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Iroha knelt down on one knee in front of Yuuji and reported the relevant information respectfully.

“Is that so Those two guys finally took action after a few days of silence.”

Yuuji sat at Root Base and casually flipped through the secret ninjutsu scroll in his hand.

It seemed that he did not pay much attention to these two foreign guests.

The secret ninjutsu scroll in his hand was even more attractive to him.

The Root contained all kinds of ninjutsu that Danzo had collected and mastered for so many years.

Even the forbidden ninjutsu in the Book of Seal was mostly copied by Danzo.

Just these ninjutsu alone was enough for Yuuji to spend a lot of time studying them.

Not to mention learning them, in fact, it was unrealistic to learn all of them.

Just the forbidden ninjutsu alone, each of them was very difficult to learn.

Iroha respectfully said, “Sir, do you need me to bring a team of Root ninjas to capture them alive”

“Capture them alive”

Yuuji smiled and shook his head, “Although those two fellows are not very strong, the power they possess is beyond imagination.

They are not something you can deal with.”

Toneri was still a child of three or four years old.

His bloodline was extremely pure.

Later, when Toneri protected the people, Urashiki was reluctant to kill Toneri, a pure-blooded person.

Instead, he sealed and exiled Toneri who was in the way.

It was still uncertain how Toneri’s bloodline, the descendant of Otsutsuki Hamura, was so pure.

Was it because of luck that he awakened a pure bloodline in his mother’s womb, or because of the purification of the giant Tenseigan

However, Toneri had been listed as the target of Yuuji’s attack.

Yuuji wanted to get his hands on this guy’s pure bloodline.

Iroha said, “The other party has already made contact with Hyuga Hoheto.

According to what I saw using Byakugan from afar, Hoheto seems to have accepted the other party’s invitation.”

Yuuji nodded and glanced at the right eye under Iroha’s mask.

This Byakugan has not been sealed by the Caged Bird Cursed Seal.

“Iroha, I promised you before that I will find a way to help you completely decipher the Caged Bird Cursed Seal.

Now, your chance has come.”

Yuuji suddenly smiled.

Iroha knelt down on one knee, expressionless.

Yuuji was used to it and directly moved out.

Toneri and Toneri’s father, the descendants of the Otsutsuki Cla.

He must obtain their genes no matter what.

Toneri’s father successfully roped in Hoheto, and a smile appeared on his face.

Although this chess piece was just a branch house member.

His Byakugan’s strength was also limited, but considering that it would take more than ten years for him to officially unearth the value of this chess piece, it could be considered a win-win situation.

“We need to find a pair of highly pure Byakugan,” Toneri’s father replied.

“I can tell.” Hoheto looked at the empty eye sockets of the two people, then thought of the word “Tenseigan”, and vaguely thought of something.

He sneered, “Only the main house can possess a highly pure Byakugan.

Clan Head Hyuga Hiashi should have one.

However, Hiashi has a daughter.

Perhaps she meets your requirements.”

Hoheto stared at Toneri.

‘He only needed a pair of Byakugan… Was it prepared for this child Then, Hinata’s eyes were suitable.’

A trace of struggle flashed through Hoheto’s eyes, but it was quickly concealed by his ambition.

It was not like he wanted to kill Hinata.

They just needed Hinata’s eyes.

If he could obtain Tenseigan’s secret, he could afford to pay such a price.

Soon, the three of them began to act in secret, carefully observing the movements of the Hyuga Clan.

At this time, it was snowing heavily outside.

Hinata, who had just finished training, ran out of the house crying.

“Hiashi-sama…” A Hyuga clansman said worriedly.

Hiashi’s face was cold and full of disappointment, “Don’t worry about her.

Hinata doesn’t have the talent of an outstanding ninja.

She was just lucky enough to be born in the main house.”

They were both new in the same generation but Neji’s talent simply crushed Hinata in all aspects.

Even his willpower and awareness were far superior to Hinata.

‘Hinata… Why was she born in the main house She, who had mediocre talent, could she take up the heavy responsibility of leading the Hyuga Clan in the future’

The more he thought about it, the more disappointed Hiashi became, and he even had the thought of giving birth to another one.

Whether it was her understanding of Jken(Gentle Fist) or her battle sensitivity, Hinata’s performance was not qualified, and her personality was extremely soft.

Why did he give birth to such a daughter

Hinata, who ran out of Hyuga’s territory, ran wildly in the snowy night, and then fell to the ground with a bang, her whole body buried in the snow.

“Wuuu, why is it like this Why can Brother Neji easily do something, but I can’t do it no matter how hard I try…”

Hinata cried.

A child was lying in the snow, and there was no one in the empty street as if she was the only one left in the world.

The whole world had abandoned her.

At this time, Naruto, who was wandering around, was walking crookedly in the snowy night.

Anyway, his father was busy with the affairs of the village all day, and he had no mother to take care of him.

“Humph, Sensei will only come at midnight.

It’s really boring!”

Naruto held his head and walked in the snow with a frustrated face.

There was no one on the street in this kind of ghastly weather.

The shops were all closed.

“Sensei said that I can sleep for three or four hours a day.

More sleep is a waste of time…”

As Naruto walked, he recalled the teachings that his teacher had taught him.

‘What was Kyuubi Jinchuriki, and what was Uzumaki Clan’s bloodline… Aiya, Xu-sensei always saying some inexplicable things.’

Moreover, his father’s attitude was also very strange.

Ever since that time, he had carelessly opened his eyes and appeared in a strange room full of barrier techniques.

Moreover, that night, large black forests appeared outside Konohagakure.

‘Father seems to have a very strange attitude toward Xu-sensei…’

“So annoying… Eh”

Naruto saw that there was a guy crying on the ground in front of him.

He ran over and looked at this crybaby.

“Hmph, stupid guy, what do you need to lie here and cry for Did you run away from home and get lost”

Naruto snorted twice.

Instinctively, he wanted to be gentle, but another will made him irritated.

He thought of the annoying fellow he had once brushed past, that cool look…

Hinata looked up with tears in her eyes.

The two looked up at each other.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

The snowflakes flying all over the sky also seemed to stop in the air.

“Get up, I’ll take you home.” Naruto didn’t allow any explanation and pulled Hinata up forcefully.

However, it was this kind of strong and domineering attitude that shocked the always weak and self-opinionated Hinata.

Tears still welled up in Hinata’s eyes.

At this time, she stared blankly at the little yellow hair in front of her.

“Where do you live” Naruto asked.

“Over there… that direction…” Hinata pointed.

Naruto held Hinata’s little hand very well.

The two little ones left footprints of different depths on the ground.

It seemed that everything was so beautiful.

This was a story between a pseudo-overbearing prince and a Byakugan princess.

However, there would always be an evil dragon coming out at this time to snatch the princess away.

“Little brat, I can’t let you take her away.

With your lowly bloodline, how can you be qualified to touch her…”

A sinister voice sounded.


A chakra airflow suddenly gushed out, sending Naruto flying, his butt landing on the ground.

“It hurts! Damned bastard, do you want to fight” A trace of viciousness appeared on Naruto’s tender face.

‘He actually dared to hit him… Other than his Sensei, this was the first time someone had dared to hit him!’

Even his father, the Hokage, had never done this before!

Toneri’s father brought Toneri along and appeared on the streets of Konoha.

“Little brat, pay attention to your words.

It’s already merciful of me not to kill you.”

Toneri’s father snorted coldly.

He frowned and glanced at Naruto.

He immediately turned his attention to the dazed Hinata and revealed a look of admiration.

“Although I don’t have eyes, this feeling can not be wrong… I didn’t expect that the distant relative in the ninja world would actually exist someone like you… Byakugan Princess!!”

Toneri’s father was overjoyed.

The highly pure Byakugan, Princess Byakugan… Even in the Otsutsuki clan, she was an extremely rare existence!

In this filthy ninja world, such a pure Byakugan was born

At this moment, Toneri’s father suddenly felt a little reluctant.

“Toneri, this is a highly pure Byakugan.

If you can have such a pair of eyes…” Toneri’s father did not finish speaking.

In the distance, Hoheto did not dare to approach, afraid of being discovered by Naruto, and only used Byakugan to observe.

“Damn it, why don’t you continue What would happen if that kid could have eyes like this Will he be able to upgrade Byakugan to the next stage Tenseigan”

Hoheto gritted his teeth.

He had obtained few secrets about Tenseigan from these two people, a power comparable to Rinnegan.

But… how exactly should he get this kind of eye

“Do I only need to transplant a pure Byakugan” Hoheto’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

He thought of the Uchiha Clan.

‘There was a bloodline connection between Sharingan and Rinnegan, but Sharingan’s advancement was Mangekyo Sharingan, not Rinnegan… Could it be that when Mangekyou Sharingan advances it becomes Rinnegan’

‘The guy who invaded the village had the mysterious Rinnegan.

How did he have those eyes’

‘Could it be that he had transplanted the eyes of the Uchiha Clan If he was bold, he first acquired the bloodline of the Uchiha Clan and then directly transplant Mangekyo Sharingan’

‘Would he be able to possess Rinnegan like this’

“No, if that’s the case, there should be an advancement in between Byakugan and Tenseigan… Mangekyo Byakugan”

Hoheto observed anxiously while his brain worked quickly.

He was a very smart person.

In Hyuga Clan, he was a very promising talent.

Unfortunately, he was a member of the branch house.

In fact, Hoheto in the original work had put a lot of effort into the Fourth Ninja World War.

The current Hoheto was filled with anger that was suppressed by Mangekyou Sharingan.

His mind was filled with thoughts of advancing his Byakugan and obtaining the power to suppress everything.

The key to breaking the situation was the two direct descendants of Hamura.

He could clearly see the joy on Toneri’s father’s face.

“Father, could this be…” Toneri also looked straight at Hinata.

Hinata gave him a feeling of relief.

Was he going to dig out this person’s eyes This kind of thing…

“Damn you guys, watch me teach you guys a lesson!” Naruto shouted.

With his little temper, he cried out.

“Hmph, it’s just a little brat.

If you don’t want to die, then scram,” Toneri’s father said coldly.

Toneri also gently persuaded, “Run, or you will really die.”

However, Naruto had already begun to form seals.

“Bunshin no Jutsu(Clone Technique)!”

Bang! Bang!

Two clones appeared.

Three figures rushed forward.

The moment they hit Toneri’s father, the two clones disappeared.

Naruto had already rushed to the side and kicked the opponent’s calf.

“Eh, this kind of physical strength…” Toneri’s father lightly exclaimed, then raised his hand and sent Naruto flying.

Even if it were just violently using chakra to create airflow, it was enough to completely oppress Naruto.


A flying stone flew toward Toneri’s father and was crushed when he raised his hand.

“Hmph, a yellow-haired guy.

How embarrassing.

Quickly bring the Byakugan back.”

Sasuke held a few stones in one hand and the other in his pocket.

He walked over with a cool face and stood directly beside Naruto and Hinata.

“Ah, it’s you, smelly guy!” Naruto pointed at him and shouted.

“Pwe, I still think you suck!”

“Pwe, pwe, why are you here Get out of the way.

I can deal with them!”

“Humph, originally I didn’t meddle in other people’s business, but your performance suck.

It’s really embarrassing…”

Sasuke snorted.

Itachi and Shisui went to train.

He really had nothing to do, so he planned to go out and practice the Shuriken Throwing.

He wanted to perform well and get the praise of his brother, father, and teacher.

But he did not expect to encounter such a thing.

He originally did not intend to care about it, but an impulse to stick out suddenly emerged in his heart, making him rush out.

“Another one…” Toneri curiously used his chakra-sensing ability to observe Sasuke.

“Ahhhhh!! Big Fox, quickly give me your strength!!”

Naruto got up, flustered and exasperated, and once again formed a seal.

Kyuubi’s eyes opened a crack.

“Humph, Hamura’s descendant Speaking of which, I really don’t know much about Hamura… This old man, Jinchuriki, can’t be humiliated like this by you.”

Kyuubi closed his eyes again, but his tail suddenly stretched out, transmitting a large amount of chakra.

It clearly felt the darkness in Naruto’s heart, what a wonderful hidden personality.


Immediately, a large amount of Kyuubi’s chakra burst forth from Naruto’s body.

At that time, Sasuke was shocked.

Feeling the powerful chakra surging towards him, he instinctively felt a trace of fear, “Hey, yellow-hair, how can you have this kind of strength…”

“Smelly guy, this is my true strength! Quickly move aside and watch me defeat the enemy!”

Naruto rolled up his sleeves and the color of the six whiskers on his face deepened.

“This is God Tree’s strength Damn it, this little brat is actually…” Toneri’s father revealed a shocked expression.

This was the first time he had come into contact with Jinchuriki.

Swish, swish, swish!

At this time, many Anbu also appeared for the first time, blocking Naruto.

“Who is it”

“Is he the enemy’s spy”

“Take him down.”

“Watch out for Naruto!”

An Anbu was even more shocked as he held Naruto down, wary of Naruto going berserk.

For Naruto to be able to connect with Kyuubi at this age, this kind of ability… he really doesn’t know if it’s good or bad.

“Sorry for the trouble… Toneri, remember that girl.

You will use her eyes in the future.”

Toneri’s father shouted in a low voice.

He immediately raised his hand and condensed a chakra ball.

He shot it out at an astonishing speed.

After hitting several Anbu, it took away the lives of the Anbu.

The cold corpse fell into the snow.

The three little ones were scared silly, staring blankly at this bloody scene.

After the fear, Naruto’s eyes turned red, and even more Kyuubi’s chakra surged out, “Bastard, how dare you kill… look at me…”

Toneri’s father raised his hand, directly removing the chakra that emerged from Naruto’s body.

“This is God Tree’s chakra.

You are very good to be able to use this kind of power.

Toneri, we can go now.”

Toneri’s father stared at Naruto greedily.

He raised his hand and was about to knock Hinata out.

He only needed to remove Hinata’s memory.

He did not care about the other two children.

The chakra ball began to condense.

He had already confirmed that Princess Byakugan truly existed, and that was enough.

Everything else was not important.

Just as the chakra struck out.

“Kuchiyose: Rashmon(Summoning: Rashomon)!”


A huge gate with a demonic face suddenly emerged from the ground and collided with the chakra ball.

In this critical moment, it saved the lives of the three little ones.

“You want to leave after coming What do you think this place is”

Yuuji appeared at the top of Rashomon and looked down at the two foreign guests coldly.


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