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Danzo’s mentality exploded.

‘After fighting for so long, other than the Root ninjas, could it be that no one remembered that I was still alive’

‘This old man had clearly delayed the enemy’s leader and contributed greatly, yet he was actually ignored’

In addition to his anger and sorrow, Danzo also realized that his one-on-one action was definitely a major mistake.

He didn’t expect the Sage eye to be such a strong eye!!

Danzo stared at his bloodshot eyes and glanced down.

There were only two Sharingan left on his right arm.

The chakra in his body was also severely exhausted.

The strength of the enemy far exceeded Danzo’s expectations.

“What’s wrong Konoha’s Danzo, in front of the power of a god, are you afraid” Tendo Pain stared at Danzo expressionlessly.

The fierce battle just now seemed to have no effect on him.

“Relying on Sharingan’s strange eye technique to deal with me to this point, you should feel honored.”

Tendo Pain slowly opened his hand and struck Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push), sending Danzo flying.

Another Sharingan closed.

Danzo glanced at the last eye and panted heavily.

He had used all his methods, and neither a summoned beast nor ninjutsu could truly harm this guy in front of him.

“Pain, your eye technique is nothing more than gravity, repulsion, and eye power deterrence.

To put it bluntly, this is all you can do.”

Danzo was incomparably angry.

Tendo Pain looked at him indifferently, “That’s because you are only qualified for me to use these abilities.

You, who can’t even crack my most basic eye techniques, what right do you have to talk about this”


Tendo Pain suddenly rushed over and threw out a large number of black sticks at Danzo.

The two of them engaged in physical combat.

The result was also obvious.

Danzo was completely crushed.



A black stick had already been nailed onto his body.

The last Sharingan was used up, and the right eye was closed.

Danzo’s life had entered a countdown.

“Regret it, Danzo.” Pain looked at him coldly.

“Everything about you is nothing more than dust to me, but you don’t even have the qualifications to admire me.

But you won’t be lonely.

Akatsuki will clean up all the filth one by one.

You are just the beginning.”


Danzo spat out a mouthful of blood.

He could faintly sense that his right arm was about to lose control.

He was silent for a moment, then suddenly sneered, “Akatsuki So you’re an Akatsuki member No wonder you stared at this old man and refused to let go.

This way, I understand.

Although you tried your best to hide it, but… this old man already knows your true identity!”


Tendo Pain paused and looked at Danzo in surprise.

While stalling for time, Danzo changed his position and hope that someone would find him.

With ten eyes, he was invincible.

Even if the Sage of the Six Path appear he was not afraid!

But now, ten eyes were obviously not enough…

‘Damn it! Are all of Konoha’s people dead And the evil Uchiha clan, don’t you know how to help’

“Interesting, can an ant like you spy on the domain of the gods” Tendo Pain said coldly.

Danzo said coldly, “Previously, I joined forces with Hanzo to eliminate Akatsuki in the Country of Rain and stabilize Hanzo’s rule.

In order to prove my sincerity, I even sent my disciples there.”

“In the end, I failed.

I only killed one Yahiko.

At that time, someone used an extremely powerful soul secret technique to wantonly slaughter Hanzo’s subordinates.”

Danzo slowly raised his head, his face ferocious, “This old man has been thinking about what kind of technique this is! Now, combined with your hatred, this old man already knows who you are!”

“…” Tendo Pain stared at him.

‘Could it be that this old bastard really knew his true identity’

He said in a deep voice, “Then my real identity is…”

“That’s right, your real identity is that person…”

The expression on Danzo’s face was filled with coldness.

“Kato Dan!”


In an instant, the entire atmosphere of the battle fell into a deathly silence.

Tendo Pain’s face stiffened.

‘Kato… who I have never heard of it.’

“Kato Dan’s Spirit Transformation Technique! In the entire Ninja World, soul-type secret techniques are extremely rare.

Konoha relied on the accumulation of the first generation and second generation to make progress in the soul forbidden technique.

After you, no one had successfully learned the Spirit Transformation Technique.

However, the technique you used when you slaughtered Hanzo’s subordinates was this, so I can’t be wrong.”

Danzo sneered, “Do you know how you were exposed My disciple, Shiranui Yuuji, reported to me after returning from the Country of Rain.

He was not sure of your identity, but he clearly said that the technique used by the long-haired man was very similar to the Spirit Transformation Technique!”

“According to the information Mount Myouboku sent over, the Child of Prophecy would appear beside Jiraiya.

Therefore, it was highly likely that he appeared in Konoha! After a thousand years, the Eye of Sage of the Six Path appeared again and combined with this prophecy… Humph!”

“This body of yours right now is essentially just a shell, carrying part of your soul Hmph, after you died in the Country of Rain, you came into contact with the power of reincarnation and then returned from the Pure Land with the power of Rinnegan Then, you sought revenge from this old man because this old man led your actions back then and even joined forces with Hanzo to kill Akatsuki members!”

Beads of sweat appeared on Danzo’s forehead.

He stared at Tendo Pain’s expression, and his heart sank.

‘Could it be that… I guessed wrong’

‘Kato Dan was Tsunade’s lover, and Jiraiya was also one of Tsunade’s companions.’

‘There is no problem with this logic unless that bastard Jiraiya did not tell the truth.

The information that the Child of Prophecy would appear around him was a lie!’

“How baffling, Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull)!”

Tendo Pain was impatient.

He raised his hand and directly sucked Danzo over.

His other hand pulled out a black stick and stabbed Danzo’s heart.

“This way, you won’t be able to revive again, right Danzo… with your stupid and absurd guess, die.”

Tendo Pain kicked Danzo away and glanced at Danzo’s corpse.

Then, he stared at his strange right arm for a while.

He snorted coldly.

‘Although Danzo’s brain doesn’t seem to be very good.’

‘But Sharingan, I didn’t expect to be able to use it like this.

The strength of Uchiha and Senju…’

At this time.

A figure slowly appeared, “I heard something fun…”

He was shocked by Danzo’s speculation.

Was he inadvertently lost in thought by a sentence he casually said back then

And it was logical and self-consistent…

Tendo Pain said coldly, “Have you guys achieved your goal”

“Madara seems to have achieved his goal.

He ran away first.

Let’s retreat as well.”

“He controlled the Fourth Hokage”


He only killed the Kyuubi Jinchuriki and forced Konoha to change to a new Jinchuriki.”


Tendo Pain was obviously dissatisfied.

“You two old fellows killed a group of people, changed the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, and then retreated”

“Danzo is already dead.

There is no point in staying in this place full of pain.” Tendo Pain snorted coldly.

There were some things he had to deal with when he returned.

Tendo Pain raised his hand and threw out a few more black sticks, nailing them onto Danzo’s corpse.

They flew up and left.

The other Paynes, who had already lost three.

At this time, they also moved and left Konohagakure.

After Tendo Pain left.

Xu that had originally left, drilled out from the ground again and stared at Danzo.

Time passed second by second.

Danzo, who was originally killed, suddenly sat up the next moment.

He panted heavily; he constantly pulled out the black stick while bringing out large amounts of blood and looked warily at Xu.

The right eye under the bandage, the last Sharingan, also turned gray and become permanently blind.

“It seems that your last hidden eye worked.

It modified the fatal wound on your heart, but Pain’s attack seriously injured you before he left… Only the last few seconds.”

Shaking his head, he clicked his tongue in admiration.

It was unknown whether he was praising Danzo’s good luck or praising Danzo’s bad luck.

In the last few moves, he really pretended to be dead and endured the attacks of several black sticks.

“Are you Xu What do you want Forbidden Technique Treasure As long as this old man has it, I can give it to you.”

Danzo gasped for breath and tried to refine chakra, but unfortunately, this body had already exhausted its strength.

This was too bad.

“I can have what you have, so I am not interested in what you said at all,” Xu said in a low voice.

Danzo was extremely regretful in his heart.

If he had known this would happen, he would not have brought the enemy leader and left the territory of the Uchiha clan.

According to Danzo’s plan, he had eleven Sharingan, and he still had a sealed eye.

He could exchange them for one more life.

However, he did not expect to meet a guy like Tendo Pain!

In melee combat, he was crushed.

He use vacuum waves and summoned beasts to fight over long distances, but he was abused by Shinra Tensei(Almighty Push) and Bansh Ten’in(Universal Pull).

In front of Rinnegan’s few “simple” eye techniques, Danzo clearly realized how weak he was.

It wasn’t easy to fake death to get through, but he didn’t expect to be targeted by Xu…

“It’s not impossible to get rid of Xu, but the risk is very high…” Danzo clutched his right shoulder and gritted his teeth.

He took out a sealed scroll and summoned a Sharingan.

“This is…” Xu paused.


The right eye of the blind was dug out, and Danzo quickly stuffed the intact three tomoe into it.

Plug and play, the Sharingan was such a good thing.

Danzo suddenly rushed to Xu.

At this moment, his entire right arm began to squirm.

“Let’s die together, Akatsuki’s fellow.

I should have gathered all of my strength back then to join forces with Hanzo to completely destroy you all! Mokuton: Jubaku Eis(Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial)!”

Danzo roared.

His right arm began to expand crazily, turning into a giant tree that devoured the two of them.

The tree then exploded.

This was a mutual destruction technique.

This wood release devoured both sides.

Danzo activated Izanagi and reversed his own death.

“Huhuhu, this is no problem… Although I can’t get Rinnegan, I can at least kill a dangerous guy.” Danzo sat down on the ground.

He had completely exhausted all of his strength.

Soon, Danzo’s expression became stiff.

A thorn suddenly drilled out and cut off Danzo’s right arm.

Xu slowly emerged from the ground.

“It’s really dangerous.

It’s a good technique, but it’s useless to me.”

Danzo fell into despair and was determined to activate the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing!

This was his last resort.

He would use his life to seal everything around him.

“I didn’t expect that this old man would actually die twice.

How ironic…” Danzo roared.

A series of marks appeared on his body and a large amount of black liquid shot out.

The Reverse Four Symbols Sealing could devour and seal everything around it.

However, this was still useless.

Even though Danzo had predicted that he would not be able to kill Xu, he had no other choice.

His Chakra was exhausted, and there was no room for him to resist.

At this time, Xu slowly said, “… I clearly didn’t do anything.

Why are you in such a hurry to die with me”

Danzo paused, a trace of shock and astonishment flashing through his eyes.

‘He… didn’t intend to kill this old man’

However, it was too late for Danzo to go back.

He was powerless to deactivate the Reverse Four Symbols Sealing.

“Damn it! Damn it! This old man died with a grievance!!”

Danzo roared angrily.

He felt that he was a fool.

Then, he turned into a shocking black light curtain and sealed all the substances in the light curtain into his body.

After everything was silent.

Danzo was already lying on the ground, dead.

His eyes were wide open and staring at the sky.

Xu silently stood in place, speechless for a long time.

‘What was he doing He clearly did nothing.’

It was so bad that this happened.

Xu stood there hypocritically and pay respects to Danzo’s corpse.


“You killed Danzo-sama” Shisui rushed over with a group of Uchiha clan and look at the scene in front of him with eyes that were about to split open.

“… In fact, it wasn’t.” Xu hurriedly denied it.

It was clearly suicide.

“Shut up, you hateful fellow, I will not let you go!”

Shisui activated his Body Flicker Technique and genjutsu, wanting to get rid of Xu.

But unfortunately, these attacks are nothing to Xu.

Katon: Hsenka Tsumabeni(Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson)!

One after another fireballs carrying a shuriken shot out quickly.

Xu just stood there and took these attacks without any damage.

“I clearly told you the truth.

Why don’t you believe me” Xu sighed.


Another shocking attack came.

“Shisui, retreat.

You are not this guy’s opponent.

I will do it! This guy killed Danzo-sensei.

I will not let him go!”

Yuuji rushed over and shouted righteously!

Xu hurriedly shook his head, “It wasn’t me.

Don’t talk nonsense about me.

He committed suicide…”

However, Yuuji had already charged out with a loud shout and looked extremely furious.

But Xu just drilled into the ground and disappeared.

Yuuji transformed into a semi-Godzilla.

One of his hands turned into a giant claw and ruthlessly smashed into where Xu was just now, creating a deep pit.

“He escaped…” Yuuji looked sad.

Shisui comforted him, “Senpai, don’t mind it too much.

You have already done your best…”

Shisui looked at Yuuji with admiration and worry.

It would be a major loss for the village if something happened to Yuuji.

Shisui would also lose the direction of his life.

Yuuji collected Danzo’s corpse and sighed, “Go back.”


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