branch house…”

“Hizashi-sama, you are asking about something very dangerous.

If I were you, I would not pay too much attention to it.

Otherwise… I would really die.”

Iroha’s voice was cold and emotionless.

Although Iroha himself had not figured out many things, such as Otsutsuki’s distant relatives and Byakugan.

However, he knew that what Yuuji had done must be of utmost importance.

It was not too prudent to break the Caged Bird Cursed Seal alone.

If Hizashi insisted on investigating this matter… Iroha could guarantee that Hizashi would end up dying.

He would almost disappear and be placed on the operating table at the base.

Yuuji intended to use Impure World Reincarnation to resurrect him and continue his experiments.

It was easy to imagine how much Yuuji valued this matter.

Hizashi left with all kinds of complicated thoughts.

“If there is anything you need help with, you can come to me at any time… And I am not doing it for the branch house, but for Neji.” Before leaving, Hizashi said to Iroha with a solemn and pleading tone.

Iroha looked at Hizashi’s back, not saying a word.

‘Beg for mercy Take the initiative to seek refuge with Yuuji-sama To actually be able to do this for his son… Hizashi is not a qualified branch house head because he is unable to do his duty, but he is definitely the most qualified father.’

“The branch house head wants to seek refuge with Yuuji-sama.

No matter what, I should first tell it Yuuji-sama…”

After a while, in the dead of night, Iroha put on a mask and planned to go to the secret base of Root.

“Eh That person is…” Iroha opened his right eye, and powerful eye power brought him even more powerful vision.

In the distance, Hoheto’s figure came into view.

The two of them activated Byakugan at the same time.

The distance between them was very far.

The moment when their eyesight meet.

Hoheto hurriedly closed his Byakugan and turned to leave.

“Hyuga Hoheto.

This guy is a genius from the branch house.

Is he also monitoring me” Iroha did not comment and went directly to Root Base.

He reported the relevant situation to Yuuji.

“Just as I guessed, the Hyuga Clan has become restless.

This calm and outrageous ancient clan…”

Yuuji chuckled.

No matter how strict Hyuga was, even if the branch house had been enslaved for thousands of years when they saw an opportunity, they would still try their best to seize it.

Even Hizashi couldn’t sit still.

For the sake of Neji, he didn’t hesitate to go against the main house.

By relying on Root, this was clearly to split up the Hyuga Clan.

However, it was reasonable.

After all, Hizashi had the intention to kill Hinata.

He even released his killing intent, which was detected by Hiashi.

“Caged Bird Seal, it is really hard to tell whether this thing is good or bad… What do you think, Iroha” Yuuji asked.

Iroha said in a low voice, “For the clan, it is a good thing.

The difficulty of Byakugan opening is far lower than Sharingan.

The deterrence of the Hyuga Clan is not comparable to the Uchiha Clan.

The Caged Bird Seal controls most of the clansmen and protects the bloodline.

But for a person, it is the most terrible shackle.”

“But as long as this is beneficial to Yuuji-sama, it is useful.”

Yuuji nodded, his face full of praise.

“After a period of time, you will undergo the next phase of the transplant operation.

You will become a member of the Otsutsuki clan step by step… I will give you what you want.”

Yuuji smiled faintly.

Iroha still didn’t know anything about the Otsutsuki Clan and didn’t know anything about Tenseigan.

Then, Iroha reported the movements of the Hyuga’s clansmen in detail and mentioned Hoheto.

“Hoheto…” Yuuji remembered this name in his heart.

But in the end, he was only a branch house genius, temporarily unable to produce any value that could make Yuuji’s eyes light up, so he temporarily shelved it.

Iroha withdrew.

As a nail, he nailed to the Hyuga Clan whose heart was wavering.

This ancient clan was abruptly pried open by Yuuji, and the blood flowed endlessly.

It was just that he didn’t know when this gap would explode and detonate this clan.

Calculating the time, Yuuji’s expression changed slightly.

It was time to train Naruto.

Xu went online.

In Naruto’s room, Xu’s figure slowly emerged.

“Well, you actually didn’t sleep.

It seems that you finally woke up.

Sleeping is a waste of time.

You don’t need to sleep.”

Xu praised.

Sleep As the Child of the Prophecy, why are you sleeping like a chicken Uzumaki plus Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

This kind of combination that greatly increases physical strength and energy; wouldn’t it be a waste of talent

Naruto solemnly sat on the bed and looked at Xu.

“Sensei, I have decided.

I also want to learn powerful ninjutsu!”

“Oh, why do you have such thoughts”

“Because that smelly guy can spit fire.

No matter what, I have to learn how to spray water!” Naruto said righteously.

“Smelly guy… Sasuke You were actually stimulated by him…”

Xu nodded slightly.

These two guys have been fighting each other for a thousand years, and they were still fighting…

Sometimes, he would seriously think that Naruto was Asura or Asura was Naruto

Naruto was covered and corrected by Asura chakra when he was in his mother’s womb, and his character was already doomed.

This kind of Naruto… was it Naruto or Asura

It should be that Asura had more, and many things were simply doomed.

When the first generation Asura fought the first generation because of Indra for the first time in history, he used the True Several Thousand Hands Technique and defeated Indra’s Complete Body Susanoo.

He was also the first person that uses a technique like Rasengan.

He was also the first to use chakra to create a chakra arm.

This was similar to Naruto’s chakra arm used under Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Most of the time, it was simply a cycle of fate.

If not for Rinnegan, Madara, and Otsutsuki Kaguya appearing at this time, Naruto and Sasuke’s fate wouldn’t be any different.

“This kind of competition is really interesting,” Xu said in a low voice.

“That’s right, that’s right.

Sensei, you have to teach me the most powerful ninjutsu! Didn’t you see the scene of Sasuke showing off his Sensei It seems to be called something Shiranui Yuuji.

Humph, humph, although he is also very powerful, I feel that it is just that.

I just need to work hard to surpass him…” Naruto scratched his head and chuckled.

The aura on Xu’s body suddenly sank a little, “Is that so Do you really think so Naruto…”

“Of course!”

“Alright, I will teach you how to cheat… No, how to practice.”

Xu directly took Naruto and left the residence.

Minato, who was in the next room, was slightly aware of this, but his eyes only opened a little, and then he closed them and continued to sleep.

“The First Hokage is really careful.

He is so good to my son…” Minato thought.

He fell asleep.

In the black forest outside the village.

“Is this forest created by Sensei I heard it from my father!” Naruto was a bit excited.

Xu looked at him, “Don’t worry about these details.

Naruto, since you want to learn powerful ninjutsu, I will teach you powerful ninjutsu.”

“Is it planting trees I want to learn this! Planting trees!” Naruto shouted and pointed at the black forest in front of him.

At this time, Naruto was less gloomy than Indra and more sunny and heartless than Asura.

Naruto seemed to be emitting light.

Xu only felt that his eyes were burning.

His body moved slightly, and his black robe swung, slapping Naruto’s body.

A large number of Sasuke’s cells were thrown in.

“Naruto, do your best to create chakra,” Xu ordered.

Naruto had a face full of question marks, but he still did as he was told.

Soon, along with the creation of more chakra, the inexplicable sunlight that appeared and spread on Naruto’s body immediately disappeared a little.

Xu nodded in satisfaction.

‘That’s right, going to the sun; Naruto is Naruto, not Asura.’

‘No matter what he became, he could not let him continue to become Asura.

Otherwise, it would be meaningless for him to do all of this.’

‘The plan to transform Naruto still had to be pushed forward steadily.’

‘I just don’t know when the old man six paths need a thug, how will he divide the Yin and Yang release…’

“Naruto, you can’t learn Planting Trees.

At least not now… Maybe in the future, but it is not like my tree.” Xu’s voice was low.

Planting trees Naruto didn’t have Wood Release Bloodline Limit, so he definitely couldn’t plant the First Hokage tree, so he could only plant Otsutsuki’s God Tree.

God Tree had a close relationship with the Otsutsuki Clan, and only the possessor of Otsutsuki’s bloodline could plant it.

Others couldn’t control the God Tree to devour the energy of the entire planet.

“Naruto, you are born with the ability to control others’ chakra.

This is your strongest ability, and there is no one else.

Coincidentally, there is a big guy in your body.

If you control it well, you might be able to achieve the goal of planting trees.” Xu said in a low voice.

Naruto subconsciously touched his stomach.

He was deep in thought.

“Big Fox This guy has a bad temper, but he treats me pretty well…” Naruto laughed.

In his stomach, Kyuubi also laughed.

Kyuubi’s vicious gaze passed through the cage and stared into the depths of the sewer.

A blurry and dark figure was formed from Naruto’s dark side.

At this time, it became even heavier.

Although he didn’t know what exactly happened, Kyuubi was in a good mood, and even his attitude toward Naruto became closer.

‘As long as you are a villain, then we are on the same side.’

This was what Kyuubi thought.

“Naruto, I will teach you how to master Kyuubi’s chakra.

First, start from controlling chakra, then Bijuu’s cloak…”

Xu said in a low voice.

The night passed.

At dawn, Naruto ran back home.

“Kyuubi Mode.

After practicing this, I can learn how to grow trees.

The big fox is still easy to talk to, but it is a bit fierce.”

Naruto was elated.

This way, it wouldn’t be long before he could defeat Sasuke.

Starting from a new day, even if Naruto didn’t sleep, he still felt refreshed.

He excitedly went to see Minato, wanting to share this news with his father.

However, he missed.

Minato had already gone to Hokage Building to work.

He was a very diligent Hokage.

Naruto stood in front of Minato’s door for a long time before slowly leaving.

Hokage Building.

“Oh, so many people have reached the required amount”

Minato pondered for a moment.

The people in Kakashi’s batch had all grown up.

Other than Yuuji, Kakashi, and Kazue, who had long become Jonin.

The other people in the same period also grew up one after another.

In the past few years, they had been constantly doing missions, and their strength and experience were rising rapidly.

“In that case, it is almost possible to promote this batch of people to Jonin one after another.” Minato continuously flipped through the information in his hands, looking at the information of one person after another, and nodded slightly.

Soon, Hokage’s appointment was issued, and many ninjas in the village knew the news.

The ones who paid the most attention to this were undoubtedly the new generation, such as Kurenai, Guy, Genma, and the others.

They had all been promoted to Tokubetsu Jonin(Special Jonin).

“Damn it, why haven’t I been promoted I’m also very strong!”

Anko held a bunch of spicy Dango in her hand and was somewhat dissatisfied.

‘Why not me’

“It can’t be helped.

You are still young, and the number of missions you carry out has not reached the standard.

Anko, do you still want to eat Dango I will buy them for you.” Genma was very enthusiastic.

But Anko turned around and left.

She was going to accept more missions.

Although she graduated at the same time as Kakashi and the others, she was indeed two years younger.

“Hmph, just doing a mission,” Anko muttered.

She accepted a mission to eliminate a rouge ninja and immediately set off.

No one cared.

Even if they knew, they would only think that this was just a very ordinary mission, and nothing would happen.

Dangerous rouge ninjas were not uncommon.

But when Anko left Konohagakure.

Some people had already started to act in secret.

First, it was the spies in the village, and they immediately spread the news.

“Anko has finally left the village.

The long wait has paid off…”

The group of people received the information and looked up coldly.

‘Orochimaru-sama had been asleep for too long.’


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