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The entire moon instantly fell into a state of restlessness.

The descendants of Otsutsuki Hamura who lived on the moon were all alarmed and ran back and forth.

They looked in the direction of Earth.

In the deep and cold starry sky of the universe, when one looked up at the moon, the blue and huge planet seemed to be within reach.

All of the Otsutsuki clansmen looked at it angrily.

“There was a guy in the lower realm who stole Gedo Mazo.

We didn’t have time to investigate, and now there is another guy like this…”

An old Otsutsuki was extremely angry.

He stared at the terrifying Earth direction with Byakugan.

A strange creature was barely observed by him and entered his sight.

“When did such a strange creature appear in Ninja World It has a long tail and a fat belly… Is it a monster who practices natural energy Is it the same as the Great Toad Sage”

The old man Otsutsuki speculated.

Of course, he knew the Great Toad Sage.

This toad was even older than Hagoromo and Hamura.

Back then, in order to seal Otsutsuki Kaguya, it even especially jumped out to give pointers to Hagoromo and Hamura.

Now it seemed that this Great Toad Sage was nothing more than inciting the two ancestors to rebel against their mother to save themselves.

After all, if Otsutsuki Kaguya was allowed to plant the divine trees on Earth, this planet would be finished.

But the top monster that practices natural energy should be a toad, a white snake, and a slug.

When did such a… human-shaped lizard appear”

The old man racked his brains and searched through his hundreds of years of memories, but he still couldn’t find any powerful creatures related to lizards.

At this time, the other Otsutsuki clansmen also opened their Byakugan, each pair of Byakugan brewing terrifying eye power.

“The attack just now was very dangerous, and the direction was clearly aimed at the moon.

If we let him continue to grow, wouldn’t he be able to directly attack us directly in the ninja world”

“Damn it, could it be that the idea of splitting up is really…”

“Shut up! We are the right ones.

We are the ones who truly understand the philosophy of Old Ancestor Hamura.

Whether it is the Sage of the Six Path or Old Ancestor Hamura, all of their teachings are for the sake of making Ninja World walk toward peace and stability.

Those guys from the branch families are too extreme! “

The old man scolded with a low voice.

In the azure blue ninja world, there had been endless wars for thousands of years.

During the long period of the Warring States Period, it was still the fighting of clans and mercenaries.

Although it was cruel, the scale was limited.

However, after Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara established the country and ninja village system, the situation of the battle continued to not be alleviated but became more and more intense.

Countless ancient clans were exterminated one after another.

Under the attack of the combined power of a country, their destructive power and killing power rose sharply.

Things like clans were simply fragile.

Towards these miserable conditions, the descendants of Otsutsuki on the moon were silently observing.

Although they couldn’t see every change in Earth, they could still vaguely see the tragic scene.

They also clearly knew what kind of terrible situation Earth had fallen into.

“Although there was a deviation in Ninja World’s development.

However, Sage of the Six Path and Old Ancestor Hamura’s original intention couldn’t be wrong.

It was definitely not what the branch family said about extinction!”

The old man was extremely angry.

The life of the Otsutsuki clan was long.

He had lived for hundreds of years.

From the time of Otsutsuki Hamura, he had lived all the way until now.

He naturally deeply understood Hamura’s will deeply.

However, the people born after Hamura died did not care about these things.

They wantonly distorted the will of the old ancestor Hamura.

The people who separated from the clan were even more extreme to the point of destroying all of Ninja World’s life and creating new things again… How crazy!

“What are those guys from the branch family doing now” The old man looked at the people beside him.

A young man with an ugly expression said, “Those guys cut off contact with us and refused our people to enter their territory… No one knows what they are doing.”

The black could of civil war were scattered on this moon.

“Understood… I will personally go and see them.” The old man’s expression was ice-cold.

“However, is there really no need to care about the fluctuations coming from Ninja World If we let it go, he might really be able to attack the moon.

Then we will be too passive.”

“We don’t need it for the time being.

No matter what, we have to resolve the differences between the main family and the branch family first.” The old man shook his head.

Seriously, why would a good descendant of Otsutsuki become like this

Look at the descendants of the old ancestor of Hamura on Earth, the Hyuga clan.

Each person in the main family is only allowed to have one child for the main family is allowed in every generation.

The main family can easily play with the life and death of everyone in the branch family with Caged Bird Cursed Seal.

The old man had no intention of evaluating the right and wrong of such cruel methods.

At least for now, Otsutsuki’s clan was going to be split apart, but the Hyuga clan still maintained stability and unity.

On the moon, the base of the branch family.

A young gray-haired child was sitting on the ground obediently.

His occasionally raised head revealed a pair of blank eyes.

This child… had no eyes.

He had never had eyes since he was born.

It was as if his birth was foretelling a dangerous future.

He needed a pair of powerful eyes.

“The final moment is about to come.

It turns out that the main family is wrong.

It is right for us to separate.”

The father of the child brought a group of people from the branch family and surrounded the child.

They… also have no eyes, all the Byakugan were gone.

“Father, what happened” Toneri’s voice was clear and innocent.

He was only three years old and could not see anything from birth.

His knowledge of the outside world was extremely empty.

Toneri only knew that from birth, the entire branch family had been operating around him.

Even his father was desperately instilling some ideas into him.

“Sage of the Six Path is wrong.

The world he created was a complete mistake! It was the most obvious hint that Old Ancestor Hamura left Earth and stationed himself on the moon – he did not approve of the world that Sage of the Six Path created!”

“Just now, there was a violent fluctuation coming from Ninja World.

Although this attack is still very weak and far from threatening us, it already shows the danger – if we don’t act, those bloodthirsty madmen among the Ninja World will find us sooner or later and lay their hands on our Otsutsuki clan!”

“Ninja World’s fellows are all bloodthirsty demons who are ready to fight.

Their birth is a mistake!”

Toneri’s father growled with a fanatical look on his face.

The other branch families also had this attitude.

“You have no eyes since you were born.

This is the divine sign that Ancestor Hamura has given us! He is telling us that you need a pair of perfect eyes to fulfill Ancestor Hamura’s will!”

Toneri’s father continues, “And we will do everything we can to pave the way for you, in exchange for a pair of perfect eyes for you!”


This was the plan of the branch families.

Consume all Byakugan, use countless Byakugan, gather the pupil power of the branch family, and condense the supreme Tenseigan.

“Listen, Toneri.

Your mission is not only to bring Ninja World to extinction and create new life.

More importantly, you also bear the heavy responsibility of resisting the gods.”

“God Father, didn’t you say that we are gods Compared to the mortals of Ninja World” Toneri asked.

“That is indeed the case, but there are still real gods in the universe, and they are also Otsutsuki’s clan… They are Otsutsuki’s clan, and their blood is purer than ours! Sooner or later, they will come to Earth and plant a divine tree again.

At that time, if you can persuade them to stop planting a divine tree you can join them.

If you can’t persuade them, you can destroy them.

This is on the premise that you must have great power!”

Toneri’s father left this sentence and left with all the branch family members.

He did not give Toneri a chance to ask questions.

Toneri already vaguely sensed something, but he was smart and kept silent.

“Destroy Ninja World, be wary of Otsutsuki’s clan…”

Toneri whispered, implanting these two ideas into the bottom of his heart.


Soon, a terrible roar exploded on the moon, accompanied by shrill screams and slaughters.

The civil war of the Otsutsuki clan had completely erupted.

The people from the branch family exhausted all Byakugan and secretly condensed a pseudo-Tenseigan, which can briefly use the power of the pseudo-Tenseigan.

This was enough to crush the main family.

All of the main family Byakugan were destined to be added into this pseudo-Tenseigan and evolve into a real Tenseigan.

After a long time, the war calmed down.

Toneri’s father returned exhausted and covered in blood.

On the whole moon, only he and Toneri were alive.

The others were all killed, their Byakugan were dug up, and the chakra was collected by him and stuffed into the giant Tenseigan.

“Tenseigan creation succeeded, but there was an accident.”

Toneri’s father was tired and sat on the ground.

He looked at Toneri kindly.

Only at this time would this cold man show such an expression.

“Father, what accident” Toneri asked.

“This accident is that the Tenseigan is a little big.

Your eye sockets can’t fit it.”

As for how big this eye was, well, it wasn’t very big either.

It has a diameter of fifty meters…

A normal person standing in front of this eye was like an ant.

“Then what should I do” Toneri was a little worried, “Can I still complete the mission that Ancestor Hamura passed down to me”

Toneri’s father fell silent for a moment.

He felt a little guilty.

If he had known this would happen, he would have left behind a main family member Byakugan for Toneri to put on…

“It doesn’t matter, I still have a backup plan… Toneri, after our entire branch family research, we can confirm one thing.

With the nourishment and catalysis of this giant Tenseigan, it will increase the concentration of your bloodline and increase the quality of your Otsutsuki’s chakra…”

“So, as long as you can transplant a pair of extremely pure Byakugan, you can use the accumulation brought by the giant Tenseigan to evolve this pair of Byakugan into your own Tenseigan!!”

Toneri asked, “What about the others from the branch family Do I have to get Byakugan from them”

“Branch All gone.

We have filled the giant Tenseigan.

I have also exhausted my chakra and vitality.

I will die soon… our branch… our clan is only left with you.

You have to correct the mistakes of this world and create a new world of true peace.”

Toneri’s father got up tiredly and put his hand on Toneri’s body.

Although Toneri could not see, the bloodline of the Otsutsuki clan was extremely powerful.

He could use a vague sense of the outside world.

The two stood on a platform made of wood.

“Among Ninja World, there are also descendants of Old Ancestor Hamura.

I will take you to Ninja World to take a look and find a pure Byakugan!”

A highly pure Byakugan was extremely rare in Otsutsuki’s clan.

The descendants who had this kind of Byakugan would be crowned with the name of “Prince Byakugan” and “Princess Byakugan”.

Toneri’s father was also very worried now.

With Ninja World’s dirty garbage field, the Hyuga clan who lived in the garbage field… would there be a Prince and Princess

“If it really doesn’t work, let Toneri use the giant Tenseigan to purify his blood for decades, and then dig out a pair of less pure Byakugan.

Maybe it can also give birth to Tenseigan.”

Toneri’s father pondered and brought Toneri to stand on the wooden platform.

They were heading to the blue planet.

Prince Byakugan or Princess Byakugan… could it really exist

Earth, Ninja World.

Yuuji transformed into a huge 70 meters tall Godzilla, and after he shot the Planetary Devastation’s core.

He subconsciously looked at the deep night sky.

The chakra core of Planetary Devastation was destroyed, revealing the moon.

“Is it an illusion It seems that someone is vaguely observing me… Is it Otsutsuki Hamura’s descendant”

Yuuji stared at the moon with his terrifying eyes.

At this time, Toneri, the thief who can do things, should have been born already.

Did the Otsutsuki clan have a civil war

Shaking his head, Yuuji turned his attention back to the present.

Tendo Pain was still in the shock of his Planetary Devastation being cracked.

He was determined to further develop his Rinnegan’s strength and develop even more powerful eye techniques no matter what.

“Your performance was beyond my expectations.”

Tendo Pain coldly stared at this huge monster in front of him, “Ninja World is really magical to actually give birth to such a strange creature like Godzilla.”

With his sharp vision, Rinnegan could already see that this Godzilla in front of him was very similar to a Bijuu, but also very different.

It was not a body built with chakra like Bijuu, but a real body tissue.

He could not understand more details, but it was not important.

“If the power of your eyes is only like this, then your fate is already doomed.”

Yuuji looked down at him from above.

At this time, the battle between the other Pain and the Summoned Beast had also entered the climax.

No matter how one looked at it, the power that Tendo Pain had displayed was over.

This was also the limit of the power that the young Nagato could use.

If he continued to fight, he could only despatch the Outer Path.

At this moment.

“Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

A beam of light came crashing down.


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