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Just as Minato was about to find an opportunity to throw his kunai, he saw a giant beast destroy the meteorite.

“Is it Yuuji again With him here, it will always make people feel at ease.”

Minato heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and looked in the direction of the giant beast.

This kind of ninja could solve the tricky problem no matter what kind of occasion it was.

It was really gratifying.

At this time, Yuuji returned to his human form.

Along with the shattered meteorites in the sky.

He looked at Toneri’s father and son.

These two fellows had already escaped the range of Rashomon’s blockade.

They directly jumped onto the wooden platform and quickly flew up.

“Sensei, they want to escape! Watch me stop them, Katon: Gkaky no Jutsu(Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)!”

Sasuke was a clever little brat.

He keenly noticed them.

After shouting, he immediately opened his mouth and spat out a fireball.

Although it was useless, he still spat out a fist-sized fireball.

After flying a few meters in the air, it dissipated.

Even the clothes of the other party were not touched.

“Damn it, I let the other party escape.” Sasuke had an unwilling look on his face.

“So, so powerful.

He actually knows how to use ninjutsu…” Hinata watched in shock.

Naruto also clenched his fists.

Speaking of which, he only knew Bunshin no Jutsu(Clone Technique) and body techniques now… His teacher had yet to teach him more complicated techniques.

“What I also master powerful ninjutsu…” Naruto muttered.

Yuuji had already attacked the two people, and his entire body rushed out like a sharp arrow.

He had only obtained Toneri’s father’s gene, and he had not obtained Toneri’s gene yet.

He could not just let it go like this.


White Hot Light suddenly shot out, destroying half of the special platform.

The remaining parts also began to burn, but the flames were immediately extinguished.

“Relying on this thing to be able to go back and forth between the moon and ninja world at will.

Can the physique of Otsutsuki withstand cosmic radiation This physique, I will accept it.”

Yuuji suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed at Toneri who was screaming in horror.

“Get lost!” Toneri’s father roared, using his last bit of vitality to call out to the giant Tenseigan.

A strange repulsive force suddenly descended, pushing Yuuji away.

However, a piece of Toneri’s flesh was still dug out by Yuuji.

It was also at this moment.

“Rasen Senk Ch Rinbuk Sanshiki(Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three)!”

A large amount of yellow light rushed over like lightning.

Minato rushed over through the Flying Thunder God Formula.

Once he released Rasengan, he grabbed a precious gap and smashed down the exhausted Toneri father.

“Run! When you have enough strength, consider the matter of revenge!” Toneri’s father finally let out a miserable scream, and then died.

“What a pity.

I originally planned to capture you alive, but I didn’t expect your body to be so weak.

With a light touch, you died…”

Yuuji lifted the corpse and looked up at the sky.

He looked at Toneri’s pained and frightened eyes.

Minato also landed.

He was a little puzzled, “It really is these two strange fellows… but why is one of the enemies a child”

“I’m not sure.

Perhaps this child is rather special.” Yuuji replied.

The next time they met, it was unknown how long it would take.

Toneri held the hatred for the ninja world, and now this hatred would be more specific and vivid.

At least he had a specific goal to strive for.

Would he stare at him, or would he stare at Minato

“We lost several of Anbu and only killed this guy…” Minato stared at the broken platform that was rising at an astonishing speed and hesitated a little.

In the end, he still did not make a move.

He still had not figured out the situation yet, but it was a fact that the other party had killed the Anbu.

And children and so on…

In the end, Toneri still managed to escape.

Yuuji glanced at Minato with a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

He raised his hand and removed the Five Layer Rashomon.

“Dad!” When Naruto saw Minato, he couldn’t help but shout and look at Sasuke proudly.

“He is actually the Hokage’s son… So what if he’s Hokage’s son” Sasuke frowned and then it let go.

The two of them were tied anyway.

For some reason, when they looked at each other, they felt very unpleasant.

Minato glanced at his son and nodded slightly.

Then, he looked at Yuuji with a solemn gaze, “Who exactly are the enemies”

He had seen these two people when he was fighting Xu.

At that time, Xu had used the wooden statue to attack these two fellows.

A foreigner A fellow from outside of the ninja world

“Yondaime-sama, this is also something I am puzzled about.

The enemy is very mysterious and suddenly attacked our companions in the village.

I don’t know why.”

Yuuji skillfully sealed the body of Toneri’s father and looked at Minato with a sincere face.


Minato scratched his head.

He knew that Yuuji had clearly set his eyes on the enemy’s corpse.

“Remember to give me a copy of the research results o Root.

It must be detailed.

You are not allowed to hide it privately,” Minato reminded.

Yuuji had a solemn expression, “Of course.

Yondaime-sama, do you really think that I will keep it a secret It doesn’t exist.”

Minato thought for a moment and felt that it was true.

He immediately nodded in satisfaction.

Very soon, the higher-ups of Konoha gathered together.

The two advisors indeed asked Yuuji to hand over the enemy’s corpse.

“Konohagakure Intelligence Division is obviously more suitable to study this corpse.

Yamanaka’s clan is very good at obtaining the memories of the enemy.

You should hand this over to the village,” suggested Koharu as she turned to Homura.

Yuuji calmly sat in his seat and calmly looked at the two people.

As the leader of Root, it was reasonable for him to participate in the high-level meeting.

He replaced Danzo.

“If my sensei was still alive, you probably wouldn’t have asked him to do this,” Yuuji said indifferently.

“What kind of attitude is this!!”

“Even if your sensei is still alive, he wouldn’t speak to us in such a tone!”

The two advisors were very angry, and a deep sense of powerlessness rose in their hearts at the same time.

After all, Yuuji and Danzo were different.

Danzo needed their support, but Yuuji did not need it at all.

He was even extremely annoyed that the two old men were interfering with Root matter.

After a few attempts, Yuuji almost cut off their claws.

The Root under Yuuji’s rule was even more impenetrable, and they would not have any opportunity to penetrate or touch them.

“Root will be fully responsible for the research of the enemy, so there is no need for the two of you to worry… The times have changed,” Yuuji replied.

He directly stood up, nodded at Minato, and left the venue.

Koharu said angrily, “Yondaime-sama, look at this guy! He doesn’t even care about us!”

Homura, “You really should take care of him.

He simply doesn’t put us in his eyes!”

“I understand.

I will properly reprimand him.”

Minato casually replied, but secretly pleased in his heart.

These two advisors were left behind by the Third Hokage.

Their desire for power was extremely strong, causing Minato to be unable to do anything.

It was extremely terrible.

To be able to see Yuuji, a new generation, retort against them.

Minato was extremely happy.

At the same time, the Hyuga Clan was not calm either.

The daughter of the main house clan head was attacked by a mysterious enemy and almost died.

This news caused the Hyuga Clan to explode.

Every Hyuga Clan members were furious.

Even if they were divided, they were still furious at what happened to Hinata.

No matter how much the branch house opposed the Caged Bird Cursed Seal, they also knew that this was to protect their clan’s bloodline.

Protecting the main house’s direct line of descent was their duty, and it was also an important measure to continue the Hyuga Clan.

“Elder brother, we can’t be so passive.

We should find Fourth Hokage-sama to find out the identity of the enemy!” Hyuga Hizashi said angrily.

Hiashi glanced at him and did not speak for a moment.

Hizashi frowned and said, “Brother, is there a problem Could it be a ninja from the enemy village Even Fourth Hokage-sama does not dare to act rashly”

“If it’s a ninja from the enemy village, things will become simpler.” Hiashi calmly sat on the tatami and drank his tea.

It was as if no matter what happened, this clan head would not lose his elegance and composure.

Even his actions of pouring tea and drinking tea revealed an indescribable noble temperament.

This was something that Hizashi could not do.

His own daughter, the next generation of the clan, was almost killed, how could he still sit still!

“Hizashi, this matter is rather complicated.

Don’t interfere… I will tell you everything I can tell you, but there are some things that I can’t say, not because I don’t want to.” Hiashi said lightly.

“…” Hizashi gritted his teeth.

He felt a sense of anger that he was an outsider.

“Is it because I am a branch house member that you refuse to tell me We are already so distant, just because you are the head of the main house and I am the head of the branch house” Hizashi said angrily.

Hiashi placed the teacup on the table and said calmly, “Ever since the last time you revealed your killing intent toward Hinata, some things have changed… I only use the Caged Bird Curse Seal; It was only because of remaining gentleness that this elder brother of yours had for you.”


Hizashi opened his mouth and fell into a long silence.

Killing intent towards Hinata…

Indeed, he had such thoughts before.

“As expected, I still didn’t hide it from you…” Hizashi revealed a bitter expression.

Hiashi had an indifferent expression on his face, “Neji’s talent, will, and battle awareness have surpassed Hinata in all aspects.

There is no doubt about this.

But such a genius, because of his birth, is destined to be locked up by Caged Bird Cursed Seal.

His Byakugan’s potential is locked, which is inevitable… Our branch house’s fate is like this.”

The Hyuga Clan was far more closed, more conservative, and more extreme about bloodline than the Uchiha Clan.

The Uchiha Clan still has the situation of the main house marrying outsiders.

For example, Kazue and Izumi’s parents; their mother, Uchiha Hazuki, are from the main house where their father is an outsider.

After marriage, their surname will change to Uchiha.

This kind of thing will not happen in the Hyuga Clan.

According to the conservative and extreme xenophobia of this clan, the outsider clan will only pollute the pure and noble Hyuga bloodline.

Of course, if they were as strong as Naruto in the original work, and becomes one of the new F2s in the ninja world after the Fourth Ninja World War, then everything would not be a problem.

No matter how dissatisfied the Hyuga Clan was, they had to endure it.

Hiashi glanced at his own younger brother.

The two of them were born as twins.

Hiashi knew that he was only born a few seconds earlier because of good luck, and naturally became the candidate for the main house.

There was only one person in the main house of each generation, Hizashi, who was his younger brother, was destined to be locked up by Caged Bird Cursed Seal and become a part of the house controlled by the main house.

“I don’t want it to happen again.

You may leave.” Hiashi said coldly.

Hizashi paused and bowed respectfully to Hiashi.

They did not look like brothers at all.

After Hizashi left.

Hiashi, who was sitting quietly, let out a deep sigh.

“After Yuuji transplanted Byakugan to Iroha, many things have changed…”

Yuuji’s operations in those days made no one in the main house think of it and even opened a whole new door for the people in the branch house.

Although letting the branch house destroy the Byakugan by passively activating the Caged Bird Curse Seal applied to the brain, it was still impossible to truly get rid of the Caged Bird Curse Seal.

However, the operation to transplant the main house Byakugan was really too f*cked up.

This way, the branch house would be able to have the main house Byakugan, which did not have its potential locked and no blind spots.

This kind of operation was like a nail, nailed into the heart of the branch house, which had already caused the hearts of the people to waver.


“The eyes of a child are almost the same size as the eyes of an adult.

In theory, an adult can also dig out a child’s eyes and transplant them.”

Hiashi’s expression was extremely cold.

The growth process of a person was extremely magical, and it was even more magical when it came to the growth of the eyes.

Their bones, muscles, and internal organs were all growing.

Only their eyes hadn’t changed much.

When they were young, their eyeballs were still as big as before.

When they were an adult, their eyeballs were still as big as before.

Because of Yuuji’s actions, many things became extremely bad and dangerous.

“However, I didn’t expect that the person who took the opportunity to attack Hinata was not the branch house, but an outsider… Looking at Yondaime-sama’s behavior, it seemed that he had some understanding of these two outsiders, but he didn’t know much…”

Hiashi silently recalled the scene he saw with Byakugan.

At that time, he had already paid close attention to Hinata’s situation and was ready to attack Toneri’s father and son at any time.

But he did not expect that Yuuji would arrive first to snipe the enemy.

Moreover, the appearance of the enemy made Hiashi very uneasy.

After a while, Hiashi got up and walked into the clan secret chamber again.

He entered the deepest part of the underground and took out the huge scroll.

With a whoosh, it opened.

There were two figures drawn on it.

“This kind of clothing, long sleeves, and a long shirt.

Theoretically, it is not suitable for combat and work.

No one in the ninja world would wear this…”

Hiashi stared at it.

Only the Hyuga Clan would wear a similar gown.

This was the traditional clothing that the Hyuga Clan had inherited from ancient times.

However, the special clothing of the enemy still has a magatama hanging on it, just like the two Sage in the painting…

“The enemy has no eyes, but he has an unimaginable interest in Hinata’s eyes.

This is…”

The more Hiashi thought about it, the more shocked he became.

He stared at the portrait of Sage of the Six Path and the figure next to Sage of the Six Path.

“Sage of the Six Path’s Rinnegan has already appeared.

The person next to Sage of the Six Path seems to be an ancient existence with Byakugan… Has his descendant also appeared If it really is Byakugan, then what is the relationship between him and the Hyuga Clan…”

After a long time, Hiashi took a deep breath, closed the scroll, and put the seal again.

He solemnly put it back.

He seemed to have discovered an extraordinary secret.

After walking out of the secret chamber.

Hiashi went directly to the hospital and found Hoheto who was being healed.

It was said that Hoheto was almost hit by a meteor and was injured.

“Hoheto, do you have any special discoveries that you want to tell me” Hiashi stared into Hoheto’s eyes.

Hoheto was covered in bandages, his face full of confusion, “No, Clan Head-sama, did something happen”

Hiashi looked at him for a while and found that everything was normal.

After a moment of silence, he said, “Take good care of yourself.” Then he walked out of the hospital.

At the moment of walking out, Hiashi suddenly used his Byakugan.

Even if he did not look back, he had already covered the entire hospital.

His line of sight passed through layers of walls and accurately locked onto Hoheto.

Hiashi saw that under Hoheto’s normal behavior, his heart was beating rapidly.

“There is indeed something wrong with Hoheto.

What kind of thing made him hide it with the risk of being abandoned by his clan”

Hiashi sighed.

“Do I need to see Yuuji The dangerous person who inherited Danzo’s power…” Hiashi was at a loss.

Going to see Yuuji meant that their clan had discovered something was wrong, and the signal given was very dangerous.

But in fact, even if he went to see him now, Yuuji was not interested in seeing him.

Yuuji was dissecting an Otsutsuki’s body in Root Base.


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