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Xu moved out once again.

“Where are you going I heard that the leader has recently taken a fancy to a puppet guy and wants to recruit him…”

In desperation, Xu suddenly started to act.

“I’m not interested.

Let Kakuzu and Hiruko do it.”

Xu’s figure disappeared from where he stood.

“Tsk, what a terrible personality.

I really don’t know why those guys suspect that he is Senju Hashirama… Senju Hashirama’s personality isn’t that bad, right He should be easy to talk to.”

White Zetsu muttered and complained desperately.

Meanwhile, Black Zetsu was silent.

‘Senju Hashirama… easy to talk to Well, it was indeed easy to talk to.

After being transformed by Asura’s chakra, all of them were f*cking easy to talk to.

One or two of them were idiots.’

‘If not for the fact that he was strong and Asura’s chakra was naturally able to attract other chakra possessors, such a fool would have been killed long ago.’

“The new generation of Indra and Asura has been reincarnated.

This is my chance… The Rinnegan has also appeared in this era.

This is the era that is most likely the time to save my mother.

I will never allow failure!”

Black Zetsu secretly made up his mind.

He didn’t know how many generations of Indra and Asura he had bewitched, but now, he was finally close to success.

“Obito is good, Xu is also good.

The two of you know nothing about the truth of this world, and even more so, you know nothing about the existence of Indra and Asura… I really look forward to seeing the astonishment and despair on your faces.”

Black Zetsu let out a cold laugh.

“Wow, Black Zetsu, why did you suddenly laugh”

“I’m laughing at Madara and Xu…”

Xu appeared in Konoha and easily passed through Konoha’s new barrier and appeared in the village.

Even though Konoha’s barrier was constantly changing after Kyuubi’s Rampage, this kind of large barrier that covered the entire village could not stop Xu.


Xu moved continuously underground without being detected by anyone.

That night, Naruto was lying alone on the bed.

Namikaze Minato still had not returned.

“What’s so good about Hokage Humph!” Naruto turned over.

He was always busy with other people’s affairs, but he turned a blind eye to his own family’s affairs… Although it was nothing much.

“And that stinky fox… power Can you get everything if you have power If I have power, will father not be busy with other people’s affairs and accompany me more Can I make those people who hate me in the dark respect me”

The young Naruto began to think about philosophical questions.

He was the son of the Fourth Hokage, and the villagers naturally did not dare to openly bully him.

However, he knew a lot about the disgust they had for him and secretly said bad things about him.

People instinctively distanced themselves from him when they said he was a demon fox.

“What a pitiful child.

Strength is never just about power.”


Naruto grabbed a kunai from under the pillow.

“Really fierce, like a little wolf cub… But I like it.”

Xu’s figure grew out of the tatami.

He tilted his head and looked through the mask.

“What are you” Naruto shouted loudly, wanting to have the guards in the dark protect him.

“Very smart, but it’s just a small trick.

I have already set up a barrier technique in this room, outsiders can’t see what we are doing.”

Xu let out a low laugh, “Seeing you reminds me of your mother.”

“Mother You’ve seen my mother What kind of person is she” Naruto suddenly stopped shouting.

He looked at Xu with a longing expression.

In the past, only Minato would occasionally talk to him about Kushina.

Now there was another one…

“Little brat, before your mother died, she entrusted you to me.

I also promised her.

At least, I have no interest in harming a little brat.

I am only fulfilling my promise.” said Xu.

Naruto became more and more confused, but he was already inclined to believe this person in front of him.

After all, he was just a child and was easy to deceive.

“I will teach you to gain power.

When you are strong enough… I have a way to let you see your mother.”

Xu looked at the pleasantly surprised Naruto and said in a low voice, “Naruto, at the same time, you have to keep our matter a secret.

Because your father would not let you reunite with your mother.”

“How can I become stronger”

“You are still too young, start from the basic physical skills…”

“Wait, Naruto, don’t believe this guy!” Kyuubi suddenly roared and pulled Naruto’s consciousness into the spiritual space.

“What are you doing, big fox”

“That guy… maybe… but I can’t be sure.

Little brat, don’t be fooled by him!” Kyuubi felt a burst of fear.

Deep malice and uneasiness surged in his evil eyes.

‘The mysterious Xu… could it be that man With that powerful wood release… bastard, this little brat’s heart is full of darkness.

There is a chance to fall into the dark world.

How can it let that man take it away’


“Is this the place Is the guy in your stomach always talking to you here”

Xu’s figure appeared and looked up at the huge Kyuubi in the cage.

Even if there was only half of it, it was still so big.

“You, it’s you! How dare you come to such a place, damn it!”

Kyuubi roared angrily.

“Shut up, Kyuubi… Mokuton: Mokury no Jutsu(Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique)!”

A wooden dragon suddenly rushed out and entered the cage.

It instantly began to expand crazily and wrapped around Kyuubi.

“So powerful, I want to learn this!!” Naruto looked on in shock.

“You can’t learn it now.”

Xu’s black robe rested on Naruto’s body, directly taking him away from here.

In the early hours of the morning, Naruto, who had already undergone intense physical training, fell asleep.

In the eyes of Anbu outside, everything was normal.

When Namikaze Minato returned home, he carefully pushed open the door and glanced at Naruto.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he calmed down.

He also did not find any clues.

Time passed just like that.

Xu began to train Naruto.

On the other side, Yuuji also officially began to talk to Sasuke.

“As the number one clan of Konoha, you not only have to enjoy the dignity and honor brought by the wealthy clan but also bear the expectations of everyone.”

Yuuji looked at Sasuke in front of him, “Not only the expectation of the clan but also the hope of the entire Konohagakure.”

Sasuke listened with a serious face.

Although he was more willing to play with his brother and was more willing to be trained by his brother, since his brother said that the person in front of him was an amazing ninja, he would reluctantly accept it…

However, Yuuji did not carry out any substantial training for the young Sasuke.

At most, he only taught him some theory lessons.

He had already seen the state of Naruto, but he still had to observe Sasuke for a little longer.

“As expected of Yuuji-sama.

He actually knows this kind of education method.” Itachi walked over respectfully.


“While letting Sasuke bear the glory, he also needs to understand the meaning of a clan and a village.

To be able to let him understand the will of fire in this way is really amazing.” Itachi bowed deeply.

“Don’t worry about these details.” Yuuji casually replied.

For the time being, Sasuke couldn’t see anything special about him, because when he was young, he wasn’t that cold.

But his nature of believing in power was deep in his bones.

He really looked forward to their meeting.

The two of them met faster than he imagined.

On the street, a group of children was playing ninja games.

Naruto and Sasuke stood on both sides of the road, facing each other.



Naruto and Sasuke turned to look at each other at the same time.

“Why is this person so annoying” X2

“What are you looking at, you bastard” Naruto shouted.

“What You dare to talk to me like that Damn it, I want to teach you a lesson!”

“I am Hokage’s son.

Why would I be afraid of you”

“I am the son of Uchiha Patriarch!”

The two children immediately started fighting.

Their face was black and blue.

This was the first time they had met.

Instinctively, they felt that the other party was extremely annoying.

It was as if the other party was imitating them in some ways.

They urgently needed to teach the other party a lesson to delete this imitation.

Most people did not care about the conflict this time.

It was originally a fight between two children.

However, after Fugaku knew about it, he thought for a moment and immediately went to meet the Fourth Hokage to apologize in person.

“Hahaha, Fugaku, you don’t have to be like this at all.

It’s just a child throwing a tantrum.”

Minato was completely unconcerned.

Both sides knew that this was a show of goodwill, and it was not really an apology.

“However, it was said that it was Naruto who made the first move Is this kid’s personality so fierce He really resembles Kushina…”

Minato scratched his head.

He really didn’t know whether to be happy or worried.

‘When Kushina saw this scene, he must be very pleased, right’

That night.

Naruto walked alone on the street, panting with rage.

The bruises on his face that had been punched by Sasuke had long healed.

“Little brat, I told you long ago that you could just use my power and beat that Sasuke up in a matter of minutes!”

Kyuubi urged with all his might.

“Hmph, since you’re so strong, why didn’t you escape from the cage You were even frightened by Sensei using a dragon.”

Naruto mumbled.

As he walked, he supported his back head with both hands.


Kyuubi stopped talking.

‘Wood Dragon Technique, you little brat, you don’t even know what this means.’

Just as Naruto was planning on how to take revenge.

At the same time.

In the sky, a wooden platform quietly flew past.

“Is this ninja world There are so many people here.

It’s very lively here…”

On the wooden platform, Toneri spoke in a clear voice, trying to sense the world with his chakra.

Compared to the cold moon, the ninja world was indeed much more prosperous.

“Don’t be fooled by this illusion.

This kind of prosperity is built on countless corpses.” Toneri’s father’s voice was cold.

“Yes, father.”

The two of them looked down at the ninja world as they walked past one country after another.

“The five big countries have become the indestructible five military core.

This is the sorrow of the entire ninja world.”

Toneri’s father explained to Toneri in order to let him witness the ugliness of this world.

They began to overlook many small villages.

When they flew above the Country of Rain.


Toneri’s father suddenly turned his head and looked at it with his empty eye sockets.

In his perception, in the sky ahead, there appeared a…floating sphere

“Is this a small moon Is this a ninjutsu from Sage of the Six Path’s lineage” Toneri’s father’s face sank.

Hamura’s Tenseigan mainly used the Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion and the Silver Wheel Reincarnation Explosion, but they were also able to control gravity and repulsion.

Hamura’s faction lived on the moon created by Sage of the Six Path.

According to the information left behind by Hamura, they had some understanding of Sage of the Six Path’s power.

But now…

“The worst guess came true.

A second Rinnegan appeared.

It must be this guy who stole the Gedo Mazo that we guarded for generations!” Toneri’s father’s face sank.

At this time, Nagato, who was controlling the rain, slowly raised his head.

“What is it” asked Konan.

“Someone is coming.

An adult and a child, they give me a very strange feeling.”

Nagato looked at it in bewilderment.

He had never come into contact with this level of chakra before, and it seemed that it was more powerful, thick, and noble than ordinary chakra.

Konan frowned, and her face was full of doubt.

In this world, there were very few people who could make Nagato reveal this kind of expression.

“Who is the other party”

“We can’t be sure yet, but they are also observing us.”

Nagato’s heart moved.

Tendo Pain moved out and directly flew into the sky.

He was hundreds of meters apart and stared at the other party.

“You broke into the residence of the gods.

Tell me your names,” Tendo Pain said coldly.

“It really is Rinnegan… Has Sage of the Six Path’s eyes appeared again It seems that you are the one who stole the treasure of our clan.” Toneri’s father looked serious.

Toneri, “God To you, we are more like gods.

However, you have the legendary eye.

To some extent, you are the same as us.”

Rinnegan was an existence on the same level as Tenseigan.

This time, Tendo Pain did not answer immediately.

He was even more confused.

Who are these two people What do they mean by stealing treasures What do they mean by the same person

“Toneri, let’s go.

We still have more important things to do.” Toneri’s father revealed a look of fear.

It was very strange.

Even if Sage of the Six Path’s eyes were awakened, they should have appeared on the bodies of high-concentration bloodlines that were infinitely close to Otsutsuki.

But this guy in front of him, or the guy behind the scenes…

“Did I let you go Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)!”

Tendo Pain opened his hand.

Toneri’s father coldly snorted, and with a low voice, powerful chakra gushed out, barely offsetting this gravity pull.

“Even if you want to talk to us, don’t put on such a bad attitude.

You shouldn’t use a puppet controlled by Rinnegan to talk to me!”

Toneri’s father opened his eyes wide, “As for the ability to manipulate puppets, Rinnegan is not good at this.”

“! Who are you” Tendo Pain shouted.

“Let’s talk about it after you survive.

Let me see how far you, who stole our treasure, have developed these eyes.”

Toneri’s father slowly raised his head and looked at the deep starry sky of the universe.

He directly communicated with the giant Tenseigan.

In the next moment, the giant Tenseigan on the moon suddenly began to spin.

This terrifying golden eye looked at Earth.


In the next moment, a terrifying fluctuation that made one’s hair stand on end burst forth, directly controlling a meteor in the starry sky.

In the blink of an eye, it smashed toward the ninja world.


A huge meteor descended from the sky and because of the air friction, it turned into a terrifying fireball.

“How are you going to face this, Sage of the Six Path’s descendant Facing me, a descendant of Hamura, what can you use to resist”


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