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According to Pain, he was very interested in Yuuji’s philosophy.

The guy who stood next to Hanzo in the past and destroyed Yahiko’s belief in peace in a condescending manner was exactly what he needed.

“Find this guy, and then force out his view of peace.

If it is useful to us, let him stay.”

Tendo Pain sent a message to others.

“Shiranui Yuuji That’s interesting.

I’ve always wanted to kill this rude kid.”

Kakuzu laughed coldly.

He remembered that this guy Yuuji use his name and seemed to have deceived the Country of Fire Bounty Starion one to two hundred million ryo.

Rounding up, that was one billion.

This kid owes him billions of ryo!

Hiruko also fell silent, wondering if he could find an opportunity to get rid of his identity as summoned beast since Shiranui Yuuji was going to be in trouble…

“This time, it will still be me and Xu.

Zetsu, you take the two of them back to the base.”

Tendo Pain said coldly.

“Bad news, Iwagakure has mobilized a large army to search for the whereabouts of Shiranui Yuuji.

The good news is that the guy has not escaped from the Country of Earth territory.” Zetsu emerged from the ground.

Zetsu first reported Shiranui Yuuji’s location, then glanced at Xu, “Are you two still going to act It seems that you value that guy very much.

Hehehe… Then, two newcomers, come with me.

You have to get Akatsuki’s uniform first, and then apply nail polish…”


Kakuzu and Hiruko were full of question marks.

But this was no longer important.

Tendo Pain flew into the sky and summoned the other five Pains.

Xu also drilled into the ground, and the two began to move.

On the other side

When night fell, the moon hung high in the sky.

At the border of the Country of Earth and the Country of Fire.

Nono had already met Yuuji’s main body and successfully entered the Country of Fire.

Entering the borders of the Country of Fire was basically safe.

“You go first.

The enemy has caught up.” Yuuji stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky.

“What about you”

“I can escape at any time.

Since the enemy has already caught up, I can’t just retreat like this… This is the Country of Fire.”

Yuuji gazed into the distance.

Nono nodded heavily and quickly left.

Who could be the enemy that Yuuji valued so much

Was it the Tsuchikage

Soon, Tendo Pain arrived.

Xu also emerged from the ground.

The two figures stared at Yuuji.

“I found you.

Speaking of which, you are also one of the murderers who killed Yahiko, but I am willing to give you a chance.”

Tendo Pain looked at Yuuji coldly.

Yuuji glanced at the guy in front of him, “Sage’s eye, it seems that you are the guy who invaded the Uchiha clan in the Kyuubi Rampage… and this body,

It seems to have been cultivated with my flesh and blood.

It is a bit too much for you to be so unscrupulous.

Tendo Pain paused and said indifferently, “I killed Hanzo and Danzo, but I still couldn’t find Yahiko’s body.

It is your honor for me to use your flesh and blood as a carrier.”

“Now, you only have one choice.

Join Akatsuki with your ideals and thoughts of peace and become my helper!” Tendo Pain opened his arms, as if holding up the whole world, “And I, Pain, will use overwhelming power to clean up this dirty world.”

“What an arrogant guy.

If you two want to keep me, I also want to keep you.

Especially your Sage’s eyes.

I am really curious about the power of these eyes.

Does it really have the power of reincarnation”

Yuuji said in a low voice.

He took the initiative to attack.

Nuclear Release: White Hot Light!

The high-temperature beam was blocked by Tendo Pain in a flash.

“Since you refuse to join Akatsuki, then I can only use force to solve the problem.” Tendo Pain’s eyes were cold.

In the next moment, the other five appeared one after another, and the six Pain gathered.

“You’re fighting now That’s really rough.

Then you guys fight, I’ll watch the show.” Shaking his head, Xu appeared on a tree to watch the battle.

Pain moved in six directions and charged at Yuuji.

The Animal Path took the lead.

Several summoned beasts appeared and roared as they charged at Yuuji.

“It’s a toy made of my flesh and blood again.

Using Rinnegan’s power to suppress and control the changes in every cell”

Yuuji raised his hand and sent out a super-vibration wave, overturning these several summoned beasts.

The other Pain also attacked.

The Asura Path moved the fastest, transforming into several arms and grabbing over.

The Human Path also hid behind the Asura Path and opened his hand.

The Hungry Ghost Path waited for an opportunity to absorb Yuuji’s ninjutsu.

The Hell Path was at the furthest distance, ready to resurrect other Pain at any time.

Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)!

Tendo Pain opened his hand and directly sucked Yuuji in from a distance, suppressing Yuuji’s action.

“This kind of comprehensive and unique ability, no wonder it can force Fugaku and Kazue.” Yuuji continued to observe the situation.

This was only an eye technique that Nagato could develop, and it was unable to activate the two killer move — Rinbo, Hengoku (Limbo: Border Jail) and Tengai Shinsei (Shattered Heaven).

But even so, it was enough to crush 99% of Ninja World’s ninjas.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu(Summoning Technique) – Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts)!

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Yuuji summoned four coffins and four summoned beasts rushed out to block the attacks of several Pains.

“Pain, you have six, and I have five on my side.

Your advantage in numbers is not obvious.” Yuuji sneered.

The “azure” summoned beast immediately launched a large number of cutting techniques, nailing several of Rinnegan’s summoned beasts to the ground, unable to move.

The “white” summoned beast directly activated Sharingan and fought with the Asura Path with powerful physical skills.

Every time the two figures clashed, a powerful offensive, strength, and speed were brewing, far surpassing that of ordinary people.

Even if it were just a collision, it could explode with a violent roar.

The “vermilion” summoned beast pounced on the Human Path, using its claws to slap out a large number of seals and forcing the Human Path to continuously retreat.

The last “Black” character summoned beast opened Byakugan, directly facing the Hungry Ghost Path who could absorb chakra in a physical fight.

“This technique…” Tendo Pain’s eyes moved slightly and looked at these summoned beasts from the Rinnegan’s perspective.

‘Wood Release, Sharingan, Byakugan, Sealing technique… really amazing, does every monster have a bloodline limit’

At this time, Yuuji’s original body had already rushed towards Tendo Pain.

“A guy like you is too dangerous.

It’s better to leave Rinnegan to me for safekeeping!” Yuuji had already entered half- Godzilla transformation and raised his hand to grab it.

His target was precisely Tendo Pain’s Rinnegan.

He was really curious.

If he could tear his eyes off… what would they look like

Were these eyes still Rinnegan Or would they become ordinary eyes

Wasn’t this just like a certain Otsutsuki…

At this moment, Tendo Pain wanted to use Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push) to unleash a repulsive force, wanting to knock Yuuji away.

As long as this attack hit him, Yuuji would definitely suffer a serious injury.

However, Yuuji opened his mouth and fired a shot of White Hot Light.


The terrifying beam of light collided with Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push)’s repulsive force at close range.

In the next moment, the terrifyingly high temperature suddenly spread out and turned into dozens of tiny beams of light.

The unlucky Animal Path was hit by a beam of light, and half of his body melted on the spot.

The “azure” character mini-version rushed over, and the first thing he did was to get the eyes of the Animal Path.

The Rinnegan immediately turned into an ordinary eye.

“Humph, it really is like this.

Although I can’t confirm it yet, I think it is just another way to use chakra information.”

Yuuji’s eyes flashed.

As expected.

Chakra has its own information and can change matter.

Rinnegan and Tenseigan have the same characteristics in some ways…

“Otsutsuki’s race is creatures that have crossed the concept of [Death].

Even if they die, they can rely on the backhand to revive.”

Otsutsuki Kaguya was a typical example.

She had been sealed for a thousand years and was reborn from Madara in minutes.

There was also Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

He grasped the method called [Karma].

Karma carried all the data of his own body.

As long as the Karma was hidden in a Ninja World’s native body, he could rely on the erosion and transformation of a large amount of data to revive his body.

This was a perfect resurrection.

It perfectly erased the original data of the body and perfectly transformed it into the body of Otsutsuki’s clan.

Orochimaru’s Living Corpse Reincarnation was very much like an incomplete Karma.

As long as he succeeded in seizing a new body using the white snake form, he would be able to transform the new body’s various information in a very short period of time and would be able to use the new body’s own blood to live.

Yuuji had faint speculation.

Perhaps something like Rinnegan was a type of concept in itself…

“Rinnegan and Tenseigan, if I can obtain these two eyes…”

Since the relevant information had been confirmed, Yuuji’s goal in this battle had already been achieved.

“Even if I kill all six of these puppets, it would be meaningless.” Yuuji looked straight into Tendo Pain’s eyes, “Pain, no, Nagato, come out.

Your true body must be nearby.”

Tendo Pain said coldly, “Hmph, it seems that you have collected information about me recently, so I can’t let you stay… Moreover, you alone are not enough for Outer Path to take action.

This is enough to defeat you.”

He didn’t know what Yuuji was thinking, but since he had already reached this stage, he could only use that technique.

“Planetary Devastation!!”

The black ball of chakra was created and was thrown high into the sky.

It perfectly alines with the moon.

A huge suction force came out, wanting to seal Yuuji and the few summoned beasts.

The earth began to erupt with an astonishing tearing force.

It was as if a corner of the planet’s surface was going to be torn off.

The terrifying vibration shook the Country of Earth and County of Fire, causing countless people to watch in horror.

The giant ball that stretched across the sky and devoured everything was eating away at the earth.

“Planetary Devastation, huh…”

Yuuji raised his head to take a look and felt the terrifying suction force.

The Planetary Devastation that Tendo Pain had created was indeed shocking.

But to a certain extent, it was easier to resolve.

He only needed to use a powerful technique to destroy the core.

“Speaking of which, the essence of Planetary Devastation is that of a super-large Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)…”

A technique that could control gravity was really enviable…

Godzilla Mode: Complete Body Godzilla Transformation!

Atomic Breath!

Yuuji’s figure suddenly began to expand, and with a bang, he began to grow into a 70-meter tall giant beast.

His entire back began to condense a terrifying blue light beam.

Since it was dusk, it seemed to turn into another huge source of light.

Yuuji opened his mouth and shot out a shot an Atomic Breath, directly hitting the black core.

Under the terrifying shock wave and high-temperature attack, all the huge rocks that were blocking the way were crushed one after another.

“This is that secret technique Atomic Breath used to suppress Kyuubi…”

The expression on Tendo Pain’s face changed.

He increased the output of his chakra, trying to create an even greater suction as if he wanted to lift up the entire earth.

The scale of the Planetary Devastation he had launched this time far exceeded the one he had used against Hanzo.

But similarly, Yuuji’s Atomic Breath had also surpassed Hanzo.


A terrifying roar spread through everything.

The violent Atomic Breath seemed to tear apart the sky.

The ball of chakra, which had been hit head-on, was also at this moment, withstanding this terrifying attack with all its might.

It was in a deadlock for a moment but it could unable to hold on any longer.


It began to shatter.

The cracks on the black ball of chakra expanded crazily.

In the end, it shattered.

Scattered fragments of stone began to fall, crashing into the large surface and triggering a terrifying vibration.

The nearby ground was only left with endless ruins and ravines, telling this terrifying technique.

“It seems that your technique is useless to me.

If you want to recruit me, then show me your true ability.” Yuuji looked down at Tendo Pain from above.

Tendo Pain was still expressionless, “This is troublesome.

Relying on the power of the Deva Path, I still can’t deal with this guy… Do I need to send out Outer Path”

Tendo Pain had never imagined that he would be able to reach this stage.

According to his estimations, even if Yuuji activated Godzilla Mode, he would definitely be able to seal it off with the help of Planetary Devastation.

However, the other party had instantly found the weakness of his technique and directly attacked the black ball of chakra!

The black ball was indeed too obvious.

So, the Planetary Devastation technique needs to be further developed.

Tendo Pain and Yuuji confronted each other.

Around them were the other Pain and Yuuji’s summoned beast who were still fighting.

From time to time, rocks fell from the sky like falling meteors, crashing into the ground and causing continuous small-scale earthquakes.

However, Pain and Yuuji did not notice this.

Their terrifying confrontation just now had shaken the Ninja World.

After Yuuji’s Atomic Breath defeated the black ball of chakra, it directly rushed out of the atmosphere.

The dazzling light was transmitted… to the moon.

The surface of the originally serene moon suddenly exploded.

“What was that light just now”

“Bastard, are they coming for us That rotten world actually gave birth to a ninja of this level”

“Have you seen it, have you seen it all! There is something wrong with the clans’ philosophy.

This rotten world needs to be destroyed!”

“This is too much, this is too much! Not only did they steal our Gedo Statue, but they are also threatening us now… The guys in the lower world don’t follow the rules at all, it’s outrageous!!”


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