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Mount Myouboku.

Gamabunta returned with a face full of doubts about life.

He lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.

“Hey, isn’t this Gamabunta Why did he become like this”

The other toads were shocked and jumped over.

“Hmph, I met a troublesome fellow and suffered a great loss.” Gamabunta lay on the ground, his expression stiff, but his eyes were clearly filled with complex emotions of fear and excitement.

“Is that so Boss actually suffered a setback.

It’s really rare…”

“Wahahaha! Gamabunta was actually beaten up.

This is really too gratify… infuriating!”

Gamabunta turned his head and kept absorbing natural energy to heal his injuries.

At this time, he turned over and got up.

“Ah, speaking of which, this is the first time I am so miserable.

After all, if the opponent is Senju Hashirama, it will give me a headache.

It took a lot of effort.”

Gamabunta said in a tone that was not worth mentioning as if he was focused on healing his injuries.

“Oh, so the enemy is Senju Hashirama… What, who did you say”

A large group of toads suddenly exploded.

Many guys lying in the sun in the distance also flocked over and look at Gamabunta with shock and worship.

“Senju Hashirama, it’s that Ninja God, what a terrible guy.

I fought with the wooden dragon and wooden statue he summoned for hundreds of rounds before barely winning.

It’s really difficult.”

Gamabunta sighed as he sat on the ground while smoking with his pipe.

Circles of smoke were spat out by him, and the smoke swirled around him, making him look cool.

“This, this, this, Boss actually fought with Senju Hashirama”

“But isn’t that person dead”

“Hmph, that is a Ninja God.

Even if he dies, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to think of a way to run back from the Pure Land, right”

Many toads were filled with deep veneration and looked at Gamabunta with an unprecedented gaze.

Soon, the entire Mount Myouboku spread the news, causing a countless uproar.

“Did you hear Boss Bunta fought with that Senju Hashirama!”

“That’s right, that’s right.

I heard that they fought for hundreds of rounds and barely won.”

“Nonsense, the news I heard is that Boss Bunta pressed Senju Hashirama to the ground and beat him!”

Soon, the two Toad Sage were also alerted and hurriedly called Gamabunta over to ask.

“Are you sure the other party is Senju Hashirama” Fukasaku said seriously.

Gamabunta nodded, “It can be confirmed.

The other party has even used Mokuton: Mokury no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique) and Mokuton: Mokujin no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Human Technique).

Ordinary Kage-level character would not be able to use this level of power, and it is even wood release.”

Fukasaku and Shima looked at each other with worried expressions.

What should we do

It was fine if there was only the Sage eye.

Now, even Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama had returned… Whether it was to fake death or to kill their way back from the Pure Land, it would be very troublesome.

Considering the matter of attacking Konoha…

“This is troublesome.

In the face of a ninja of this level, we, Mount Myouboku, have no advantage at all.” Shima was a bit tangled.

This was too f*cked up.

According to the contract, Mount Myouboku would keep a close eye on Konohagakure while searching for the person who might be The Child of Prophecy, then pull him into Mount Myouboku to practice Senjutsu.

This way, they, Mount Myouboku, would forever stand in the upstream of fate’s track, and would not offend The Child of Prophecy one day, and then be beaten at the door to take revenge…

Mount Myouboku paid a lot of attention to this.

But now… Sage eye and Konoha F2 have appeared.

“It’s going to be a little troublesome… Let’s see what Grate Toad Sage has planned.

Maybe he has predicted something.”

Fukasaku and Shima immediately went to meet the Great Toad Sage.

The Great Toad Sage glanced at them and understood what they wanted to ask.

“The fate original track has long been changed beyond recognition.

Even if I saw some fragments, it might not be credible… I can’t see clearly what happened to Senju Hashirama.

His vision was blocked by the black forest.”

The Great Toad Sage said in a trembling voice, “However, I can be sure of one thing.

In the black forest, there is a dark blue behemoth; perhaps, he is the key to a certain fate.”

“Dark blue”

Fukasaku and Shima were stunned, “Could it be that thing called Godzilla Is that creature so important Can it be our Mount Myouboku’s helper”

“I’m not sure.

Ever since this creature appeared, everything has changed.

I don’t know if I’m just old or being muddled.

I keep feeling that this creature gives me a very bad feeling…”

The Great Toad Sage said hesitantly and with deep doubt.

The ancient existence that had lived for more than a thousand years was also a little confused at this time.

He could not determine Godzilla’s origin, and he did not know whether it was right or wrong to come into contact with this big guy.

However, it was indeed a more suitable choice to include him in Mount Myouboku’s lineage at present – if they could not win, they would find a way to let the other party join them, which was very suitable.

“Has Minato still not made up his mind” The Great Toad Sage said.

“It should be.

When Kyuubi was on a rampage, we saw the full picture of Godzilla for the first time.

We planned to win over Yuuji, but there was no movement from Minato for the time being.” answer Fukasaku.

He waited for a while but did not get a response from the Great Toad Sage.

When he looked up, he found that the Great Toad Sage was already asleep.

he could only leave helplessly.


The entire village was shocked by the great battle that break out.

The terrifying darkness that lies outside the village, brewing endless despair, slammed into people’s hearts, shocking everything.

This was clearly telling everyone that this was the wood release’s strength, the real wood release.

“Yondaime-sama fought against the enemy, no, the opponent…”

“Is this serious The wooden statue and the wooden dragon that was charging about just now, it was bigger than Bijuu”

“I have seen Yamato use wood release, but this gap is simply too exaggerated.

It is said that only that person can control this level of wood release…”

“It looks like Yondaime-sama hasn’t lost.

Even if he can’t win, he can still escape.”

“Fourth Hokage and First Hokage… really are fighting…”

The entire Konohagakure was like being blown up

Everyone was discussing this matter because this was a wood release.

The appearance of Yamato had already caused the entire village to feel extremely excited.

Now, even the wooden statue had come out.

This kind of thing… was the First Hokage, the man who had suppressed the Ninja World, really still alive

But why did he do this…

No one understood why this was.

Soon, the spy inside Konohagakure also began to act and spread the news that made people’s scalps tingle.

As a Kumogakure spy, Jin had been stationed in Konohagakure for more than ten years.

On the surface, he was a legitimate Konoha villager, who was conscientiously fulfilling his duties.

“Senju Hashirama showed up again Fighting with Fourth Hokage Mokuton: Mokujin no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Human Technique)”

Jin talked with the other villagers, and his heart was beating fast.

As for the matter of wood release, it has been very hot recently.

From the time Yamato showed wood release to now…

“Although it was suspected that the black forest had appeared before.

Because of Kyuubi Rampage, the civilians were forced to evacuate and were strictly forbidden to approach.

I didn’t see it clearly… Moreover, those traces of wood release were quickly cleaned up by Konoha ninjas.”

“But this time, the forest could not be covered at all, and the terrifying wooden statue and wooden dragons that were rampaging around could not be covered up… Is Konoha finally not going to block the news

When Jin returned home, his face was cold and his hands were almost trembling as he wrote down the information.

Senju Hashirama, this was a man who made Ninja World tremble.

The people who looked at his deeds now felt like they were looking at Sage of the Six Path’s deeds.

Most people would only regard him as an intentionally exaggerated legend.

“I must let the village know as soon as possible! Kumogakure is Ninja World’s strongest village!” Jin gritted his teeth.

All of a sudden.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was a knock on the door.

Jin raised his head vigilantly and put the letter away.

“Who is it, Kazuma or Ryuta, who wants to do business with me again” Jin took a deep breath, adjusted his expression, and opened the door.

His smiling expression suddenly froze.

A man wearing a mask was standing outside.

“You are…” Jin’s heart was beating wildly.

Anbu No, no, it was Root!

“Jin, after Yuuji-sama signed the warrant, you were sentenced to death and will be immediately executed.”

The Root ninja pulled out a blade and immediately started to cut the stunned Jin.

Blood splashed out and directly soaked the room.

At this time, the three Anbu arrived late and looked at the bloody scene in silence.

“Are the ninjas from Root’s so cruel They directly killed people without questioning the intelligence at all” The leader of the group said.

The Root ninja said coldly, “Yuuji-sama’s order is the final trial.

The end of a spy is the death penalty.

This doesn’t need your Anbu’s people to tell me what to do.”

“Damn it…” One of the Anbu was a little angry and was about to say something, but was stopped by the short Anbu next to him.

“Cough cough, the people from Root are like this.

They have more independent rights to act, cough cough…”

After Danzo died, although Root belonged to Fourth Hokage, it was also an indirect rule.

Root was still directly following Yuuji’s orders.

Yuuji’s control over Root was greater than Fourth Hokage’s own.

The order given by Fourth Hokage to Root would only be executed by Root ninjas through Yuuji’s consent.

Both Fourth Hokage and Yuuji agreed to this point and had no intention of changing it.

Power was a very delicate thing to begin with.

The Root ninja directly pulled out a blade and slashed down with it, cutting off Jin’s head.

“There are ninjas from the Yamanaka clan in Root Base.

If we want to interrogate him, we don’t need to interrogate the living.

The dead are more suitable.” The Root ninja said coldly while holding the head and leaving in a flash.

Gekko Hayate was a little helpless, “That’s true, but the spy’s head is usually sealed.

Is Root so confident that it can break the seal”


After all, that is Root… I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but since Danzo-sama died in battle, the Root that Yuuji-sama took over seemed to have become more terrifying…”

The leader said in a low voice.

Gekko Hayate did not say a word.

He did not know what to say.

His peers had grown to this point and had already left him far behind.

He was not someone he could casually comment on.

Root ninjas frequently appeared in the village, making people tremble in fear.

People who didn’t know would think that this was also Hokage’s Anbu, but in fact, it was not at all.

In particular, many ninjas felt a little uneasy in their hearts because Anbu’s people could still reason with them.

Root wouldn’t talk nonsense.

These emotionless task machines were only for the sake of completing the final goal.

The method to complete the goal was naturally simple and direct.

Compared to Danzo’s time and after Yuuji went on stage, Root’s actions were more straightforward and crazy.

For the task, they would not pay attention to the details of “low-key” and “hiding his figure”.

Find the target, kill him at all costs, and then take his head back.

It was so simple.

At this time, Fourth Hokage, who had received Anbu’s report, was silent for a moment.

He did not say anything and just called Yuuji over to listen to the report.

“Most of the spies are from Kumogakure’s side.

As a village whose comprehensive strength is second only to our Konoha, Kumogakure’s thoughts can’t be hidden from others.”

Yuuji put a large pile of documents on the Fourth Hokage’s table.

To be honest, Kumogakure still had some misgivings about Konoha.

If it were the Konohagakure in the original work, Kumogakure would be called unscrupulous.

The Konohagakure in the original work at this time, not to mention anything else, just the military strength alone was already inferior to Kumogakure in all aspects.

On the surface, Konohagakure was only supported by a Kage-level character, the Third Hokage, who has regained power.

The Sannin left one after another, Fourth Hokage and his wife died in battle.

The new Kyuubi Jinchuriki was still three years old kid and could not be used at all.

There are also a lot of faults in the middle and lower-level ninjas.

Kumogakure was the strongest Ninja Village after the Third Ninja World War in the original work.

There were two perfect Jinchuriki and the Fourth Raikage had great combat strength.

The Third Hokage would rather sacrifice Hyuga Hizashi and give his head to Kumogakure, endure the humiliation, and sign the so-called “peace agreement” to completely end the border war since the Third Ninja World War.

It was really not without reason.

Konohagakure could not fight at all.

But now it was different.

Konoha had the confidence to face any complicated situation.

“Kumogakure, huh… What a bunch of dishonest fellows.” Minato quickly flipped through these documents.

His reading speed was astonishing.


He closed all the documents and looked at Yuuji.

He said lightly, “It seems that we can’t hide anything about wood release.

The news that the Sage eye and the two founders of Konoha joined hands must have been known by the Major Ninja Village.”

“Yuuji, we have to think of a way to strengthen Konoha.

After all, the opponents are the three of them, and maybe even Hanzo.

It is not too much to pay attention to…”

As Minato spoke, he remembered the stranger who appeared when he was fighting with Xu.

Flying in the sky, and the guy that the First Hokage was very concerned about, who could it be Was it really from a visitor from….

outside the sky What purpose did they come to Country of Fire

And the mysterious meteorite that appeared in the Country of Rain before… could it be related to this visitor

A bit of anxiety arose in Minato’s heart.

He was silent for a moment and said, “Yuuji, you have to work hard recently and increase your inspection of Konoha.

I always have a bad feeling… In a few days, I will take you to a place.

You will definitely like it.”


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