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For a moment, Toneri’s father really intended to take a gamble, driving the giant Tenseigan, controlling the entire moon to crash into the earth, and it was over.

But unfortunately, he did not have this ability now.

More importantly, he could not do this.

He buried the entire Otsutsuki clan to pave the way for Toneri, not to destroy the ninja world.

He also needed Toneri to create a new world of peace, and then he had to face the Otsutsuki clan who follow Kaguya at some unknown time.

Only Tenseigan can communicate with the giant Tenseigan and unleash the true power of the giant Tenseigan… At that time, there will be no problem controlling the moon to crash into the ninja world.

Toneri’s father touched Toneri’s head with a cold expression.

The giant meteorite fell from the sky.

It covered the sky and covered the sun, like a sharp sword that pierced through the ninja world and shocked the world.

This fireball that tore through the sky was noticed by countless people in the ninja world, especially the top experts of the major ninja village.

Those who didn’t know what was going on only saw a ray of light cutting through the sky.

“Is this a meteor”

“This level is not something that a meteor can explain!”

“But a meteorite of this level is too big!”

“What on earth happened…”

“The direction of this meteorite… is it Country of Fire No, it is Country of Rain!”

“If this meteorite hits, then the entire Country of Rain…”

No one had ever seen such a huge “meteor”.

At this time, Tendo Pain looked up at the sky expressionlessly.

“This technique is very interesting.

It can pull meteorites from the outside world… You also have a power similar to that of Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull).”

Tendo Pain’s voice was incomparably cold.

That’s right, he had already seen through it.

Just like his Planetary Devastation, who was essentially a super-large Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull) by creating a gravity core.

This technique to pull meteorites was also an application of gravity.


“It’s just gravity.

It’s not that it can’t be dealt with.

After I deal with this meteorite, I’ll deal with the two of you.”

In particular, he had to ask why the other party knew so much about Rinnegan, and where the eyes of the two of them have gone…

As for the identity of these two people, Tendo Pain kept thinking and suspecting.

Especially since the other party also possessed a technique similar to Rinnegan’s technique, he suddenly felt that… the other party might be a direct descendant of the Sage of the Six Path…

“In any case, when I suppress everything, naturally there will be no problem, and the truth will be revealed together.”

Kuchiyose, Ged Maz(Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path)!!


An incomparably huge statue was suddenly summoned.

Its body was distorted, and its body was sinister and terrifying.

The moment it appeared, it immediately erupted with a crazy roar.

“Pain, who exactly is the enemy that forced you to use this thing!” Konan also flew over in a hurry.

She looked at Gedo Mazo uneasily.

It was this damn thing that exuded strong malice whenever it moved as if it were filled with a vicious attitude toward all living things.

It made people instinctively feel fear.

Moreover, there was no Bijuu sealed within Gedo Mazo’s body, so to order Gedo Mazo, it could only rely on Nagato’s own chakra to drive.

“Don’t worry, this is not the first time I summoned Gedo Mazo.

There is no problem in controlling this thing.”

Tendo Pain said coldly.

The first time he summoned Gedo Mazo was when Yahiko was killed.

Nagato himself had also lost too much of his vitality, becoming as thin as firewood.

It took him several years to barely recover a bit of vitality.


Gedo Mazo let out a hysterical roar toward the sky.

Then, he opened his hands and caught the huge meteorite falling from the sky.

“Father, could this thing be…”

“That’s right, Gedo Mazo! Only Rinnegan can steal this thing from under our noses.

The ninja from the lower world is so shameless.

Even the descendants of the Sage of the Six Path are the same!” Toneri’s father’s face darkened.

Rinnegan this kind of thing…

“However, just by relying on Juubi’s shell, he doesn’t have the ability to break a meteorite! How do you plan to deal with Sage of the Six Path’s descendant” Toneri’s father sneered.

If Rinnegan couldn’t stop it… hehe, this country would be destroyed and no longer be suitable for living.

Toneri’s father had this confidence.


A terrifying collision erupted.

Gedo Mazo’s figure instantly caved in, but it was indestructible.

He really managed to withstand the meteorite.

The sky collapsed and the earth cracked.

Sand and stones flew.

The terrifying roar overwhelmed everything.

The meteorites that covered the sky cast a shadow of despair on the earth.

Many ninjas of the Country of Rain and the ninjas from other villages nearby looked at this scene in horror.

The terrifying scene of the meteorite hitting the ground did not happen.

“Could it be that this terrifying thing was blocked by someone”

“It can’t be wrong.

Don’t forget, Amegakure’s leader is Demigod, Hanzo.

Maybe he can really deal with this meteorite…”

Many people were shocked.

“This meteorite is really amazing.

If I use Planetary Devastation to create such a meteorite, it will take a lot of effort…”

Tendo Pain looked up and said in a low voice.

His heart suddenly moved, and he thought of a new use of Rinnegan.

But now, he was still gathering chakra to kill the enemy in one blow.

“Pain, let me do it.

My Kami no Shisha no Jutsu(Paper Person of God Technique) is more than enough to destroy this meteorite.”

Konan looked up and said in a deep voice.

Just these words made Toneri’s father’s heart skip a beat.

He revealed an astonished expression.

‘Is this woman from the lower world so confident She actually has the confidence to destroy this meteorite’

Konan continued, “Perhaps, it wouldn’t be difficult for those two to deal with this meteorite.”

There was no need to say anything about Madara’s space-time ninjutsu.

Xu’s wood release ninjutsu should be able to take this meteorite head-on without any problem.

“In this world, there are still so many strong ninjas” Toneri’s father was alarmed.

This meteorite was something that he had only managed to control after using the giant Tenseigan.

But this small country could actually find so many ninjas that could deal with meteorites

And the creature that could shoot out mysterious beams of light from before, it was suspected to be a strange existence that could rival the three great sage monsters…

In this ninja world, there were too many troublesome fellows.

“No need, it’s just a meteorite… I have already prepared something and using this chakra, it should be enough.”

Tendo Pain raised his hands and flew to the top of Gedo Mazo’s head, “Super – Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push)!!”


A terrifying repulsive force that was beyond imagination suddenly burst forth, accompanied by a whoosh sound.

A terrifying shockwave that seemed to be visible to the naked eye burst forth, maintaining the full circle, blasting a deep pit into the ground.

Even Gedo Mazo, who Tendo Pain was stepping on, was instantly distorted by this astonishing repulsive force, but he quickly returned to his original state.

The greater repulsive force, under the control of Tendo Pain, rushed to the top and hit the huge meteorite head-on.

Crash! Crash!

Countless rocks fell down.

Terrifying cracks continued to spread out.

At this moment, the entire gigantic meteorite was actually… sent flying backward bit by bit!


Tendo Pain also let out a low roar, his face somewhat distorted.

Endless chakra fluctuations burst out and slowly push the meteorite away!

This horrifying scene completely stunned everyone.

Konan, who had originally planned to use Kami no Shisha no Jutsu(Paper Person of God Technique) to blow the meteorite into powder, also stopped.

“Not good, this guy is not someone we can deal with right now… Moreover, I control Tenseigan on the moon in the ninja world, so the power I can unleash is limited.”

Toneri’s father’s expression immediately changed.

Taking advantage of the chaos, he took Toneri and ran away.

“The two of you almost destroyed our country.

Do you still want to leave now” Konan glanced at them and was furious.

She flapped her wings, turned into a white arrow, and rushed out.

Kami Shigure(Paper Drizzle)!

The pair of wings behind her shot a large number of pieces of paper.

Toneri’s father had already controlled the platform and quickly increased their altitude to avoid this attack.

They directly flew into the distance and disappeared.

At this time, the huge meteorite was also forcefully pushed out by Tendo Pain.

The powerful repulsive force slowly shattered it.

A large amount of dust landed again.

Tendo Pain stood expressionlessly in the dense falling dust, his entire body covered in a thick layer of dust.

He stood there silently, staring in the direction the two people left in.

No one knew what he was thinking.

“Find those two fellows and kill them.”

Tendo Pain issued an order to all of Akatsuki’s members.

After Obito found out, although he was confused and doubtful.

He only silently remembered it in his heart, thinking that there was a hidden expert in the ninja world.

After Black Zetsu knew, he was shocked.

“The person who controls the meteorite He has gray hair and a magatama on his body” The more Black Zetsu muttered, the more furious and uneasy he became.

‘This is the appearance of the Otsutsuki clan.

The descendants of Otsutsuki in the ninja world have already combined with the aboriginals, so it can only be…’

“Hamura clan Why did these guys come to the ninja world And they can control the meteorite… They can’t possibly have Rinnegan.

What kind of power would that be…”

Black Zetsu was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

It was a hot day, and his hands and feet were cold, ‘Why did Hamura’s descendants suddenly run out when he was about to succeed Then when would I be able to save my mother…’

“Let’s observe again.

If Hamura’s descendants really intend to intervene, then I must find a way to get rid of them!”

Black Zetsu’s figure merged into the ground.

What happened to Country of Rain spread throughout the entire ninja world at the speed of light.

Everyone was shocked by the meteorite falling from the sky.

Some people even suspected that it was not a natural phenomenon, but a result of some kind of ninjutsu.

And the scene of the meteorite being pushed high into the sky and then crushed was also seen by many people.

The spies of various countries tried to go deep into the Country of Rain to investigate.

But none of the spies succeeded.

They were all found and killed.

This time, the ninja villages were more cautious and vigilant against Amegakure’s attitude.

That fellow, Hanzo… was actually this powerful’


When Fourth Hokage received this news, he revealed a thoughtful expression.

“A technique that can push away meteorites If it’s repulsion, maybe…”

Minato was deep in thought.

This technique was very similar to the eye technique used by the guy who attacked Konoha in the Kyuubi Rampage.

“Could it be that the Sage eyes are actually on the Country of Rain” Minato took a deep breath.

‘That would be a big problem.’

‘If Sage’s eyes were on the Country of Rain, then Hanzo, would not allow unstable factors to take action in his territory.’

‘Demigod Hanzo… could it be that he also joined with the Sage eyes like the two of them’

‘What is the purpose of Sage’s eyes If he was with the two legendary people, he might be able to recruit Hanzo.

Such a team would hugely impact the entire ninja world.’

Minato felt a headache coming on.

During this period of time, he had to sign a peace agreement with Sunagakure and Iwagakure.

He hoped that those guys wouldn’t cause any trouble at this time.

When Minato returned home, he saw Naruto, who seemed to have grown a lot.

“Didn’t you go out to play today” Minato looked at him with a gratified expression.

Naruto was fiddling with the toys on the table.

He raised his head and replied, “Nothing.

I want to play games with other children, but I feel that this is too childish.

I always feel very awkward, so I won’t go out, and…”

Naruto frowned, looking a little distressed.

“I understand.”

Minato nodded.

Moreover, the parents of those children were also full of doubts and uneasiness about Naruto.

After all, he was a Jinchuriki, and he might suddenly go berserk… Those commoners who did not understand a Jinchuriki even secretly called Naruto a demon.

Even if he was Fourth Hokage, it seemed that he could not change the villagers’ bad opinion of Jinchuriki.


“Naruto, are you secretly practicing Your physical fitness is far better than your peers.” Minato patted Naruto on the head and smiled, “You are still young.

If you secretly practice, you should tell Dad.

Maybe there will be some problems.”

“It won’t happen.

There won’t be a problem.” Naruto’s head was like a rattle drum.

“Is that so… It’s getting late.

Go and rest.” Minato patiently coaxed Naruto.

After watching Naruto fall asleep, he turned off the lights.

That night.

Xu figure slowly emerged from the ground, “Naruto, get up and practice.

You are Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki.

You have the blood of the Uzumaki Clan.

Sleeping is a waste of time for you.”


The lights lit up.

The Naruto on the bed had already disappeared.

At the switch of the lights, Namikaze Minato pressed one hand on the switch and held a special kunai in the other.

The Hokage robe on his body trembled slightly, revealing the words “Fourth Hokage” behind him.

“So, you are Xu The most mysterious guy in the Kyuubi Rampage… What do you want to do to my son”

Minato’s tone was extremely calm, but everyone who was familiar with him knew that the calmer this gentle person appeared, the more it showed that he had made a decision in his heart.


A specially made kunai was suddenly thrown out, pointing straight at Xu’s face.


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