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Chapter 14 - The Dance King Who Can't Wait To DanceSure enough, the time had come.

Four years, four, five, six, and three grades all graduated.

They began to accept the mission issued by the village to support the war.

Then, Yoshino Masada directly announced the news of their early graduation to everyone.

This triggered a huge commotion.

Similar things were happening in the other four grades.

—All the people in this year had graduated early.

“Don’t slack off after graduation…”

Yoshino Masada was like an old father who was about to marry his daughter, long-winded and earnest.

He was afraid that in two years, all his students would die.

Unfortunately, among the excited students, few were in the mood to listen to him.

Most of them were immersed in the huge surprise of their early graduation.

“From now on, I am also a Konoha Genin!”

Many people were cheering.

“Cough cough, these guys are too naive.

If we go directly to the battlefield at our level, many people will probably die, right” Gekkou Hayate coughed twice, sick to the point that it made people feel like he was going to die at any time.

“Ah, don’t be so pessimistic.

There are at least a few people in this classroom who can survive… Don’t you agree, Hayate”

Yuuji was still lazy.

As long as Konoha’s higher-ups had some brains, they wouldn’t kill the chicken to get the eggs.

The system of a new team was quite reliable.


Soon, Yoshino Masada began to announce the name list of the three people team.

“Morino Ibiki, Tokara, Yamashiro Aoba.”

“Gekkou Hayate, Shiranui Genma, Ebisu.”

“Uchiha Kazue, Shiranui Yuuji, your team doesn’t have a full number of people.

After this, there will be other Genin who will join your team.”

“Because most of the Genin are fighting outside, and the number is not enough, some teams will not lead the Jonin for the time being.

You can directly accept the mission of the village and contribute to the village.”

Masada Yoshino laid out the final result.

This was the result of combining every student’s character, specialty, and comprehensive results.

Those with talent would naturally be led by the superior Ninja, who would personally let these seedlings enter the school so that they could grow into strong leeks as soon as possible.

Those without potential and background… would naturally accept the village’s mission directly, and as for how many would survive in the end, it was up to fate.

The only exception was Kazue and Yuuji’s group.

They formed a team with two outstanding students, and they also had to add a Genin from outside the school… This kind of thing also happened in the next class.

Obito and Rin formed a team, and they also had to replenish their teammates from outside the school, but they did not lead the superior Ninja.

“Really, I hope that there won’t be any strange things in my team.

It’s best to be more reliable to lead the team.”

Kazue looked at Yuuji with some hesitation.

Yesterday, the elders in the clan only told her that they would think of a way to make Yuuji team up with her, but they did not say that they needed to add another teammate from the outside.

If she had a choice, she would rather let Gekkou Hayate, who was next to her, join her team.

Those who were not strong were inferior, but the key point was familiarity.

“I roughly know who the third member of the team is.

If that’s the case, it seems that the village is quite concerned about us.” Yuuji said with a smile.

“Is that so Yuuji-san even knows this.

You are really amazing.”

Soon, one after another, superior Ninja after another appeared and took away their respective teams.

The teams that were not selected by the superior Ninja were disappointed.

“Uchiha Kazue, Shiranui Yuuji, the two of you follow me.

I, Aburame Shibi, will be your leader.”

A person covered in an oversized robe stood at the classroom entrance.

Kazue and Yuuji looked at each other and immediately stood up, following behind Aburame Shibi.

The three started to travel quickly, heading straight to the village’s training ground.

The three of them did not speak and moved at high speed in silence.

Aburame Shibi observed the two of them from the corner of his eye and secretly nodded.

‘At least his basic qualities had passed.’


Very quickly, the three of them arrived at a training ground.

“Oh! Yuuji-san, are you very surprised to see me Hahaha, I actually knew it long ago, so I waited here for you in advance!”

Guy kicked Konoha Tornado on the spot and shouted.

Obviously, he had been preparing for this position for a long time.

“It’s actually this idiot…”

Kazue’s expression changed slightly, and he couldn’t help but be a little flustered.

However, when he saw Yuuji’s satisfied expression, he immediately recalled Duy’s performance when he faced Legendary Stupid Brothers…

‘Could it be that Duy and Guy both had hidden strength and were also Yuuji-san’s people’

‘Yuuji-san was really a dangerous fellow.’

Yuuji smiled and nodded.

“I’m really looking forward to it.

Guy, I feel very safe to be your partner.”

“It seems that you are all very familiar with each other.

In this case, it will save you a lot of unnecessary things…” Shibi nodded.

“Well, let’s get to know each other first.

My name is Aburame Shibi.

My favorite thing is insects.

The most annoying thing is people who hurt insects.”

“Sensei, I, Might Guy, am best at physical skills.

The things I like are training and following Yuuji-san.

The things I hate… there is nothing I hate for the time being.”

“I, Uchiha Kazue, am good at illusions and physical skills.

There is nothing I like.

The thing I hate the most is an unbreakable destiny.”

In the end, they all looked at Yuuji at the same time.

“I am a simple person.

Shiranui Yuuji, good at… Ninjutsu.

The things I like are the process of fulfilling my dream.

I hate this turbulent world the most.

This is contrary to my dream.

As for my dream, it is also relatively simple.

That is world peace.

I will forge ahead for peace.” Yuuji said with a smile.

“World peace What an ambitious dream.

As expected of you.” Shibi pushed his sunglasses and approved of Yuuji’s words.

“Oh Shibi and Sensei seem to know me well”

“Well, I have been in Anbu for a while, and I know that you, a special junior, can carry out the will of fire to this step and get the appreciation of the Hokage sama, which is extremely rare,” Shibi said with a straight face, obviously chatting.

Still, his whole person exuded a gloomy solid temperament.

It seems that in the whole Aburame family, there are often people who lack the sense of presence…

“You all go and prepare.

Tonight at six o’clock, the third class will gather here; your opponent is a bug clone sent by me.

I will adjust your cultivation plan according to your performance.”

After Shibi said this dryly, he turned into a ball of insects and disappeared.

“Insect… Even if he is an elite superior Ninja, don’t even think about using an insect avatar to defeat us.”

Kazue said this, but her expression was extremely solemn.

Aburame Shibi was known as the most comprehensive ninja.

He had no shortcomings in all aspects and was simply a monster.

—The village actually sent such a Ninja as their team’s superior Ninja.

It was too shocking.

‘Insect clone, a special physical clone technique.

With such a learned and powerful Sensei, I should be able to learn a lot… Speaking of which, I need to learn the physical clone technique.’

Yuuji nodded.

The physical clone he wanted was not like the shadow clone, who would be finished with just a touch.

Rather, it could be like the Wood Clone, able to withstand extremely high-intensity battles!

At this time, Kazue moved to Yuuji’s side, pulled up her beautiful hair, and said softly, “Yuuji-san, we still have time.

Why don’t we take the opportunity to give it a try…”

It tickled Yuuji’s ears.

“Alright, I also intend to study your special physique… Guy, let’s go together.”


In the dark underground cave, the huge Gedo Statue cast a large shadow.

“Oh It seems that Konoha has taken this step and sent all the new generation to the battlefield.

This is not what I want in such a terrible world.

The truth is that you are wrong…”

The old man slowly raised his head.

A three tomoe Sharingan emitted a strange blood-red glow.

“Now, it is time to carry out my will…”


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