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The sea of trees was born!

A small black forest suddenly rushed out of the ground.

One black tree after another tore open the earth and spread rapidly.

The sudden sound of the explosion alarmed many people.

This caused a deep sense of unease to appear on Aburame Shibi’s face.

His face, which was supposed to be calm and tranquil, also changed at this moment.

“Wood Release! So you are that Mokuton Ninja Xu! Why do you know Wood Release! And Deep Forest Emergence…”

Aburame Shibi was shocked and furious.

He quickly retreated and looked at the small forest in front of him in shock.

Xu tilted his head to look at him, “There is nothing wrong with it.

As long as I want to use it, I will use it naturally.”

Shua, shua, shua!

A large number of trees poured out and swayed their branches, killing a large number of bugs with ease.

There were even a lot of bugs that were swept in by a few big trees and crushed.

“Brat from Aburame Clan, get lost now or be killed by me.”

Xu slowly raised his head and looked straight at the other party.

“… Don’t even think about it!”

Shibi’s face sank, and he suppressed the restlessness in his heart.

He looked at the darkness in front of him that seemed to represent death and ominous.

He immediately clenched his teeth and raised his hand to throw several bugs.

A large amount of chakra was consumed, and the body of these bugs expanded a bit.

They rushed into the forest and immediately began to eat wantonly.

Because of the black tree’s hardness, the giant bugs were having a hard time eating it.

“Kidaich(Parasitic Giant Beetles), this kind of bug has given your clan a method to fight against Bijuu…” Xu indifferently looked at it.

Even more trees appeared in the blink of an eye and rushed at Aburame Shibi.

One by one, the giant bugs devour the trees wildly at this moment.

“What a hard tree.”

“Isn’t it a bit too hard”

Shibi raised his hand, “Hijutsu: Mushiheki(Secret Technique: Beetles Wall)!”

Many bugs gathered to try to stop the trees from invading, but in just an instant, the Beetles Wall was broken.


Giant trees drilled out and destroyed the swarm of bugs.

At the same time, they were also entangled by a large number of large bugs.

Xu said, “Too weak.

Aburame’s Clan Kidaich(Parasitic Giant Beetles), this kind of thing is useless to me.”

This shocking confrontation created a loud sound.

This made many Konoha ninjas rush over and look at the battle in shock.

“Forest! Could this be wood release ninjutsu”

“Impossible; this is a technique that only the First Hokage possesses!”

“Wood Release Ninja Xu… Who are you, and why did you attack Konoha!”

A large number of ninjas gathered and stared at Xu in front of them.

They stood outside the forest and surrounded this place.

Shibi shouted, “Be careful, all of you.

These trees are very difficult to deal with, and their hardness is beyond imagination!”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas had solemn expressions, and deep anger surged on their faces.

There was naturally no need to say how important wood release was to Konoha.

However, a fellow of an unknown origin controlled their precious wood release and came to attack Konoha.


Many ninjas made hand seals and immediately spat out a large amount of fire release ninjutsu.


Countless flames burst out and shot into the black forest that seeming to devour everything.

But soon, everyone’s faces changed.

“Why, why can’t these trees burn”

“It’s not that they can’t burn; it’s very difficult to burn!”

The expressions of the ninjas changed.

Xu stood on a tree and looked up, “Tsk, in this way, that guy can’t blame me for not doing anything.

This kind of movement also attracted Konohagakure’s attention.”

Soon, Xu launched more wood release ninjutsu.

Each wood release ninjutsu seriously challenged the nerves of Konoha ninjas, which greatly stimulated them.


Big trees rose from the ground one after another to fight against the incoming ninjas.

Roars and shouts were mixed together.

No matter how hard the ninjas tried, they could not even get close to the Xu.

Every time they took a step forward, large amounts of black trees would appear one after another, making people collapse.

“I didn’t see him forming seals at all.

What the hell is going on”

“He can casually use such a large-scale wood release ninjutsu without forming seals”

“Damn it, these leaves are even harder than my kunai…”


Hyuga Hizashi rushed over and activated his Byakugan.

“Let me see what you are!”

In Hizashi’s vision, there was nothing to hide.

The moment the figure entered his eyes, Hizashi was shocked.

“This is… his entire body is covered in chakra.

Is he deliberately blocking Byakugan, or is he originally like this”

From the mask to the robe, his entire body was covered in chakra, making it impossible for Hizashi to see anything deeper.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrifying black forest began to expand and successively defeated a lot of Konoha ninjas.

Faced with this level of attack, Konoha ninjas only felt at a loss.

It was not easy to cut off a tree, but a new tree immediately emerged from the ground and attacked with an even more exaggerated power.

No matter how hard they tried, they could not really break through the forest.

Instead, they were forced to retreat step by step by the black forest.

“Shibi, if we can’t see through this guy, what should we do If we let it go…” Hizashi landed beside Shibi and said anxiously.

Shibi did not say a word and repeatedly observed, looking for an opportunity.

He would lead a team and break through many trees from time to time, but he would often be forced back.


“I found a chance…”

Shibi pushed up his glasses and rushed out.

Taking advantage of Xu’s attention in another direction.

Shibi personally rushed forward and threw out a large number of bugs.

“Kidaich: Mushikui(Parasitic Giant Beetle: Infestation)!”

The large number of beetle hidden in the mass of bugs began to expand crazily, biting down many trees and barely tearing open a path.

“Die under my bugs.”

Shibi said in a low voice, “Kikaich: Mushidama(Parasitic Destruction Insects: Beetle Sphere)!”

A massive number of bugs pounced over and dove into the ground.

“This technique is…” Xu lowered his head and took a look.

But soon, these bugs pulled Xu’s body down and wrapped him up.

Then, the bugs shrunk inward and exploded!

A violent explosion resounded throughout the entire village.

Even at the edge of the village, everyone saw this shocking explosion that illuminated the night sky.

“In this way, even if you don’t die, you will be seriously injured.” Aburame Shibi stood on a tree with a cold face.

After spending such a huge amount of chakra, he finally found the opportunity to attack the enemy.

“What a shocking technique, Shibi-sama is really too strong.”

“In this way, the enemy will probably…”

Many Konoha ninjas had excited expressions.

But soon, their expressions changed as they looked ahead in shock.

A figure slowly emerged from a large tree, “What a dangerous technique.

I almost got injured.”

“How could this be The moment before the explosion, I already confirmed that it was a physical body and not a clone…”

Shibi’s expression changed slightly, and he revealed a look of shock.

The enemy’s difficulty and strangeness had once again exceeded his imagination.

‘It is clearly a direct explosion, but the enemy came out from a big black tree, this is…’

“Space-time ninjutsu, a clan secret technique, or soul type technique”

Shibi remembered the spirit transformation technique that Kato Dan had mastered.

No matter which one, it was destined that the enemy was very difficult to deal with.

The shocking confrontation that erupted here was extremely conspicuous in this night sky.

“Really, looks like I have to be a little more serious…”

Xu raised his head.

Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Ktan(Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence)!

The huge forest earlier began to spread wildly.

Countless trees drilled out from the ground, and in a very short time, countless Konoha ninjas were included.

“Deep Forest Emergence Are you really…” Hizashi gritted his teeth and trembled all over.

In the distance, Hiruzen also looked at this enormous black forest with a serious expression.

“The mysterious Xu is also here… He is also with the enemy who kidnapped Kushina…”

Hiruzen bit his finger and summoned Monkey King: Enma.

“Transform into Adamantine Staff.

Tonight, we are in big trouble.” Hiruzen said in a deep voice.

Enma only looked into the distance and his heart jumped, “Wood release Other than the First Hokage, how could there be anyone else who knows wood release”

Hiruzen did not say anything.

He was listening to the report from the ninja who had retreated from the battlefield.

“We can’t see the process of forming seals but he can easily launch an endless stream of wood release ninjutsu.

Just this amount of chakra is already very exaggerated…” Hiruzen took a deep breath, “Where are Yuuji and Kazue”

“Yuuji-sama was sent to the edge of the village to carry out a patrol mission.

Kazue should be in the Uchiha Clan territory.”

A hesitant look appeared on Hiruzen’s face.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and planned to move out.

At this moment.


A shocking beam of light came from the edge of Konoha and hit the dense forest directly.

The terrifying high temperature instantly ignited the forest.

“Oh, it seems that Yuuji came back in time…” Hiruzen was pleased.

At this time, in the large forest.

Yuuji stop it in time and greatly excited the Konoha ninjas.

“This is Yuuji-sama’s forbidden technique, White Hot Light!!”

“Amazing! The high temperature has destroyed a lot of forests in an instant!”

“As expected of Yuuji-sama, this power…”

Many of Konoha’s ninjas were almost driven crazy by the wood release.

At this time, when they saw Yuuji’s attack descending from the sky, they all revealed excited expressions.

Shiranui Yuuji, this was the existence of Kage level, who had become famous in the Third Ninja World War!

“All of you, withdraw.

I will deal with this guy! As long as I, Yuuji, am here, no one will be allowed to harm the village!”

Yuuji shouted loudly, showing his strong courage and determination.

“Ah, this, as expected of Yuuji-sama!”

“This is the will of fire that can be seen with the naked eye…”

“Let’s go.

Don’t stay and cause trouble for Yuuji-sama.

Our strength can not help.”

The many ninjas retreated one after another.

Yuuji looked at the burning forest in front of him with a serious face, as if he had already made up his mind.

He let Ikkaku stay and continue to patrol the border while Yuuji hurried back to the village.

“Hmph, the younger generation who holds Godzilla, dare to stand up and fight against me” Xu raised his head and looked over.

“No matter if you are young or old, it is enough to beat you to death! Hand over your life, hateful fellow!”

Yuuji suddenly rushed out with a strong sense of righteousness.

Shibi could not help but shout, “Be careful, this guy is very powerful!”

“Don’t worry, Shibi-sensei.

Please organize the people in the village to retreat.

I will deal with him.”

Yuuji’s expression was calm.

He directly entered the half- Godzilla transformation and began an intense battle with the enemy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying roar exploded out, and the earth shattered.

Where the light exploded, flames burned and shot into the sky.

Just this powerful attack alone made people feel at ease.

“Hmph, if it were Yuuji-sama, he would definitely be able to defeat this guy!”

Many ninjas were delighted.

Even Hiruzen revealed a gratified smile at this time.

Listening to this heaven-shaking slogan and feeling a kind of realization, the will of fire was clearly blooming.

Many people saw the brutal confrontation between Yuuji and the mysterious Xu.

The power that the two sides displayed far exceeded the scope of what ordinary people could understand.

A large number of extremely lethal techniques were used one after another.

If Yuuji’s strength made people feel at ease, then the mysterious Xu and the wood release he used truly made them feel fear.

The terrifying dark forest was expanding at a rapid pace.

The battle between these two people caused the earth to shake.

It seemed that the battle between these two people would not be able to tell the result in a short period of time.


Yuuji reached out his hand and tore apart more than a dozen trees with a single strike.

His figure suddenly rushed in.

It seemed that he was going to directly launch a sneak attack on Xu’s body.


Even more black trees gushed out, covering the vision of the outside world.

Even Byakugan of the Hyuga clan couldn’t see through it because their vision was blocked by the continuous burst of chakra.

Many people were sweating on their foreheads while listening to the continuous loud roar in the depths of the forest.

They were hoping that Yuuji would be able to defeat the enemy and kill this mysterious Xu.

However, in the depths of the forest that they could not see.

Yuuji sat on a thick tree branch and rested his chin on his hand, deep in thought.

Xu continued to control wood release, creating a loud noise and bursting out a large amount of chakra to pretend to be in a fierce battle.

“In this way, it will be fine.

I will only wait for Obito to make a move.

I will split into two groups to take Asura’s genes and chakra, and then I will take the Kyuubi chakra.”

Yuuji took a look at his swaying clone.

‘En, not bad.

No matter how you look at it, it’s mysterious.’

‘Let those guys outside guess.’

After a while.


A terrifying roar rang out, bringing with it a shocking fluctuation that could seep into one’s soul.

Everyone who heard this roar felt their bodies and minds instinctively emit a feeling of fear.

An incomparably huge Kyuubi appeared within Konohagakure.

Under the strange moonlight, its exaggerated size seemed to devour the entire Konohagakure.


In the forest not far from Konohagakure.

A group of six people was looking at the huge shadow in the distance.

Under the vision of six pairs of Rinnegan, the chakra that burst out from Kyuubi was incomparably astonishing.

This was the first time Pain saw the Kyuubi.

Even though they were so far apart, he still felt a heavy sense of oppression.

“As expected of the strongest Bijuu… Let me see what you two plan to do.”

Tendo Pain slowly closed his eyes.


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