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This terrible disaster was destined to be remembered by everyone.

The eight intruders nearly caused a terrible disaster to destroy Konoha.

What was worse was that many people kept talking about it, but they did not know who the enemy was and why they attacked Konoha.

However, they only needed to know that this disaster was over.


The sunlight began to disperse the darkness that made one’s heart palpitate slowly.

Many people stood in ruins.

They carry out reconstruction and treat their injured companions.

“It’s over.

The enemy has been repelled!”

“The Kyuubi has disappeared.

It is said that they were taken care of by Yondaime-sama and Yuuji-sama…”

“Fortunately, there was Yuuji-sama last night.

He transformed into a terrifying giant beast and fought against the Kyuubi with unparalleled strength.

Otherwise, our village would have…”

“The giant figure standing under the moon is simply the pillar of the village!”

Many people looked tired, but their eyes were still shining.

Indeed, last night, Konoha suffered a great loss, but it was not so unacceptable.

Thanks to the fact that the Kyuubi was knocked out of the village by Yuuji in time, it did not cause much damage.

This was already a blessing in misfortune.

Godzilla, who Yuuji had transformed into, fought the Kyuubi head-on.

It had already caused a sensation, and every person took delight in talking about it.

As time went on, it would inevitably shock the entire Ninja World.

All of Ninja World would know that a mysterious giant beast that could fight with Bijuu had appeared.

At the same time, other than Yuuji being fervently admired by Konoha villagers.

The performance of the Uchiha clan was also impressive.

“They have faced six enemies, but the Uchiha clan has fought against five of them!”

“Clan Head Uchiha Fugaku and Uchiha Kazue both have Mangekyou Sharingan.

They fought to the death to stop the enemy!”

“Yes, although the people of the Uchiha clan are annoying, they are unexpectedly reliable when we encounter things…”

Many villagers were talking.

Only by experiencing death could one open their eyes and see things that they had never noticed in the past.

Konoha was beaten into a frenzy in the situation last night, and the eight enemies made Konoha uneasy.

However, even if such a thing happened, the Uchiha clan dedicated their strength to repel the enemy.

“It’s not just the Uchiha clan.

I heard that Yuuji-sama’s Sensei Shimura Danzo lured away the enemy’s leader and died in battle!”

“What, what Yuuji-sama’s Sensei… is really a selfless hero!” Many people had solemn expressions on their faces.

For the first time, Shimura Danzo’s name was praised and remembered by people in a positive manner.

Many people even spontaneously went to the memorial stone to offer flowers in front of Danzo’s tombstone.

The Hokage Building.

The higher-ups of Konoha gathered together.

Everyone had tired expressions on their faces, and the entire atmosphere was silent.

Because of the death of his wife and Danzo, Hiruzen did not say a word and just smoked frequently.

Minato sat silently in his seat.

His hair was messy, and his eyes were a little dull.

Only Homura and Koharu were still full of spirit.

“The reconstruction of the village requires money…”

“There are 424 ninjas who died in battle.

The pension needs to be paid…”

“The civilian casualties…”

At this time, Hiruzen put down his smoking pipe and whispered, “How is Danzo Are you sure”

Homura pondered for a moment, “I can confirm that the First Hokage cells were found on the right shoulder of Danzo’s corpse.

Considering that Danzo’s right eye is a blind eye…”

“So, Danzo secretly conducted a forbidden experiment and applied the experiment’s results to himself to obtain the Senju and Uchiha bloodline limit”

Hiruzen slowly closed his eyes.

He didn’t expect his good friend to do such a thing behind his back.

“Yes, our people wanted to check the Root Base, but Yuuji refused.

Hiruzen, his behavior…” Koharu turned around and was a little angry.

“After all, Yuuji is the hero of the village.

At the most critical moment, he risked his life to block the Kyuubi.

His Sensei died in battle for the village.

Don’t go too far.”

Hiruzen’s face sank.

Koharu turned around and nodded silently.

Even she herself did not notice that her attitude towards Yuuji had changed slightly.

This was the change brought about by absolute strength.

“Call Yuuji over.” Minato rubbed the space between his eyebrows and said.

Yuuji walked into the office.

“How much do you know about Danzo” Hiruzen looked at him and ask.

Yuuji looked a little pale.

After a moment of silence, he said, “If Sandaime-sama wants to ask about the First Hokage cell, I must admit that I do know a little, but I did not participate in the specific experiment process.

I did not expect that Danzo-sensei transplanted the First Hokage cells in order to heal his body…”

“It’s not just the problem of the First Hokage cells! His right hand was cut off by the enemy and taken away.

We don’t know what kind of secrets there are, but there is no doubt that he secretly transplanted Sharingan!”

Hiruzen took a poof on his smoking pipe.

Hiruzen had already vaguely guessed what Danzo had done.

In theory, all the people who transplanted the First Hokage cells would be eroded by the First Hokage cells and eventually swallowed.

Unless there was something that could resist the cells.

Moreover, if it were just placing a three tomoe Sharingan in the right eye, it would absolutely be impossible to resist the corrosion of the First Hokage cells.


“Did he transplant more Sharingan on the right hand made from the First Hokage cells This is a horrible thing!” Hiruzen slammed the table!

By now, the Uchiha clan probably already knew that Danzo’s right eye was blind Sharingan.

After all, when Shisui and the others arrived at the battlefield, they had seen Danzo’s corpse.

They would definitely suspect that the grayish-white right eye was clearly the result of using Izanagi!

“Because he had Sharingan and the First Hokage cells, he was so confident that he could deal with the enemy’s leader alone, but he was killed…” Hiruzen closed his eyes in pain.

Yuuji could only hold on to silence.

‘Just pretend to be stupid.

What Danzo-sensei did has nothing to do with me.’

Yuuji said, “Sandaime-sama, Yondaime-sama, I will inherit the roots and Danzo-sensei’s will.”

He gave his own conditions.

He had already taken the initiative to gather some of Danzo’s secret research.

The rest seemed secretive, but in fact, he no longer needed them.

The Konoha higher-ups looked at each other and did not speak for a while.

It was still Minato who spoke first, “Okay, but Root has to obey my leadership from now on.

At the same time, I want to send Anbu to collect the secret research done by Danzo when he was alive…”

“Please do as you please, Yondaime-sama,” Yuuji said respectfully.

He was about to leave.

“Yuuji, regarding Fugaku’s Mangekyou Sharingan… do you know” Hiruzen stopped him.

Yuuji paused and nodded calmly, “I guessed a bit.

When we fought against the Sanbi, the two of us took the initiative to stay behind to fight.

At that time, I had already guessed that he had great power.

After Kazue opened her Mangekyou Sharingan, I was even more convinced.

It was just that there was no evidence.”

“Is that so Fugaku would rather let you notice… Understood.

Thank you for your hard work, Yuuji.”

Minato gestured to him that he could leave.

They wanted to re-evaluate the relationship between Uchiha and Yuuji.

Let’s not talk about Kazue.

Shisui was already Yuuji’s braindead fan.

The younger Itachi was deeply influenced by Shisui and was very close to Kabuto and Yamato.

Now, even Fugaku, the patriarch, had some tacit understanding with Yuuji.

This was simply…

It was amazing.

Yuuji was too important.

It was equivalent to affecting the Uchiha clan by roping him in.

This was a very important matter.

After Yuuji left.

The Konoha higher-ups invited some key people to appease them.

In the end, they even called Fugaku over to ask him about their well-being.

They didn’t mention anything about Mangekyou Sharingan at all.

In regards to this, Fugaku always maintained a calm attitude as he faced these higher-ups.

Moreover, it seemed that he knew nothing about Danzo secretly obtaining Sharingan.

It was just that both sides did not announce their intentions.

After everyone left.

The four higher-ups fell silent once again and thought about their own matters.

“To put it bluntly, the most troublesome thing now is not Danzo, nor is it the Uchiha clan, nor is it the Kyuubi Jinchuriki!”

Homura broke the strange silence, “The real problem is who the enemy is!”

Minato sighed, “It’s almost certain that the man in the swirl mask is Madara Uchiha.

It’s not the most terrifying thing.

If that wood release ninja is really the one we think…”

They frowned and a trace of panic appeared in their hearts.

“The people who attacked Danzo all have Rinnegan.

Perhaps only Sage’s eyes can make those two submit…”

“But they are already dead!”

“The problem is that Rinnegan appeared! Just by looking at the name, you can tell that these eyes might have the ability to revive!”

They began to panic.

‘Could it really be Senju Hashirama’

‘The First Hokage and Uchiha Madara, what exactly did they want to do now Konoha’s current situation made them feel dissatisfied’

There were thousands of thoughts.

The heads of the four higher-ups almost exploded.

In the end, they could only secretly block the news.

And when the Anbu began to bring back the related research that Danzo had conducted in secret from Root Base.

The four of them kept looking through it day and night.

The more they looked, the more shocked they became.

“Bastard! Colluding with Orochimaru, secretly contacting Hiruko, winning over Hanzo, secretly stealing the corpses of the Uchiha clan… These things…”

Hiruzen was both angry and sad.

But at the same time, a message attracted their attention.

“Kato Dan What’s going on Why did Danzo specifically list a file for Kato Dan, who had been dead for a long time” Koharu asked doubtfully.

“The file also mentioned that he sent a team of ninjas to cooperate with Hanzo.

It is suspected that there is a Spirit Transformation Secret Technique in the Country of Rain”

Homura felt a headache.

“Why did Kato Dan appear again He is just an outstanding Konoha Jonin.

He died in the second ninja world war!”

“It was Danzo who sent Kato Dan to the Country of Rain… What conspiracy is there”

The Konoha higher-ups could not understand, so they could only put it aside.

Just the things they found already showed what Danzo was secretly doing.

This was simply beyond their bottom line.

“I allowed him to carry the darkness, but I never thought that he was already a part of the darkness.” Hiruzen shook his head.

Minato said, “At least his disciple did not become the next him.

Yuuji is still on our side.

Giving him the few ninjas at Root is enough to make us rest assured.”

“Well, if it is Yuuji, inheriting the power of Root and becoming the leader of Root is no problem.” Hiruzen nodded while separating shadow clones and quickly flipped through the information on Root.

Whether it was his teacher, willpower, or ability, Yuuji was a natural candidate for the root leader.

Moreover, Minato had already taken back Root and turned it into another Anbu.

As long as he did not die, Yuuji would listen to him, and the village could naturally use Root – to do some dirty and tiring work that even Anbu could not do.

Soon, the appointment letter for Yuuji as the leader of Root was officially approved.

This was a process, and it also indicated the change in the authority of leadership.

From then on, Root was nominally incorporated into Fourth Hokage’s faction and also enriched Fourth Hokage’s faction power, which was not abundant in the first place.

Yuuji also officially became one of the higher-ups of the village, and this relevant information would be reported to the major clans.

Not only in terms of strength, but even in terms of power, Yuuji has officially mastered a force of his own, which was at the same level as the patriarchs of such wealthy families as Hyuga and Uchiha, or even a level higher.

The only problem was that Root had lost too much strength… A large number of elite ninjas were taken away by Danzo and finally killed by Tendo Pain.

But this was not important.

As long as Root was there, Yuuji could recruit people himself.

As long as Yuuji did not fall, Root would not fall.

“Eh” Hiruzen suddenly stopped moving and looked at the information in his hand in astonishment.

This was the information of a human experiment.

The record above shows 60 children with water or earth chakra transplanted with First Hokage cell.

Originally, this was nothing.

Back then, the village was even more fierce.

Many Senju clansmen and volunteers were sent to the operating table and transplanted the First Hokage cells.

But they all suffered a terrible backlash.

Considering the madness of Danzo and Orochimaru, using 60 children to do human experiments would at most make people angry, and it was not surprising.


“There is actually a successful one! Now he was registered in the household registrar, named… Shiranui Yamato!”

‘There is actually a child who survived that terrible experiment’

“What Is this really possible Even the members of the Senju clan can’t withstand this kind of experiment!”

“Yamato is indeed very outstanding.

He is one of the top three newcomers in the new generation of the village…”

“I have not found out that he has the wood release ability for the time being!”

The Konoha higher-ups were overjoyed.

In a pile of bad news, suddenly seeing a happy event was too gratifying.

“Yamato… Since he survived, it means that he has adapted to the First Hokage cell.

His aptitude is so outstanding.

I wonder if it is related to the First Hokage cell.”

“I can’t be sure how much power he has inherited from the First Hokage cell.

If he can have wood release…”

Even the Konoha higher-ups felt their hearts racing.

If Yamato could also use wood release, not to mention other things, the village would have a wood release Ninja who could restrain Bijuu many years later!

“Humph, Yuuji should have taken the initiative to report this to us early!” Koharu turned around and said with dissatisfaction.

Homura shook his head, “How would he report this His teacher is Danzo! Danzo will not allow him to do this.

Now that Danzo is dead, the fact that we can get this information is the result of his report.”

Although there were some problems with the process, the result was good.

“Since he has been accepted as Yuuji’s student and his surname has been changed to Shiranui, then we will treat him as Shiranui.

We will just observe him closely.

I will find a chance to test him and see if he has really awakened wood release!”

Minato made a decision.

At the same time.

Uchiha Fugaku paid a visit to the manor.

“Yuuji, it’s all thanks to you that we managed to turn the tide in the Kyuubi rampage!”

“No, Fugaku-sama is the one who worked hard.

In order to prevent the enemy from destroying the village, he did not hesitate to expose Mangekyou Sharingan to fight to the death!”

“Yuuji is too modest…”

“Fugaku-sama is the one who is polite.”

The two of them blew at each other.

This time, Fugaku was here to test the next step of the higher-ups.

Yuuji said lightly, “The most important thing now is not this.

The territory of the Uchiha clan has been destroyed into a complete mess, and there is also the matter of the Kyuubi being controlled.

Many people have seen the Kyuubi’s three tomoe eyes.

Rumors will appear sooner or later, and the Uchiha clan will be very passive… Fugaku-sama, are you interested in changing the clan territory”

Yes, he has a lot of land in his hand, and it can finally be used.


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