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Nohara Rin was very happy about her becoming a Guardian.

“It’s just becoming a Guardian.

Is there a need to be so happy Moreover, we probably won’t be able to meet for many years.”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Asuma looked at Rin in confusion.

‘Is it necessary’

‘Hmph, if not for the conflict in his old man’s ideals, I wouldn’t have joined this Guardian thing…’

“Asuma, your name also means ‘Adventurous’, right Are you not happy that you can find another adventure”

Nohara Rin said with a smile.

Asuma snorted, “Things like adventure… I will find it with my own hands.”

Joining the Twelve Guardians and leaving the Konohagakure ruled by Hokage will surely help him understand the meaning of “adventure”.

Soon, the other two guardians also came and scrutinized each other.

Kazuma said, “Since everyone is here, let’s get to know each other.

For many years to come, we are all partners.

If we want to protect the safety of the daimyo, the entire ninja world will know our existence.”

Kazuma looked at these people calmly.

Asuma sneered, “So after you came to Konoha for so long, there were only four people in the end Where are the eight people remaining”

“Not all guardians can only be recruited from Konoha.

In other places in the Country of Fire, there are also many elite ninjas.” A bald man said.

“Who are you”

“Chiriku, a monk of the Fire Temple.” Chiriku put his hands together.

Kazuma ignored the dispute and said calmly, “On Konoha’s side, the two of you have been introduced to join the Guardians, but I’m not going to give up yet; I’ll stay in Konoha and see if I can recruit more.”

No matter what, Konoha was the Ninja World’s number one ninja village where many geniuses were born.

Only Rin and Asuma were recruited, and it could not be counted as completing the mission.

“Chiriku, Rin, Asuma, the three of you can go to the capital of the Country of Fire.

The daimyo will meet you.” Kazuma said.

“What about you”

“I want to stay in Konoha and wait for an opportunity.”

Kazuma said calmly.

The other three didn’t say much.

This guy Kazuma was not from Konoha, but he was deeply trusted by the daimyo, so there was no problem in saying that.

The four of them dispersed.

Rin immediately went to the Memorial Stone.

“Obito, I am going to the capital of the Country of Fire.

In the future, my mission is to protect the daimyo.

I wonder when I will return to Konoha next time… We won’t see each other for a long time.”

Rin placed a bunch of flowers on the Memorial Stone and spoke in a gentle voice.

After she left.

Obito’s figure slowly emerged from the ground and stared at the figure of Rin, who had left.

“Twelve Guardian… Why did Rin join this kind of team” The three tomoe Sharingan in Obito’s eyes glowed red.

After a long time, he sneered, “But forget it, this false and wrong world… They are not important whether it is Rin, Kakashi, or Yuuji.

As long as the plan succeeds, all of this will be reborn.”

Obito’s expression was cold.

Now, it seemed that only Rin was sincere towards him.

Yuuji had been hiding many things from him from the beginning to the end.

Kakashi was completely a cold machine, his mind only filled with strength and tasks.

But even Rin was going to leave him

“Guardian of the Country of Fire, hehe, what a ridiculous thing.”

“When the new world is established, the real Rin will be resurrected with my hands.”

Obito clenched his fists tightly and looked at Rin’s disappearing back.

He made up his mind.

There are some things that must be done, and the fetters of the past will be cut off with your own hands.

“Something like Konoha, heh…” Obito’s voice was cold.

“So, have you made up your mind”

Yuuji slowly walked out of the forest and smiled at this guy, “If you are willing, I will kill Nohara Rin right now.

Believe me; if I attack, she will not feel pain.”

“Hmph, no need.

An ant is not enough to affect the operation of this world…” Obito slowly raised his head.

He was not surprised at Yuuji’s appearance at all, “But if we can kill someone important, it will naturally affect this world.”

“For example” Yuuji looked at him.

“For example, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.”

“So you have your eyes on the Kyuubi… Let me think, the order of the Gedo Statue swallowing Bijuu should be according to the order of the tail.

Even if you get the Kyuubi, what can you do” Yuuji said.

“If you seize the Kyuubi in advance.

Even if Nagato knows about it, he will definitely agree.”

“But you will lose Nagato’s trust.

Once you lose trust, it will be a big problem.

You might not even have the chance to take back the Rinnegan.

Even if he dies, he will use the last of his strength to destroy these eyes.”

Yuuji said lightly.

This time, Obito fell into a short silence.

“Moreover, the top combat strength of Konohagakure is Sandaime, Yondaime, Kushina, me, and Kazue.

Danzo is also half a person.

At least it is not a problem to hold back one Kage-level ninja.

Even if the Sannin is gone, Konoha is still strong.”

Yuuji said, “Therefore if you insist on attacking Kushina, I can not help you with my identity as Yuuji.

At most, I will send Xu to follow you.”

After a long time.

Obito nodded, “I know what to do.

I don’t need you to teach me!”

Finally, he glanced in the direction where Rin had gone.

Since Rin was no longer with Konoha, he no longer had any nostalgia for this village.

This damned place had broken his heart.


He turned into a vortex and disappeared in place.

Yuuji stood in front of Obito’s memorial stone for a long time.

Those who did not know might think that he was reminiscing about his deceased companions.

But in reality, Yuuji almost laughed out loud.

“Rin’s departure made you no longer have any scruples.

This is really an ironic thing.

The Fourth Hokage sent Rin to the daimyo’s twelve guardians, and to a certain extent, it pushed Konoha into the pit, even if he did not mean it.”

Yuuji shook his head.

He actually hoped to see this scene happen.

The reason was very simple: he needed too many things and could only do it while fishing in troubled waters to get them.

Not to mention other things, the Kyubi Chakra was just a part of it, and the crucial thing was Asura chakra.

Sasuke could make a move at any time.

As for Naruto, the Crown Prince of Konoha, as long as the Fourth Hokage couple was still alive, it would never be easy for Yuuji to make a move.

Any move near Naruto would easily arouse suspicion.

“If you want to do things to Indra and Asura’s Chakra, or even do what I imagined, the only chance is the Kyuubi Rampage.”

Yuuji didn’t care whether the Fourth Hokage couple died or not, but he had to get the Kyuubi and Asura’s Reincarnation Chakra no matter what.

“When I gather all of Bijuu’s chakra, I wonder what it will be like…” Yuuji chuckled.

He turned around and left.

That night.

Kakashi protected Kushina for a whole day.

Kushina watered the flowers, and Kakashi squatted under the window sill.

When Kushina went to the toilet, Kakashi was lying on the roof.

He was really an extremely responsible bodyguard.

When Minato came back at night, Kakashi would leave silently.

“There is still no chance today…”

Kakashi returned home and pondered.

‘Bijuu’s chakra He had to rely on Bijuu’s chakra to catch up to the pace of Yuuji and Kazue’

But facing the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, Kakashi has always been entangled, struggling, and has no chance to make a move.

“Do I really have to do this What exactly does Yuuji want me to do”

Kakashi was confused.

Even though Kakashi was shocked that Yamato could use Mokuton, he kept the news to himself and did not tell anyone.

“Is it painful Kakashi, why don’t you let me help you make a decision…” A voice suddenly rang out from Kakashi’s room.

Kakashi’s expression changed greatly.

Just as he was about to launch an attack, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

In the next moment, that pair of Mangekyou Sharingan controlled Kakashi’s thoughts and will.

Kakashi stood rooted to the ground.


The expression behind Obito’s mask was incomparably awe-inspiring.

This fellow had once been regarded as his rival and was the number one competitor he wanted to defeat.

But now, it was no longer important.

“Tell me, when is Uzumaki Kushina’s due date!”

Obito’s voice was cold.

“… October 10,” Kakashi replied woodenly.

Obito snorted coldly and ignored Kakashi.

He turned around and left.

A few hours later, Kakashi returned to normal and opened his eyes in surprise.

“Did I fall asleep just now No, no, how could I suddenly fall asleep”

A deep sense of uneasiness emerged in Kakashi’s heart.

However, it was to no avail.

Obito had already obtained the information he wanted.

Country of Rain, Akatsuki organizes an assembly.

Six figures appeared on six fingers.

“… When a Jinchuriki is giving birth, she is at her weakest.

We only need to make a move and we can get what we want.”

Obito explained his plan.

“Kyuubi You want to make a move on Kyuubi now This conflicts with the Leader’s plan…” Kisame looked at Obito and then at Pain, who was silent.

Konan frowned and said, “Nagato’s Sage eyes can control Gedo Statue.

The correct order is to start from the beginning.

If you act rashly, even if you succeed, you will expose the existence of our Akatsuki and add difficulty to our follow-up plan.”

“We will not act in the name of Akatsuki.

If we can get the strongest Kyuubi first, many problems will no longer be a problem! Moreover, my purpose this time is not the Kyuubi…”

Obito slowly raised his head, “I plan to control the Fourth Hokage, just like controlling the Fourth Mizukage.

This is a very simple matter.

I only need to use Mangekyou Sharingan to control him… For this, I plan to use the Kyuubi and capture him!”

This was Obito’s true goal!

Controlling the Kyuubi, controlling Konohagakure, and weakening Konohagakure… As long as he could control the Fourth Hokage, all of these goals could be achieved.

Everyone was silent.

Space-Time Ninjutsu vs.

Space-Time Ninjutsu.

Indeed, if you use Mangekyou Sharingan, it was indeed possible to control the Namikaze Minato…

Even the Sanbi Jinchuriki’s Yagura was controlled, let alone Minato, who did not have a Bijuu’s help.

“Pain, let’s make a decision.

At the very least, we can weaken Konoha’s strength.

The relationship between Uchiha and Konoha! Kazue has the same eyes as me.

It will be very convenient for our follow-up actions as long as we can successfully drive a wedge between them.”

Obito stared at Tendo Pain.

Tendo Pain glanced at Obito expressionlessly, then looked at Xu.

“What do you think If you want to attack Konoha, you can also accept it.

I don’t mind you doing this…”

Tendo Pain’s voice was cold.

“… Of course, I don’t have any objections.

Although I don’t think this operation will succeed,” Xu replied.

“It’s good that you don’t object.

Then you can act… However, the two of you are not allowed to fail!”

Tendo Pain said in a low voice.

‘Hmph, with Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara taking action, there is no way they will fail.’

Moreover, as long as he has Sage’s eyes, it is enough to suppress everything.

“Then, since we have decided to take action, I will also participate.

It is just that I did not expect that the one who will take action against Konohagakure is actually… hehe…”

Kisame looked at Obito and Xu from time to time.

This was really good luck.


Obito really couldn’t stand this group of stupid people, one or two of them were inexplicable stupid!

Tendo Pain shook his head and said, “No, Madara and Xu will go to Konoha this time.

Kisame and Konan will stay behind to carry out the cleaning mission and eliminate the enemies who sneaked into the Country of Rain.

No outsiders can sneak in.”

“Is that so I thought I could see something interesting…” Kisame felt a little regretful.

Konan frowned, but in the end, she did not say anything.

Nagato had changed too much, becoming colder and more assertive, trying to make himself the cool version of Yahiko.

“Two…” Obito nodded.

‘En, having Xu this guy to help him share the pressure was already enough.’

‘In any case, Xu is equivalent to Yuuji.’

Rounding up, Obito’s plan was absolutely stable.

Then their figures disappeared.

Tendo Pain also began to move.

“You two-guard Amegakure well.

Don’t let anything happen to her before I come back.” Tendo Pain said coldly.

Kisame was surprised.

“Do you want to…”

“I will go to Konoha myself.

Although it is not the time to officially capture Bijuu.”

Tendo Pain left these words and left.

More importantly, he wanted to exist as a backup and keep an eye on these two fellows.

After this battle, the news that the two of them were still alive would no longer be a secret.

“Let me use these eyes to see how far you two, as the founder of Konohagakure, can go! And how far can I trust you!”

Tendo Pain’s eyes slowly widened, emitting a terrifying luster in the darkness.

He did not think that these two had the possibility of overturning the car.

However, even if they did not overturn the car, they had to take the opportunity to drive.

As the leader, Tendo Pain had to stop this behavior strictly.

“If you control the Fourth Hokage and rule Konohagakure again after decades in this way…”

Tendo Pain sneered.

There was nothing that could hide in the eyes of a god like him.


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