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It was impossible to describe this terrifying attack with words.

It was as if the entire world had turned into this terrifying beam of light that destroyed everything.

The light that surged from the dorsal fin converged on the head.

The powerful power burst forth at this moment.


A terrifying super ray shot out and struck the rapidly approaching Kyuubi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the shocking light surged, a temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees began to brew and concentrated on the Kyuubi’s body.

The terrifying heat condensed into a beam of light and bombarded the Kyuubi.

The huge energy shook the Kyuubi’s body on the spot, and it was sent flying.

It even illuminated the night sky.

Even if the distance was very far, one could vaguely feel the suffocating feeling.

The indescribable attack method was intimidating.

Waves of uproar sounded.

“What technique is this”

“It was released by Yuuji-sama.

He actually sent the Kyuubi flying in an instant…”

“It looks very much like White Hot Light… No, it’s much stronger than that, much stronger!!”

Many people revealed deep shock on their faces.

In this form, he used a forbidden technique that surpassed White Hot Light Or perhaps, this was White Hot Light’s actual appearance!

Just by looking up, the powerful light beam attack that seemed to cover the entire world made people feel fear from the bottom of their hearts.

After the instinctive fear, what followed was endless fanaticism.

“As expected of Yuuji-sama! This power… was truly comparable to the Kyuubi’s power!!”

“Tsk, chakra life forms are really hard to kill.”

Yuuji’s eyes were cold.

He strode forward, and just as the Kyuubi was about to get up, he stomped it down.


With a stomp.

Yuuji immediately imprinted the earth that had already melted with the Kyuubi shape.

Yuuji fired another shot of Atomic Breath while looking down from above and directly engulfed the entire body of the Kyuubi.

The high temperature that incinerated everything engulfed the Kyuubi.

The ground couldn’t bear it and melted down at an astonishing speed.

Soon, a huge pit more than ten meters deep appeared.

Large amounts of liquefied matter flowed in the pit.

The Kyuubi let out a painful roar, but the endless stream of Atomic Breath suppressed it.

It was extremely injured.

Taking advantage of this gap.

Yuuji stepped on the Kyuubi, and at the same time, he stretched out his hands and grabbed the Kyuubi’s tails.

Kyuubi, give me your strength.”

Yuuji’s eyes were indifferent.

He stretched out his arms and grabbed the three tails.

Behind Yuuji, the long and oppressive tails suddenly swung, and a particle cut was produced, cutting off the three tails!


The three tails turned into pure chakra and were instantly swallowed by Yuuji.

The nine tails turned into six tails.

Just the amount of these three tails was several times more than the total amount of the chakra of other Bijuu who he had swallowed before!

“Kyuubi, what a good food…”

Yuuji looked down at this big guy.

Kyuubi, whose three tails had been cut off, fell into an unprecedented rage.

Instinctively, it bit Yuuji in a crazed manner.

It created a hideous and terrifying scar on Yuuji.

Even if the Kyuubi used his astonishing condensing speed to create a small Bijuudama, he could only be able to cause Yuuji to stagger.

However, the Kyuubi still wouldn’t be able to kill Yuuji.

Yuuji would rather endure the damage and attack the Kyuubi one after another.

These two giant beasts didn’t have the possibility of killing the other in one blow.

As long as they didn’t die, their injuries would quickly recover.

“After devouring three tails, I have become stronger.”

Yuuji felt the changes in his body.

More accurately, it was the changes in Godzilla.

The more he seized more local resources, the faster Godzilla grew in his body, and the more power Yuuji could use.

“I really look forward to the day when I devour all of Bijuu… Anyway, everyone is a plant.

It is not shameful to graft from one plant to the other.”

Yuuji and Kyuubi battled.

They coldly watched the giant beast in front of them.

For a time, the situation was in a deadlock.

Even if Yuuji was temporarily disadvantaged and occasionally spitting out Atomic Breath to repel Kyuubi, he could still temporarily not be defeated.

On the other side, the Six Paths of Pain had been stopped, making it difficult for them to create even greater chaos.

The Fourth Hokage was still dealing with Obito and did not know who would win.

The entire Konohagakure was seizing this precious time to build a defense line and save the civilians.

More importantly, they were searching for Xu’s whereabouts.

Many Sensory Ninjas moved out one after another trying to find Xu’s whereabouts, but unfortunately, they did not find any clues at all.

Because Xu had long hidden in the ground.

He secretly passed through the barrier and entered the delivery room.

“Hmph, fortunately, the main body had spent a lot of time learning various sealing techniques and barrier techniques.

Otherwise, it would have taken a lot of effort to sneak in.”

Inside the barrier, in the delivery room.

The extremely weak Kushina had her life entered the countdown and was looking at Naruto with a reluctant expression.

Xu passed through the barrier and dealt with the guards at the door.

Then, he suddenly pushed open the door and walked in.


The door was pushed open.

“Who is it…” Kushina lay on the bed.

She held Naruto with one hand and turned her head with great difficulty.

She saw a mask covered in a black robe with red clouds floating over.

“Are you Kushina Konoha’s Kyuubi Jinchuriki… What a pity.

Jinchuriki, who has been stripped of Bijuu, will only end up dead.

Even if you are a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan and have strong vitality, you can’t escape this fate.”

Xu floated over and stopped two meters away from the bed.

He tilted his head, and the eyes behind the mask calmly watched the scene in front of him.

Of course, he was not looking at Kushina.

He was not interested in a person who was about to die.

He was staring at Naruto.

“This kind of clothing… are you Xu, the mysterious person who controls the black wood release ninjutsu What do you want to do”

Kushina used her last bit of strength to form a seal and hold the intention of dying together.

Xu tilted his head.

“Don’t worry about it.

I’m not here to kill you, mother and son.

With your current state, there is no room for you to counterattack… Even if you set up a shallow sealing technique around you.”

As he spoke, thorns emerged from his body.

He then accurately pointed at several key nodes, destroying the seals around her.

These seals were quite heterogeneous, and most of them were binding type seals.

“… Many of the seals here are Uzumaki Clan’s secrets.

How can you be so clear about them” Kushina gritted her teeth and a trace of panic flashed through her eyes.

She was not afraid of death herself, but she had to protect Naruto.

“There is no reason.

I just know that I know all the seals you know.”

Xu moved a meter closer and poked his head out.

The white mask gave off a hollow feeling, “Don’t struggle.

I told you before that I am not interested in the life and death of you and your son.

As long as you don’t ask to die, I won’t do anything unnecessary…”

“You are not here for the sealing technique, not for the Kyuubi… Is it Uzumaki Clan’s genetic code No, it shouldn’t be…”

“It is Asura.

I am here for this generation’s Asura.

Your son is the reincarnation of Asura.”

Xu replied.

He extended several thorny vines and slowly surrounded Kushina.

He approached her little by little.

“Get lost! I have never heard of Asura.

I will not let you hurt my child!”

This greatly stimulated Kushina, but she was too weak.

She hesitated and wondered if she should fight to the last step.

After all, if he wanted to kill the two of them, there was no need to explain it deliberately.

Just as Kushina was hesitating.

The thorns suddenly stretched out and rolled up Naruto.

“Uzumaki Naruto, what a nice name.

He’ll be a great ninja, but equally tragically, he’s doomed not to be himself.”

Xu quietly looked at the child who was so close to him and stared at the few whiskers on his face.

He did not do anything to hurt him.

“Adamantine Sealing Chains!”

Several chains were thrown from Kushina’s hands, but after piercing through the black robe, they directly passed through without touching a physical body.

“Kushina, you don’t know anything about Asura, and you don’t know anything about the changed fate of your descendants.”

As Xu spoke, he used the thorns to roll out a sealed scroll.

He directly summoned a vessel, which contained a mass of living flesh and blood.

This was Sasuke’s Indra cell.

“What are you talking about And what is Asura” Kushina was completely in despair.

The guy who can’t even be restrained by the Adamantine Sealing Chains has no physical body at all…

Xu carefully took out the mass of flesh and blood and said indifferently, “Seeing that you are about to die, I will let you die more clearly.

Asura is one of the descendants of the Sage of the Six Paths.

His real body already died a thousand years ago, but his Chakra has been reincarnated from generation to generation.”

“That’s right, this time, his chakra has been reincarnated into your son.

It has already changed your son’s genes, character, and thoughts from the beginning.

Because Asura himself has a sunny and cheerful personality, this will distort everything about Naruto from the root and assimilate Naruto into the new Asura.”

“Kushina… Your son is no longer your son.”

Xu took out flesh and blood cultivated from Sasuke’s cells and said coldly.

At the same time, his body squirmed and put this flesh and blood into his body.

He stimulated this flesh and blood using his chakra and carry out a chakra refinement.

Kushina was already shocked.

What Xu said was beyond her knowledge and bombard her will.

“You attacked Konoha not only for the Kyuubi… no, in essence, but it was also for Asura!” Kushina gritted her teeth.

“That’s right.

The last time Asura reincarnated, he was Madara’s sworn enemy…”

Xu said with a deep smile.

He wantonly refined Sasuke’s chakra and then injected it into Naruto.

He also activated a part of Sasuke’s genes that was wrapped by his cells and stuffed into Naruto.

These special cells would constantly affect Naruto.

This was destined to be a slow process.

At the same time, his cells would wantonly plunder Naruto’s original cells.

Naruto cried loudly.

However, Kushina was no longer in the mood to comfort Naruto.

Her entire body trembled, and her body gradually became cold, became even colder.

‘Madara’s sworn enemy… Wasn’t Asura’s reincarnation the God of Ninja’

‘Minato said that the masked man who captured her and took away the Kyuubi was Madara…’

“So you are the First Hokage, the husband of Granny Mito!” Kushina seemed to have lost all her strength as she said bitterly.


‘My God!’

‘How many times has your brain spun before you came to this conclusion’

‘Hmph, what a stupid woman.

Uzumaki Clan always comes up with this kind of careless and rough conclusion……’

Xu sneered in his heart.

After a moment of silence, he slowly said, “You found out all of this.

That’s right; I am Senju Hashirama!”

“But it is too late.

You are going to die soon.”

“I will personally rewrite Naruto’s fate.

I won’t let him become the next rigid Asura, but I don’t know what he will become.

This is also something I need to observe.”

After completing all of this.

Xu kept his promise and sent Naruto back to Kushina.

He directly stuffed him into Kushina’s arms.

He was indeed not interested in the life of this little baby Naruto.

The action just now had already allowed him to obtain Naruto’s cells and genes successfully, and he had also poured Sasuke’s Indra’s chakra into Naruto.

As for what the consequences would be… it was no longer important.

The change would definitely happen.

Xu was very willing to watch everything that would happen in the future from a bystander’s perspective.

What would this world become when Indra and Asura were no longer pure

Kushina loosened her fingers and gave up on the idea of using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to fight to the death.

She looked at Xu’s figure pleadingly, “I am not sure if you are him or not, but if you are… if you are really the First Hokage, please take care of Naruto in the future…”

Xu paused and looked at Kushina meaningfully, “… Yes, this is not a big deal.

I am also very curious about the fate of this generation of Asura… Moreover, your husband is only a qualified Hokage.”

After that, Xu’s figure sank and disappeared.

Kushina looked in front of her in a daze.

‘Minato… is only a qualified Hokage’

She fell into a daze and subconsciously hugged the crying Naruto tightly.

“Naruto, you will definitely become yourself, not Asura…”

‘And Minato, you…’

In the outside world.

Minato’s figure appeared outside the delivery room in a sorry state.

His entire body was covered in wounds.

He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood the moment he appeared.


Hiruzen hurried over and supported him.

He said with concern, “How is it Have you dealt with the enemy”

Minato wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said helplessly, “No, I was almost seriously injured and almost couldn’t come back… It can only be said that he is worthy of being called a legendary ninja who suppressed Ninja World.

Madara is too powerful, and his attainments in space-time ninjutsu are even better than mine.”

Minato recalled the battle just now, which was full of dangers.

The confrontation between space-time ninjutsu was very dangerous.

“Is Yuuji still unable to defeat the Kyuubi Is Kazue still being held back by a powerful enemy”

Minato nodded repeatedly and listened to the information provided by Hiruzen.

“In that case, I can only use that technique to seal the Kyuubi in one go…”

Minato was about to make a hand seal.

Suddenly, Kushina staggered out of the delivery room while breathing heavily, “Wait, Minato…”

At the same time, in Obito’s secret base.


Obito appeared from the vortex and almost turned into a blood man.

The moment he appeared, he was lying on the ground.

“Damn it, as expected of Minato-sensei.

I underestimated him too much and was almost killed…”


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