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The specially-made kunai directly smashed into Xu’s mask.

After a crisp sound, it directly fell to the ground.

“What a hard mask… What material is it made of” Minato was startled.

He couldn’t even pierce through it with his special kunai

“Fourth Hokage, what a troublesome guy.

Space-time ninjutsu is the most difficult to deal with.”

Shaking his head and swaying his body, at first glance, he seemed to have no fighting strength, extremely harmless.

But it was this casual attitude that made Minato more cautious.

“You secretly cast a Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique) on Naruto and transferred him away Seriously, Naruto is really a little idiot.

We agreed to keep it a secret, but you still found out.”

He turned his head to look at kunai on the ground and then at Namikaze Minato, not panicking at all.

“Who are you What is your purpose Why are you training Naruto Is Naruto your target”

Minato took out another kunai and asked cautiously.

Many places simply did not make sense.

Logically speaking, since this Xu in front of him had attacked Konoha together with the Sage eyes and Madara in the Kyuubi Rampage, and had indirectly caused Kyuubi to escape and Kushina to die, then he should also have some kind of malice toward Konoha and Naruto.

Moreover, Xu’s actions were extremely strange, making people unable to make sense of it.

Madara was coming for Kyuubi, and Sage’s eye was targeting the Uchiha Clan.

Fortunately, he was stopped by Fugaku, Kazue, and the heroic Danzo.

There was only Xu, who was inexplicably discovered by Konoha ninjas.

Then, he was attacked by Yuuji, who had returned in a hurry.

After a great battle, he disappeared.

They don’t know where he went…

“… I understand.

So, when Kyuubi was on a rampage, you and Kushina reached some kind of agreement.”

Minato’s voice was full of calmness.

He stared at Xu in front of him, “Is the content of the agreement Naruto Did Kushina let you do this… Could it be that you are really First Hokage Why did you do this kind of thing”

Xu was silent for a moment.

“What an amazing eyesight.

In the past Hokage, only the Second’s brain is better than yours.

This kind of brain, no, IQ, is very excellent.”

Xu praised.

He had basically guessed correctly.

“Although this speculation is very absurd, you are the only one who can act against Madara and Sage’s eye and even use Wood Release… Why did you build up Konoha and attack it by yourself Because of disappointment Or is there some other reason…”

Minato could not understand.

He stared at the other party, but what greeted him was only Xu’s silence.


Another kunai threw out.

Minato’s figure instantly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he had already placed his hand on Xu’s body, “No matter what, let’s fight somewhere else.”

Xu also did not resist.

The two of them instantly disappeared from the room and appeared in the dense forest outside Konohagakure.

As soon as he appeared, Minato suddenly stretched out his hand, wanting to take off the white mask and see Xu’s true face.

However, his palm had just touched the mask.

“Yondaime, you really don’t put me in your eyes.”

In an instant, several thorns suddenly stretched out and grabbed toward Minato.

Minato nimbly dodged and jumped into the distance, his expression grave.

“I have already observed it up close, and there are no signs of forming seals… According to the records left behind in the village about the first generation, it is necessary to make a seal.”

Minato’s head spun rapidly, calculating all sorts of possibilities.

But for wood release to activate it in an instant… could it be…

Minato no longer hesitated.

He revealed his hands and immediately spread out a large number of special kunai, nailing them to different positions.

At the same time, he formed a seal with his hands.

“Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)!”

A shuriken directly flew toward Xu, and in a very short time, it became tens of thousands, densely packed and rushing toward Xu at a shocking speed.

“Whether you are that person or not, I will be able to see it this time… The mask and clothing on your body are all made from wood release.

Can you block this kind of attack”

Minato jumped onto a tree and focused on observing.

He saw that Xu’s body was motionless.

He used his body to resist the countless shuriken and specially made kunai.

This caused Minato to reveal an astonished expression.

Soon, when everything dissipated, Xu’s body had already been pierced through by countless shuriken.

From the mask to the clothes, shurikens and specially made kunai were all over his body.

Minato attacked again, instantly moving over.

He used Rasengan and ruthlessly smashed toward Xu.

“Okay, I have already tested wood release hardness.

If that’s the case…”

dama Rasengan(Giant Rasengan)!

The ball in his hand suddenly became bigger, and Minato fiercely smashed it toward Xu.

“If that’s the case, your already broken defense will not be able to block this attack!”



The Giant Rasengan solidly smashed into Xu.

The black robe that was already riddled with holes was instantly torn to shreds by the rapidly spinning balls.

Minato stared at Xu’s face, wanting to confirm something.

However, the moment he broke through the defense of his clothes, he did not feel any solid contact at all.

It was as if he had hit the air and easily passed through.


Minato’s expression changed slightly.

He pushed the Giant Rasengan with one hand and suddenly passed through it.

At first glance, this attack seemed to have shattered Xu’s entire body.

The white mask fell to the ground with a few rags.

Minato didn’t even dare to turn around and directly used Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique) to jump into the distance.

A trace of fine sweat appeared on his forehead.

The scene in front of him made him a little confused.

“The same space-time ninjutsu as Madara No, it shouldn’t be like this…”

Minato looked at the white mask that fell on the ground.

He stared at it.

Space-time ninjutsu… appeared on Madara’s body.

Minato was not surprised, because all of Konoha’s higher-ups were very clear that Madara’s doujutsu mystery.

If Madara’s Mangekyo Sharingan technique was space-time ninjutsu, it would be very easy to accept.

But the Xu in front of him also knows space-time ninjutsu, which is outrageous, plus the feeling just now…

“Undead Or chakra transformation But they don’t look like it.” Minato took a deep breath.

He saw.

The white mask suddenly moved.

The broken clothes also began to reproduce.

A new set of clothes quickly appeared.

This set of clothes supported the mask and stood up again.

“Aiyaya, what an amazing fellow.

Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato, I almost got killed by you.”

Xu shook his head, completely unharmed.

“… I now somewhat believe that you are the First Hokage.” Minato looked at this strange scene and became more cautious.

He was going to be serious.

He slowly closed his eyes, and a large amount of natural energy gathered.

“Although I am not very good at this, there is no other way now.” Minato said in a low voice.

Xu, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll be more serious… Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Ktan(Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence)!”

Large amounts of black trees gushed out and soon destroyed the original forest, replacing it with a black forest.

A huge roar spread out under the night sky, causing a huge tremor.

The entire Konohagakure was alarmed.

A large number of ninjas moved out, and some of the elites did not dare to hesitate and immediately took action.

Soon, figures immediately stood on the buildings in the village.

They all looked in a certain direction.

They watched helplessly as the shadows of trees swayed in the distance.

“What’s wrong”

“Who is invading this time”

“A powerful ninja is fighting in that direction.

Who is it”

“Quickly report this to Yondaime-sama!”

The Sensor Ninja also moved.

Hyuga Hizashi activated Byakugan and immediately saw the scene in the distance.

“This… How could this be!”

Hizashi’s eyes widened, “These forests… and from the appearance of these forests, they are clearly created by wood release ninjutsu! They are exactly the same as the wood release that appeared that day!”


Many people were shocked.

Only those who had experienced the Kyuubi Rampage would truly understand what this meant.

The mysterious enemy Xu… had appeared once again

What exactly was going on!

“Yondaime-sama has disappeared.

He must be fighting… the other side!”

An Anbu ninja appeared and told everyone this news.

He did not even dare to use the word ‘enemy’.

Facing this strange existence, no one knew what judgment to make.

Was it really that one What if it really was

Thus, the two consultants went to look for Hiruzen without a second word.

The Third Hokage left the mountain and went into battle again.

He then looks in the direction of the battle with a serious expression.

From time to time, there would be bursts of rumbling sounds.

“Sandaime-sama, the other party is undoubtedly Xu, but we still can’t confirm whether he is that person or not…” An Anbu said respectfully.

Hiuzen nodded, only focusing on that direction.

One could vaguely see a large number of forests rising and falling, accompanied by terrifying roars.

“This old man will personally take action.

No matter what, I have to protect the village! You all stay here, be wary of any other intruders that might exist.

Also, have Yuuji, Shibi, and the others make preparations to stay in the village.” Hiruzen shouted.

He directly rushed to the battlefield.

The remaining Anbu remained where they were, somewhat dumbfounded.

“But, two Hokage went to the battlefield.

This kind of thing… shouldn’t we let Yuuji-sama and Kazue move out”

“Sandaime-sama wants to confirm the identity of the other party.” Another Anbu said.

At this time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying fluctuation that far exceeded the past erupted.

A dragon-shaped creature rushed out, its height far surpassing the other trees.

“This is… Mokuton: Mokury no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique) Could it be that the other party really is…” Hiruzen’s expression changed, and his heart sank.

There was no second person in Ninja World who knew the First Hokage’s Mokuton: Mokury no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique).

But this was not the end, but the beginning.

Then, another terrifying roar appeared.

A strangely shaped wooden statue suddenly emerged from the forest.

Every movement of his was accompanied by a terrifying sense of oppression.

Hiruzen’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

‘It really was that person!’

‘But… just why!’

On the battlefield.

The endless black forest covered everything and expanded rapidly.

A completely black wooden statue stretched out his hand, grabbed the wooden dragon, and wrapped it around his body.

The huge wooden statue with the wooden dragon hanging on his body was the complete form of the Wood Human Technique.

Coupled with the color black that seemed to devour everything, it surged with a terrifying chill, making people feel intimidated.

“This kind of formation… should I feel honored”

Minato was also dumbfounded.

He had just finished Sage Mode, and several patterns formed from natural energy appeared on his face.

But he had never expected that he would have to face this kind of formation the moment he opened his eyes.

His entire body was about to collapse.

‘Are you serious!!!’

“In that case, let’s start the second round.

I didn’t expect that you, as Fourth Hokage, would have mastered something like Sage Mode.

No wonder you were able to deal with Madara.”


The wooden statue grabbed forward.

Minato had a helpless expression on his face.

He used the Ultra Big Ball Rasengan to send this attack flying.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu(Summoning Technique)!

Gamabunta appeared.

“Minato What is going on An enemy using wood release… Did you, Fourth Generation, fight the First Generation”

As soon as Gamabunta appeared, his two large eyes narrowed.

Of course, Mount Myouboku also knew what had happened to Konohagakure.

They knew that in the Kyuubi Rampage, a few strange fellows had appeared.

He didn’t expect that he would have to fight this man in front of him now…

“Sorry, Gamabunta.

I didn’t expect it to become like this.

At first, I only wanted to test out the true identity of the other party…”

“What is the result of the test”

“It seems that there is no need to doubt anything…”

“Tsk, so troublesome!”

Gamabunta grabbed the short knife with one hand and took a puff of his pipe at the same time, blowing out a smoke ring.

From the looks of it; it looks very stylish


The wooden statue grabbed forward and with an astonishing speed, pressed Gambunta to the ground.

“Toad, when you have time to pretend, you can pull out your knife and chop me.” Xu stood on the head of the wooden statue and said.

‘It is obvious that you are too fast…’

Gamabunta did not say a word and swung out his short knife to cut the wooden statue’s arm.

At this time, the wooden dragon that was wrapped around the wooden statue suddenly moved and quickly wrapped around Gamabunta’s hand, forcing him to not move.

“Damn it, Minato! Toad Oil Flame Bullet!”

Minato and Gamabunta formed a seal at the same time and sprayed out a large amount of oil and fierce flames.

A terrifying fire burned.

It seemed that the wooden statue was forced to retreat for a moment.

Gamabunta took the opportunity to break free, “Minato, even the legendary ninjutsu such as Wood Dragon Technique and Wood Human Technique have appeared.

If you go one step further, wouldn’t that technique come out… How do you plan to end this”

Beads of sweat appeared on Minato’s forehead, “This, let’s try to negotiate.

First Hokage… Xu, since you trained my son, I think you won’t have any bad intentions.”

This was very difficult to deal with.


The huge black wooden statue stood firm.

A large number of trees covered over and suppressed the fire.

Minato, “I can only think of a way to use the sealing technique.

I still can’t determine the other party’s existence, and I can’t determine the other party’s true objective… Gamabunta, help me create an opportunity.

I need to find an opportunity to form a seal and seal him.

Fighting isn’t the goal.

Talking to him is the goal.”

“Could it be that you want to use that…”

“En, I can only use that.” Minato’s voice was low.

In his field of vision, Xu was standing steadily on the head of the wooden statue, and his empty eyes were looking over.

“Space-time ninjutsu is very difficult to deal with, but I can’t give up observing Naruto…”

Xu looked up and thought silently.

He had never thought of killing Minato, and there was no need to do so.

Moreover, with his current ability, he could not kill a Kage-level who could develop Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique) to such an extent.

A warning was what he want to do.

More importantly, he had discovered something even more noteworthy.

His gaze inadvertently glanced over.

High up in the sky.

There were two figures who lowered their heads in shock as they observed this battle.

“Wood Release… This is the power that directly originated from God Tree!”


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