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Chapter 149 - Shisui

In Ninja World, there were always some strange things hidden.

There would inevitably be some strange things as long as there was chakra.

In the Kyuubi Rampage, it was the first time that Sage of the Six Path truly noticed a creature like Godzilla.

This was because he was staring at the Asura’s reincarnation and unexpectedly saw Godzilla in the form of a 70-meter behemoth fighting with the Kyuubi.

“Although I knew there was such a strange creature before, I didn’t expect it to be so powerful…”

The Sage of the Six Path seemed to be deep in thought.

His chakra was spread out in the Ninja World and could be used for monitoring.

He knew that Godzilla was in Yuuji’s body.

But he didn’t expect that it was actually so strong!

In terms of strength, it was ranked in the top five among Bijuu and could barely fight the rampaging Kyuubi a few times.

“Furthermore, he was the one who confuses Indra and Asura’s Chakra, but I just don’t know what exactly he wants to do.” Sage of the Six Path revealed a trace of doubt.

Yuuji’s actions clearly knew some ancient secrets, but he was not the reincarnation of anyone.

He wasn’t closely related to that guy, Black Zetsu.

A creature like Godzilla seemed to have popped out of thin air.

“And is it my illusion This monster seems more like a plant…”

The Sage of the Six Path fell into deep thought and didn’t come to a conclusion for a long time.

He simply didn’t want to.

After all, it was a matter of the Yang World.

He just needs to sit in the Pure Land and guard the place that would turn the tables in the end.

Even if Black Zetsu really released his mother, there would still be room for resistance.

The problem of the Yang World had to be solved by living people.

Yuuji was not clear about the Sage of the Six Path’s confusion.

Even if he knew, he would just laugh it off and not take it to heart.

He was focused on cultivating Kabuto, Yamato, and Yamanaka Fu.

These were the juniors that he had high hopes for.

Especially Yamato, he had obviously received more attention recently.

Some passers-by who happened to pass by were all Anbu disguised to observe Yamato.

In fact, Yamato, who had obtained Yuuji’s permission, did not need to hide it.

Ninja School, practical combat class.

“Mokuton: Jubaku Eis(Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial)!”

A small sapling suddenly broke through the ground and drilled out from the ground.

It caught the enemy child and scared the other person to cry out.

“What How can a tree suddenly appear”

“Is this a ninjutsu At Yamato’s age, he can actually use this kind of powerful ninjutsu”

“Yamato can actually control plants”

Many students who did not know what was going on shouted excitedly.

Yamato, with his powerful strength and qualifications.

He was an influential figure in the school, so he naturally had a lot of fans.

“Admit defeat, I admit defeat!” The opponent was frightened.

Yamato controlled the tree and slowly put it down.

The two of them formed a seal of reconciliation.

However, Yoshino Masada did not announce the next combatants for a long time.

This school teacher, who was proud of nurturing Yuuji and Kazue, was now looking at the scene in front of him in a daze.

“Wood Release”

“Is it really wood release”

Yoshino Masada was short of breath.

He rushed up and stroked the young sapling.


Looking at this green sapling, it really was a wood release!

“Yamato, how did you…” Yoshino Masada looked over excitedly.

Yamato was stunned, “Ah, this ah, actually, it naturally will…”

Soon, the whole Ninja School almost exploded.

The teachers from all grades rushed over to see the wood release.

“Is this child Yamato a descendant of the Senju Clan”

“He is not an ordinary member of the Senju Clan.

Don’t forget, even the Second Hokage-sama and Tsunade-sama can’t use wood release!”

“I heard that he is a homeless child adopted by Yuuji.

Could it be that the First Hokage-sama left a bloodline in the outside world”

“Shut up, don’t randomly make up things for the First Hokage-sama! But what you said seems to make a lot of sense… haiys~ I’m afraid!”

“Moreover, this wood release is green, a symbol of vitality, not the black trees that appeared that night!”

On the windows of the entire teaching building, a lot of teachers were looking down at them, and he was very excited.

Yoshino Masada took a deep breath and only felt that the pride in his chest was about to explode.

‘Could it be that after I nurtured Yuuji and Kazue, I will have new experts under me’

“Next group, Shiranui Yamato VS Kitajo Hiiragi!”

“Next group, Kawai Vs.

Shiranui Yamato!”

“The next group…”

Yoshino Masada immediately arranged for Yamato to go on stage.

Every time they fought, a wood release ninjutsu would defeat the enemy with one move.

This completely shocked everyone and made them even more sure that it was indeed the wood release!

Even the few Senju clansmen who worked in the Ninja School were shocked at this time, and their faces were full of ecstasy.

This message was reported to the Hokage in an even more urgent manner.

“Huh Yamato really awakened wood release”

Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, attached great importance to it.

He personally took action and immediately mobilized Flying Thunder God to rush to the Ninja School.

It was just in time for the confrontation between Kabuto and Yamato.

“These two people are Yuuji’s favorite students.

There is a reason for Yamato’s aptitude.

What about Kabuto”

Minato was very interested.

During this period of time, he had personally arranged for people to keep an eye on Yamato.

Of course, it would not be too excessive.

For example, after Yamato returned home, those Anbu consciously stayed outside and waited for Yamato to leave before monitoring him.

This was a show of respect for Yamato, and also respect for Yuuji.

It could be said that the Anbu would occasionally bump into Root ninjas.

After the first few awkward encounters, both sides were used to it.

When they met, they nodded in tacit agreement and then carried out the task of protecting and monitoring Yamato.

The wood release was too important, and Konoha needed this kind of power too much.

Whether it was on the level of strength or on the level of political publicity, it was necessary.

Now, Minato watched the contest curiously.

“Mokuton: Mokusei no Muchi(Wood Release: Wooden Whip)!” After forming a seal, Yamato quickly reached out his hand.

A piece of wooded whip suddenly emerged from the ground and whipped toward Kabuto.


Kabuto pushed up his glasses and suddenly bent down.

He raised a hand, and a layer of bluish chakra attached to his finger.

Kabuto raised his hand and cut a gap on this piece of wood.

“What happened just now Body technique” Yoshino Masada subconsciously frowned, and then his face was full of astonishment.

“It should be a chakra scalpel, but it is extremely thin and can only last for an instant… To be able to achieve this level of chakra control at this age is really amazing!”

Minato showed a look of admiration.

Now it seemed that Kabuto was still very young and weak, and his physique had not grown.

However, it was precisely because of this that it proved that Kabuto was even more outstanding.

Dou is the second super-skilled student in the theory class after Yuuji.

His performance in the practical combat class was second only to Itachi and Yamato, which was too rare.

Countless eyes gathered on the playground.

Everyone stared at the fight between the two people and commented from time to time, making waves of praise.

“It’s amazing, the keen sense is not even worse than some genin!”

“The timing of his attack is also very accurate.

It is really hard to imagine the level of his growth after a few years.

Is this talent”

“No, don’t forget, these two are the student of that one.

The reason they can have this level must be because of Yuuji-sama’s teaching.”

Many people suddenly remembered that Yuuji was never just a strong person, but also a theoretical person.

Presumably, he was very good at teaching.

Time passed.

In the end, Kabuto was still defeated by Yamato.

In terms of age, physique, and chakra, he was inferior to Yamato.

Not to mention, Yuuji had been giving Yamato special treatment and regularly transplanting a few Hashirama’s cells to strengthen his wood release’s bloodline limit…

In the battle, Kabuto was hit by a wooden stake and had to withdraw from the arena.

A large amount of applause sounded, and everyone looked at Kabuto with looks of admiration.

Even Minato was filled with admiration.

“Hmm” He suddenly raised his head and looked up into the sky.

A faint stream of chakra could be felt.

“Is this Sandaime’s telescope technique Even he was alarmed… That’s right, whether it is wood release or the outstanding newcomers in the village, they are all worthy of attention.”

Minato took a deep look at the two people who had formed the seal of reconciliation.

He could not be more satisfied.

“Is Yuuji’s teaching ability so amazing The two children are both geniuses.

It should not be an accident.


Minato pondered that after the war was over, the combat-type missions would definitely be reduced sharply.

At that time, he could arrange for Yuuji to work in the Ninja School…

‘Well, just be a theoretical teacher.’

‘Taking away the distribution of power and other things, Yuuji’s theoretical class level is unquestionable.

Sandaime had already said that he was inferior to him.’

Soon after, the entire Konohagakure was shocked.

The news of the wood release that spread from children in the Ninja School stunned everyone.

So much so that many old people were in tears.

The significance of wood release to Konohagakure was too great.

“Is that so Yamato, is he also Yuuji-sama’s student”

“It’s really great.

Yuuji-sama is still so young, and he has even cultivated a wood release ninja!”

“So, Yamato is a member of the Senju Clan who is stranded outside, and has the bloodline of the First Hokage-sama”

Some of the surviving descendants of Senju couldn’t sit still.

Even though the words “the First Hokage had a bloodline in the outside world” made them feel angry and ashamed, this wasn’t important.

As long as it was confirmed to be wood release.

‘Presumably, even if the First Hokage-sama is still alive, he wouldn’t care… right’

Although Senju’s clan could be said to have disappeared, Senju’s power still circulated in the village.

Minato returned to the Hokage Building and took the opportunity to call Yuuji over.

“So, how far can Yamato’s wood release go Compared with the First Hokage…”

“Yondaime, you should know that just relying on wood release is impossible to compare with the First Hokage.”

Yuuji shook his head.

Senju Hashirama was the previous Asura.

With Sage’s body, how could Yamato compare to him

The wood release was indeed powerful and was able to restrain Bijuu and extract Bijuu’s chakra.

However, the wood release was not the only one that was powerful.

Yuuji said, “If I train him well, in the future, I can train Yamato to the level that can fight against or even suppress the weaker Bijuu.

It will be no problem.”

Yes, he had transplanted the First Hokage cell to Yamato since childhood.

When he grew up, he could only activate the threshold of Deep Forest Emergence.

The next step was the level of the wood dragon technique.

The wood dragon technique could deal with the weakest Bijuu like the two-tailed cat and the three-tailed turtle.

As for the stronger wood human technique, he might be able to do it if he barely used all of his strength.

If he broke through another level, Yuuji would not think about it.

He doesn’t expect this.

“To fight against the weaker Bijuu, this is already amazing enough.” Minato praised and look at Yuuji with a more kind gaze, “To be able to nurture a child abandoned by Danzo and Orochimaru into the village genius.

Yuuji, thank you for your hard work.”

In Minato’s knowledge, the strongest power in his faction was Yuuji and Root, followed by the Forth Hokage Anbu Guard and some of Anbu.

Most of the other forces are from the Third Hokage’s faction, especially the two consultants…

There was no way to say.

Minato said, “Ever since the Kyuubi appeared in the village, the village did not suffer that much loss.

It was all thanks to you… However, it was also because we did our best to keep it a secret that the hostile village misjudged our actual situation and became restless.”

“So, there’s going to be a war again No matter who wants to invade Konoha, I will personally cut off their outstretched claws.”

“It’s just a conflict at the border.

It’s not a war.

Do you have any suggestions Who will you send to deal with the invading Kirigakure team” Minato asked Yuuji for his opinion.

Yuuji thought for a while, “Send Shisui.

The hearts of the Uchiha clan are a little unstable now.

The village also needs to put on a trusting attitude.

This is a very important matter.

Moreover, the title Shisui of the Body Flicker is something Shisui earns against Kirigakure.”

Minato smiled, “Then it’s decided.

Send Uchiha Shisui.”

Soon, Shisui, who received the Fourth Hokage command, was very excited and immediately got ready to go.

Speaking of which, this was the first time he had been the captain and commanded an operation.

This made Shisui extremely excited.

He even knew that this was the village showing their attitude and still trusted the Uchiha clan.

“Shisui, although this mission is to fight against Kirigakure, you must not slack off.

Only success is allowed, no failure!”

Fugaku looked at the young Shisui with a serious face and said in a deep voice, “As far as I know, this is an opportunity that Yuuji has fought for us, and he wants you to carry it out.

You know what this means!”

The evaluation of the Uchiha clan in the village recently was full of controversy.

Now was the time to give themselves a proper name.

Their clan was Konoha strongest clan, not the Uchiha of Uchiha Madara!

“Yes, Patriarch, I will fight to the death to complete it!” Shisui was excited, “Yuuji-senpai has already become famous on the battlefield at my age.

I don’t expect to surpass him, but I have to follow him no matter what!”

“… Thank you for your hard work.


Fugaku looked at Shisui, who suddenly burst out with a fanatical face.

He resisted the desire to ridicule him and ordered.

Shisui took a group of ninjas from the village and began to move.

In his team, there were Uchiha clansmen, people from other clans, and even ordinary ninjas.

“No matter what, I can’t fail… I didn’t play my role in the Kyuubi rampage.

I relied on Yuuji-senpai, Kazue-senpai, and the others to stop the enemy…”

Shisui, who was shuttling through the forest, slowly raised his head, and the three tomoe in his eyes spun faster.

That night, Shisui was also in danger and had grown a lot.

In addition, Yamato had awakened wood release, Itachi was growing, and the new generation was growing at an astonishing speed.

This made Shisui feel a sense of crisis in his heart.

More importantly…

“My eye power has become stronger.”

Shisui covered his eyes and whispered.

On the other side, Yuuji, who walked out of the Hokage Building, also began to move.

“Kazuma, it’s time to lay hands on this tumor.

The Kyuubi’s power can not be easily handed over to you.”


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