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It was rare for Ninja World to welcome a period of peace.

Other than the borders of the various big countries that occasionally erupted with small conflicts, there were no other major events that were worth paying attention to.

The changes that happened in the Country of Rain did not cause any waves.

They also did not know that Hanzo had been killed.

Kushina’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger.

The Uchiha Clan sent news that the second son of the clan leader was born.

The mother and son were safe.

During this period of time, other than carrying out some killing missions as usual, Yuuji spent most of his time in the laboratory outside the village.

“Now it is time to create a second mini version, Sharingan…”

Yuuji pondered for a moment.

‘Yes, the second mini version.

Yuuji planned to inject the genes of Uchiha’s clan.’

‘The first mini version is transplanted with Hashirama’s cells.’

‘The second one, since I can’t get Madara’s cells, so I can only…’

‘Use Sasuke.’

“Get Sasuke’s genes and obtained a little of Indra’s chakra characteristics…”

Yuuji moved.

He went directly to Uchiha’s clan.

In name, he was going to see Kazue, but he turned around and entered Fugaku’s house.

“I heard that the second son of the patriarch was born.

This is my gift.”

Yuuji casually took out a sealed scroll and handed it to Fugaku.

“You are too polite.”

Fugaku took the gift with one hand, expressionless.

‘Well, it really is an empty scroll.’

‘As expected of you, Yuuji!’

“Is this Sasuke It’s the same name as the Third Hokage’s father.

He will definitely become an amazing ninja in the future.”

Yuuji looked at Sasuke who was in Itachi’s arms.

He praised, “Itachi, you have to work hard.

Maybe in more than ten years, you will be left behind by your brother.”

Itachi said respectfully, “Yes, Yuuji-senpai.

I will definitely remember Yuuji-senpai’s teachings.”

The eight-year-old Itachi was hugging his younger brother tightly.

He was extremely fond of him.

Fugaku’s expression changed slightly.

He did not believe that Sasuke’s aptitude would surpass Itachi’s.

Itachi was the most talented child he had ever seen.

Even Shisui, who was of the same age, might not be able to compare to Itachi.

‘Sasuke… No matter how talented he is, he shouldn’t be able to surpass Itachi.’

‘In that case…’

“Yuuji, I have a presumptuous request.

When Sasuke grows up, can you take him as a student If Yuuji teaches him, Sasuke will definitely become an amazing ninja.”

Fugaku touched his chin and said.

“Student Isn’t this not too good For things like teaching…”

“Yuuji-senpai, you taught Kabuto and Yamato.

Everyone knows their level.

In the whole Ninja School, no one is better than them… Whether it is strength or theoretical knowledge.”

Itachi was respectful; he held Sasuke and leaned closer to Yuuji, “Please give Sasuke a chance.”

Itachi truly admired Yuuji’s ability.

Kabuto and Yamato, together with him, had already been regarded as the three strongest people of another generation.

They were another batch of super newcomers after Yuuji, Kazue, and Kakashi.

The entire village had high hopes for the three of them.

Every bit of improvement that Kabuto and Yamato displayed was what everyone observed and discussed.

Itachi knew very well that he could be regarded as a genius because of the guidance of his father and Shisui, not to mention that he came from the Uchiha clan and had the bloodline bonus.

However, Kabuto and Yamato were both orphans, so there was no such innate condition at all.

Therefore, Itachi felt that even if he was at the same level as the two, he had lost in essence.

Itachi looked at Yuuji deep in thought with a face full of expectation, his heart perturbed.

‘If Sasuke can be accepted as senpai’s student, he might really surpass me…’

Itachi thought silently.

After a long time, Yuuji nodded, “In that case, it’s hard to refuse this kindness.

When Sasuke is three years old, I will officially accept him as my student.”

Fugaku and his son were overjoyed.

Compared to Itachi’s pure joy, Fugaku thought of more things.

‘After Fourth Hokage went on stage, the Uchiha clan’s pressure was much less.

Now, the only trouble is Danzo… ‘

‘But ever since Yuuji and Kazue rose up, the pressure on Danzo’s side has been decreasing…’

Fugaku thought.

He didn’t expect Sasuke to surpass Itachi because it was almost impossible.

At this time, Yuuji had already reached out and carefully carried Sasuke over.

For a moment, the few of them talked to each other, looking happy.

As time went by, Yuuji stayed behind to eat a meal.

After he left the Uchiha clan, he had already obtained Sasuke’s hair, skin fragments, and a trace of blood.

“Is it finally over It seems that Yuuji-san has already obtained what he wants…” Kazue stood at the door and waited patiently.

It was only after Yuuji came out that a smile bloomed on her face.

“Hmph, as expected, I can’t hide it from you.

Even though I didn’t intend to hide it deliberately… No one would have thought that I would be interested in a baby’s genes.”

Yuuji smiled faintly.

The two of them walked out of the Uchiha clan side by side.

After a while, they heard a disturbance in front of them.

Konoha’s patrol surrounded a child who was throwing money everywhere.

“Wait, wait a minute, I didn’t do anything!”

“Do you think we will believe your nonsense You caused chaos in Konohagakure.

Even if you are a child of a noble, don’t think about messing around here!”

The vice-captain of Konoha Military Police Force, Yatsushiro, had an ominous glint in his eyes as he tightly gripped the collar of a little fatty.

‘So what if you had money’

“Let go of me; I’ll give you a lot of money! Damn it, Money Release: Money Clone Technique! Hurry up and help me teach this arrogant fellow a lesson!” The little fatty screamed as he desperately took out the money and threw it out.

But this time, the guards showed fear and did not dare to go forward.

This was Konoha Military Police Force!

Fighting against this group of people… Were they courting death

“Please wait, this is a misunderstanding.”

A white-haired man slowly walked over and said in a deep voice, “Ladies and gentlemen of Konoha, this child is a descendant of the Kumon Clan.

He is rather mischievous.

Please forgive him.”

Yatsushiro’s eyes narrowed, “You are… Kazuma, one of the Twelve Guardians…”

A ninja army directly belonged to the daimyo, and the son of the Third Hokage also joined…

“Humph, for the sake of him being a child, we’ll let him go this time, but don’t do it again!” Yatsushiro snorted, turned around, and was about to leave with his people.

“Ah, Kazue-sama…” Yatsushiro saw Kazue, but under Kazue’s signal, he just nodded and left.

Yuuji and Kazue stood in the crowd and watched.

“Is Yuuji-san very interested in this guy” Kazue was a little surprised.

“Well, this guy is very valuable to Kakashi.”

Yuuji did not say much.

Kazuma, this guy is a very important guy.

He collected the Kyubi Chakra, sealed it into his son, and then controlled his son to attack Konoha.

After Yuuji returned to the laboratory alone.

He immediately began to forge the second mini version.

According to the previous experience, G cells are refined, cultivated, propagated, and implanted with Sasuke’s genes.

The failure rate of this experiment was beyond imagination.


“Failed again…”

Yuuji frowned slightly.

This was the 37th failure.

The difficulty level of having G cells successfully devour Sasuke’s cells was extremely shocking.

“Is it because of Indra’s chakra, or…”

A trace of doubt appeared in Yuuji’s eyes as he continued to reduce the number of Sasuke’s cells.

In the end, in the 47th experiment, when almost all of Sasuke’s cells were used up.

He finally managed to succeed barely.

The reason why it could be said to be barely was that thanks to the reliable and powerful assimilation ability of G cells, Sasuke cells are phagocytosed.

Soon, a mini version that was slightly different from Hashirama’s mini version stood in place.

“Very good…”

A smile appeared on Yuuji’s face.

According to his established thinking, there is no problem with this discovery.

“Theoretically, this mini-version can also open Sharingan.

As long as this step can be done, many problems will no longer be problems…”

Yuuji was deep in thought.

Then, he began to inscribe the summoning formula on this mini version and inlaid a mask on this mini version’s head.

“According to Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts)’s order, the second should be the word [White].”

Yuuji carved a Byakko character on the mini-version mask head

Then, he slapped the ground and summoned the first mini.

The azure-character summoned beast and the white-character summoned beast; these two mini versions stood in front of Yuuji.

“Two summoned beasts.

In principle, they are the reincarnation of Asura and Indra…”

Yuuji was satisfied.

To be able to do this was already quite good.

It could also be considered a method to increase one’s combat strength.

Yuuji created a coffin with the word [White] carved on it and put the second mini version in.

Kumenj(Nine Masked Beasts)… Yuuji already had a plan for the next summoned beasts.

It was only a matter of time.

“I’m looking forward to the time when I can unleash this forbidden technique to the greatest extent.”

Yuuji chuckled.

He packed up the experimental equipment and slowly walked out of the laboratory.

He returned to Konoha.

Yuuji continued to live a simple and unadorned life.

His greatest pleasure was to guide Kabuto and Yamato’s training so that the two of them were far away from their peers.

If one were to say that Yamato’s main focus was on improving his strength.

While stabilizing his strength, Kabuto paid more attention to learning theoretical knowledge.

“…So, in theory, in order to transplant bloodline limit.

We must first resolve the conflict of the genetic system, unless it is to transplant some kind of organ, such as Sharingan.”

Kabuto was facing a strange granulation in front of him, trying his best to observe it.

He tried to find as much useful knowledge as possible by combining the things in his head.

This was Chimera Technique’s granulation tissue.

Back when Hiruko had attacked Yuuji and wanted to fuse with him, a portion of the granulation tissue had been snatched away by Yuuji and had been preserved until now.

Yuuji could not use it directly, but he could use it for practice.

This was a good thing that could be used to fuse with the bloodline limit.

With theoretical knowledge that far exceeded his peers but still was not enough, the young Kabuto analyzed the mystery of this granulation tissue with great interest.

Kabuto walked on a path that made Yuuji feel gratified.

“You will become a powerful existence in the Ninja World, Kabuto… I accepted a student today.

In a few years, I will introduce you to each other.

You will definitely like him.” Yuuji touched his head.


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