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Minato planned to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.

As the Fourth Hokage, he did not mind sacrificing his life for the village’s sake.

‘The complete Kyuubi is too powerful.

If I can seal half of the Kyuubi into a human body, I can also leave the Kyuubi power for the village… ‘ Minato thought.

However, his plan was directly stopped by Kushina who rushed out.

“Wait, Minato!”

Kushina leaned against the wall and said weakly, “I’ll do it… I’ll seal the Kyuubi.”


“Kushina, you…”

Hiruzen and Minato were shocked, and their faces showed hesitation.

If a Jinchuriki was stripped of her Bijuu.

Her life was almost ended.

If Kushina can really seal the Bijuu…

“In your current state, can you still use Adamantine Sealing Chains and the Eight Trigrams Seal” Minato supported Kushina and said in a deep voice.

“No, but I can use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal it off.

Maybe I can succeed.

Anyway, I am going to die soon.” Kushina looked tired.

The life force in her body was rapidly depleting.

“Understood.” Minato nodded solemnly.

Hiruzen suddenly said, “Minato, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal can only be used at the cost of sacrificing one’s soul.

You are the Fourth Hokage; you have to make a decision.”

Hiruzen’s voice was somewhat meaningful.

After the Dead Demon Consuming Seal was used, and even if the Kyuubi were successfully sealed… What then Kushina would die, and the Kyuubi sealed in Kushina’s body would also die — not the kind that would revive after death, but most likely enter an unknown world.

Konohagakure would forever lose Kyuubi’s power.

Minato’s expression changed, and he was silent for a moment, “I understand.”

He was the Fourth Hokage.

He had to make a difficult and painful choice.

Kushina, as if she hadn’t heard anything, said, “Let’s go,

Bring Naruto along…”

“Naruto… Are you planning to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto But Naruto has just been born, so he isn’t qualified to be Jinchuriki unless…”

“Then just seal half of Kyuubi to Naruto.”

Kushina interrupted Minato.

Although she was so weak, her consciousness was frighteningly clear.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Soon, Minato brought Kushina and Naruto outside the village and looked at the two giant beasts fighting in front of them.

At this point, everyone could see that Yuuji was gradually being suppressed.

“There are still six tails left.

It seems that Yuuji cut them off and used this method to weaken the berserk Kyuubi.”

Minato glanced at it and did not think too much about it.

In the past, Yuuji had done the same on the battlefield by cutting off Bijuu’s tail and using this method to weaken Bijuu’s combat strength temporarily.

However, those dissipated tails would recover soon.

Scattering a portion of Bijuu’s chakra was just an emergency measure in Minato’s knowledge.

“Minato, I am going to make a move.” Kushina took a deep breath and looked at little Naruto with reluctance.

However, this time, she did not look at Minato.

Minato also vaguely noticed that there seemed to be some unspeakable changes in Kushina.

However, neither of them said anything.

This was because there was another method to solve the problem.

That was, Namikaze Minato used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal the other half of the Kyuubi into his body and then stuffed the other half into Kushina.

With Uzumaki Clan’s vitality, if she could seal the Bijuu back into her body in time.

It would be able to save the lost life.

But the problem was…

Minato was not sure whether Kushina could live or not, and he was more inclined to give Kyuubi’s half to Naruto because he firmly believed that Naruto was the Child of Prophecy in the mouth of the Great Toad Sage!

If his son could become an existence that could change the entire Ninja World, half of the Kyuubi would be of great help.

Minato looked at Kushina, who was constantly forming seals, and for a moment, he was a little speechless.

He did not know what to say.

‘Is the village more important Was Naruto, the Child of Prophecy, important’

‘These two things… are more valuable than Kushina, more suitable to live and obtain the Kyuubi’s power’

This was torture to Minato’s heart, torture to the Fourth Hokage.

As for Minato, it was obvious that he had given up on Kushina psychologically and was inclined toward Naruto.

“Yuuji! Think of a way to hold the Kyuubi!” Minato shouted.


Yuuji, who had been slapped to the ground by the Kyuubi, quickly jumped up and knocked over The Kyuubi.

He nodded and said, “I understand.

Although I don’t know what you will do, please hurry up.”

Kyuubi was simply ridiculously strong, and this was still the brainless Kyuubi controlled by Mangekyou Sharingan.


Yuuji spat out another shot of Atomic Breath and overturned the Kyuubi.

He immediately rushed up and dived down, then he ruthlessly smashed toward Kyuubi and firmly pressed him to the ground.

The long tail behind him even crazily wrapped around Kyuubi, binding the Kyuubi’s movements.

This was an extremely difficult process.

At this time, Kushina moved, “Minato, give me your chakra.”

Minato put one hand on Kushina’s shoulder, and the other hand threw a kunai.

The two followed the kunai’s coordinates and appeared in front of the Kyuubi.

The next moment, Kushina began to extract chakra from Minato’s body.

“In this case, it should be enough… Finjutsu: Shiki Fjin(Sealing Technique: Dead Demon Consuming Seal)!”


In the darkness, a strange existence descended.

Its body was huge, but it could not be observed by the naked eye.

Only Kushina, the caster, and Minato, who transmitted chakra to Kushina, saw this legendary existence.


“This is the Shinigami…” Minato’s expression changed slightly.

This strange, indescribable, mysterious existence made people instinctively tremble, even quietly standing there.

A hand covered in strange runes slowly emerged from Kushina’s stomach.

This was the Shinigami’s hand.

The target soul that this hand grabbed along with the caster’s soul would be devoured by the Shinigami.

At this time, the Kyubi sensed some kind of danger and instinctively began to struggle.

Yuuji, who was pressing down on its body, simply opened his mouth wide and fiercely bit the Kyubi’s head.

At the same time, his eyes widened as he stared behind Kushina and Minato.

He could not see the Shinigami’s figure.

However, he could barely detect a silhouette…

‘Is it because I have swallowed Bijuu’s Chakra A mysterious creature like Shinigami… No, I can’t even be sure if it is a creature.’

A trace of surprise and caution flashed through Yuuji’s eyes.

He was also very curious about this thing.

There were too many secrets in Ninja World that had not been cracked.

According to the original work, Shinigami was more like a sealing tool with no feelings.

Orochimaru, the scientific madman, has released the swallowed soul, and it was really played ruthlessly.

He can’t be sure if the Shinigami has self-awareness or not.

Kushina said, “Minato, you know that Sandaime-sama can also use this technique, right Logically speaking, he is the one with the most reason to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal it.”


Yuuji had to nod in agreement.

Hiruzen was currently in his old age, and his strength was gradually declining.

However, Minato was not even thirty years old.

He was still in the stage of constantly becoming stronger.

He can master Mount Myouboku’s Sage Mode.

In addition, the Flying Thunder God and all sorts of Flying Thunder God Derivation Technique.

In terms of life-saving means in the Ninja World, he was definitely the third.

In terms of price, Hiruzen was the one who had the most reason to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, but the problem was… it was impossible.

“Don’t say anymore.

Just do what we need to do,” Minato said in a low voice.

Kushina slowly closed her eyes.

She no longer wanted to say anything more.


The strange arm that stretched out from Kushina’s stomach suddenly grabbed out and grabbed at the Kyuubi!


This arm that was covered in squirming runes did not seem to be real, but it could touch matter.

It grabbed a piece of “flesh” on Kyuubi’s body surface and then suddenly pulled.

Kyuubi’s whole body was being torn apart.

The chakra all over its body seemed to have encountered a dimensional attack.

It was instantly suppressed by the Shinigami arm and became silent.

Obito’s genjutsu also lost its effect at this moment.

The three tomoe in the Kyuubi’s eyes slowly disappeared.

Its own consciousness finally came online.

After understanding what had just happened, it was incomparably angry.

“Roar! Roar! Roar! Damn Uchiha Madara! Why is that fellow still not dead!! That bastard actually used me as a summoned beast again!”

The Kyuubi was so angry that its eyes glowed red as it struggled desperately.

However, the double suppression from Yuuji and Shinigami pressed it to the ground.

Yuuji bit down on Kyuubi’s head and said calmly, “It seems that you have finally regained your consciousness.

You still know what you did after being controlled… I never thought that you would have such a tragic experience.

Was Uchiha Madara using you as a summoned beast”

The Kyuubi was furious.

This was one of its black histories.

Throughout the ages, Uchiha Madara was the only one who had forcefully controlled it and forced it to sign a summoning contract.

During the Battle in the Valley of End, Uchiha Madara controlled it and fought a decisive battle with Senju Hashirama.

There was no need to think about it.

That masked man just now was undoubtedly Uchiha Madara.

Only that person could control it with a single glance.

Only that person had its summoning contract!

“You damned human, you controlled a strange creature and even stole my…”


Before the Kyuubi could finish his words, he was interrupted by Yuuji’s tail.

The matter of the three tails being swallowed by him could not be known to the Fourth Hokage – although, according to Minato’s temperament, he will not pursue it if he knows it and at most remind him a few words.

“Kyuubi, follow me to eternal sleep.

Eternal death will be our home.”

Kushina took a deep breath and began to drag the Kyuubi’s soul.

“Stop, Kushina, how can this old man enter that damned place! What exactly is going on with that Shinigami… Let go!”

The Kyuubi struggled, but it could only watch as its soul was slowly dragged toward Kushina.

The closer it got to Kushina, the more uneasy the Kyuubi looked at the Shinigami standing behind Kushina with a mouth full of saliva.

Kyuubi did not know much about Shinigami.

Kyuubi did not know when Shinigami was born and why it existed, or whether it was alive or dead, Kyuubi did not know.



Kushina and Minato work together.

The Shinigami giant phantom picked up the knife and chopped it down.

This knife contained the power to cut Yin and Yang and easily split the Kyuubi into two.

The Yin attribute Kyuubi was pulled into Kushina’s body.

The Yang attribute Kyuubi was sealed into the body of the young Naruto.

“Minato, you have to protect Naruto,” Kushina said with the last bit of her strength.

But in fact, she already had no hope for Minato.

Kushina was very clear about the treatment of Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

He would be used as a strategic weapon and was closely protected.

There was no freedom, only responsibility and obligation.

Even if Naruto was the Fourth Hokage’s son.

“I hope that person can keep his promise.

If he is really him, he will definitely…” Kushina murmured at last.


Minato was startled and was about to ask.

However, Kushina was already dead.

The Shinigami behind her was also drooling at this time.

He couldn’t wait to use his hand full of runes to pull out Kushina’s soul and swallow it.

The Shinigami revealed a satisfied expression.

With the half of Kyuubi’s soul being sealed, it seemed to suit the appetite of this mysterious existence.

Then, the Shinigami’s figure began to dim and gradually dissipated.

When it completely dissipated, it was unknown if it were an illusion, but Yuuji felt that this thing looked in his direction.

Everything was settled.

The Kyuubi disappeared, half were sent into the Shinigami’s stomach, and the other half was sealed into the body of young Naruto.

Naruto was crying loudly.

The complicated seal formula appeared on his stomach and silently told everything.

Minato carefully picked Naruto up, and for some reason.

He felt his heart was empty.

“What exactly did Kushina’s last words mean And who was that person…”

With his powerful intelligence, Minato quickly thought of a certain target.

‘If it wasn’t Madara… Could it be Xu And what Xu did that Kushina would rather put her husband aside and believe him…’

After thinking for a while, Minato revealed a bitter smile.

As the Fourth Hokage, he couldn’t even care about his own wife…

At this time, Yuuji’s figure also slowly shrank.

After returning to his human form, he sat on the ground exhausted.

Too tired.

“Although Kushina-senpai sacrificed herself, the final result is already fortunate.

Yondaime-sama, please restrain your grief.” Yuuji said tiredly.

Minato nodded silently and hugged Naruto tightly.

“Looks like this disastrous night can finally pass…”

Minato sighed.

While he was holding back Madara, he suspected that Xu had a conversation with Kushina.

The village also gradually stabilized.

‘Well, it seemed that there was no problem.’

Yuuji also nodded repeatedly, as if there was no problem.

At the same time, in the forest not far from the Uchiha clan.

Root ninjas were lying on the ground in disorder.

Danzo panted heavily.

Eight of the ten eyes on his right arm had been closed.

At this time, he looked at Tendo Pain who was still in a good state.

“Damn it, why has no one come to support me even now Have they forgotten about me”


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