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Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation)!

Using his own strength, he activated this powerful barrier technique.

Generally speaking, even the ordinary Kage level would not be able to break this barrier.

“Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation)”

“This is Konoha’s barrier secret technique!”

“Damn it, relying on four strange things, he actually used this technique…”

Akatsuchi and the others’ faces sank.

“All of you, go to hell.”

Yuuji’s heart moved, and a large number of radiation clouds began to spread.

Ninja Art – Great Radiation World!

The entire Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation) seemed to have turned into a terrifying forbidden zone.

Countless radiation particles crazily collided and destroyed everything.

This kind of terrifying concentration was beyond human tolerance.

Soon, Iwa ninjas died one after another.

Only Akatsuchi was still relying on chakra to survive.

“Does Konohagakure know that you are researching these things Sharingan, Byakugan… You transplanted the village bloodline limit to these monsters!” Akatsuchi growled.

Yuuji said lightly, “Have you forgotten that I am the leader of Root, and I do not need to explain to any family.

Moreover… this was all done by Danzo-sensei, what does it have to do with me”

Akatsuchi was furious.

Doton: Gremu no Jutsu(Earth Release: Golem Technique)!

Akatsuchi spat out a rock golem and crazily attacked the purple barrier with it.

But the result was also very obvious; it was useless.

Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation) was already able to restrain a Kage-level character.

A mere Akatsuchi was unable to resist this level of attack.

As time went on, a large number of radiation particles attacked Akatsuchi and consumed his chakra.

After a while, Akatsuchi died.

The Third Tsuchikage guard, Akatsuchi, had died in the barrier.


The four purple barriers dissipated.

“That’s enough.

I’m already very satisfied that four Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts) were able to successfully activate Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation).”

Yuuji revealed a smile.

Right now, it was just Shishienjin(Four Violet Flames Formation).

He just doesn’t know if it is possible to activate the Shisekiyjin(Four Red Yang Formation)…

“Let’s go, Wandering Miko, go back to Konoha.

This is the last task I, the current leader of Root, issued to you.

Go back alive and take on the responsibility of the director of your orphanage.

Those poor children can’t live without you.”

Yuuji did not look back.


Yakushi Nono looked at the scene in front of her with shock.

He summoned four humanoid monsters that she don’t know what they were.

Looking at their appearances, these four strange creatures look like the legendary Godzilla…

“Is it really okay for you to do this Transplant the bloodline limit of the village clan into your creation…” Yakushi Nono said in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, I know what I am doing.

Compared to the benefits, this kind of reputation criticism and loss is nothing to me.” Yuuji’s voice rang out.

Yakushi Nono felt an inexplicable chill in her heart.

From the perspective of a top spy, this Yuuji… seemed to be even more dangerous than Danzo.

He had stronger strength, more affinity, and more danger.

“Kitsuchi and Akatsuchi both died in Konoha’s hands.

Third Tsuchikage will go crazy.

You have to be careful.”

Yakushi Nono reminded him in a low voice and ran away without looking back.

It was not until she ran far away that she turned back and looked at him with a trace of surprise in her eyes.

‘He actually… did not take the opportunity to clean up her who knew the secret’

‘What a confident fellow, completely different from Danzo…’

As Yakushi Nono thought this, the faces of the children in the orphanage appeared in her mind, and she unconsciously sped up.

After Yakushi Nono walked far away.

Yuuji began to collect the four summoned beasts.

The four coffins drilled into the ground one after another.

“The main body is also approaching the Country of Earth.

There should be no problem to help Yakushi Nono escape.”

Yuuji’s clone raised his head to look at the corpses all over the ground.

Then, his figure slowly disappeared and merged into the ground.

“What Akatsuchi is dead”

The Third Tsuchikage was furious.

Akatsuchi was his most trusted guard and an important force in the village.

Now, he was actually… dead

“Who did it!”

“From the corpse, it is the power of nuclear release bloodline limit.

Akatsuchi-sama died in the hands of Shiranui Yuuji.”

“Hmph, that hateful little brat!”

Onoki gritted his teeth and was silent for a moment.

He then immediately issued an order, “Issue a bounty mission, kill Shiranui Yuuji, the reward is one hundred million!”

“Tsuchikage-sama, but the bounty station in the Country of Earth…” The ninja was a little hesitant.

The dog thief Kakuzu had ruined the Country of Fire, and now he had made the underground world of the Country of Earth a mess.

“Hmph, this time we are not issuing missions at the bounty station, but directly issuing them to the mercenary organization… Akatsuki!”

Onoki sneered.

He liked to drive the forces outside the five villages to stir up trouble.

Akatsuki was a mercenary organization that he had recently noticed.

They only attack a few times but their mission completion rate was 100%.

At this time, Tendo Pain, who had arrived in the Country of Earth, learned about the mission issued by Iwagakure from Zetsu.

“Kill Shiranui Yuuji A bounty of 100 million ryo is really generous.”

Tendo Pain’s expression changed slightly.

For the current Akatsuki, they really needed money.

“Hmph, Onoki can be used for a while… Zetsu, go find Shiranui Yuuji and tell me after you find him.”

Tendo Pain snorted and turned to search for Kakuzu’s whereabouts.

“I know, Leader, but if the opponent is Shiranui Yuuji…”

Zetsu immediately nodded and looked at the figure of Pain flying away.

His eyes flashed with a strange light and disappeared.

At this time, Kakuzu was discussing with a guy about the bounty.

“Nine to one.

After the matter is done, I will give you ten percent of the money.” Kakuzu stared at the missing-nin in front of him.

“What This is too low!”

“It’s not low.

I have more missions to take on.

The acting fees, clothing fees, and the cost of maintaining your life with a secret technique after you fake your death.

These are all very expensive.” Kakuzu sneered.

“This… Alright…”

The other party was about to agree.


A figure appeared and killed the missing-nin with a single move.

Kakuzu was furious, “Hiruko You bastard, you ruined my plan again!”

Kakuzu immediately began to spit out black silk, and his eyes emitted a bloody light.

However, Hiruko just stood in the distance and sneered, “Swift Release is really useful, right Kakuzu, if it were someone else, they would have been killed by me long ago.

Only you can make me unable to kill them no matter how much I kill them.”

The two of them looked at each other and were about to launch an unknown number of confrontations.


The figure with a black robe with red clouds descended from the sky and stood in the middle of the two.

“Kakuzu and Hiruko Both of them are here, so it saves us the trouble.”

Tendo Pain glanced at them with a cold gaze.

Just the aura that descended from the sky forced the two people to not act rashly.

“This outfit, Akatsuki” Hiruko stared at Tendo Pain and his eyes widen.

As he looked, he revealed a fanatical gaze, “This pair of eyes…”

Kakuzu snorted coldly, “I have no interest in joining any strange organization.

Money is my lifelong pursuit.”

“Idiot, you have lived for eighty years.

Can’t you recognize him This guy has Sage’s eyes!” Hiruko’s eyes were red.

If he could integrate Sage’s eyes into his own blood…


Kakuzu’s expression changed slightly as he stared intently at Tendo Pain for the first time.

“Rinnegan I didn’t expect this kind of eye to really exist If I can dig out this pair of eyes, it will probably be very valuable…” Kakuzu muttered in a low voice.

Tendo Pain said indifferently, “Akatsuki is an organization established to achieve peace.

I need you to join.

When this organization grows stronger, it will also provide you with convenience.”

“I’m not interested.”

Kakuzu turned around and was about to leave.

“We have a salary.” Tendo Pain said.

Kakuzu immediately turned back.

“How much”

“The financial power of the organization can be handed over to you.

After all, the people in the organization are not interested in money.”


Kakuzu turned around and was about to leave.

Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)!

Tendo Pain raised his hand and directly sucked Kakuzu over.

“You are courting death!” Kakuzu was enraged, his eyes flashed with a fierce light, and several hearts on his body flew wildly.

“Then, I will defeat you.

I will spare your life, but you will join Akatsuki.”

Tendo Pain’s voice was cold.

Several black threads suddenly spread out.

A cold killing intent flashed through Kakuzu’s eyes.

“Even if it is the legendary Sage’s eyes… I will take it down! I am an existence that fought with Senju Hashirama, how can I be afraid of you”

His hand suddenly left his body and suddenly grabbed toward Tendo Pain.

The speed was astonishing.

“Hehehe, this fist, ah, I suffered quite a bit back then…”

Hiruko stood in the distance and look at it with a greedy face.

Kakuzu always talks about how he fought against exceptional talents, which really makes him unhappy…

“Let me see just what kind of power Rinnegan has…” Hiruko lowered his head deeply.

He was ready to move.

If he could really devour Rinnegan, then he would probably be able to break free from that little brat’s control…


The fist attacked.

Tendo Pain only raised his hand and Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push) struck out, easily overturning this attack.


Rinnegan’s eye power suddenly erupted, making Kakuzu have an illusion that the chakra within his body seemed to have stagnated for a moment.


A huge repulsive force attacked, and a large number of black threads were suddenly overturned.

A trace of astonishment flashed through Kakuzu’s eyes.

Attraction and repulsive force, this kind of strange ninjutsu…

“Senju Hashirama, you actually fought with him… Since that’s the case, then I will let you go and let him do it…” Tendo Pain slowly lowered his arm.

He turned around and looked at a certain place.

A strange figure crawled out from the ground.

“Another one…” Hiruko frowned.

“Xu, this guy seems to know you.

You two can have a chat.”

Tendo Pain raised his hand and threw a large number of black sticks at Hiruko.

The face under the mask had a helpless expression.

This misunderstanding was a little big.

Nagato actually thought that he was that person…

“Kakuzu, join Akatsuki.

I will let you live.” Xu tilted his head and looked at Kakuzu.

Kakuzu snorted, “Such a condescending tone again, it really makes people feel uncomfortable.

Are Akatsuki’s fellows all so arrogant When I kill you, you will naturally not be arrogant.”

Several masks fluttered and opened their mouths one after another.

They then launched five attribute release techniques toward Xu.

Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Ktan(Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence)!!

A large number of black forests suddenly drilled out from the ground and with a loud bang, they blocked these five attribute ninjutsu.

“Wood Release”

“It’s actually Wood Release! Could it be that you are that…”

Kakuzu and Hiruko’s expressions changed drastically in an instant!

Wood Release was a legendary bloodline limit.

Right now, this black forest emitted an ominous and despairing aura that has the appearance of that silent dignity and awesomeness.

Especially Kakuzu.

He was dumbfounded.

He stared blankly at the dense forest in front of him.

His mind was blank.

‘How could it be Wood Release’

Although it was a black wood release, and there was no sense of life in the forest, it was undoubtedly a wood release…

Thinking back to what Pain said.

Kakuzu subconsciously looked at Xu.

His eyes met with the pale mask.

“You… Who the hell are you!! Could it really be… impossible, Senju Hashirama also has the limit of his lifespan, he is clearly dead!”

Kakuzu was extremely shocked and angry.

Looking at Xu that did not have any emotional fluctuations, an inexplicable panic arose in his heart.

Rinnegan, Wood Release, Xu…

Kakuzu began to imagine himself.

“It’s useless to talk nonsense.

Kakuzu, either join Akatsuki or die.”

Xu stood in place, and a large number of wood release ninjutsu continuously poured out.

Many of them made Kakuzu feel familiar.

The Cutting Technique, Great Forest Technique, Deep Forest Emergence…

It could not be wrong.

This overwhelming feeling was clearly…

The feeling of death.

“Enough, stop fighting.

I’ll join in!” Kakuzu growled, “Also, that Sage-eye ninja just said he would pay, does it still count”

Xu paused, “Of course, the leader is a God.

He doesn’t want to use lies to achieve his goal.”

“Hmph, since that’s the case, I’ll reluctantly agree on your behalf.”

Kakuzu knelt down on one knee, and the last two hearts in his body were forced into an extremely sorry state by the continuous wood release.

His eyes revealed a lingering fear, hatred, and terror as he stared fixedly at Xu.

‘Unexpectedly, unexpectedly.’

‘Not only had you lived to this day, but you’ve also even gotten together with Sage eye ninja… Hmph, my lifelong enemy has actually joined an unknown mysterious organization’

The battle between the two of them ended very quickly.

On the other side, Hiruko was about to be beaten to death by Tendo Pain.

“Hmph, I have Swift Release, my speed is astonishing…”

“Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)!”

“Damn it, I have Scorch Release.

Watch me melt you into liquid…”

“Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push)!”

Hiruko was devastated and was beaten silly by these two simple moves.

A completely unreasonable eye technique.

“Join, I will join too! There are the two of you in the organization.

I think you can bring me a lot of precious bloodline limits!”

Hiruko lay on the ground and spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

Tendo Pain stopped and looked down at everything with an indifferent gaze, “Then, from now on, the two of you are Akatsuki’s core members.”

He threw out two rings, which have the words “North” and “Three”.

“Next, we will take action against the next target.

I will personally invite him to join Akatsuki.

His will is what Akatsuki needs.”

Tendo Pain opened his arms and said in a cold voice,

“Shiranui Yuuji!”

Xu, “…”

‘I disagree!’


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