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Chapter 148 - Sage of the Six Path: What Is Godzilla

Konoha 51 years was destined to be an unusual year.

In this year, because Indra and Asura had successfully reincarnated one after another, the other cockroaches were also born.

This year, a mysterious enemy invaded and triggered the Kyuubi rampage.

There was also the Konoha hero, Shiranui Yuuji, who attacked and suppressed the disaster.

No one knew who the mysterious enemy was and what his purpose was.

Even the Konoha higher-ups were confused.

They were terrified and uneasy.

At the same time, they sealed up the information about Kato Dan.

The things that Yuuji had to deal with were complicated.

He, who was valued by the Fourth Hokage, had to travel day and night.

He often shares the pressure for the Fourth Hokage.

He still had to deal with the problem of Root.

Root, which had been washed by Pain, was not as strong as before.

All kinds of strength and funds had been severely reduced.

All these need to be handled by Yuuji.

Recently, Yuuji had been very close to the Uchiha clan.

“I feel that Sasuke has grown up a lot.”

Yuuji praised as he hugged Sasuke and praised his student.

While talking with Itachi, he secretly played tricks just like how he did to Naruto.

Some of Naruto’s genes and cells were carried into Sasuke’s body, and he continued to exert influence.

In this way, the chakra they refined in the future would no longer only be their own chakra, but they would also have the other side’s chakra.

“The chakra has its own information and can change the genes and temperament.

Then what will become of Indra and Asura after a few years I am really looking forward to it…”

Yuuji had a smile on his face.

He was really looking forward to it.

As for how far this kind of achievement can advance, it will depend on the next few years.

He only needed to wait patiently.

“It seems that Sasuke also likes senpai very much…” Itachi stared at Sasuke, who suddenly began to cry.

His whole body was tense, and he was obviously a little nervous.

He even opens his Sharingan.

Yuuji returned Sasuke as if nothing had happened and sized up the nervous Itachi, “Are these eyes opened in the Kyuubi rampage It really makes me full of anticipation.”

“Yes, it was all thanks to senpai for turning the tide that day…”

“You can’t say that.

It’s all thanks to everyone’s joint efforts and the efforts of the Fourth Hokage.”

Yuuji had a solemn expression.

This caused Itachi to feel deep veneration for him, and he sighed with admiration, ‘As expected of Yuuji-senpai.’

After a while, Fugaku arrived, and the two of them conversed.

It was clearly about changing the clan grounds.

After fermentation, a major doubt and debate about the Uchiha clan had appeared in the entire village in the past few days.

There were too many people who saw the three tomoe in Kyuubi’s eyes.

The appearance of this Bijuu was clearly related to the Uchiha clan.

However, many people had also seen how the Uchiha clan had risked their lives to fight against the enemy that night.

In the past few days, there were even some people who had wandered around outside the Uchiha clan to observe.

Their hearts jumped when they looked at the formerly bustling area that was now almost in ruins.

This caused an argument.

What exactly was going on with the Uchiha clan Who was the enemy Why was there Sharingan

“How is it, do you have any conclusions regarding the mysterious enemy” Yuuji picked up his teacup.

Fugaku hesitated for a moment, “There are indeed some results.

We have searched through the records of all the clansmen in the last few decades.

No one defected, and we have not found any evidence of who betrayed the clan with fake death.

However, the one who controls the Kyuubi is undoubtedly Sharingan…”

“To put it bluntly, you already have a suspicious target.

But it is not convenient to say it out loud because this guess is too ridiculous.”

Yuuji lightly said, “To be able to penetrate the barrier, summon the Kyuubi, control the Kyuubi, and make the Fourth Hokage return empty-handed.

It seems like only that person is possible.”

Fugaku maintained his silence.

Sure enough, the Konoha higher-ups side had long suspected this

“We have nothing to do with the enemy,” Fugaku said.

Yuuji said, “I know; the village higher-ups also know.

There is no need to worry too much… Moreover, I am now in charge of the root.

To put it bluntly, the most hostile party to you has been eliminated.

Although the Uchiha clan is inevitably criticized now and there might be a dispute.

It just shows that the situation of the Uchiha clan is good.”

Fugaku nodded.

Indeed, if it were in the past, there would not be any criticism or arguments at all, and they would just directly curse.

“Then, the clan has already passed on the matter of purchasing a portion of land from Yuuji,” Fugaku replied.

Yuuji nodded in satisfaction.

He was elated.

He could easily obtain a hundred billion Ryo.

In the future, he would not lack money.

After a long time, Yuuji left the Uchiha clan.

Fugaku still did not get up and waited patiently.

After a while, Setsuna really came.

This guy, who had always been gloomy, was obviously unable to suppress his emotions at this time, “Patriarch, if the other party is really Madara, then it is our clan’s opportunity!”

“Opportunities I think it’s a disaster.

Even if he really didn’t die and retaliated against Konoha, he would only push us into the abyss.” Fugaku said calmly.

“With his powerful strength, how is it possible…”

“He is strong, but Konoha is not weak!” Fugaku emphasized, “Even if the Sannin is gone, there are still Sandaime, Yondaime, Yuuji, Shibi, Kazue, and me in the village!”

With so many Kage-level, wouldn’t it be more than enough to protect themselves

Even if Uchiha Madara were revived, according to Fugaku’s estimation, no matter how powerful he was.

He wouldn’t be able to defeat several of them, right easily

Moreover, on the night of the Kyuubi Rampage, the guy who was suspected to be Madara was not even able to kill Yondaime…

Only Setsuna, who boasted of inheriting Madara’s will, would be so excited!

Fugaku sat on the tatami with a calm expression and stared at the other party with a calm gaze.


Setsuna clenched his fists and sighed deeply in the end, “Are you starting to believe in the village now Because Danzo is dead and that bastard is promoted, so you feel at ease”

“Elder Setsuna, you have to calm down.

If the other party is really Madara, it means that he has joined an organization.

There is him in that organization, there is also Xu, who is suspected to be related to the First Hokage, and there is also Sage of the Six Path.

Where is the position of our Uchiha clan” Fugaku looked cold.

On one side, the situation is unknown, and on the other side, the situation is good.

Even fools know how to choose.

Setsuna finally left.

Fugaku stared at his figure and knows that this old man would not let it go.

The old man who could survive all the way from the Second Hokage generation to the present was extremely dangerous.

“In short, my judgment will not be wrong.

As long as there is no problem with Yuuji, our clan will be free of worries.

But once there is a problem with Yuuji, it means there is no turning back…”

Fugaku suddenly sighed and a bit of worry appeared on his face.

Their clan was too tightly tied to Yuuji, almost unable to break free, and could only gamble on it.

But now, it seemed that there was no need to worry too much.

The entire Uchiha clan faced the doubts of all parties, and after some discussion, they decided to move.

From the most prosperous area of the village to a street not far from Yuuji’s house, this place was all Yuuji’s land.

The entire Konohagakure clan was focused on, and more people talked about the Uchiha clan.

They confirmed that this clan had indeed sacrificed a lot for the village, and even the clan’s land had been smashed into pieces.

“This way, the matter of this clan will be temporarily resolved…”

Yuuji began to focus his attention on the Root.

Currently, the one he favored the most in Root was a guy called Yamanaka Fu.

Although he was still very young, he could use Mind Body Switch Technique skillfully.

“I don’t need to be responsible for so many things like Danzo after I take over Root.

Instead, it is more of a place to help me with chores.”

Yuuji walked into the Root Base.

There were dozens of figures of different sizes kneeling on one knee on both sides.

Most of them were very young and we’re still in the process of training.

A few of them were either medical or scientific ninjas or were very weak.

So, they were not taken out by Danzo and survived.

“From now on, I will rule you.

There are not so many rules under my command.

As long as you are stupid enough to betray me, I will not deliberately target you.”

“This is the rule set by me, Root Leader Yuuji.”

“The first task is to protect Kabuto and Yamato.”

Yuuji ordered.

Several Root ninjas immediately presented the relevant plan and were approved by Yuuji.

Everything was orderly.

In addition, Yuuji had a huge amount of money that he had taken from the Uchiha clan, so it was not a problem for him to operate the Root normally.

At this time, the village higher-ups should have noticed Yamato.

At this critical juncture, the value of a wood release ninja was too great.

Yuuji sat in his seat and overlooked the Root ninjas who were working hard in their training.

His eyes were calm.

Suddenly, his expression changed slightly.

A trembling figure was working hard in his training.

“This guy is… Aburame Shikuro” Yuuji got up with an inexplicable expression.

Aburame Shikuro had mastered the existence of a nano bug.

Back then, he was crippled by Yuuji and then mercilessly abandoned by Danzo.

“Shikuro, are you still working hard Even in this state, you still haven’t given up on yourself” Yuuji walked over and said lightly.

Shikuro stopped moving and just knelt on the ground.

He buried his head deeply and not said a word.

Yuuji said, “I remember that when Danzo-sensei was still alive, he specifically let you go back to the clan.

You, who lost your value, also know many Root secrets.

Logically speaking, you should be cleaned up…”

Shikuro whispered, “I have already lost my position and existence in the clan… I beg Sir to give me a chance.

I am willing to accept any form of a human experiment! “

“Is that so I remember that you also begged like this last time, but at that time, I said that it was not time yet…”

Yuuji lowered his head and looked at this guy who was trembling all over.

This guy had become a tool that Danzo noticed and was abandoned after using it.

“Nano bugs… This is a very useful ability,” Yuuji said lightly.

This was especially true for the poison enchantment, which directly spread countless poisonous bugs into the air.

Shikuro’s son Torune also became a Root ninja and was resurrected in the Fourth Ninja World War in the original work.

He also used this technique.

Fortunately, he was stopped.

Otherwise, who knew how many people would die in the Allied Shinobi Forces.

“Since you insist… Terai, you are the ninja in charge of the experiment, and you will lead this human experiment.”

Yuuji waved his hand.

A man wearing a mask appeared silently and said respectfully, “I wonder what kind of human experiments are going to be conducted.

Hashirama’s cells Sharingan Or the bloodline limit of other families”

Yuuji glanced at the extremely excited Shikuro and pondered for a moment, “There is no need to go through so much trouble.

Just use… cloning technology.”

“The cloned guy is called Aburame Torune.

He will become a Root ninja and arrange it as Yamanaka Fu’s partner.

The two of them will be trained together.”

Yuuji issued an order.

Ignoring the stunned Shikuro, Terai directly dragged Shikuro into the laboratory.

Although the cloning technology of Root was not very mature, it did not matter.

It would be fine after repeated experiments.

Yuuji left the hall and stepped into a room full of seals, isolating all methods of prying.

Yuuji took out a sealed scroll and summoned Danzo’s right arm.

This right arm still maintained a strong vitality.

“The power of Hashirama’s cells combined with Sharingan…” Yuuji looked at the arm.

To tell the truth, this arm looks ugly.

Combined with the ability to activate Izanagi many times, and use the wood release power…

It was indeed very good.

“I just don’t know where Uchiha Shin is.

If it is him, he must be able to perfectly control Senju and Uchiha’s power.”

Yuuji remembered Uchiha Shin.

This guy’s body was very strange.

It could perfectly accommodate any cell that was transplanted into his body.

Since he could fill up his entire body with Sharingan, stuffing some of Hashirama’s cells into his body would not be a problem.

“Uchiha Shin… I really want to find this guy full of miracles.”

Yuuji shook his head.

He didn’t want to think about this problem anymore.

Ninja World was so big, who knew where this guy was

Then, Yuuji sealed Danzo’s right arm again and carefully carried it with him.

He opened a secret scroll from the Root, which recorded many forbidden techniques from the Book of Seals.

Yuuji didn’t care about other techniques, but there was one technique that he had already set his eyes on.

Edo Tensei.

This was a forbidden technique that could summon the souls from the Pure Land back.

In the future, if he wanted to pry into the secrets of the Pure Land, this technique was very important.

Pure Land.

The world where the dead rested.

Most of Ninja World’s dead souls had entered this domain.

A strange figure stood silently in the pure land, looking at Ninja World.

“There seems to be a problem with the reincarnation of Indra and Asura…”

Sage of the Six Path looked for a while, only to see that Ninja World’s chakra pathway was even more chaotic.

The most crucial two paths, the reincarnation chakra of his two sons, showed signs of confusion.

Although it was still unclear, it really did happen.

He hesitated for a moment and did not interfere.

Since it had already happened, it could be seen as a change in Ninja World.

He, a dead person, had no reason to interfere.

Compared to this, what he needed to care about more was…

“Godzilla… what exactly is it” The Sage of the Six Path was dumbfounded.


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