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A huge gate with a demonic face appears in the street.

There was a dent on the demonic face.

It was from the chakra ball.

If he didn’t block the attack just now, there might be a big problem with this generation of Indra and Asura.

“Since you are already here, just stay.” Yuuji stood at the top of the Rashomon and looked down at them from above.

“Sensei!!” Sasuke cried out in surprise and joy.

After the surprise, his face immediately revealed a wronged expression.

Sasuke pointed at the two people, “These two guys killed people in the village and even want to kill us!”

Yuuji nodded calmly, “Got it.

They will pay the price.”

Naruto held Hinata’s small hand and took two steps back.

He looked at the Rashomon in front of him with a shocked face and then looked up at Yuuji who was standing at the top of the huge gate.

Naruto then poked Sasuke, “Do you know this uncle He is actually your stinky guy, Sensei”

Hinata grabbed Naruto’s clothes and whispered, “Wouldn’t that be a bad idea…”

“Hmph, stupid guy.

My Sensei is very powerful.

Just watch obediently.

However, you are really lucky.

If not for Sensei arriving in time, you would have been killed long ago.”

Sasuke placed his hands in his pocket and raised his chin proudly.

“… Damn it, I also have a Sensei.

He is even stronger than him…”

Naruto muttered in a voice that only he could hear.

His pair of eyes stared at Yuuji.

He remembered that he seemed to have seen this person before… probably at Ramen Ichiraku

For Toneri and his father, this happened a little suddenly.

Toneri’s father stared at the huge gate in front of him with his empty eyes.

“Crap, a very troublesome fellow has arrived…” Toneri’s father’s heart sank.

Yuuji said, “Two outsiders with strange appearances, leave your lives behind.”


Yuuji clapped his hands together.

Quintuple Rashomon!

Another four gates with demonic faces emerged from the ground and surround Toneri and his father at the center.

Just this huge momentum alone was extremely shocking.

On this snowy night, it spread far and wide, alarming countless people.

“So, so powerful… The smelly guy’s sensei is actually so strong” Naruto looked on in shock and unconsciously clenched his fists.

‘What kind of technique is this, Kuchiyose no Jutsu(Summoning Technique) He created such a terrifying gate in one go…’

Sasuke proudly boasted, “What is this Watch carefully.

This is only the beginning.

My Sensei is definitely more powerful than your Sensei.”

His attention was mainly focused on Naruto.

Hinata He directly ignored her.

She was just a little brat with Byakugan.

As long as she was protected, it was enough.

There was no need to communicate too much.


Toneri’s father suddenly rolled up his sleeves and looked up with a cold expression on his face.

In his chakra perception, Yuuji was like a burning furnace.

The amount of chakra that was casually dispersed reached an exaggerated degree, simply suffocating.

“There’s no other way.

Originally, I was only here to look for a pure Byakugan, but I encountered this kind of thing… Toneri, stand behind me!”

Toneri’s father raised his hand and created several green chakra balls, aiming at Yuuji.

“A technique that can be activated without forming seals is very rare…” Yuuji glanced at it.

These chakra balls were similar to Rasengan, but their strength was limited.

In the original work, Toneri had transplanted Hanabi’s pure Byakugan.

After possessing Tenseigan, he could use Tenseigan’s chakra mode to create large amounts of green chakra balls, which were more powerful and had many functions.

He even created Naruto’s Rasengan.

Compared to that kind of power, the green chakra ball created by Toneri’s father was just like that.

It was hilarious that it couldn’t even break through the Rashomon.


Several green trails appeared and quickly struck Yuuji.

They move at an astonishing speed and exploded with a shocking impact.


After the loud noise.

Toneri’s father was stunned.

In his perception field of vision.

Yuuji’s already terrifying chakra level suddenly rose by a level, and his entire body changed.

“This kind of attack is really boring.

It is useless to me.”

Yuuji stretched out an arm.

This arm directly turned into Godzilla’s claw and firmly blocked these chakra balls.

“Give it back to you.”

Yuuji suddenly threw it back, causing a huge explosion at the center of the Five Layer Rashomon.

Toneri’s father hugged Toneri and created a chakra barrier to resist the impact.

Yuuji himself had already taken advantage of the opportunity to attack, and his huge claws clawed at his opponent.


A loud noise.

The ground suddenly caved in, and a violent chakra spread out, triggering a small hurricane.

However, all of it was blocked by the Five Layer Rashomon, and it didn’t cause much harm.

“I caught you…”

Yuuji grabbed toward Toneri!

His target was only Toneri!

If he could obtain the pure-blooded Otsutsuki gene, then it would help him solve many problems.

Even if Toneri’s pure bloodline was something that relied on the giant Tenseigan to continuously purify for more than ten years in the future, then Toneri would still possess a bloodline that was even closer to Kaguya than Uchiha and Hyuga.

The value was still enormous.

“Get lost, don’t touch my son!!”

Toneri’s father’s shouted.

He roared crazily and used all his strength to aim his hand at Yuuji’s arm.


The chakra ball shot out.

At the same time, Toneri’s father grabbed Toneri and pulled him back.


A loud noise was heard.

Toneri’s father let out a miserable scream.

One of his arms had already been torn off, and a large amount of blood shot out.

“Tsk, a little bit more… I got the bloodline of an old bastard who was useless.”

Yuuji picked up this arm expressionlessly.

His mouth was extremely disgusted but his body was extremely honest.

He used a palm without Godzilla to take out a scroll at lightning speed and seal off this arm.

In any case, it was still an Otsutsuki bloodline, so he had to keep it well.

“You bastard, are you coveting the bloodline of our clan” Toneri’s father blocked Toneri behind him and roared angrily.

Yuuji nodded calmly, “Of course.

Looking at your clothes, are you a descendant of Sage of the Six Path After all, this is a costume in fairy tales.

No one in the ninja world would dress like this, because it is easy to be regarded as a lunatic…”

“Bastard with low-level genes in his bones, dirty thoughts, and ugly will, are the characteristics of each of you!”

Toneri’s father hold his right arm and quickly stopped the bleeding.

He cursed angrily, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a burst of panic.

‘Are ninja world’s natives all so crazy Killing people without a word, and even preserving their corpses’

He recalled Yuuji’s actions of sealing his severed limbs earlier, and it was extremely skilled and swift as if he had practiced it countless times…

‘Sure enough, this world was a failure.

Look at the world that the Sage of the Six Path created, what kind of crazy creatures lived in it!’

“From the changes in your appearance, you have a close relationship with that lizard creature.

I can’t let you live…”

Toneri’s father gritted his teeth.

Toneri trembled all over, his face full of fear, “Father, will we die here”

“No, Toneri, remember the scene in front of you.

Remember these twisted lunatics.

This fully shows that this world is morbid and needs to be destroyed!”

Toneri’s father shouted loudly.

He suddenly raised his remaining hand and aimed it at the sky.


A wave of chakra fluctuation surged directly from the earth to the moon.

The giant Tenseigan, who was originally quiet on the moon, was emitting golden light.

At this time, this giant eyeball slightly shook for a moment and echoed with a certain existence.

In the middle of the night, a huge and terrifying chakra fluctuation suddenly burst out, and it naturally carried the ability to control gravity, directly acting on an asteroid in outer space.


Under the control of the giant Tenseigan, the asteroid crashed into the ninja world.

The target was Konohagakure.

A terrifying burning rock tore through the night sky, falling at an astonishing speed.

Many people noticed this “meteor”.

“What’s going on”

“It’s very similar to the time in the Country of Rain.

It was a strange meteor that suddenly fell.”

“This trajectory is also very strange.

Could it really be some kind of Ninjutsu People are controlling it”

“After calculation, the location of the fall this time is… Country of Fire Konoha”


Many people noticed this meteorite.

Although the ninja world’s people did not specialize in astronomy, after the Fourth Ninja World War, astronomers and other non-ninja professions would develop little by little.

But as long as they were not fools, they would realize that something was wrong.

Especially the other villagers; they were gloating and hoped that Konohagakure would be seriously injured.

“Go and find out who Konoha has been fighting recently.

We have to confirm whether ninjutsu that can control meteorites exists or not.

It is best to get it!”

Many of the village leaders gave orders.

At the same time, they were also eagerly looking forward to the result.

The previous Kyuubi Rampage had caused limited losses to Konoha, only causing them to lose hundreds of ninjas.

If this meteorite could severely wound Konoha in one blow… then everything would be wonderful.


Minato suddenly pushed open the window of the Hokage Building and looked up at the sky.

The visible light was surging over.

“Meteorites… Could it be that Sage’s eyes attacked Konoha again”

Minato’s face sank.

He had long suspected that Amegakure’s meteorite impact was caused by Sage’s eyes, who had grasped gravity and repulsion.

Perhaps, Country of Rain, who had suddenly changed his policy and became extremely isolated, had actually been captured by Sage’s eyes.

An Anbu appeared, “Yondaime-sama, we have lost contact with several of our companions who are protecting Naruto.”

“At the edge of the village, someone summoned Quintuple Rashomon.

It seems to have trapped someone.”

“Quintuple Rashomon… I understand.

It must be Yuuji who is blocking the enemy.

I will immediately move out!”

A look of determination appeared in Minato’s eyes.

The Five Layer Rashomon was something that even he couldn’t easily accomplish.

This required him to consume an enormous amount of chakra.

Forcibly summoning it would consume too many chakras directly affecting his combat strength.

Only Shiranui Yuuji, who had an astonishing amount of chakra, was able to summon it.

“With Yuuji here, it will always make people feel at ease.

We don’t need to worry about the mysterious enemy for the time being.

We need to spend time dealing with this meteorite.”

Minato muttered to himself for a moment, then raised his hand and took out several kunai.

He could only do this.

Used Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique) to transfer this meteorite to Country of Fire’s uninhabited region to reduce the losses to the minimum.

Just as the entire Konohagakure was alarmed and Fourth Hokage personally move out.

Hoheto, who was hiding in the forest, also opened Byakugan with a shocked expression.

He looked at the sky and a trace of madness flashed in his eyes, “This technique to control meteorites… What kind of power is this Could it be related to Tenseigan”

Hoheto was so excited that he was about to go crazy.

Can these distant relatives of his, who also relied on Byakugan, could actually use this technique

That meant that he could also do it!

“But if this meteorite falls into the village, it will cause huge damage… I think the Fourth Hokage can solve it.” Hoheto frowned and looked at Konohagakure.

He was inevitably worried.

At this time, Yuuji also looked up.

A fiery light from the sky lit up the night sky, burning the snow that was flying all over the sky.

“How beautiful, you can summon a few more.” Yuuji looked at Toneri’s father.

Toneri’s father panted heavily.

He had suffered a great deal of damage.

“You scum of ninja world, you will taste the consequences of angering a God!” Toneri’s father growled.

“God… A Trash like you is worthy of being called a God”

“I am not a God, but I can feel the will of God.” Toneri’s father revealed a cruel smile.

His remaining hand grabbed Toneri, waiting for the impact to arrive.

However, he was destined to be disappointed.

“Feel despair, outsider.

The last person who called himself God was the one who had Rinnegan.

He would still be defeated when he should be defeated, let alone you.”

Yuuji was noncommittal.

Nagato, who did not have a broken leg and had not been slowly drained into a dried corpse by Gedo Mazo, had an absolutely powerful physical strength.

He was now the first echelon in the ninja world base on strength.

However, at this level, he was not invincible.

At the very least, there was nothing he could do against a space-time ninja like Minato.

He could win, but he could not kill him.

Not to mention an Otsutsuki who was just borrowing the power of the giant Tenseigan to summon meteorites.

Only when Toneri grew up would he be able to surpass Nagato who was of the same age.

At that time, Toneri had his own Tenseigan.

He could activate Tenseigan’s chakra mode, and at the same time, he could use the giant Tenseigan to control hundreds and thousands of meteorites to hit the ninja world, and he could even control the moon to hit the ninja world.

But now, the giant Tenseigan was still not invincible.

The moment the meteorite fell, a large amount of dark blue substance immediately gushed out from the surface of Yuuji’s body.

“Otsutsuki fellow, this is my gift to you.

Kneel down and look at the miracle.”

“Godzilla Mode: Complete Godzilla Transformation…”

“Atomic Breath!”


The giant beast roared at the sky and opened its mouth.

The blue light that shone from its tail extended all the way to its back and gathered at its head.

The giant blue light beam was brewing a terrifying power that could destroy everything.

It aimed at the meteor in the sky and suddenly shot out.

In the blink of an eye, the falling meteor was hit by Atomic Breath, and it started to melt.

Most of it was melted on the spot.

The remaining bit began to spread out in all directions, turning into fine light in the air.

In the distance, Hoheto looked at the scene in front of him with excitement.

“As expected of Yuuji-sama.

Even in the face of Otsutsuki, he was able to do this… Hmm, why is there a piece of gravel coming at me”


A dull sound of collision rang out, and the pieces of the meteorite that fall easily destroyed a small silent forest.

Hoheto lay on the ground, charred black, staring at the night sky with a broken face.


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